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Perfectly Unstable by Samone Watkins


Money Is The Motive

Arabia - 2012
    Her tale isn't your average broken home, with a crack head for a mother tale either. She grew up in a two-parent household, with blue-collar working parents. However, living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t getting the job done. They were still just as poor as everyone else in the hood. Once, Gionnie meets a chick named Mecca, that’s tired of living under similar circumstances; they devise a plan to get money. In their quest for the American Dream, they have to hustle hard. There isn't anything they wouldn’t do; if the price were right. But, when one mission goes horribly wrong the price is now their lives. Together, they devise a plan that will get them more money than they have ever seen……If they can stay alive long enough to get it.If you have purchased this book be sure to visit and request a autograph from me personally :)

Look What You Made Me Do

Kelvin F. Jackson
    Caught in the middle of snakes greed and decietful conspiracy, Destiny and her son are forced to go on the run from one of the most notoriously feared gangsters in Brooklyn.Icon's legacy and a trail of unsolved murders emits a prescnce that has evoked fear in the most ruthless of killers dating back twenty-plus years. When his son is murdered, Icon's team of hitmen AKA "The Death Squad" are sent to track down the young lady responsible for pulling the trigger.Donovan has just returned home from his tour of duty in Iraq. He left being a loving son to his mother and deeeply in love with his childhood sweetheart. Who he returned as was someone very different after living life as a part of the U.S Marines Special Forces Unit. He meets Destiny and her son and his life changes.Prepare to be captivated by the debut of a unique story teller and get ready for the ride of a lifetime as the fast paced page turner tells a tale of love, life and harsh realities.

Running from Love

Natisha Raynor - 2015
    Being a part of a dysfunctional family has left him with deep emotional scars and when it comes to women he loves them and leaves them...until he meets Serenity. Serenity is nursing a broken heart when she meets Intellect and her gut tells her not to get involved but her heart tells her otherwise. From the beginning they have a love hate relationship and have mastered the art of making up to break up. Will Intellect finally let down his guard and be the man that Serenity deserves or will she give up on him and move on with her life?

Kaine and Karma 3: Luvin' A Savage

Sha Jones - 2017
    With her dangerous outbursts and inability to let go of Kaine, she puts a new spin on the phrase "baby mama from hell!" Once she finds out that Karma is now expecting a child with Kaine, she turns up the heat on the beef that she has with Karma and wreaks havoc! Her level of rage is at an all time high, and she's now digging her cat claws deeper into Karma's flesh. In the midst of the drama, Kaine desperately tries to hold on to the undying love that he has for Karma while trying to keep Tameka under control, which seems almost impossible. After many intricate blocks and obstacles in Kaine and Karma's relationship, things start to get better, but their happiness comes to a screeching halt when the events cause abrupt changes in their lives. Secrets and lies pour out, and when an unexpected event bumrushes Karma like a speeding freight train, it hits Kaine where it hurts, sending him into a frenzy. The new beginning that Kaine and Karma planned together becomes a life and death situation, and with the odds stacked against him, Kaine has to make an unfortunate decision that will finally end all of the drama. In this last installment to Kaine and Karma's love story, there will be more scandal and infamy that will leave you gasping for air!

Adored By A New York Drug Lord

Tya Marie - 2018
    An endless bankroll, access to the latest designer clothes, and the envy of every chick on the block are all part of her fantasies when she meets Ward, an up and coming dope boy. When Ward stakes a claim to the beautiful Normani, she accepts without hesitation, a decision she makes without considering the consequences that comes with dating a dope boy. The lifestyle Ward provides is as lavish as Normani expects, but she soon pays the price for being a thug’s solace when she’s the victim of a botched murder-suicide. Unable to return home, Normani is sent to live with her estranged aunt in Brooklyn. It is there that Normani lays eyes on a shiny red Lamborghini with no idea that its owner was going to change her life for better and worse. Uriah “Urban” Mackenzie has always been held in a high esteem throughout the streets, and not because of his charismatic charm, deep chocolate eyes, and politician’s smile. Urban is the head of “The Trust,” a prestigious crime organization known for running guns, human trafficking, and funneling millions of dollars in cocaine throughout the East Coast. Urban leads The Trust with an iron fist, refusing to allow anyone to one up him lest they deal with his wrath. He has New York City in the palm of his hand, with everyone bending to his will, except a bold and brazen Normani. Love has never been on Urban’s radar—even with a longtime girlfriend on his arm—but Normani’s beautiful eyes and damaged smile pulls him in. Soon Urban finds that he's willing to risk the life and legacy he’s built to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side.

It's Either Me Or Her 2: A Side Bitch Story

Tiece - 2016
    With a new hit single out, featuring a sexy rapper by the name of Yung Gunner, she’s certainly making waves of her own. She’s in a good place, and just wants to live drama free while enjoying her life. However, with Brooke using she and Chase’s unborn baby as a ticket back in his life, things can get real ugly at any given time. Chase is feeling good about the decision he’s made. Being with Rayne makes him happy and it keeps him focused. Now all he wants to do is be the hottest producer around, while taking Rayne’s career to the top. And with the signing of Yung Gunner to his record label the only way from here should be up. But dark secrets began to surface that threatens to end his relationship with Rayne and bring his entire empire down. Brooke is quickly learning that she can’t play with fire without getting burned. Skeletons in her closet start falling out all over the place leaving Brooke feeling vulnerable. With her ex-lover, Q popping up in Atlanta things quickly spiral out of control as she attempts to run from her past. There is only one problem with that. Q is not letting her out of his eyesight until he gets what she owes him and some. Will Chase and Rayne hold it together? Or, will Brooke find a way back into his life? Find out what happens when two women are both in a race for one man’s heart in, It’s Either Me Or Her 2.

Mekhi & KoKo 2: A Ghetto Love Story

Sol - 2016
    An unexpected shooting in the club sets off an unfortunate chain of events, leaving you to wonder who will be eliminated and what couples will live to see a happy ending in this epic finale. KoKo is finally ready to give Mekhi her heart but to do that, she has to cut ties with her baby's father for good. Too bad Homicide won't let her go without a fight. Tired of being a victim of sexual and physical abuse, she decides to woman up and fight back so she can be with the man her heart desires. But does she love Mekhi enough to die for him? That's the million-dollar question. Mekhi is no longer willing to play KoKo's game of “Hard To Get.” He's ready to lock the red-headed beauty down and is prepared to pay whatever it costs to be with her. Even if that means he has to come out of retirement and revisit the streets. Is he war ready? Or will he end up losing the woman of his dreams for good in the battle of love vs the streets? In the blink of an eye, both Mesha's lovers, Nas and Dutch, figure out her dirty little secret. She's been sleeping with them both so there's no telling who the father of her unborn baby is. When the DNA results come back, she'll have to say goodbye to one of her side niggas forever. Will that be her play brother or her new love interest? Dutch reigns all the way from New York with a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. His legendary street king of a father taught him all he knows so he brings his talents to the south. Once the CokeBoyz is taken down by the FEDS, he decides to step up and take over. But along with all the money and hood fame that comes from his new position as The Plug, he soon realizes that new snakes are born too.

Her Loyalty to Him: A King's Heart

Deshon Dreamz - 2016
     A handsome successful husband, two beautiful children, a family that she loved and success. Everything Jade ever thought was hers and true... switched in a night. The night her husband got into a near fatal accident that not only erased his memory of the man he was... It also forbids him from explaining to his wife why her sister was in the car at the time of the accident. Apollo King has no recollection of his wife or children. He has no idea what it means to be the King Of The South. Everything that was ever taught to him is long gone, erased with the possibility of returning slim to none. Jade, Apollo’s wife steps up to take over all of Apollo’s operations in order to keep the family business afloat. But with Apollo’s attack comes startling revelations that threaten to ruin everything that they have built. They say if you love something then let it go and if it comes back then it’s meant to be but is unconditional love enough to withstand the damage that Apollo caused? To the left or right of every man…is a strong woman holding him down! But, will him doing what many would consider the unforgiveable, cause him to lose the one thing in his life that he cherished the most; his wife, the woman he has no memory of?

I'm Feeling Myself: Bad Bitches Only (I'm Feeling Myself: Bad Bitches Only 1)

Chrissy J - 2015
    Being one of the baddest chicks in Brooklyn, Elite used what she had to get what she wanted. All she needed was her money or so she thought until Genesis came along. Genesis' swag was impeccable and although he was falling for Elite, her reputation on the streets prevented him from making her his girl. Through the drama and turmoil, Elite and Genesis finally take a chance and make it official, but will it be too late for their love to prosper? Take a ride with this power couple and see how it all goes down!

Promising My Love to a Boss 3

Käixo - 2017
    Caught between two men she once loved and the one who holds her heart, now. With a baby on the way, she has to face the music and deal with the karma she brought onto herself. Confined in total darkness with little to no food or water, her thoughts become her refuge… But those same thoughts haunt her with the demons from her past and the hateful actions against her baby sister. Seemingly all hope is gone, Salimah slowly gives up. Wishing she’d thought things through. Is life worth living? Tyrone is caught between a rock and a hard place. Once the brother with all the answers, he’s left broken-hearted and discarded. Torn between the facts and his feelings. How could the same girl who he loved and claimed to love him double cross him? Did he miss the signs? Now, his brothers are in jeopardy and Tyrone is partially to blame. Even through this, Torin, the same brother he attacked and belittled is the only person he trusts during this trying time in his life. Will Torin be the bigger person and help his brother or will he hold a grudge and hang him out to dry? A rocky past unraveling itself leaves Fatima in a rut. Defying Torin’s wishes and snooping around The Windy City for answers. Left handcuffed to a bed, Fatima must come to grips with all the secrets she’s kept from Torin. From her sneaking out of the house to meet with his estranged sister to keeping her pregnancy a secret. With Torin ten steps ahead of her there’s no room for lies and games. Not to mention, she and her best friend are on the outs, leaving Fatima with nobody to run to. Will she open up to Torin about everything she’s been up to or add more gasoline to the fire? Crack open Promising My Love to a Boss 3 and find out how these stories unveil. There’s no love in these streets and the city that hates itself will swallow you whole.

From the Projects to a Rich Thug's Mansion

Sonovia Alexander - 2017
    She was born into a life of poverty that she never asked for. Her mother dropped her off at the local fire station as a newborn and her father could have been any of the local crackheads that she passed by on the daily. Jumping from foster home to foster home and living a life that gave her nothing, she was tired of it, she wanted more. She deserved more– she desired to live the life of the rich and famous.  Nothing was more memorable than the day she met Boogie. Boogie had the paper, the cars, the money, and the drugs that could help her with her come up– until an unfortunate turn of events happen to Boogie. There’s a new dealer on the block… and her name is Swiss.

The Cocaine Princess Part 1

Rio - 2013
    Raised by her father, a ruthless Mexican drug cartel boss, and her mother, a strong-spirited black woman with an MBA from Harvard, it's no surprise that when Alexus graduates from high school text books to kilos of cocaine and heroin, she quickly becomes one of the best to ever do it in the dope game. After her father, Juan "Papi" Costilla, is sent away to federal prison, Alexus soon finds herself in Michigan City, Indiana with her mother, Rita Mae Bishop. With $250,000 in cash and 48 kilos of pure cocaine--stuffed inside large soup cans and smuggled into the country through her family's drug tunnel-- Alexus sets out to build herself a BMF-like drug-dealing ring, utilizing the connections of her numerous lovers to maximize her bankroll. But will she survive the wrath of the Costilla cartel when a portion of it turns against her? Find out in...

The First Witness

Todd Easterling - 2013
    Southern California Novelist Todd Easterling, discovered by New York's Jay Garon-Brooke Agency (of John Grisham fame), weaves a well-written, character-rich story with cinematic potential.With a topic right out of today's headlines, this story follows Tom Lassiter in a fast paced race to separate facts from propaganda, and ends in a heart stopping glimpse of the new world we live in and threats posed by rogue states set on nuclear weapons development.On his journey, Tom finds friendship and loyalty with his sidekick from The Washington Post, and unexpectedly develops a romantic interest while interviewing key players behind the scenes.The book might be compared to an early Tom Clancy type story (such as The Hunt for Red October) or Harrison Ford type thriller movie involving espionage and covert government actions (Air Force One), yet relationships and suspense play a stronger role in The First Witness. Never delving too deep into technical details to avoid a pure military thriller, the story focuses on uncovering clues, determining who is involved and trying to avoid capture before getting the story out. In the end, Tom Lassiter finds himself and the United States in a mission to fix what he admittedly and inadvertently help set in motion.

Are We In This Together

Tina J. - 2019
    Yes, she could've run away but she had a lot to lose and decided to stick it out. She had two stepsisters; one, was Ana who was her best friend and had her back through thick and thin and then there was Autumn who hated her. Mason comes into her life and introduces her to things she only dreamed about. However, just like most men he has a past that he was trying to hide from her; but it all comes out and someone must pay for the pain it caused. Max on the other hand is in love with Ana but has the baby mother from hell. She will do any and everything to break them up. Ana tries to see past the drama but it's pushing her further away from Max who is her first love. Take this ride and find out if the love these couples have will stand the test of time or dwindle away.

Chief and Freedom 2: Love In The Back of a Bando

Dama Cargle - 2017
    The consequences of their actions made everyone around them vulnerable to the wrath that was heading their way. Chief is riddled with bullets and his queen is missing. However, there wasn’t a man alive who was going to get away with shooting Lucci’s little brother and live to tell about it. He sets out on a warpath, and the entire state of New Jersey is his war zone. Anybody can get it. Things are falling apart with one enemy after the other revealing themselves and coming for the throne Chief sat upon. Freedom was new to Jersey, and since her arrival, the city has chewed her up and spit her out. Nonetheless, when Chief crowned her, she thought all was well with the world. She soon learns that there is a price that comes with being the wifey of the boss of the underworld. Because of Chief, she is now in the hands of the enemy where she endures the unimaginable pain. Things happen to her that she wouldn’t have wished on her worst enemy. Her captor is very familiar to her, and that leaves Freedom asking questions about what is really going on. Find out what happens when friends become enemies, and loyalty is tested. War has been declared, and the whole city is the battlefield.