एक दिवा विझताना [Ek Diwa Vizatana]

Ratnakar Matkari
    ‘Chauthi khidaki’ is a fantastic scientific tale built around the concept of Time. ‘Porkhel’ uses theanalogy of a childat play with her dolls, to highlight that human beings are mere pawns in the hands of Fate. ‘Sucheta Chakrapani ani Ticha Kokilkanth’ tackles the tangle between an artiste and her art – a fantastic rendering reminiscent of magical realism. Matkari’s stories give us the feeling of entering a jungle at dusk. The reader begins his journey along the border that separates reality from fantasy. Matkari employs different narrative styles and structure to lead the reader along familiar as well as unfamiliar paths in this jungle.While being immensely attractive, this journey takes the reader into ever deeper regions.

Inn at Raven's Crest

Salem Marlowe - 2017
    When the opportunity arises, the two jump at the chance to make this dream a reality. They find an old Victorian home that has been vacant for many years and believe this is their chance to fix up and open the Inn at Raven’s Crest. Maggie quickly learns of the ghosts still living in the house. She befriends them; talks to them; helps them find peace, and offers a way to get to the other side. As the first guests arrives, so does an awful storm which puts out the roads, the power and the internet, thus leaving all of the guests captive at the Inn. When one person is found murdered, and then another, everyone is frightened and not sure who to trust and who the murderer is. There are many signs that point to one and then another suspect before the final chapter is revealed. Inn at Raven’s Crest by Salem Marlowe has a plot we may have read before, but the characters and the events are brand new and kept me glued to my Kindle. Each time I thought I had solved the mystery, another twist changed my mind. I couldn’t help but root for Maggie and Lee and for the future success of the Inn. Each character was well portrayed and had all the human characteristics of good and evil in them. I would love to see what happens when the next set of guests arrive at the Inn. It would be an awesome TV series with new guests arriving weekly. I highly recommend reading Inn at Raven’s Crest; mystery fans will not be disappointed. Two friends buy an abandoned Victorian house and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Before renovations are completed they discover their home has come complete with ghosts, and an old, unsolved murder. Can they solve the mystery and get the ghosts to leave? Or will they get caught up in a new set of murders, ones that are decimating their guests?

When the Devil Writes

Matt Shaw - 2019
    From best-selling horror author, Matt Shaw, comes a new collection of previously unreleased material direct from his twisted imagination, a collection of twisted short stories and novellas.Within This Collection:Flash Fiction: Hush Little Baby, Man's Best Friend,Short Stories: Change, Cat,Novellas: HIM, A Girl And Her Corpse.Over 200 pages of horror

Watery Grave: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2018
    But does he want to help her or hurt her? Supernatural detective Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate. Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an ebook and Sunday Times bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan “Spider’ Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels. Before becoming a novelist he was a journalist for more than ten years on newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mirror, the Glasgow Herald, the Daily Mail and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. He is one of the country’s most successful ebook authors and his ebooks have topped the Amazon Kindle charts in the UK and the US. In 2011 alone he sold more than 500,000 eBooks and was voted by The Bookseller magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the UK publishing world. Born in Manchester, he began writing full time in 1992. His bestsellers have been translated into fifteen languages. He has also written for television shows such as London's Burning, The Knock and the BBC's Murder in Mind series and two of his books, The Stretch and The Bombmaker, were filmed for TV. His book The Chinaman was filmed as The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

Helltown: A Horror Novel

Stephen Bentley - 2015
    It's nothing like the suburb you might live in . . . Unless, that is, an insane, Listerine-guzzling Realtor sold you your house? Or perhaps your postman happens to have a disturbing relationship with his claw hammer? A grieving Dan LaBarbara knows something is different in Helltown as soon as he comes back home. Yeah, sure, the town always been a little off. You can feel that about the place, like if you stepped into a house whose only occupants were freshly murdered corpses in an upstairs bedroom. But this is something else entirely. Standing in his little brother Barbie's basement workshop, holding one of those dioramas Barbie's been building since the accident, the ones that seem to move when you hold them, Dan can feel Barbie's terror. Barbie must know something is coming, something big, something evil. He's trying to warn Dan in the only way he knows. Why else would Barbie build a diorama depicting a man-sized version of a cartoon rabbit with bloody teeth about to devour a trembling teenager? Why else would he spend so much time crafting an intricate model of Death standing over a pimply teenager in the school library? And let's not even talk about that little model of the mob of undead surrounding the massive tower of vicious black spines behind the high school. Hilltown has a story to tell, and the lonely brain-damaged man who builds magical dioramas in his basement workshop has been telling it all along. As the evil closes in around them, Dan and his new love interest Jessica must do the impossible: save everyone one in Hilltown before it's too late.

The Unexpected Groom: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots

Lucy McConnell - 2017
     Lime Peak Ranch is home to the Dumont and Ruggles families who raise cattle, train horses, and compete in PRCA rodeos. Life down the dirt road isn’t as perfect as it seems and secrets have roots deeper than the maple trees.   Ellie Dumont is in love with the wrong man. Logan Labrum is the son of her family’s biggest business rival Joe Labrum. Joe’s made things difficult for the Dumont family for years but that doesn’t stop Logan from turning Ellie’s head. They’ve been dating on the sly for months. As their love deepens, Ellie is torn between family loyalty and the man who stole her heart. George Dumont wants one thing: to have his family under one roof again. Carol left, taking their son, Levi, a couple years ago. Unsure how to approach a reconciliation with the redhead who lights a fire in his soul, George stumbles forward.  After a tractor accident cost Olivia Dumont the use of her left hand, she learned to hate doctors and the limitations they laid before her. Which is why she takes an instant dislike to their new renter, Dr. Robert Canton. Robert signed up for the Lime Peak Ranch experience and she’s going to make sure he gets it. Hauling five acres of hay bales in from the field is a good start. But Robert doesn’t complain and he doesn’t tell her she shouldn’t be using her hand or baby her like her family does. But Robert is holding back and Olivia can tell. The closer they get, the bigger the questions become. Bonnie Ruggles is the heart of Lime Peak Ranch, but her heart isn’t in it anymore. After years of carrying the burden of infertility and mysteries that started long before she married Dallas Ruggles, Bonnie is worn thin. Will their history together be enough of a reason to stick around or will the past be what pushes her off the ranch? Follow this family full of heart and love and loyalty as they work to navigate the bumpy roads ahead.

Thirteen Degrees: 13 Scary Stories and Tales of Horror

Brenden Dean - 2015
    Bring a blanket, huddle around the fire, and try to keep warm as you encounter psychotic abductors, deadly spirits and demons of the woods. When They Come Alone - One man's Halloween ritual is far more vicious than it seems. His playful prank is a mask for something more. A Monster in his Closet - A boy is troubled by something in his closet. But, as we will soon see, there is no monster in his closet. Eat Your Heart Out - A quarreling lesbian couple's camping trip goes awry. They may not survive the night when something intrudes in the night. Meet Me at the Looking Tree - A tragic tale of two boys, a towering tree, and a new pair of binoculars. When one of them goes missing, the other's life will never be the same. The Deer Cam - An avid hunter's first hunt of the season turns horrific when noises send him running home. The terror is not over when noises accompany his sleep. What Mustn't be Seen - One night, a boy hears his next door neighbor's home being invaded. But what he witnesses is much worse than a couple of thieves. He Who Waits - Ever since childhood, a girl is constantly watched by a suited man just outside her home. Nobody else can see him. Later in life, a tragedy shows the man's dreadful intentions. The Orb - A metallic, glowing sphere lands in a small town, and those who come close to it are flooded with euphoric visions. Those who touch it disappear in a flash. But unknown horrors await them on the other side. The Way of the World - A wealthy man invites a beggar over for dinner, but the menu may not be to his liking. You Should've Opened the Door - A lonely woman hears news of an escaped killer. That night, the strange knocking begins. Forgetful - A man awaits much needed sleep. But he soon realizes he has forgotten a few routine things. One of which may cost him his life. Sensations - A little girl enjoys spending the night at her grandparents, save for the fact that something visits her at night. Soon, she will learn the horrid truth of the sensations she feels at night. A Stranger's Approach - A distraught woman is having enough trouble affording life when a stranger begins to follow her. Quickly, the stalking becomes too much, and a fateful climax ensues. What people are saying about Brenden Dean's works - “Beautifully written. Absolutely amazing.” –David B. “Holy s***. That was amazing.” -Jacob S. “Now that’s how you write a f****** twist.” -Stefan T. “There’s a lot of good stories out there, but [When They Come Alone] is great.” -Fredrick H. “. . . It's very well written and personable. High praise.” -R. Bowers “F****** amazing. I love it.” -Paula M. “Oh, this is the first thing I’ve read on /r/NoSleep that actually freaked me out. Good job. Good f****** job.” -Cassie A. “Wow. Holy s***. . . The ending really got me.” -Bradley S. "This is probably the saddest story I’ve ever read on /r/NoSleep. God damn, made me cry even.

Onyx Dragons Boxed Set (7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires)

Starla Night - 2019
    Innocent women need to watch out for the ruthless alpha males in these novels. From forced marriages to embracing past battle scars, there are a lot of hurdles to be overcome in these stories. Find out what happens when you stalk a dangerous dragon shifter in exchange for free cookies. Worse yet, what happens when the only way to escape terrorists is to run into the arms of a terrifying giant? This box set includes three Onyx Dragons and an exclusive bonus short story. ONYX DRAGONS: MALACHITE Dragon shifter CEO, Malachite, has no choice but to marry a human. If not, then he’d have to return to his home planet. Could his mysterious intern, Cheryl, be the one to produce his dragonlets? Cheryl sets his soul on fire, and she needs to respond to his marriage proposal. Will she say yes? ONYX DRAGONS: PYROCHLORE Stalking the dangerous dragon shifter may not have been the smartest idea. Pyrochlore is a bad boy dragon VP and Amy has been studying him through binoculars. It was the only way for the starving student teacher to get free cookies. It’s hard for Amy to maintain her focus, especially when Pyrochlore whisks her away to Vegas for a very indecent proposal. ONYX DRAGONS: KYANITE Kyanite’s hardened scars make him a monster. Perhaps, that’s what nursing intern, Laura, likes about him. She has embraced the dragon shifter security chief. Her understanding of the hard and terrifying giant is deepening. No wonder she runs into his arms when terrorists target her, but can she really trust her instinct and let the warrior into her heart? The drama is never-ending, and the only way to escape it is to let it abduct you first. It also includes the happily ever after stories "Mal's First Birthday," "Pyro's Wedding Day," and "Kyan's Housewarming Party" as well as the bonus story "The Ultrasound" that's exclusive to this boxed set.

Night Terrors

Mark Lukens - 2014
    And she's suffered from night terrors where a shadowy man pursues her. The Shadow Man found her once before when she was sixteen years old and slaughtered her parents. And now, nine years later, he's found her again.The Shadow Man is killing people as he works his way closer to Tara. She can see the murders through his eyes, the clues left behind, and he wants it that way. He takes things from each victim: blood, skin, and other items he needs for his bizarre ritual. But it's all leading up to the most important and central piece of the ritual - Tara.Tara wants to run. She wants to hide - it's what she's always done. But she makes a decision to fight back, to stop the Shadow Man before he kills again.

Tales Around the Jack O'Lantern III: A Mary O'Reilly Short Story

Terri Reid - 2016
    Join the O'Reilly family once again as they meet around the Jack O'Lantern on Halloween night and share ghost stories that will make you shiver and have you looking over your shoulder to see if there is "a little something extra" wandering through your home tonight.

Gaia's Secret: The Complete Pandoran Series Quartet

Barbara Kloss - 2019
    TWO WORLDS. ONE LOVE. Eighteen-year old Daria Jones feels trapped in the cow-strewn suburbs of Fresno, California. And with a father so overprotective he's installed video and thermal surveillance down the street, she doesn't get out much. Until the night he disappears. Following the trail of notes he's left behind, Daria gathers three things: a dark force is hunting her, her father's fled to another world on a cryptic mission, and the only one left to trust is her ex-best friend, Alexander Anderson. The more she learns about her father's absence, the more she realizes she must go to this other world to find him. And Alexander is the only one who knows how to get there. Amidst a world of diabolical creatures, ancient magic, and bizarrely intuitive vegetation, Daria must find her father before the dark force finds her. But the truth of who she really is could be her greatest enemy of all. [First Edition published February 2, 2015] Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and the Lunar Chronicles. The Complete Pandoran Series Includes: Gaia's Secret The Keeper's Flame Breath of Dragons Heir of Pendel


F. Gardner - 2021
    Little does he know that the journey he’s about to embark on will bring him to a mystery. A mystery, which many men have sought the answers to. This amnesiac is about to discover the truth of life’s greatest mysteries, and so are you.

The Haunting of Hardlocke House

Amy Cross - 2020

The Forgotten (The MacKinnon Legacy #2)

J.A. Templeton - 2015
    Before she can enjoy her freshman year, she's targeted by the spirit of Jaime, a girl who had gone missing months before. Jaime needed Madison's help to find her killer, but now that her body’s been found, she’s MIA. The same can’t be said for the malevolent spirits who want Madison to steer clear of the killer and his victims. Despite the danger she is in, Jaime’s brother, Haven continues to push Madison to find the killer. He won't stop until he gets justice for his sister. Madison’s hometown crush, Shane insists she forget about Jaime and the killer and get on with her life, but that's hard to do when no one will leave her alone. Torn between the two handsome men and her conscience that is telling her to find the killer, Madison has to make a decision—ignore the psychic visions and clues or keep digging for answers and become the killer’s next victim. The Forgotten is the final book in The MacKinnon Legacy series and is intended for readers over 17.

Two Weeks: A True Haunting (True Hauntings Book 3)

Rebecca Patrick-Howard - 2015
    With plenty of bedrooms for everyone, a big yard, and the best climbing tree they’d ever seen, she and her sisters couldn’t wait to get moved in. It didn’t take long for the house to reveal its secrets. In this spooky tale of a real life haunting, an entire family was targeted as something evil lurked between the walls and threatened to tear them apart. In the two weeks the family lived in the haunted house they battled physical attacks from unseen assailants, spiritual attacks on their articles of devotion throughout the house, and even demonic possession. And then, of course, there was the thing in the basement-the thing that nobody wanted to talk about. Was the house reliving its torrid past or are some houses just born evil? Laura's family was about to find out in the worst way! In this incredible true ghost story of a family living a horrible nightmare in central Kentucky, if you weren’t a believer in the paranormal before, you might just change your mind. (TWO WEEKS is, indeed, a true account of a haunting that took place in the late 1980s.)