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The Pearl of Gladstone by Barbara Russell


A Lady's Touch of Sin

Lucy Langton - 2020
    What awaits her is her Aunt Margaret, a tittering woman with an earnest responsibility to find Marta a match, against her wishes. While the blue-eyed beauty desperately tries to escape from her future misery, a very dashing man shows up in her life, but, to her misfortune, he is not the one her Aunt has chosen for her. But when her Aunt insists so much on a particular engagement with a Duke, should she just give up to the tantalizing stranger she just met or should she fight to satisfy the burning passion she holds for him?Baldwin Terrence is a successful businessman and the future heir to his ducal estate. When his best friend's cousin comes unexpectedly to visit, he finds himself surprisingly stricken by her stunning eyes, and the connection between them is electrifying. Her beauty is irresistible and tests his willpower at every turn. She's everything Baldwin is not: a spitfire, compassionate, apt to dream and gossip and live loudly and grandly. Of course, she catches the eye of nearly every important member of society, including the dastardly Duke, Lewis Remington. The only thing he knows is that he is determined to possess her, at any cost. Will he convince her that the haven she's longed for all her life may be lying in his arms?Thus begins a tale of lust and heartache, full of passionate moments. But soon their burning promises are all they have left. Caught between her past and her future, Marta must decide whether she's willing to let go of the life she knew for a love she never thought she would find. But in the end, is the choice actually hers to make? Torn between her Aunt's will and what she desires, she has to choose between the man who sets her heart on fire and the one she despises. But can this undeniable desire between them really be buried? Will their love prove strong enough to shatter every obstacle in their way?

Highlander's Daring Escape

Alisa Adams - 2019
    She wants to marry out of love or not at all.Bryan is the last decedent of what used to be a noble family. With his former glory forgotten, he is now a wanderer looking for a fresh start.Fate introduces them when Catherine finds Bryan wounded and exhausted and helps him.Little does she know that Bryan has just stopped her powerful uncle from raping a young girl!Now her uncle has a scarred face and insatiable rage to hunt down Bryan and take his head!When Catherine learns who is chasing Bryan, she has to pick who to trust. Her uncle or the stranger she can't forget?Unbeknownst to her, it's not only Bryan's life at stake."Highlander's Daring Escape" is a story of romance, betrayal, and redemption, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

Bronx (Steel Horse MC #1)

Blair Grey - 2020
    He doesn’t have time for a woman in his life, but that doesn’t stop Skylar for barging in and needing him. Bronx can’t let her go once he knows she needs his protection. She’s not at all what he thought he wanted or needed, but she broke down all his walls and buried herself in his heart. Skylar just lost her mom and moved back home. She’d left a bad relationship in her last town and she swore she wanted to find herself again. She’d become timid and shy and she wasn’t a fan of this new version of herself. When she finds herself in trouble she goes to Bronx, a man she’d only met a few times, but knew could keep her safe. She’s not supposed to fall for him, but how can she stop it when he’s just so good?

Highlander's Forbidden Lass

Fiona Faris - 2019
    From hunting in the woods to killing enemies, she was the pride of her father, but the pain of her mother. When she is sent to France to find a suitable match, Madeleine attracts the eye of the most desirable bachelor. James II of Crussol is the ideal man for every woman, but he is not the one that wakes up her passion... Fyn Stewart never imagined that in a court filled with French roses he would find a Scottish thistle. From the first moment, Madeleine steals his heart, haunts his dreams and fuels his desires. But the road to everlasting love is long and there are many secrets that the dashing Fyn must find the courage to reveal. Like his true name...

The Scandalous Secret of the Tempting Duchess

Scarlett Osborne - 2019
     With no prospects on the horizon, she has devoted herself to her family’s happiness instead of her own. But even though deemed utterly unmarriageable, her life changes when she meets the most unattainable gentleman in town. Timothy Wilson, Duke of Brentminster, is every lady’s dream. Betrothed to a lady he doesn't love and trapped in a life he hasn’t chosen, he finally finds happiness in the eyes of the town’s most gossiped-about spinster. Craving to court her, he is willing to give up everything for her. Until he accidentally unveils her well-kept that isn't just hers and can destroy the person she loves the most. When the father of her child suddenly shows up, Matilda must make a choice: sacrifice her family or forever crave a man she can’t have.

A Night With a Ravishing Governess

Henrietta Harding - 2020
    Eager to change her circumstances, she decides to depart for Buckinghamshire to take upon a governess position, but a great surprise awaits her; trying to escape from her cruel and deviant lover, Aaron Barlow, she will end up into another man's arms. Graham will steal her heart from the very first moment. When their sizzling passion becomes undeniable, will the fiery Bridget manage to find true love?Being the eldest son of the Duke of Huntington, Graham is the sort of man who never bothered himself with frivolous courting. When he meets the new governess of their family, he's faced with something powerful, life-altering; emotions he could never have foreseen. The whip-smart and bright-eyed Bridget immediately steals his heart, but this union is something the Duke would never approve of. Will Graham be able to prove that their love is meant to be?When the Duke's priceless heirloom is ripped from his study during a ball, it's obvious to everyone that Bridget is the thief. Now, she must prove her innocence both to Graham and the Duke himself. Their journey to discover the true thief will slowly lead them to a burning affair that will tear their worlds apart. Will they let each other close enough to fight together for their love? Will they survive to meet the passionate future they could have together?

The Duke's Daughters Series

Rose Pearson - 2018
    A scheming cousin, blackmail and family responsibilities push Amelia into a spiral of confusion and a sense of betrayal. When all is finally revealed, she must decide what to do with the man who holds her heart – and choose whether love can forget the sins and mistakes of the past. My Restless Earl - Jessica, a free spirited woman, who doesn't want to marry and prefers to continue with her life at her father's country estate. But George, a military man, catches her eye, and love starts to creep into their hearts. A dastardly betrayal put her life in danger. Can she and George manage to save her and find true love? Rescued by an Earl - Jacintha is a beautiful woman who prefers to to sit out from the dances and watch other people. She knows she must marry but she still remembers the close friendship she had with her childhood friend, Harry. But Harry is a rake and thus she allows Lord Slate to court her. Can Harry reform in time to save her from a disastrous marriage or worse? In the Arms of an Earl - The youngest daughter, Harmonia, is sweet and sensible. She thought she would take care of her father as he grew old but he insists she must marry as well! Perhaps she will marry her distant cousin, Luke? When she meets blue-eye Phillip, a newly-instated earl, she falls for him quickly. But is Phillip a gentleman or a rake? What about her father's wish for her to marry Luke? Harmonia can't avoid a tricky path to a love-filled future, just like her sisters! The Reluctant Marquess - Marquess Hugh Seaworth is far too busy enjoying himself in London to think about matrimony. The future duke is quite put out by his father's request to sponsor the daughter of an old friend, Miss Molly Newton, for a London season and help her find a husband. The more he becomes involved with Miss Newton, the more he discovers that it is not only his mind that is caught up with her – it is his heart. Miss Newton, however, shows no inclination towards him and, when one of her suitors proposes, Hugh finds himself caught between his duty and his heart. Which one will win out in the end? Other books by Rose Pearson: A Smithfield Market Regency Romance Series A Rogue's Flower Saved by the Scoundrel Mending the Duke A Baron's Malady

Second Time Around

Kelli Walker - 2021
    I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. The way he left. The way he broke my heart when we were still teenagers. It’s still surreal to think about.Surreal… and pathetic. I still wear the bracelet he gifted me. Still miss his gentle touch. And the look in his eyes that said he loved me. But a lot has changed since we broke up. Ryan is a billionaire. He has women swooning over him. There’s no reason for me to think that he feels the same way about me. Seeing him back in town is going to be hard. Keeping my distance from him… even harder. Mending my heart was never easy. And doing it a second time around will be near impossible?Read as part of this series or as a stand-alone book. No Cliffhangers and a HEA!

Capturing a Nobleman's Heart

Abigail Agar - 2020
    Determined that she will find a husband of noble birth and outstanding character, she is met with surprises when it turns out that the culture around her is not what she expected at all... Will she manage to capture the heart of the man who stole hers? Or will the criticizing ton make sure she never calls England home?Sir Samuel Moore is a man who loves worldly fun and has no desire to settle himself. But when his father has had enough of the games, Samuel finds himself with a demanding deadline to make a match. When his time is running out, a young lady with American origins will appear out of nowhere into his life and will turn his world upside down. But will he succeed in going against all odds, winning her interest and, eventually, her love?As the gossip and pride of society collide, Destiny and Samuel find themselves wondering how they could possibly find happiness. Will they find a way to lean on one another when they need it the most? Will their love overcome the unexpected hurdles on their way?

Howl Of The Rejected: Sunderverse

Ingrid Seymour - 2021
    They taught me the shifters’ savagery and how to destroy them.But everything changes when I’m pulled into a life among the packs, my sworn enemies.They think I’m the alpha for their powerful triad—a group of three wild werewolves with iridescent stares and indomitable hearts, one of which thinks I’m his fated mate.But I care nothing about triads and their brutal ways, and I definitely don’t care about the possessive shifter that tells me I’m his at every turn.No matter how sexy he is, I will never be his. My only hope is to escape, and neither their guards, spells, nor my twisted fate will get in the way of my escape.*Author Note: This book is not RH

Accidentally Wifed to the Sheikh: An Accidental Marriage Romance

Sophia Lynn - 2019
    She would be my sheikhess; she just didn’t know it yet. Pressure.That was all I felt.Duty to my country.To my peopleTo my borders.They were my priorities.Well, and taking a wife to sustain the sheikh succession.It was by obligation that I succumbed to my advisors.But it was by choice that I chose her.Natalie Fielding.Her innocence had been too enticing.Straight-laced.A good girl.With long black hair,C@#k twitching green eyes,And curves that a man would never tire of… Hmm, what devil could resist such an angel. To my surprise, she went with the engagement –Said she thought it was time to “take a walk on the wild side.”My delicate American flower bloomed for me,Over and over again.Until our temporary “whirlwind romance” hit the rails.A pregnancy.Unplanned.But what Nat doesn’t realize now is that blood to a sheikh is sacred.She will bear my child.She will remain my sheikhess.There will be no further negotiations… Note: Accidentally Wifed to the Sheikh is a steamy romance between a powerful Sheikh and the innocent American who finds herself engaged to him.

One Last Time: A Billionaire Romance (The Ironwood Billionaire Series Book 4)

Ellie Danes - 2018
    The place I had dreamed of building a life, until it all fell apart. Too many bad dates to count. A broken engagement. A job I don’t love.And how do I celebrate? Being stood up by a blind date. And then he showed up. The hot stranger that rescued my night. I’d take his pity, and so much more. Declan Erikson is all that’s on my mind, but everything I don’t need. Tall, dark, handsome and rich with a heart of gold. I thought I had made up my mind, But I’m finding it growing harder to make the right decision. Especially, when he’s promised to give it all to me. One Last Time is a standalone billionaire romance and is Book 4 of The Ironwood Billionaire Series.

Till the Sun Shines Through

Anne Bennett - 2004
    She can’t bear to let down her beloved parents – until a horrible act of violence gives her no option but to run away. She turns to the one person she can trust – big sister Mary, now settled with a family of her own in Birmingham.Life here couldn’t be more different, but slowly Bridie comes to see the good side of a busy city, and begins to regain her confidence. But fate has more trouble in store, as World War Two looms, threatening everything she’s fought so hard to win.

Once Upon a Dreamy Match

Bridget Barton - 2020
    On the bright side, she is more than lucky to have her childhood friend by her side in this endeavour, as he is willing to help her find a worthy woman for her beloved father. To make matters more complicated, her life will soon take an unexpected turn, when she finds herself inexplicably in love with her best friend. However, as Daphne is a mere merchant's daughter, without any dowry, her union with the charming gentleman looks like an elusive dream. Will Daphne accept her miserable fate, or will she find the courage to reveal what lies deeper in her heart?Lord Benedict Gildon has always been a responsible man, looking after his large estate in Essex and caring about each and every person around him. When his best friend seeks for his guidance, he agrees to help her without a second thought. In the meantime, the new Season is upon them and Benedict travels to London with her, in hope of finding respectable partners. Little did he know though that he would soon realise that the woman he had always been looking for, has been standing right next to him all this time. What sacrifices will Benedict need to make to claim Daphne, the only woman who can bring sunshine into his life? Will he be ready to come in clash even with his own bumptious mother for the sake of true love?As destiny makes Daphne and Benedict grow closer with each passing day, unexpected scandals and major obstacles will threaten to tear them apart forever. However, their love is undeniably powerful, and in the face of a loveless future, they must risk it all and listen to the truth of their hearts. In the end, will Daphne and Benedict manage to see through the threatening fog and reach the clarity of their love? Or will their fairytale ending burst into flames due to their poor decisions?"Once Upon a Dreamy Match" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Marquess and the Wallflower

Tiffany Baton - 2022
    Lady Emily, however, fears she will be the first to break both of these traditions. Very insecure in her appearance, and with the only man she is interested in not looking to get married, this season might prove to be nothing short of disastrous...Lord Aaron’s idea of family and love shattered completely the day his betrothed chose his own brother over him. He is certain he will never love again. Until he crosses paths with an insecure wallflower, and finds himself drawn to her. Too bad that their newfound happiness is hanging by a thread, and sabotage is just a breath away…*If you like powerful Dukes, loving Duchesses and a marvelous depiction of the majestic Regency and Victorian era, then The Marquess and the Wallflower is the novel for you.This is Tiffany Baton's 14th novel, a historical Regency romance of 60,000 words (around 00 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.Grab "The Marquess and the Wallflower" today to discover Tiffany's fantastic story!