Big, Beautiful, and Pregnant: Expert Advice and Comforting Wisdom for the Expecting Plus-Size Woman

Cornelia van der Ziel - 2006
    today, but there are few places they can turn for reliable information and helpful advice on the special set of challenges they'll face during the nine-month adventure that lies ahead. In Big, Beautiful and Pregnant, Cornelia van der Ziel, a highly sought-after obstetrician who specializes in plus-size pregnancies, and Jacqueline Tourville, a plus-size mom who's lived the experience, offer a warm, witty, medically-sound guide for overweight women who want the skinny on what to expect from pregnancy and childbirth. They answer all the questions pregnant moms may have, including: Is my pregnancy doomed to be difficult because I'm overweight? How can I find a sympathetic doctor? Am I destined for a c-section because of my extra pounds? Are there special medical risks to my unborn child? Where can I find maternity clothes in extra-large sizes? A unique combination of impeccable medical advice, fun, and down-to-earth charm, Big, Beautiful and Pregnant provides plus-size pregnant women with information, inspiration, a sense of sisterhood, and reassurance that they can have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Giving Birth

Catherine Taylor - 2002
    This is the perfect companion for parents-to-be and all professionals who are engaged in and witness to the miracle of birth. "One of the most important books on childbirth...A colorful, anecdotal, and research-supported journey from both the mothers' and midwives' perspectives...A classic." (Pam England, nurse-midwife and author of Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation)

The Essential C-Section Guide: Pain Control, Healing at Home, Getting Your Body Back, and Everything Else You Need to Know About a Cesarean Birth

Maureen Connolly - 2004
    Despite the fact that roughly one in four babies in the United States is delivered by c-section, very little information about the experience is included in typical pregnancy books and physicians and childbirth educators often gloss over the details.The Essential C-Section Guide is written not only for women to read in preparation for a scheduled c-section and for those considered “high risk” who know that a c-section may become necessary but also for women recovering from an unexpected surgical delivery. This book provides answers to important questions about what the surgery entails, what a woman can expect as she recovers, and what considerations should be made for future pregnancies and deliveries.With frank discussions about the physical and emotional aspects surrounding a c-section, the authors share comforting wisdom about early bonding, pain control, breastfeeding, infant care, healing from surgery, postpartum exercise, partner involvement, and much more, in detail not available anywhere else.Written by authors who have firsthand knowledge of birth by c-section, The Essential C-Section Guide is well-researched and addresses its unique concerns with intelligence and

Home Birth On Your Own Terms: A How To Guide For Birthing Unassisted

Heather Baker - 2019
     This book covers:   * how to do your own prenatal care * common discomforts in pregnancy * herbal and homeopathy uses * supplies you need for your birth * labor stages and how to manage them * birth affirmations * avoiding issues and complications   * what to do for emergencies * postpartum care for mom and baby * how to register you baby with the state * unassisted birth stories This book is packed with photographs!! A MUST HAVE, especially in places that have little to no access to quality medical care/hospitals near the birthing mother. Reviews:  "I find this book to be an invaluable resource manual for everything you need to know to have a healthy, safe, unassisted home birth! I love the sections on herbs and homeopathics, and that every needful topic was included and written in a clear and easy to understand manner. I'll definitely reference this book during my next freebirth. It's like having a midwife on your bookshelf! "A valuable resource to prepare for your freebirth" “This book shows you how to freebirth. Giving you the information you need to control your birth and have peace with that decision.” “This is the book every pregnant woman, whether she decides to birth unassisted or not, should have in her library. It is extremely informative, yet inspiring and empowering.”  ~Julia, Labor Assistant “Home Birth On Your Own Terms is a great first stop on your journey to having an unassisted birth. If only every birthing person could know this option, and assess for themselves if this is a safe, viable option for them. Home Birth On Your Own Terms provides confidence through first-hand accounts of births AND the appropriate precautions for people to make the best choices for their birth. For anyone considering their birth options, this is an eye opener to see beyond the systemically prescribed birthing process. This book gives another perspective on what is absolutely possible, empowering, safe and healthy births.” ~ Vera Kevic, Doula “A wealth of information in one place.” "With the ever climbing epidemic of birth violence inflicted by medical professionals and the constraints birth attendants now have upon them, it’s no surprise that parents are taking a stand and birthing the way they so desire."

Quick, Boil Some Water: The Story of Childbirth in our Grandmother's Day: Volume 1

Yvonne Barlow - 2007
    Today, we hear stories of over-worked midwives and short-staffed hospitals, but the truth is that childbirth has never been easier. For our grandmothers, pregnancy was a journey into the unknown. Rather than ponder which pushchair to buy or fret over towelling versus disposable nappies, they worried about what lay ahead. Home births were often lonely affairs with the midwife or doctor only visiting when birth was imminent. During hospital births, medical staff rarely gave explanations and would push and prod with little offer of pain relief let alone sympathy. Standard care in labour was the O.B.E. - Oil, Bath and Enema. Nursing staff gave firm rules on how long to stay in bed, how to lie in bed and even when to go to the toilet. And life didn't get much easier after giving birth. Taking care of a home and baby was hard work when there were few washing machines, no disposable nappies and heating came from coal carried in from the back yard.

The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach to Baby's First Year

Megan McGrory Massaro - 2012
    Motherhood has been targeted by advertisers, and bombarded by opinions masquerading as medical necessities. Massaro and Katz are helping mothers reclaim a simpler, more connected first year with their babies. Readers will find eight fun-to-read chapters filled with baby-friendly practices, along with stories from moms in-the-know. In a soothing yet sassy voice, the authors present compelling research on topics like birth, holding your baby, breastfeeding, infant sleep, pottying babies (yes, really!), sign language, baby-led solids, and self-care for moms. The book also features contributions from leading practitioners in baby care: Dr. James McKenna, Dr. Janet Zand, Naomi Aldort, Gill Rapley, Nancy Mohrbacher, and more.

Catching Babies

J.D. Kleinke - 2011
    Two ends of the same spectrum. And sometimes the only person standing between is a tired, overworked resident with personal problems of her own.Welcome to the world of Catching Babies. In the halls of a busy metropolitan teaching hospital, a group of OB/GYN doctors complete their residencies and embark on ambitious careers, all while trying to hold their lives together at the seams. Jay is running from a life he’s tried to leave behind, while Katie sacrifices everything she has to serve an endless parade of needy patients. Anna is out trying to save the world, while Tracy is trying to save twins dying in utero. Based on true stories from delivery rooms and labor decks, Catching Babies spins the doctors’ stories into a gripping mosaic of the obsessions, the anxieties, and the heroism of doctors who have chosen to preside over life’s greatest medical drama—high-risk childbirth.

Lactivism: How Feminists and Fundamentalists, Hippies and Yuppies, and Physicians and Politicians Made Breastfeeding Big Business and Bad Policy

Courtney Jung - 2015
    New moms are pressured by doctors, health officials, and friends to avoid the bottle at all costs-often at the expense of their jobs, their pocketbooks, and their well-being. In Lactivism, political scientist Courtney Jung offers the most deeply researched and far-reaching critique of breastfeeding advocacy to date. Drawing on her own experience as a devoted mother who breastfed her two children and her expertise as a social scientist, Jung investigates the benefits of breastfeeding and asks why so many people across the political spectrum are passionately invested in promoting it, even as its health benefits have been persuasively challenged. What emerges is an eye-opening story about class and race in America, the big business of breastfeeding, and the fraught politics of contemporary motherhood.

Birth With Confidence: Savvy Choices for Normal Birth

Rhea Dempsey - 2013
    Chapter 1.The birth you want: what motivates the willing woman?Chapter 2.Reality hurts: birth in the labour-bypass eraChapter 3.It’s a fine line: reframing pain in labourChapter 4.Approaching labour: what pain type are you?Chapter 5.Crisis of confidence: when self-belief crumblesChapter 6.The right support: who will get you through?

Cut, Stapled, and Mended: When One Woman Reclaimed Her Body and Gave Birth on Her Own Terms After Cesarean

Roanna Rosewood - 2013
    And they were right. Why then, so long after my body has healed, do I still feel broken? A whisper inside of me insists: Birth is more than a means to a baby. There was something I was supposed to do, something I was to receive through giving birth.Pregnant again, when the doctor tries to schedule another cesarean, I refuse. I will not submit to being tied down, cut open, and having my uterus extracted again without a fight.That's why I ask a midwife to help me give birth. I tell her that I’m determined and strong. But she sees through my tough-guy armor. She smiles, saying, "Birth isn’t a battle to win or lose. It’s the result of delving into your vulnerability and finding your true feminine power."In exquisite detail, Roanna holds nothing back in her powerful birth memoir, plunging the reader deep into the intimacy of this universal rite of passage. Part memoir, part manifesto, this is a must read for anyone who has given birth, will give birth, or who loves someone who will give birth.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth

Boston Women's Health Book Collective - 2008
    But as soon as you announce you're expecting, you may be bombarded with advice from every angle -- well-meaning friends, relatives, medical professionals, even strangers want to weigh in on what you should or shouldn't do, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by their conflicting recommendations.Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth will help you sort fact from fiction, giving you the most accurate research, up-to-date information, and the firsthand experiences of numerous women who have been exactly where you are today. You'll get the tools you need to take care of yourself and your baby during and after your pregnancy, from tips on eating well during pregnancy to strategies for coping with stress and depression. Learn everything you need to know about:CHOOSING A GOOD HEALTH CARE PROVIDERSELECTING A PLACE OF BIRTH UNDERSTANDING PRENATAL TESTINGCOPING WITH LABOR PAINSPEEDING YOUR PHYSICAL RECOVERYADJUSTING TO LIFE AS A NEW MOTHER OUR BODIES, OURSELVES: PREGNANCY AND BIRTH IS AN ESSENTIAL RESOURCE FOR WOMEN THAT WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE MANY DECISIONS AHEAD.

From the Hips: A Comprehensive, Open-Minded, Uncensored, Totally Honest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Becoming a Parent

Rebecca Odes - 2007
    medical childbirth, circumcision, breast or bottle feeding, and work/life options The Endless No:What not to eat, take, and do when you’re pregnant-get the real facts behind the prohibitionsI Want My Life Back:Anxiety, regret, ambivalence, and other rarely discussed postpartum emotionsParents and partners:A look beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to family, with strategies for minimizing perfect-parent pressure and managing your real-life relationships through the changesSorting Through the Voices:A user-friendly guide to the dueling gurus, trendy techniques, and conflicting theories that confuse new parents A forward-thinking book that includes a wide range of voices and approaches, From the Hips reflects the many ways of being pregnant and parenting without suggesting that there is one right way.

We're Parents! The New Dad Book for Baby's First Year: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive Together

Adrian Kulp - 2019
     Quick advice—Key childcare tips are broken into short, convenient guides—unlike other new dad books, there’s no reading an entire textbook just to change a diaper. The big moments—Track your baby’s development at a glance with charts that lay out the most important milestones in one place. Who needs other new dad books when you have the expert guidance of We’re Parents! at hand?

My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy

Andrea Askowitz - 2008
    Along the way we meet her liberal parents as they struggle with their daughter's choices, the lover she longs to reconnect with who goes M.I.A. before the pregnancy, the friends who turn out to be no help at all and strangers who offer up some unlikely kindness. Andrea presents herself real, raw, impossibly cranky yet deeply touching with her self-deprecating dark sense of humor that will make you wince or better yet send you into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Born in the USA: How a Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed to Put Women and Children First

Marsden Wagner - 2006
    Written for mothers and fathers, obstetricians, nurses, midwives, scientists, insurance professionals, and anyone contemplating having a child, this passionate exposé documents how, in the most expensive maternity care system in the world, women have lost control over childbirth and what the disturbing results of this phenomenon have been. Born in the USA examines issues including midwifery and the safety of out-of-hospital birth, how the process of becoming a doctor can adversely affect both practitioners and their patients, and why there has been a rise in the use of risky but doctor-friendly interventions, including the use of Cytotec, a drug that has not been approved by the FDA for pregnant women. Most importantly, this gripping investigation, supported by many troubling personal stories, explores how women can reclaim the childbirth experience for the betterment of themselves and their children.Born in the USA tells:* Why women are 70% more likely to die in childbirth in America than in Europe* What motivates obstetricians to use dangerous and unnecessary drugs and procedures* How the present malpractice crisis has been aggravated by the fear of accountability* Why procedures such as cesarean section and birth inductions are so readily used