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A Foe Beyond Reach: A Novel by Coleen S. James


Lightning Tree

Sarah G. Dunster - 2012
    But after years of harsh treatment by her foster family and memories that seem to hint at an unthinkable crime, Maggie is forced to strike out on her own to separate the facts from the lies.

Where the Heart Leads

Susan Evans McCloud - 1979
    If these can be found by a certain date, they will inherit a sizable fortune under the will. Looking for leads in America, Andrew makes an important find- he finds and falls in love with the beautiful Hannah Martin; and together they enthusiastically press the search. Meanwhile a third party discovers how he may circumvent the will's intent and divert to himself the accumulated fortune.It is against this imaginative plot that Susan McCloud has developed an exciting story of romance and roguery. Andrew and Hannah find themselves caught up in a web of mystery and intrigue that spans the Atlantic and the United States. As a mix of deception, trickery, and blossoming love sweeps the characters along, will even love itself be threatened by the rapidly unfolding events? Who is the sinister stranger, and is he really trying to kill Hannah? WIll Hannah's introduction to Mormonism force her to choose between that faith and Andrew? Against such a background the scene alternates between the Scottish Lowlands and western and midwestern America while the quest for the missing heirs is anxiously pursued in the face of what seems an impossible deadline and the relentless efforts being made to sabotage the project.This is a fast-paced novel, a fascinating romane with a solid plot and a story line that keeps the reader ever eager to get to the next page.

A Town Called Charity

Blaine M. Yorgason - 1980

Fire Weed

Terry Montague - 1992
    Living with her father, sister, and brother in a cramped apartment in Berlin, the small family shares what seems to be an unbreakable spirit of love and security. However, with the rise of the Nazi party and approaching dark clouds of war, any kind of future grows increasingly uncertain. Knowing little of hate and destruction, Lisel is ill prepared as the storms of battle erupt in full fury and loved ones are taken from her as her beautiful city is reduced to rubble. With fear and despair rising within, it is through her quiet, compassionate father that Lisel discovers faith and hope. Now, in a desperate journey to find her sister, Lisel and her neighbor flee Berlin and the advancing Russians for Frankfurt, a city under the protection of the Allies. But their flight to safety is filled with pain, hunger, and terror. However, with spiritual lessons and blessings from her father, the support of departed loved ones, and her tried but undying faith in a loving Heavenly Father, perhaps Lisel can emerge like the fireweed—rising strong and beautiful from scorched ground—transforming bitterness and despair into a charity that never faileth.

Invisible Thread

Maree Giles - 2001
    The State places her in a training school for girls. She has to deal with strict rules and gets no sympathy from the staff even though she is pregnant.


weyhey_harry - 2013
    A Harry Styles Fanfiction"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." - Christopher Poindexter

The Porter Rockwell Chronicles, Vol. 2

Richard Lloyd Dewey - 2000
    Novelist/historian Richard Lloyd Dewey portrays the family side to Porter in this series volume. Here, you live with a pioneer family and their tragedies and triumphs. You befriend the woman he loved and lost. You feel with him the sorrows and joys of life amidst the turmoil of early frontier battles against raging mobs, living the promise from Joseph that if he never cuts his hair he would never die by bullet or blade. See how he becomes Joseph Smith's bodyguard. This volume also contains the most comprehensive photo essay of historic Nauvoo ever published. Celebrate with him as he defeats his enemies and finally wins the love and respect of his children, whom he thought he'd never again see. This is a highly emotionally charged biographical novel that tells the facts and helps you understand why Porter Rockwell did what he did, as it's never before been revealed. All of this is in Vol. 2 of Richard Lloyd Dewey's mas! terpiece epic saga, The Porter Rockwell Chronicles.

The Fourth Nephite

Jeffrey S. Savage - 2010
    Football star Kaleo Steele is caught under the high school bleachers with the wrong group of friends. Even worse, he's caught by his seminary teacher, Brother Mortensen. If Kaleo gets turned in, he'll be in jeopardy of missing the regional championship game.It doesn't help that Kaleo has been cutting seminary class. But what's the point? Mumbo jumbo stories about angels and gold plates and Joseph Smith? Brother Mortensen decides Kaleo is ready for an extraordinary "field trip" — one that could alter the course of his life and his heart.Reluctantly, Kaleo meets with Ladan — a mysterious old blind man — and unknowingly begins a quest through time, landing in Palmyra, New York, in the fall of 1827.Soon, Kaleo and a nineteenth-century girl named Jennie are caught up in a battle between treasure seekers — led by Alistair Blackburn, a necromancer hired to steal the gold plates — and the young Joseph Smith, who has sworn to keep them safe.In his quest to find a key that will send him back to his own time, Kaleo will have to decide for himself what to believe and who to trust. Before it's too late.

Upon the Mountains

Gale Sears - 2007
    As America is drawn into the bitter conflict, Nephi Erickson comes to believe enlisting with the Marines is not only his duty, but also his best chance at making some much-needed money. He feels he has failed in his promise to care for his wife, Alaina, and their small daughter, Katie. As he leaves their tranquil Salt Lake City hillside home for a barren battlefield where disease can be as deadly as the enemy, Nephi has no idea that Alaina is carrying their second child — a child he may never see. With her husband half a world away, Alaina derives some solace from the fact that her younger sister, Eleanor, lives nearby. Nineteen-year-old Eleanor — the only woman studying medicine at the University of Utah — is soon immersed in researching treatments for the influenza pandemic ravaging the world, a scourge that will soon touch her life all too closely. An unforgettable historical drama of innocence lost, of memorable


Frances Mary Hendry - 1995
    But when he dies shortly after their wedding Chandra realizes that she is now the property of her husband's family who blame her for their son's death. She escapes into the desert and eventually finds her way home - but her husband's family are hot on her heels.

Joseph and Emma: A Love Story (Volume II , 2)

Marsha Newman - 2002
    Few, if any, of the most imaginative writers of love stories have or could have envisioned the experiences of this couple.

Storm Gold

Lee Nelson - 1996
     One of the last adn largest Spanish settlements was located on what is now the Ute Indian Reservation at Rock Creek. According to Ute legends, the biggest slaughter of white men by Indians didn't occur at the Little Big Horn, but at Rock Creek, where in 1840 nearly one thousand Spaniards were slaughtered by Indians, ending once and for all the era of the Spanish gold seekers. This story is about that last great battle, told through the eyes of Utah's favorite writer of historical fiction, Lee Nelson.

The Work and the Glory (Volumes 1-9)

Gerald N. Lund - 2012
    Follow the Steed family on their incredible journey from New York to the Salt Lake Valley.

Kite Spirit

Sita Brahmachari - 2013
    Her best friend, Dawn, commits suicide after a long struggle with feeling under pressure to achieve. Kite's dad takes her to the Lake District, to give her time and space to grieve. In London Kite is a confident girl, at home in the noisy, bustling city, but in the countryside she feels vulnerable and disorientated. Kite senses Dawn's spirit around her and is consumed by powerful, confusing emotions - anger, guilt, sadness and frustration, all of which are locked inside. It's not until she meets local boy, Garth, that Kite begins to open up - talking to a stranger is easier somehow. Kite deeply misses her friend and would do anything to speak to Dawn just once more, to understand why . . . Otherwise how can she ever say goodbye? A potent story about grief, friendship, acceptance and making your heart whole again.

Millennial Glory Viii, He Is Coming

Wendie L. Edwards - 2008
    Death takes no prisoners, yet ironically, it liberates the captive Saints from persecution. Flying banners of freedom, a new American society emerges based on the original Constitution of the United States. A different, fiercely righteous people descend from the north and join with the Saints as they re-establish a republic. The lost tribes bring with them miracles, gifts, and deadly defenses to protect their tent cities from rogue land pirates that infest the nation. For the Rogers family, the tribes return is especially joyful as Braun and Carea finally come home! In Jerusalem, Elder Conrad Rogers and the two apostles he serves face hostile Jews. The apostles have caused many Jews to question the ancient holy traditions as they send sore plagues upon the nation. Secretly, a Judas is sent among the apostles and their missionary associate, Elder Rogers. It s his job to bring them to destruction. It s only a matter of time before someone dies.... Among the righteous in every corner of the world, there are whisperings among the faithful. They see the signs and know it is the midnight hour. He is coming!