Dead to Writes

Cathy Wiley - 2010
    She enjoys glowing reviews, praise from friends and family, and all the excitement that comes from being published. But her celebration is cut short when she becomes the primary suspect for a real life murder. One of the sources she used while writing her novels has been shot, and Cassie is the last to have seen him alive. With her passion for research, she always wanted a firsthand view of the Baltimore City Police Department's inner workings. She never dreamed she'd get that experience by being taken in for questioning as a suspect. When another of her experts is murdered a few days later, she decides it s time to investigate matters firsthand, much to the displeasure of James Whittaker, the homicide detective assigned to the case. Before more friends die... or before Cassie herself is targeted.

Comeback Girl: part 2 of 6

Stephanie Bond - 2018
    In her attempts to clear her childhood home, she uncovers information about the disappearance of her best friend when they were in high school. A small town family drama of humor, dysfunction, and mystery!This COMEBACK GIRL, Part 2 novella is a month's worth of daily segments: AUGUSTThe Part 1 novella is JULY, Part 2 is AUGUST, Part 3 is SEPTEMBER, Part 4 is OCTOBER, Part 5 is NOVEMBER, part 6 is DECEMBER.(In total there are 6 parts to COMEBACK GIRL.) Don't miss out on this intriguing story everyone will be talking about!

Ghost Image

Joshua Gilder - 2002
    Once he gets there, what he finds is worse than his most hellish imaginings: a young woman, beaten and burned almost beyond recognition, a trauma case as terrible as any he has ever seen. What Jackson's colleagues don't know is that the victim, Allie, is actually his lover. With Allie in a coma, Jackson keeps their relationship quiet and takes part in her reconstruction, a complicated and grueling set of procedures that only the most skilled specialists can perform. But as he and the other doctors struggle to put her back together, the fractures in Jackson's own life begin to break apart dramatically. When the San Francisco Police Department's investigation of the attack leads to his door, Jackson knows the truth can no longer be suppressed."Ghost Image" is an expertly plotted, chillingly vivid, and wholly absorbing mystery, signaling the debut of an unforgettable new voice in the genre. Taking readers inside the operating room and literally under the skin of its patients, it's a story that will appeal to those fascinated by medicine and forensics. It is also a story -- like all classic crime novels -- about guilt and innocence, good and evil. But, above all, it is a story of love -- the kind of love that might prove deadly, or that might just save your soul.

Mystic Falls

Vickie McKeehan - 2017
    While trying to come to terms with the loss of her Gram, disturbing things begin to happen. Women are disappearing. Just when she begins to realize Coyote Wells has changed—and not for the better—she’s forced to bump heads with Lando Bonner, her ex, a man who still carries around a grudge. But since she’s digging for answers trying to explain exactly how her grandmother died, she needs his help. It won’t be easy. Lando has never forgiven her for leaving him. Tensions flair between the two as a killer grips the town in fear. Is it kill or be killed? Who will the killer target next? And when will it all end?


Amy Saunders - 2012
    Even worse, Belinda must return to the events surrounding a tragic sailing accident to set things right.But new possibilities emerge in the form of security expert Bennett Tate. Between her connections and his know-how, they're bound to catch the killer - and kick the skeletons out of the closet for good.

Lily's Homecoming Under Fire

Anna Celeste Burke - 2019
     When Lily Callahan returns home to California’s wine country, sparks fly amid a hail of bullets as she and U.S. Marshall Austin Jennings take cover. Money, fame, and love all come into play as motives when Lily and Austin try to find out who sent hired guns to kill Lily. The trouble begins soon after her beloved Aunt Lettie dies and leaves her estate to Lily—is it about the money? Or, is life imitating art? Lily’s trouble-making character in a long-running TV soap was recently killed by a paid hitman. Is a crazed fan trying to end Lily’s life as well as her acting career? Did her agent borrow a page from the script after Lily dismissed him? Lily’s surprised to find an old flame waiting for her when she returns home. Has he reached the point that if he can’t have her, nobody can? If it’s about an old love that’s become dangerous, the new one that propels Lily and Austin into each other’s arms won’t help. Life in small-town California wine country is a tangled vine of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Grab your copy of the first book in the Calla Lily Mystery Series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke to find out what happens to Lily and Austin.

Mermaids of Bodega Bay (Terrence Reid Mystery Series)

Mary Birk - 2014
     Anne, a talented historic garden designer, doesn’t know whether to bless or curse the luck that had her husband show up on her doorstep just as disaster strikes the Grainger Art Colony. Moving on after he left her was hard, but she’d done it with Andrew Grainger’s help. When Anne and her lover become the FBI’s chief suspects, Reid, compelled to exonerate the woman he still loves, steps in to investigate—and in the process, uncovers a shocking web of deceit and danger.

Falling Uphill

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga - 2011
    A bright, but slightly absent-minded anthropology teacher at a small Michigan college, Candace is all set to leave for Los Angeles to conduct research on 1960s TV star Pamela Parrish—America’s Sitcom Sweetheart—for her Master’s thesis on television and female gender roles. But after discovering that Ruth Fenton is a long lost relative, she’s first off to San Francisco for her memorial service where she meets a crazy(?) old lady who claims Pamela Parrish didn’t commit suicide like everybody says—she was murdered. Now Candace has to get to the bottom of it, all while fighting the nagging feeling that her long-time professor boyfriend back home is getting a little too close to one of his students, and at the same time wondering if new-found friend Brandon, a newspaper reporter and budding painter who lives on a hidden stairway street in the hills of San Francisco, is really the guy for her. It’s a funny, but moving, uphill climb for Candace who finds that things are rarely what they seem in the ups and downs of love or in discovering a surprising secret about her not-so-perfect mother, or unearthing the truth behind the death of America’s Sitcom Sweetheart.

Sweet Deal Sealed

Judith A. Barrett - 2020
    She moves to her hometown in southern Georgia and buys a charming, old-fashioned donut shop, complete with the owner's dog, cat, and secret recipes. Karen O’Brien begins her new life as the Donut Lady.Karen's struggles to solve the prison murder and adapt to civilian life become even more complicated when a neglected boy suddenly disappears from his sketchy living conditions. While the Donut Lady searches for the missing boy and pursues clues to solve the prison murder, the killer stalks her.The Second Edition of BOOK 1 of SWEET DEAL SEALED, DONUT MYSTERY SERIES includes all of the FIRST EDITION story PLUS murders to solve and a killer to stop. Right up Donut Lady's alley!

Beaches and Bodies

Nic Roberts - 2017
    The small village of Westford is quiet, quaint and picturesque and the locals seem to all know each other. Part of her craves the busy life she left behind, because just how interesting can a sleepy coastal community get? She’s about to learn the hard way… The body of a young woman washes up on the beach by her B&B, and suddenly she’s thrust into the middle of a murder investigation. Who was she? How did she come to be out there alone? And most importantly, who killed her? With the rekindled friendships of Fran and Lewis and a suitably handsome detective to pull information from (and keep her distracted!), she’s determined to get answers… Even if the killer might be closer to home than one might think. Beaches and Bodies is Book One to the Westford Bay B&B Cozy Mystery Series. Ally and her wonderful group of friends live in the United Kingdom, so please note that this book contains British terminology and British spellings.

Dead Men Don't Chew Gum: Martin and Owen Funny Romantic Mysteries #1

Nina Cordoba - 2016
     With her job, apartment, and boyfriend in New York suddenly gone, Rika Martín decides she’ll visit friends down at South Padre Island, Texas before returning to L.A. to face her family. But after she takes a short cut onto a desolate Texas highway at night and is run off the road by a pickup truck, Rika can’t wait another minute to heed nature’s call… and trips over a zombie! Wait. Not a zombie. Just a dead guy, and when she reports the body, shady Sheriff Strickland arrests her for the murder. Nick Owen realizes it was a bad idea to return to his hometown of Bolo, Texas to lick his wounds. Now, all he wants is move away again. The only good things that have come from his time here are his two resolutions: 1. No more rescuing damsels in distress. 2. No more murder trials. Not after what happened last time. But when he stops by the courthouse to pick up his friend Gabe—a.k.a. Judge Martinez—for a round of golf, he’s forced to act as attorney for a very attractive female murder suspect. Even worse, this “Paprika Anise Martín”—if you can believe that—seems more determined to solve the murder case than to defend herself against it in court. With devil worshipers reported in the area and at least one shooter determined to take Rika out, can Nick and Rika resolve this case before the murderer gets rid of her for good? *Dead Men Don't Chew Gum is book 1 of Nina Cordoba’s funny romantic mystery series. Book 2: Dead Men Don't Eat Quiche. Book 3: Dead Men Don't Flip. For notifications of future releases, go to CONTACT page.

A Plain Death / A Plain Scandal / A Plain Disappearance

Amanda Flower - 2014
     The series begins with the Amish mystery novel A Plain Death. After moving to Amish country, new resident and computer whiz Chloe Humphrey must take on the role of detective when she is involved in an accident that is soon after labeled as murder by local police. With God’s help, Chloe and the victim’s brother, a handsome Amish carpenter, must solve the mystery that is rocking this small Amish town. USA Today and New York Times best-selling author Shelley Shepard Gray reported she read the first book in this series “in one sitting” and could not wait to read the next! The second installment in the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series is the novel A Plain Scandal. Soon after the dust has settled on the “accident thought to be murder” in the first book, we take another thrill-ride with Chloe Humphrey as she attempts to discover who is murdering the Amish and cutting off their hair and beards in Appleseed Creek. Chloe knows from before that finding the murderer and restoring peace to Appleseed Creek is as much her responsibility as anyone else’s in town and she is determined to do so. It is Christmas time in Amish country, and once again we meet Chloe Humphrey in the final installment of the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series entitled A Plain Disappearance. Chloe has begun to settle in to her life in Appleseed Creek, and is excited to see where her new relationship with Timothy Troyer will lead. Unfortunately, it leads to another murder mystery when the couple discovers the body of Amish teenager Katie Lambright while on their first date. Timothy’s best friend Billy Thorpe is implicated in the crime, and it is discovered he has been living in Amish country for the past ten years under a stolen alias. Now, Chloe and Timothy must find Billy, and either bring him to justice or prove his innocence.

Brewing Up Murder

Neila Young - 2017
    When her barista is found strangled in a mound of coffee beans, Blake vows to find the killer, even though her sister, the town’s lead police detective, tells her to stay out of it.Blake finds plenty of suspects, like the owners of a rival coffee shop and the handsome new bookstore owner. But when new threats are made, she soon realizes the danger is centered around Mystery Cup and someone is targeting her personally.Will Blake be able to solve the murder, find a new barista, and perfect her recipe for espresso brownies before she becomes the next victim?

Rescuing Reeve

Amy Waeschle - 2018
    A deadly search. When the tables are turned, who will survive?A year after her fiancé’s tragic death, geologist Cassidy Kincaid is finishing up a season of field work on Costa Rica's most dangerous volcano when a call from an estranged family member turns her world upside-down. Her stepbrother, Reeve, has gone missing in the nearby surf town of Tamarindo.Believing the victory of finding him might heal their broken past and make her strong again, Cassidy sets off to find him.However, as the mystery draws her deeper into the darkest corners of paradise, Cassidy discovers a shocking truth about the stepbrother she never understood. Can she unlock his terrifying secret in time to save herself, or will the forces working against her bring her down first? If you like the suspense of Kendra Elliot and the plot twists of Willow Rose, then you’ll love this suspenseful mystery.Download Rescuing Reeve today!

The Crossroads Duet

Rachel Blaufeld - 2017
     Redemption Lane Sometimes the past bleeds into the future. Bess, a wild party girl running from herself, literally falls victim to her demons when she collapses in the most unexpected of places. Lane, a tightly wound, up-and-coming CEO who can’t seem to stop enabling his brother, doesn’t know what hit him when Bess falls at his feet and into his life. It was a night she doesn’t remember, and one he can’t forget. But rather than stay and help the needy college coed, Lane decides to teach his brother a long overdue lesson––a decision that later comes back to haunt him and only adds fury to the transgressions of his past he is already fleeing from. Years later, Bess and Lane meet again. She doesn’t know him, and he doesn’t share that he knows what happened on that ill-fated night when she almost died. After all, he has a web of complicated lies from his own youth to protect. Both are seeking salvation in the arms of others and ignoring the truth—that the only road to redemption lies in confronting your past. When the past and present collide, is there any chance at redemption? Absolution Road For Jake Wrigley, the future is bleak. Some people are survivors, but he’s getting by on his bad-boy looks and charming smile. He owns a gym, gets into bar fights, and wrestles his demons with rough workouts—both in and out of the bedroom. For Alyson Road, the future is bright. Life can only improve from where she grew up. She graduated at the top of her law class, cares for her ailing mom, and in her job, she defends those who can’t afford anyone else. Her work is thankless but honest. Jake’s twin brother has been covering his ass for as long as they’ve been alive, but that all changes when Jake finds himself in front of the fiery public defender, his future in her hands. For the first time ever, he doesn’t want to involve his brother, finally realizing he needs to stand alone, be his own man. Even if Jake’s never absolved of his past wrongdoings or his heart is never scrubbed of the blackness that resides there, he can do one good deed—protect the beautiful lawyer who touched his soul—until helping her nearly becomes his own undoing.