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The Duke in the Suburbs by Edgar Wallace


So Well Remembered

James Hilton - 1945
    A respected lawyer and civic leader, he possessed the skill and charisma to shine on the national stage. But ambition is not without a cost. When Boswell must choose between the promise of a bright future or staying behind for the people who have come to depend on him, his decision comes at a shocking price. "So Well Remembered" is a story of a people pulled reluctantly toward modernity amid the farms and factories of Lancashire, and a celebration of the steadfast character of the common English village.

Like a House on Fire

Caroline Hulse - 2020
    They can't decide exactly when that happened (Was it the coke can? Or that comment about Jurassic Park?), but they both agree that it has.A couple of months after the separation, Stella's mother, Margaret "The Force of Nature" Foy sends out invites for her murder mystery anniversary party - with George on the invite list. Stella hasn't told her parents about the divorce, she couldn't bring herself to. And with her father's business shutting down, Margaret's recent cancer diagnosis, and some very odd behaviour from her older sister Helen, now is clearly not a good time.All they have to do is make it through the day without their secret being discovered. And in doing so, they may find each other again - or see their past and future both go up in flames...


Stella Gibbons - 1934
    It is run by the unlikely partnership of balmy Miss Padsoe and young, cockney Miss Baker - divided by class and age, they are determined to dislike each other. Through their tale and the interwoven tribulations of two young lovers, Gibbons' sparkling novel explores the heart of friendship and what unites us.

All the Assholes in the World and Mine

Charles Bukowski
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A Short Gentleman

Jon Canter - 2008
    He struggles to come to terms with the forces that brought him down.

Fording the Stream of Consciousness

Dubravka Ugrešić - 1988
    It begins with the death of an anti-Franco poet who slips into the pool of the intercontinental Hotel and continues with a rapid and entertaining chain of events involving espionage, sexual intrigue, murder, and a good deal of one-upmanship among the assembled academics. In the style of David Lodge, the novel is filled with colorful characters and hilarious scenes; but amid the lighthearted action Ugresic provides a serious and doubly outsidered perspective on the differences between the worlds of Eastern Europe and the West. Through the eyes of her Yugoslav and Russian characters Ugresic expresses the incredulity that many in Eastern Europe felt at the Western tendency to romanticize the "communist" world; simultaneously, through her American character, she explodes many of the myths of the West in the minds of Eastern Europe. In addressing issues of mutual cultural misunderstanding without attempting to impose artificial solutions to the problems, Ugresic has produced a truly successful multicultural novel.

The Short Stories

Ian McEwan - 1975
    The former was awarded the Somerset Maugham Award.

The Puppet Show

Patrick Redmond - 2000
    Having struggled for years to escape the demons of his childhood - an orphan lost in a maze of institutions and foster homes - he is finally happy. Now in his early twenties, he has a loving fiancée and is taking the first steps in a promising legal career. And then he meets Max. The father figure that Michael has always craved, Max strides into Michael's life, realising all the childhood dreams that have lain dormant for so many years. But dreams come with a price. Despite his supportive exterior, Max is plagued by his own demons and is a violently skilled manipulator when it comes to getting exactly what he wants from everyone around him. As Michael's fears and vulnerabilities begin to push everyone else away, Max sets to work . . . A taut, sophisticated and engrossing thriller that will have you turning pages furiously into the night.

The Temporary

Rachel Cusk - 1995
    Francine is a temporary, who moves through corporate London, men, flats and friends, always convinced there is something better ahead. But when Ralph proves able to resist her, Francine feels her powers failing.

Landscape in Sunlight

Elizabeth Fair - 1953
    Midge stayed on. While the war lasted Mrs. Custance had accepted her as part of the war-effort; it was only in the past year or two that Mrs. Midge had been transferred to the category which Mrs. Custance described as “people we could manage without.” Elizabeth Fair’s rollicking second novel takes place in Little Mallin, where village life is largely dominated by preparations for the August Festival. Out of such ordinary material Fair weaves a tale of conflict, scheming, misunderstanding—and of course romance.Among the villagers are a vicar dreaming of ancient Greece; his wife, largely concerned with getting their daughter married off; the melancholic Colonel Ashford; the eccentric Eustace Templer and his nephew; not to mention Mrs. Midge and her delicate son. The author said the novel was meant for people who “prefer not to take life too seriously.” Compton Mackenzie said it was “in the best tradition of English humour.”Furrowed Middlebrow is delighted to make available, for the first time in over half a century, all six of Elizabeth Fair’s irresistible comedies of domestic life. These new editions all feature an introduction by Elizabeth Crawford.“Where she breaks with the Thirkell school is in her total absence of sentimentality and her detached and witty observation of her characters.”--The Sphere“A real success … will give pleasure to those for whom Trollope and Jane Austen remain the twin pillars of English fiction.”--John O’London’s Weekly

The Pop Larkin Chronicles

H.E. Bates - 1991
    The Chromicles comprise all five of the immensely popular series of comic novels consisting of ‘The Darling Buds of May’ (1958), ‘A Breath of French Air’ (1959), ‘When the Green Woods Laugh’ (1960), ‘Oh! To Be in England’ (1963), and ‘A Little of What You Fancy’ (1970). Bates, speaking of how he was inspired to create the Larkin family, recalled the real junkyard that he often passed near his home in Kent; and he remembered seeing a family -- a father, mother and many children, sucking at ice-creams and eating crisps in a "ramshackle lorry that had been recently painted a violent electric blue". He tried writing a brief tale based on the family, but soon decided that he couldn’t waste such a rich gallery of characters to a short story." Pop is a wonderful character who hates pomp, pretension and humbug; loves his family, but doesn’t hesitate to break a few rules... and his and the Larkins' secret is “that they live as many of us would like to live if only we had the guts and nerve to flout the conventions."

Pomp and Circumstance

Noël Coward - 1960
    'A South Sea Bubble of a book it is, with a Royal Visit expected on the Island of Samolo, and the narrator, a mother of three, dealing with everything from chicken-pox to the amours of a visiting Duchess' (Daily Telegraph); 'If there is anywhere on earth where the old Coward world still credibly lingers on, it is probably a fairly peaceful tropical colony ruled over by a British Governor General . . . Coward's long cast list might have walked out of one of his better comedies' (Evening Standard); 'It is all good, near-clean fun, magnificently readable' (Sunday Times).

Guard Your Daughters

Diana Tutton - 1953
    They have been brought up at quite some distance from the rest of the world. Living with their famous detective writer father, and their fragile mother, they have been one another’s friends – with hardly any experience of people outside their family.

Seven for a Secret

Mary Webb - 1922
    Although she was acclaimed by John Buchan and by Rebecca West, who hailed her as a genius, and won the Prix Femina of La Vie Heureuse for Precious Bane (1924), she won little respect from the general public. It was only after her death that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Stanley Baldwin, earned her posthumous success through his approbation, referring to her as a neglected genius at a Literary Fund dinner in 1928. Her writing is notable for its descriptions of nature, and of the human heart. She had a deep sympathy for all her characters and was able to see good and truth in all of them. Among her most famous works are: The Golden Arrow (1916), Gone to Earth (1917), and Seven for a Secret (1922).

News from Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keillor - 1987
    Funny and touching, these 20 stories from original live broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion follow the seasons in Lake Wobegon.Contents:Spring: Me and Choir; A Day in the Life of Clarence Bunsen; Letter from Jim; FictionSummer: The Living Flag; The Tollefson Boy Goes to College; Tomato Butt; Chamber of Commerce; Dog Days of August; Mrs. Berge and the Schubert Carillon PianoFall: Giant Decoys; Darryl Tollerud's Long Day; Hog Slaughter; Thanksgiving; The Royal FamilyWinter: Guys on Ice; James Lundeen's Christmas; The Christmas Story Re-told; New Year's from new York; Storm Home