Rocky Mountain Reckoning

Kurt James
     What the Verdugo brothers did not count on is that Lucas Eldridge is a dangerous man that is not to be trifled with. For over two years Lucas is a man driven to exact justice and revenge from the bandit brothers that took everything he ever wanted and everything he ever loved when his wife died at their hands. In a pursuit through the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness that cover towns such as Breckenridge, Como, and Silver Plume and across the "Great Divide" Lucas sole purpose for living is to take the life from the Verdugos and condemn them to the depths of Hell. Lucas has become a hard and haunted man until he rescues the beautiful redheaded, green eyed Devon King the sister of a surveyor working for the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad from Jose the youngest of the Verdugo brothers on top of Boreas Pass. Devon King is everything that Lucas departed wife was and his heart knows it, but his hatred for the Verdugos leaves no room for love. Or does it? Follow Lucas Eldridge in his western adventure as he battles the Verdugos and other outlaw's, mountain lions, wolves and the deadly cold and snow of a Colorado winter in the high country of the Rocky Mountains in his quest for justice and finally love.


Clifford Irving - 1961
    He ruled the minds and bodies of every man and woman in Diablo Valley. The Guardian called this powerful mythic tale of a ruthless man, his rebellious son - and the beautiful young woman from New York who becomes wife to one and mistress to the other.

Mail Order Mistake

Ginny Sterling - 2021
    Helpless, he witnessed firsthand as the disease wiped out both friend and foe, leaving him alone, bitter, and hostile, on the outskirts of this cursed town. When a secret matchmaker sends out a plea for help to bring hope and a fresh start to Lore Valley, Russell finds himself face to face with a bride he never expected and can’t find the strength to turn away.For Rose Bonnett, this was just another mistake in a long line of screw-ups in her life. Cursing her stubbornness, she refused to ask for help because it always seemed to backfire right in her face. Answering the tempting ad in the paper, she was whisked to the middle of a small town that was left reeling from the onslaught of unexpected brides arriving suddenly.Was Lore Valley ready for this plethora of eligible young women? Why was the town amused that Rose was matched with Russell? Could this ‘curse’ truly be a ‘blessing in disguise’ after all?***A sweet and clean romance Mail-Order Bride series that can be read together or individually with a Happily Ever After that is legendary…

The Unbridled Bride

Leah Atwood - 2014
    In the eyes of everyone, he had it all; a successful ranch, natural good looks and a charming (if not a bit arrogant) personality. Why send away for a mail-order bride when he could have his pick of the eligible women in town? No one was prepared for Winifred "Winnie" McArthur. Outspoken, daring and unconventional, she was everything Lyle wanted and couldn't find in Pine Prairie. There was only one problem. While she gave her all to everything else, she kept a tight rein on her emotions, disallowing a relationship with Lyle beyond work. Are they destined to be nothing more than colleagues or is something greater in store for them? Please enjoy this family friendly, sweet historical romance novelette of 50 pages.

Utah Blaine/Silver Canyon

Louis L'Amour - 2008
    Then he found new trouble by saving the life of a Texas rancher. The would-be executioners were the rancher’s own men, looking to steal his land. Now Utah has a unique proposition: Have the wealthy Texan play dead, introduce himself as the spread’s new foreman, and take care of the outlaws one by one. The wage to fight another man’s war? Generous. The cost of falling in love while earning that wage? Utah will soon find out—unless the bad guys get him first. Silver Canyon“You’re not wanted in Hattan’s Point,” Matt Brennan was told moments after arriving in town. “There’s trouble here and men are picking sides.” But Matt wasn’t going anywhere until he found out what the dispute was about—and got to know Moira Maclaren. She considered him nothing more than a drifting ranch hand, and he wanted to prove her wrong. To do it, he’d have to solve the mystery of the growing violence—a mystery that could make a man rich…or dead.

Beasts of Babylon

E.A. Copen - 2017
    Ten years ago, monsters murdered Anastasia and her children. Now, she’s back to hunt down the creatures responsible. She knows their names, their faces, and even where they’re hiding. There’s just one problem. No one in town believes her. After a botched bank robbery, Anastasia finds herself on the wrong side of the law, riding into the mountains in search of vengeance, notorious outlaw, Jesse Gallagher, at her side. With the sheriff of Babylon hot on their trail, ghouls on their heels, and werewolves and skin stealing monsters in the mountains, Jesse and Anastasia quickly find out they’re outgunned and in for a long night. It’s going to take more than silver bullets to put these monsters down.

Wild Freedom: Two Classic Westerns

Max Brand - 1922
    The Long, Long Trail (1922)Jess is a gunslinger, an outlaw on the run trying to elude the sheriff. When a woman enters his life, he reconsiders his future.About The AuthorSeattle-born Frederick Schiller Faust (1892 –1944) was a western author who wrote under pen names including Max Brand. He grew up working on a ranch in California's San Joaquin Valley. His books inspired Hollywood films and he created popular characters including Dr. Kildare.

Montana Shootists

Sandra Cox - 2018
    Growing up they were inseparable. When he joined the Marines she did too. Then disaster struck. After leaving the Marines, she returns to the family ranch in Montana hoping to heal her shattered heart. On a ride into the foothills she sees something glowing in the side of the mountain. When she goes to investigate she discovers a fist-sized sapphire that turns her already fragile world upside down. 1882: Jake Barrow is a part-time gambler, full-time hired gun. His decisions are based on hunches and the turn of a card. He’s in the foothills when a young woman comes tumbling down the mountain. Unsure whether Lady Luck has dealt him a good hand or a bad, he takes one look at the beauty at his feet and doesn’t need to shuffle the deck to know she’s his destiny.

Dawn Of The Century

Robert Vaughan - 1992
    In a time of robber-baron industrialists and rapid territorial expansion both at home and abroad, the new music called “ragtime” is the soundtrack for a confident nation of ambitious dreamers. It is 1904 and the nation’s eyes are on the St. Louis World's Fair, which features an astounding variety of modern marvels. The enormous exhibition brings together the best minds the country has to offer, each of them with something to lose and opportunities to seize: Bob Canfield, a young and wealthy landowner who is willing to risk his honor and his fortune to make a profit out of the desert; Eric Twainbough, a solitary young cowboy riding the rails East from Wyoming, innocently bringing disaster with him; Terry Perkins, a reporter desperate to get the scoop on the story in St. Louis; Connie Bateman, one of the politically conscious new women fighting for freedom, bravely defending their right to equality.

Vietnam: Ground Zero: The American Special Forces are heading to the jungle... (Vietnam Ground Zero Military Thrillers Book 1)

Eric Helm - 2020
    T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.The elite Green Berets carry out Operation Phoenix: pacification by assassination!Republic of Vietnam, 1965On the trail of a deadly Viet Cong force, Master Sergeant Anthony Fetterman leads his Special Forces squad on a patrol across the South Vietnamese border and into Cambodia.Their mission? To eliminate a dangerous enemy and shorten the war.When Sergeant Fetterman and Sergeant Tyme are arrested for the murder of a foreign national in a neutral country, U.S. Army Special Forces camp commander Captain Mack Gerber is not about to let them go down without a fight.Up against a tyrannical General, Gerber finds himself in a race against time to save his men from being court-martialled for doing the job they were trained to do.But will he and his A-Team succeed? Can they turn the tide of the war in their favour?Or does Camp A-555 have a spy in its midst?VIETNAM: GROUND ZERO is the first book in the Vietnam: Ground Zero Series: action-packed, authentic historical thrillers following an American battalion as they fight to survive during the brutal Vietnam War.THE VIETNAM: GROUND ZERO SERIES:BOOK 1: Vietnam: Ground ZeroBOOK 2: P.O.W.BOOK 3: Unconfirmed KillBOOK 4: The Fall of Camp A555BOOK 5: Soldier's MedalBOOK 6: The Kit Carson ScoutBOOK 7: The Hobo WoodsBOOK 8: GuidelinesBOOK 9: The VilleBOOK 10: Incident at Plei SoiBOOK 11: TetBOOK 12: The Iron TriangleBOOK 13: Red DustBOOK 14: HamletBOOK 15: Moon CusserBOOK 16: Dragon's JawBOOK 17: Cambodian SanctuaryBOOK 18: PaybackBOOK 19: MacvBOOK 20: Tan Son NhutBOOK 21: Puppet SoldiersBOOK 22: GunfighterBOOK 23: WarriorBOOK 24: TargetBOOK 25: WarlordBOOK 26: SpikeBOOK 27: Recon

Most Wanted

Bradley Wright - 2021

Bringing Down the House

Richard P. Brickner - 1971
    Multibillionaire Goddard Moss has a vision: a city rising tall on the South Dakota prairie dedicated to Art. Not art of the staid, traditional, edifying, entertaining variety, but the Modern—modern painting, modern theater, modern sculpture, modern dance, all as obscure, pretentious, and offensive as its creators can make it (and with luck, government-funded). As Culture City rises from the grassy fields, playwrights, performers, and artists prepare for the gala opening week. Gregory Lubin's expansive stage re-creation of the Tower of Babel story is awaited with particular anticipation. But revolution is brewing just yards beyond the city walls and as far away as rural Maine. Despite the money being lavished on it, it becomes doubtful that "the Artland in the Heartland" will survive past its premiere.

Holly - A Baby for Christmas (Mallow Plains Christmas Romance Book 1)

Indiana Wake - 2019
     Jess Barker was not sad when her drunken husband lost his life. Sometimes she wonders if that makes her a bad person. Now, maybe she has the chance at something better. Offered a job by the one man who has every reason to hate her she sees a new life ahead of her. When Jess finds out she is pregnant, she is overjoyed and terrified. Can she build a life to save her baby? Will she ever find love? Find out in Holly - A Baby for Christmas a new sweet and wonderful romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake. Also available: 42 Christmas Brides and sweet kisses 40 Sweet Inspirational Romances Suki’s Heart Amanda’s Hope Jenny’s Wish Katie’s Courage Honey’s Grace Charlotte’s Wedding Cowboys and Brides 11 Romances The amazing Jamestown Brides series: Breaking the Chains of the Past Loves Hardest Choice Love for the Warrior’s Heart The Simple Matter of Love Her Real Wedding Open Your Heart to Love And many more bestsellers why not follow Indiana on Amazon

CHASING EVIL: Fifty-Eighth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 58)

Robert J. Thomas - 2017
    After meeting with their mother, he promises to hunt Kaiser down and make him pay dearly for their murders. Things take a turn for the worse and Jess finds himself stuck in the town of Platteville, staying with a woman and her young son. But staying in one place for too long proves to be a dangerous thing for Jess and everyone around him. He finds himself in some deadly confrontations and knows he has to leave town soon, but he feels a debt of gratitude to the woman and young boy and it’s against his nature to cut and run from trouble. The hunt for Kaiser proves to be one of the most difficult and protracted ones, but he gets the help he needs from Shadow, a huge intelligent timber wolf who acts more like a human. Jess’s job is to bring Orin Kaiser to justice, but Shadow’s job is to make sure Jess doesn’t get killed in the process.

The Rancher’s Pregnant Bride

Stella Clark - 2021