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Timeless Treasures: Stories of the Heart by Ruth A. Casie


Hot Billionaire Brothers: A Billionaire Romance Series

Ayla Long - 2019
     Are you ready for these hot billionaire brothers? Hot Billionaire Brother’s Model Hot Billionaire Brother’s Revenge Hot Billionaire Brother’s Wedding Hot Billionaire Brother’s Second Chance Hot Billionaire Brother’s Handler All have an HEA and have never been released before.

The All or Nothing Girl

Amanda Egan - 2014
    What happens when your comfortable life is suddenly denied you?When the Chanel make up’s dried up, the designer gear’s been flogged on eBay and the Persian rug has been well and truly pulled out from under you?Meet Francesca Milton-Harris as she realises that one ‘little mistake’ is going to change her life in ways she could never have imagined.The All or Nothing Girl …because sometimes you have to lose it all to see how much more you can gain.

Seven Year Itch

Lyndsey Gallagher - 2019
    The last thing she expected was to fall in love with a complete stranger at the hen weekend. Which wouldn’t be a problem apart from the teeny tiny fact that she’s already married to somebody else… Is it a case of the Seven-Year-Itch or could it be the real deal? Lucy needs to decide if she is going to leave the security of her stale marriage in order to find out if the grass is indeed greener on the other side, or whether it’s worth having one more go at watering her own garden. Could this party-loving, city girl really leave the country she loves for a farmer from the West of Ireland? Is there such a thing as fate? What about karma? Is John Kelly all that he seems?

The Spanish Letter

Kate McCabe - 2014
    The pair are the envy of the Dublin social scene and it looks as if Sandy's future is bright. But when her mother's health declines and she has to be hospitalised, Sandy discovers a letter in her mother's personal belongings, which unleashes a long-hidden family secret that forces Sandy to question everything she once took for granted.As Sandy sets out on a voyage of discovery that takes her from Dublin to the Costa del Sol in search of her true identity, nothing can prepare her for what lies in store...

Montgomery House (The Lighthearted Collection)

Katharine E. Hamilton - 2017
    Unfortunately, rumors spread of mysterious happenings haunting the property, and the only contractor willing to take on the project is Jackson Dean, the long lost nephew of her grandmother’s chief enemy. Jackson Dean moves to Georgia to reignite his family relations, but his work poses a threat to a peaceful transition. He accepts the job on Montgomery House to prove his skills as a contractor, but what he is not expecting are his feelings towards the granddaughter of Sissy Montgomery, and his personal quest to mend more than just the house. Elizabeth and Jackson must learn to work together on more than just construction, and their hearts must face more than just family prejudice. Can years of family rivalry truly be forgiven?

Don't Leave Me (Chapel Cove Romances, #13)

Alexa Verde - 2021
    She surprises herself by buying a beach house in need of repairs that reminds her of her childhood home. As an elite fitness trainer, she travels to her clients’ locations and never stays in one place for long. Can her handsome neighbor finally bring home to her heart?After a tragic loss, Jason Carrington became a hermit. But when his lovely new neighbor needs his help with repairs, he finds himself spending a lot of time with her and gradually falling for her. However, she doesn’t intend to stay—or open herself for love. Will the truth behind her secret bring them closer—or tear them apart?

The Boyfriend Type

Shae Sanders - 2020
    She's not looking for love but she wouldn't mind having a little fun.Handsome restaurateur Larenzo Black is trying to put his womanizing ways behind him and focus on business. For him, women are trouble.They're both running from their past and when they crash into each other, sparks fly. But Larenzo's best friend in the world happens to be Yasmeen's older brother, and every man knows that's a line you never cross.Theoretically...

ALPHA (14 Book Romance Box Set)

Paige North - 2017
     He was my brother's best friend, my first crush, my first first everything. And then he betrayed me. How many times have I thought about it? How many times have I relived the moment when I found out he left town without ever saying a word?  And how long has the memory of him consumed my every waking thought? Three years. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen or heard from him, the only man I ever loved.  The man I now despise. But suddenly, without warning, Landon Hill is back. And to make matters worse, he’s somehow become rich beyond imagination, and he’s opening some mega business in town and walking around like he owns everything in sight. Including me. But I’ll never be able to forgive him, even if the fire still rages between us. In the end, I know that he’s never to be trusted. He’s a filthy liar. Pump Fake by Lila Price He’s known for all the bad things he’s done since he came to Vegas.  The madam’s little black book with his name in it… The crazy late night bar fights… The trail of broken hearts he’s left in his wake… But nothing could have prepared me for actually coming face-to-face with Eli Brennan, hotshot wide receiver for my city’s professional football team. With his bulging muscles and rock-hard physique, Eli is every woman’s dirty little fantasy, but never in a million years did I think he could be my reality.  Because I’m nobody. I’ve always been the girl without a date to the school dance, the girl who had to study to get a scholarship, the one who was working instead of drinking and partying with boys… In short, I’ve always been invisible to people like Eli Brennan. But suddenly, the most notorious bachelor in Las Vegas sees me.  And when Eli propositions me to become his fake fiancé and help get him out of his latest public relations nightmare, I can’t refuse.  I just have to make sure that I don’t take this too seriously, because Eli Brennan isn’t serious about me. He isn’t serious about anything. The whole thing is crazy. But in my heart, I know that this relationship isn’t as fake as it’s supposed to be. The way Eli looks at me, the way he touches me, the way he makes me feel. In fact, it turns out that this pump fake romance might be the realest thing that’s ever happened to me… Ordered by Kaylee Quinn A standalone alpha billionaire romance with a guaranteed HEA... DARCY Bought and paid for. That’s what I am. Nothing but a plaything for billionaire Thayer Noble, picked off a website like some kind of product. He’s sexy as hell, with a clenched chiseled jaw, and the most sensual, brutal lips I've ever seen. His punishing mouth never bends into a welcoming smile but tugs into a furious frown. His indigo eyes are always blazing with fury. His heart is stone cold. When he sees me, he tries to turn me away.

All That I Want: A Queensbay Small Town Romance (The Queensbay Series Book 6)

Drea Stein - 2017
    She left Queensbay, determined to leave her past behind. Now, after a mysterious inheritance she's back in town. And she's determined to make a new home for herself. Jake Owen's never forgotten his time with Colleen. It might have been ten years ago, but no one - no woman - has ever quite measured up. But he was - and is - a small town guy. And he wasn't good enough for her then. But can he show her that small town doesn't mean small time? Will he convince her that a small town guy holds the key to her heart - and her happiness? Find out if Jake Owen can win over Colleen McShane in book 6 of Drea Stein's Queensbay series.

A Secret Visitor to Saltmarsh Quay

Ian Wilfred - 2017
    Recently life started to change for her. Why is she in England, hiding at Saltmarsh Quay, and what is her big secret? David was recently divorced from his wife, who left him for one of his best friends. He should be sad but he isn't as he has another love in his life; the five star hotel he manages in Norfolk. Saltmarsh Cliff is one of the top Hotels in Norfolk but life for the staff and the hotel is going to change forever. Or is it? One actress One hotel Two secrets

Coming Home to Merriment Bay: the complete four-part serial in one book.

Emily Harvale - 2019
    This is all four parts and forms Book 1 in the Merriment Bay series. If you have read the four-part serial, you have read this book. Cat Devon left Merriment Bay eighteen years ago with her baby daughter, Kyra. Now a letter from Cat’s estranged mum has brought them back. Cat has tried to forget her heartbreaking past and forgive her mum, Mary and her gran, Viola. But nothing seems to have changed and Mary still insists on keeping secrets. Sitting beside Viola’s hospital bed, isn’t exactly fun, so when Cat and Kyra stumble on a faded photo of an RAF pilot and a pile of unopened letters in a trunk in Viola’s room, they decide to find out who he is and what he meant to Viola. Amias Wells, who owns Bay Water Sports but also flies a vintage Spitfire for the Merriment Bay WWII Museum, is the perfect man to ask. Except Cat and Amias haven’t spoken since the accident that killed his friend and left Cat scarred, eighteen years ago. Sparks fly when they meet again. But Amias traces Bailey Mitchell, who lives thousands of miles away and is almost ninety-eight. Exchanging Christmas cards leads to revelations Cat had not expected. Then a surprise visitor means Cat’s Christmas takes a delightful turn. Now she’s facing choices she never thought she’d have to make. When distressing events end more than one person’s dream, Cat realises what – and who – she wants. As Merriment Bay prepares to toast in the New Year, can Cat finally put the past where it belongs and find the love she deserves? This is the complete book of Coming Home to Merriment Bay, which is also sold in four parts: Part One: A Reunion. Part Two: Sparks Fly. Part Three: Christmas. Part Four: Starry Skies. If you have read the four parts then you have read this book.

Mara's Move

Jean C. Gordon - 2012
    But with her job as an activity director at a North Carolina mountain resort on shaky ground and her penchant for choosing all the wrong men, Mara's not scoring high in the pursuit of either security or happiness.Alex Price is on the rebound from a broken engagement. Who would have guessed his social-climbing fiancee would drop him, a successful lawyer with his own practice--okay, a successful practice with his two overbearing older brothers--for a back-to-nature forest ranger?When these childhood adversaries meet on the "honeymoon" cruise Alex is now taking alone, they make a pact to help each other ward off unwanted attention from fellow shipmates--a pact that sends them sailing into uncharted waters.

Small-Town Affair (A Secret Baby Romance)

Lauren Wood - 2021
    I’m the one that called it off.The first woman I’ve loved in years, and now she hates me.Time didn’t make it better, only worse.Missing her became my occupation.I don’t blame her for wanting to cut me out of her life.I earned it.We had something great going.I got scared and callously broke her heart.Her gorgeous body and seductive eyesMake me jealous as everyone looks her way.I know I can’t have her, and it kills me.Mila is the woman every man wants by his side and in his bed.Sexy, kind and she is going to be a great motherTo my child that she carries, as I tossed her aside.I am no longer the idiot that called it all off.I deserve a second chance with her.I’ll make it right with her.Then she will forgive me and truly be mine.Note: Adults Only!

Rhythm Of Love

Nivedita Vedurla - 2018
    But being good means living a restricted life, and making many sacrifices in order to follow all the accepted social norms. After graduation, she moves to Mumbai and discovers a whole new life. During her struggles to find a job, she meets Siddharth, a start-up owner, who employs her as his assistant. Life is good until one mistake changes the course of her life. Can this one misunderstanding destroy all her efforts and dreams? Find out how Esha struggles to overcome the misconceptions of good and bad, and how she survives to fulfill all her dreams in Rhythm of Love.

Christmas in Cape May (Cape May Book 2)

Claudia Vance - 2020
    Though it hasn't been open to guests in years, the pair endeavor to reopen in time for the holidays. Problem is, they discover the charming old place is really a money pit full of more issues than they can handle on their own.On top of dealing with renovations, Margaret is surprised by an unexpected visit from her ex-mother-in-law. Having never gotten along, Elaine has a lot of nerve to request Margaret step in and do something about her ex-husband giving his mother the slip. Not only that, but the neighbors who own the Morning Dew Cottage next door are nothing but nasty and rude, which is a mystery to the sisters. As Margaret and Liz get to know their other neighbors, they uncover hidden secrets within the Seahorse's walls.Dave and Margaret are still going strong, but will his brash mother and big family feud over the holidays prove to be the straw that breaks Margaret's back?In Book 2 of the Cape May Series, follow Margaret and Liz's journey of reopening The Seahorse Inn while the magic of the holidays-and the B&B itself-bring together family and friends for a special Christmas to remember.This is Book 2 in the Cape May series. It is recommended to start at Book 1, The Cape May Garden.