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Isabella by Danni Roan


Black Diamonds: One woman's brave heart (Seasons of Change Book 1)

Lynette Rees - 2015
     A tale of passion and compassion and most of all, one woman's brave heart. Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, 1865. When Lily Jenkin begins her first day working for the Morgans at their corner shop in the little village of Abercanaid, she has no idea of the calamity that lies ahead of that fateful day. It is a day of tragedy at the Gethin Coal Pit that brings her into contact with the new handsome, chapel minister, Evan Davies, for the first time. Although a dark cloud of death passes over the village, Lily and Evan draw close to one another as they help the villagers deal with the tragedy, forming a bond which could lead to love. However, there is a gossiping old crone in the village who will do her best to cause trouble for the pair by hook or by crook. Lily has the opportunity to escape the valley of the shadow of death to make a new home for herself in Great Salt Lake, America. Will she take the chance to go to ‘Zion’, following her Mormon relatives, and more importantly, will Evan, a Welsh Baptist minister, go with her? The Seasons of Change Series: 1. Black Diamonds 2. White Roses 3. Blue Skies 4. Red Poppies

Doctor Rose and the Outlaw

R.O. Lane - 2020
    She sets up her medical practice there. One night she's called out to help a gang of outlaws that have been shot to pieces while trying to rustle cattle. One of the outlaws is a young man that she develops feelings for, but he's in and out of her life for months on end. The outlaw attempts to change his life and go straight. It's a challenge that Rose encourages. It's the tale of two people who grow to care deeply for each other, and when Rose is kidnapped, the outlaw, now her husband, rides out to save her. Another novel of the Old West from the pen of R. O. Lane.

Finding Allie

Delaney Cameron - 2015
    A gently-bred female doesn’t offer herself to a stranger. If she does, she must be willing to accept the consequences. But what if among those consequences is one she hadn’t expected? Nicholas Ashton knows all too well what awaits him at Waverton: marriage and the inevitable heir. He is only too happy to delay his arrival by accepting an invitation from an old friend to spend a few weeks at Groome Hall. When he is thrown (literally) into Allie’s path, he begins to suspect his hitherto calm, orderly life may never be the same. Allie and Nicholas might be determined to forget their very unorthodox first meeting, but fate has other ideas. And when has fighting fate ever been easy?


Carly Keene - 2020
    And when my ancient Toyota bites the dust in the grocery store parking lot, I know I’ll be stuck with a big repair bill as well.It’s enough to make a girl break down in tears.Until the Hot Mechanic shows up.Tucker:It’s taking me months to get my car-repair service back up and out of the red, after my former partner stole from the business and left it near bankruptcy. I do all the jobs I can, because every dollar counts. I’m careful not to trust anybody the way I trusted my partner and ex-friend.And then, on a grocery run, I see the girl. She’s standing next to a clearly non-functional vehicle, sobbing her heart out, but when she realizes she isn’t alone, it almost breaks my heart to see her try to stop crying.I want to fix her car.I want to fix her life.And maybe she can help me fix mine.

Immigrant Bride

Jean Dunstan - 2021
    Devastated, Sophia, a naïve farm girl, is forced to marry a young man named Domenic and leave for the United States. As part of a large Italian exodus heading to the United States looking for a better life, Sophia must adjust to being in a strange country and build a life as a young immigrant bride in New York City. Can Sophia overcome her fears and learn to build a life for herself and the ones she loves when fate steps in and steals her happiness away once more? And will she be strong enough to move forward when destiny hands her a new adventure?

Overweight Mail Order Bride For A Half-Blind Cowboy

Terri Grace - 2015
    Spurned for her size, and broken hearted as she stands by and watches all of her peers married off, Mindy is led by God to respond to an advert to become a Mail Order Bride to a mystery man on the wilds of the Western Frontier. It’s 1871 and the Frontier is as wild, and as lonely, as ever. Mindy Silvers is a gutsy and beautiful young lady, who dares to believe God and respond to a call into the unknown as a Mail Order Bride. But her journey to Horatio Attwood’s homestead will not be an easy one. She failed to mention her size to her husband-to-be, and Mindy must overcome insurmountable odds, both inwardly and outwardly, to win her prize. And Mindy is not the only with a secret. Horatio too must overcome his own doubt and shame before he can embrace his destiny, and is bride. ‘Overweight Mail Order Bride For A Half-Blind Cowboy’ is a sweet, clean, historical Mail Order Bride tale of one gutsy woman’s journey to love and happiness. In this heart warming 'Destined For Love' series, strong and courageous Mail Order Brides overcome deep personal challenges to find lasting love with faithful men on the Western Frontier. Visit all the books in the series! Overweight Mail Order Bride For A Half-Blind Cowboy Crippled Mail Order Bride For A Faithful Frontier Cowboy (COMING SOON – JULY 2015) Burned But Beautiful Mail Order Bride For A Pioneer Doctor (COMING SOON – JULY 2015)

Taking the High Road Box Set 2-10

Morris Fenris - 2018
     Do you love books that touch your heart? Then you will love this intriguing love story collection with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. These stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love will warm your heart and your soul. If you enjoy heartwarming Western romance with a focus on action, suspense and plot twists, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris. Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab this Box Set!

Lady Catherine & the Black Sheep Duke

Charity McColl - 2017
     Kate decides to become a governess and she and her sisters are delighted when she is hired by the Duke of Chelmsford, who agrees to let the Sawyer sisters live on the estate. But the Duke has his own motives for his decision. When he tries to force himself upon her younger sister, Kate threatens to kill him. Two days later, the Duke is dead and his grandmother wants a quick trial and hanging, with Catherine on the end of the rope. But the new Duke, Marcus Creighton, the black sheep of the family, is unconvinced that the lovely, gentle governess is a murderess and he’s determined to solve the murder and save Catherine from the gallows. As he delves deeper into past family secrets, his efforts to save the woman he has fallen in love with puts his own life in danger.

The Sheriff Who Stole Her Aching Heart

Lorelei Brogan - 2019
    Since she lost her mother, she had to struggle to keep her life together, depending only on herself. With her younger siblings under her responsibility and a father almost absent, she has given up on the idea of marriage. When the saloon her father owns gets attacked by a notorious criminal gang, she is taken as a hostage and has to find a way to escape. But this would be just the beginning... Will she be able to break free from all the hazards and keep the ones she loves safe?Ever since Carson lost everyone he ever cared for, he has set up a new mission: to protect the town. As the new sheriff in town, brave and strong-willed, he believes he can make it. But as soon as his childhood friend gets abducted, his dream collapses and his heart shivers once again. Knowing it's up to him to save her, he will have to act calmly and quickly so as nobody gets hurt. But will he be in time?When the situation is about to get harder and harder and more than one people will be in danger, Alina and Carson will have a chance to rekindle their friendship. But will it be enough to help them survive and keep the ones they care for alive?

Married for Convenience Only (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas)

Susannah Calloway - 2020
    He walls off his heart, placing his attention solely on his cotton crops and raising his two young children. He counts heavily on his sister’s help, not only with running the home, but in caring for his traumatized children—particularly his son who hasn’t spoken since his mother’s death. When Quincy’s sister announces her betrothal and imminent move across the country, Quincy is frantic. How can he survive without Helena’s help? But Helena has an idea. She sends for a Mail Order Bride for him. At first angry, Quincy finally agrees to a marriage of convenience. But Alma Fairman has different ideas. She wants romance, a beau who loves her, and a real marriage. So when she gets to Arkansas, she is devastated. Quincy’s two beautiful children are her only consolation. When she succeeds in getting Quincy’s son to talk, she prays that this might become the catalyst that sparks affection between herself and Quincy. But she is completely unprepared for his reaction. And then tragedy strikes. It seems like Alma will never find the love she desires. Nor will Quincy—unless he’s courageous enough to open up his heart one last time.

Loren's Hope

Jean L. Kuhnke - 2015
    Loren is perceived as a child as thin as a rail with mud caked hair when Old Tom and his boys come across Thad Walters on their way to town. Rather than take the chance that Miss Pearl won't offer him enough money for a visit at Pearl's brothel, Old Tom decides to convince Thad to buy her. Thad knew that he would do everything in his power to get the child away from the men that had her tied behind their horse half dragging her to town. When he finally payed them enough to get four steak dinners and one roll in the hay for Old Tom, he took her to his ranch planning to take the child to the next town where she could be taken in by a good family. To his surprise, when she got all the mud off, he found her to be a beautiful woman, not a child at all.

His Wagon Train Sweetheart

Catherine Kennedy - 2020

Christmas with the Frosty Lord

Charlotte Darcy - 2017
    Can she melt the Frosty Lord Blackwood in time to enjoy her Christmas? Gabriel Blackwood enjoyed certain things but Christmas wasn’t one of them. To Rosalind he is arrogant and she will not take it even from a Dukes son. The man cannot complete one sentence without his familiar jeer and sly, smug, grin? Rosalind however, was not going to put up with such spoiled behavior, Lord or not she would put him in his place and stop him from spoiling the fun of the season. As Gabriel comes to understand his arrogance, he realized something else. Rosalind is, stubborn, headstrong, tough, and beautiful. Suddenly he knew she was just about as perfect a woman as he could wish for. If only she didn’t hate him. Can Gabriel change his attitude enough to break down Rosalind’s barriers? Or will she always be like a dog, guarding a bone? Find out now in Christmas with the Frosty Lord.

The Earl's Reluctant Bride

Karen Lynne - 2019
    She thought evil step-mothers were only in fairy tales, but she was wrong. James, the Earl of Malmesbury, convinces Susan to become his pretend betrothed to throw off an evil pursuer, but when she captures his heart, can he persuade his reluctant bride to say yes, forever? “But what about you, James?” Susan replied. “Now that my fortune has turned, we can stop this engagement. This is no longer fair to you; things have gotten out of hand.”Susan’s breath caught as he moved in closer with steel in his eyes. Before she could think, his lips came down to claim her mouth in a kiss so intoxicating, she felt it through the breadth of her body. He pulled back just as quickly, leaving her breathless…She watched in a stupor as, his retreating figure left the room…She raised her finger to her lips, his words echoing in her head. She had given him a chance to be free, but he did not take it. Escape with a Clean and Wholesome Historical Regency Romance for some seriously sweet romance with plenty of twists. Each book can be read as a stand-a-lone, always a sweet and happy ending.Clean, sweet without losing the heat romance!  Brides of Somerset:The Earl’s Reluctant Bride book oneCourting Eliza book two

Big Beautiful Bride For The Reluctant Preacher

Rosie Attwood - 2015
    Will she ever get married... In New York, big beautiful women are not sought after, except by horrible, money-grubbing men like Rodrigo Gonzalez whom Emily suspects is just after the family business.Then, Emily receives a letter in the post from her friend Katie Carson who has found love in the West. Her friend fills her head with visions of what life could be like as a mail order bride. Emily believes that she's finally found the answer to her prayers and upon arrival, captures the interest of many potential suitors despite her size. However, even though she has so many options, Emily finds herself falling for a man who does not have any interest in marriage”" Ray Benson. He believes the best way to serve God is by remaining single, so Emily resigns herself to being his friend and allowing him to counsel her in whom she should marry, if anyone.Ray is drawn to Emily, but he wants to keep his mind focused on God and building a church in town. He needs advice, so when a travelling preacher comes to Bradford Junction, he asks seeks the Godly man out. However, the advice that he gives Ray shocks the young man. Emily struggles with who to marry and Ray wrestles with his vision of the future. When he finally realizes the truth, he may be too late. Can Emily break down the barrier that Ray has put in front of his heart or is it God's plan for her to remain single? Will Ray stubbornly refuse to see what is right in front of his eyes?A story of clean western romance, friendship, marriage, loyalty, and faith to God.Each installment is designed to be read in around three hours. They are great when you are waiting for someone, taking the subway to work or just have some extra time to spare anytime, anywhere.Each short story can be read as a stand alone, even though this is book #1 of the Colorado Wilderness Mail Order Brides Series. It is available for just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.Also take a look at this: Colorado Mail Order Brides SeriesBook 1 - Desperate Cowboy Seeks Mail Order Bride to Save RanchBook 2 - Desperate Cowboy Saves Mail Order Bride From DangerBook 3 - Desperate Cowboy Finds Solace With Mail Order BrideBook 4 - Desperate Cowboy Gets Second Chance With Mail Order Bride.Colorado Wildnerness Mail Order Brides SeriesBook 1 - Big Beautiful Bride For The Reluctant PreacherBook 2 - Big Beautiful Bride Takes An Insecure Husband - Coming in mid-SeptBook 3 - Coming soon in end-SeptBook 4 - Coming soon in mid-Oct