Surviving The Collapse Super Boxset

Roger Hayden - 2017
    Donovan.Terror Rising - by Roger Hayden.Exiled - by James Hunt.

Viral Misery: Book One

Thomas A. Watson - 2017
    The bird flu out of China has mutated. Now able to latch on and replicate within humans, the virus will spread swiftly throughout the world. When you spread a virus before you even know you have it, everyone becomes a carrier. There is no preparation, and there is no cure. You can only hope that you are one of the few who are immune, or can survive long enough to fight. Wendy and Arthur have spent their lives in service to others. Having raised one child, and learned to live off the land, their only wish is for their son to give them grandchildren. They want to retire in comfort, knowing that they are self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves. Having never been apart for more than a few nights, Wendy has the opportunity to take a well deserved ladies vacation. Little do they know that their entire world will change in an instant, and they ll be left alone to live, or to die, a thousand miles apart.

The North

Sean Cummings - 2014
    Escape the City. Stay Alive.Sixteen-year-old David Simmons is on a mission to save his eight-year-old sister. In a smoldering world infested with walking cadavers, the survivors of Simmons infantry reserve unit are going hatches down in a pair of armoured personnel carriers and everyone knows that it’s only a matter of time until their fuel runs dry. There’s a weak short wave radio signal from a place called Sanctuary Base and it’s supposed to be zombie-free. But there’s more than a thousand miles to cover, a biting, unforgiving cold, armed survivalists, legions of the living dead and someone called SUNRAY. They’re outgunned, outnumbered and out of time. This tense thriller for teens offers a terrifying and brutal vision of survival in a post-apocalyptic world where the bonds of friendship and family are the only things left that are worth fighting for.

The Plague: Dead Solstice

M. Scott Burgess - 2011
    Scott Burgess comes a new episodic ebook series that reimagines and redefines the zombie apocalypse genre. In the near future, the world has died. With no warning, all technology and communication have inexplicably shut down and zombies have begun to rise. They feed on the living, pulling more to their ranks as they spread at an impossible rate. But hope survives, as a small band of survivors work together to escape from Southern California in hopes of finding sanctuary from this zombie infested world. Their goal is to find some remnants of civilization but the farther they venture, the more they become aware that the world as they know it has been forever lost. What they don’t realize is that there are things hiding in the shadows, things that are far worse than zombies. Dead Solstice is the first episode in the series. It follows the story of Dean Gothurd as he wakes up into a zombie infested world and finds that he must work with his friends to find safety from the hungry horde of zombies. (15,057 words)

Final Chaos

Ryan Westfield - 2018
    The EMP kills the lights and all electronics. Now it’s only a matter of time before chaos erupts.Jim owns a small electronics repair store in Rochester, NY. Unlike his friend, he quickly realizes the reality of the situation. He grabs his emergency kit, planning to get across town to his wife. But finding her among the chaos proves almost impossible. And if he does find her, where will they find shelter?Rob’s been Jim’s friend since grade school. He’s the kind of guy who’s always between jobs but has a big heart. When the lights go out, he doesn’t know whether to believe Jim or not. After all, he’s got a job interview that he needs to get to. What will it take to convince him this is serious?Jessica’s a young woman whose priority is her independence and self-sufficiency. When the power goes out, her coworkers are just joking around. But she knows something is up. In the short term, she knows she can take care of herself. But as chaos grows, will she be able to work with others in order to survive?Final Chaos is book 1 of Surviving, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their lives every inch of the way.


K.R. Griffiths - 2013
    Davids, now little more than a ghost town, retrieve the target and return to base. Trouble is, the target is a man named Victor, and it looks like somebody else got to him first. And St. Davids is anything but a ghost town... *** SHOCK is a novella that picks up where K.R. Griffiths' acclaimed debut PANIC left off.

The Seventh Day

A.E. Watson - 2014
    She looks like she did yesterday. Same Clothes. Same Hair. But today her face is calm, dead calm. All their faces are dead calm until one of us makes a noise. The noise wakes them and then it starts. Their heads jerk to the right three times rapidly as they stand in the most awkward way. That's when we run. That's when we hide. That's how we stay alive until The Seventh Day!

Pandora: Outbreak

Eric L. Harry - 2018
    Emma Miller studies diseases for a living—until she catches the virus. Now she’s the one being studied by the U.S. government and by her twin sister, neuroscientist Isabel Miller. Rival factions debate whether to treat the infected like rabid animals to be put down, or victims deserving compassion. As Isabel fights for her sister's life, the infected are massing for an epic battle of survival. And it looks like Emma is leading the way . . .

Before Safe Haven: Lucy

Christopher Artinian - 2018
    The UK and Ireland have remained uninfected...until now. Lucy Blair is an American doctor stationed at a field hospital outside the quarantined city of Leeds. Each day she hears more rumours circulating about the virus spreading. Each day she plays her part in the vast mechanism that has been constructed by the British government to safeguard the population. But today, the rumours stopped. Today, the rumours became reality. Now she is in a new kind of Hell as she fights her way through a dangerous city to find a last ray of hope and that one last chance for survival.

Left with the Dead

Stephen Knight - 2011
    The greatest city on Earth, once home to millions of Americans, is now firmly in the grasp of the dead.First Sergeant David Gartrell is cut off and alone in the city, miles away from the nearest military units which might be able to assist. With his ammunition almost depleted, the only thing that stands between him and the stenches are his Special Forces skills, his experience, and his uncompromising desire to avoid being eaten alive!Together with a frightened woman and her young son, Gartrell sets out to accomplish his final objective: find a way to leave the city of the gathering dead, or perish at the hands--and teeth!--of the ravenous horde.LEFT WITH THE DEAD is a 33,000 word novella, about 85 pages of high-octane military thriller.

The Eliminators

Jacqueline Druga - 2019
    Everything he tries to do in life falls apart. He struggles to rise above his troubles until the day a global pandemic gives him a purpose. His years of immersion into the apocalypse scenarios of books, movies, and video games, provides him with the knowledge that makes him a survival asset. But, is it enough to fight an invisible invader that sickens and turns its victims into something much more threatening? The virus shows no mercy or prejudice. It is violent and swift and the after-effects of its rage leaves the human race at the edge of extinction. Kasper has a choice. He can sit back, hunker down or he could be one of the few that do something. Even if it means his life, he becomes part of an eclectic and misfit team that are tasked with removing and killing the infected across the country. A task that becomes increasingly more difficult as the range of the affected areas grow.

No Sanctuary Box Set: The No Sanctuary Omnibus - Books 1-6

Mike Kraus - 2018
    Frank Richards barely escapes with his life when he watches his truck explode in front of his eyes. As chaos descends across the country, Frank's home-grown survival and preparedness training and the help of a mysterious stranger he meets are the only things he can rely on to see him safely across the thousand miles separating him and his loved ones. Frank Richards has been an accountant for most of his life, but when the economy took a turn for the worse he was forced to take the only job he could find - driving tractor-trailers cross-country. Thanks to his parents being dyed-in-the-wool prepper and survival experts he's learned enough to keep him alive. If he wants to make it from Maine to Texas, though, he'll have to figure out how to get along with the mysterious stranger that he's picked up along the way. With skills as strange as her background, Linda's far more prepared than Frank to survive in a fallen world. But in a world with no safety, no security and no sanctuary it takes more than one person to survive. No Sanctuary is a post-apocalyptic thriller/survival series that asks the "what if" question that lurks in the back of everyone's mind. What if there was another attack? What if it was larger than any other? What would you do if it came without warning? This is an omnibus edition of No Sanctuary, meaning that this contains the complete series, which consists of the following books: Book 1 - No Sanctuary Book 2 - The Precipice Book 3 - The Fracture Book 4 - The Tempest Book 5 - The Gauntlet Book 6 - The Battle

300 Miles

P.A. Glaspy - 2018
    But ... what if they can?A nuclear warhead detonated at 300 miles above the center of the United States would effectively take out the entire electrical grid and infrastructure of the forty-eight contiguous states. Most people don't think this is a possibility. But what if it is? What if a country like North Korea actually has the capability to do this but has led us to believe they don't? What if they had acquired stealth technology that would let them launch a missile that we didn't know about until it was too late to stop it?Carly Marshall is a twenty-first-century single mom. She works hard and lives modern. Take-out food, the latest technology, and all the modern conveniences of the time make up her life. She doesn't have to worry about feeding her family. She doesn't think twice about water coming out of the faucets. She's on the path to advancement at her firm. Life can't get much better. But what if it could get worse?Check out Book 1 in the Perilous Miles series by P.A. Glaspy. Readers are saying it's better than her first series. Find out for yourself!

The Long Fall

Logan Keys - 2018
    A soldier in Poland dies in a mysterious accident. A reporter in Manhattan stumbles across a conspiracy that has global consequences. As millions succumb to the strange attack across the globe, a handful of brave souls must step forward and fight not just for their own survival but that of the entire human race. The Long Fall is a thrilling post-apocalyptic episodic series that follows the survivors of a global catastrophie that threatens the survival of the entire world. As each survivor learns more about the reasons and sources behind the apocalypse, they must work to save themselves and their families as they seek a way to reverse the disaster before it's too late. Written as a collaboration between Logan Keys and #1 bestselling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus, The Long Fall is a gripping and unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre, and one that will leave you breathless with every turn of the page. The Long Fall will feature approximately ten episodic (25k-35k words in length) books that are full of action, suspense, emotion and drama as the survivors of a global disaster struggle to survive the end of days. Episodes will be published once per month.

Zombie Ocean Box Set: Books 1-3

Michael John Grist - 2016
    No hope left. Would you survive?This box set includes the first three books in the Zombie Ocean series, with over 750 pages (250,000 words) of uniquely original post-apocalyptic survival adventure.The LastWhen the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive.Except Amo. He's a comic book artist. He's a video game world builder. He's just a regular guy living in New York city, with only his wits, creativity and basic decency to guide him.He's alone against 7 billion zombies.Will he survive?'Robinson Crusoe' meets the zombie apocalypse like you've never seen it before, bringing a mind-blowing twist to all the adventure, blood and gore.The LostWhen the zombie apocalypse claims America, only 1 in 10 million survive.Anna is one of them. She's a sweet 5-year-old girl who hasn't left her sickbed for a year. She likes banana milkshakes and Alice in Wonderland.She's alone in a world of 7 billion zombies.Will she survive?'Alice in Wonderland' meets the zombie apocalypse like you've never seen it before, bringing a haunting emotional weight to all the adventure, twists and gore.The LeastWhen the zombie ocean crushes humanity, ex-Olympic athlete Robert 'Cerulean' doesn't stand a chance.His spine is broken. His mind is broken. He's a decent, kind man who has suffered far worse than he deserved.He's stuck in a wheelchair among 7 billion zombies.Will he survive?'Born on the 4th of July' meets the zombie apocalypse like you've never seen it before, bringing heart-rending heroism to all the adventure, twists and gore.Would you survive?Measure yourself against Amo, Anna and Robert. Scroll up and get all three books now.If you like 'I Am Legend', 'The Martian' or 'The Walking Dead' you will love the Zombie Ocean series.