An Advanced History of India

R.C. Majumdar - 1978
    It discusses recent Constitutional Amendments, socio-economic changes and educational experiments.About the AuthorR C Majumdar - Former Vice-Chancellor, Dacca University. H C Raychaudhauri - Former Carmichael Professor of Ancient Indian History and Culture, Calcutta University. Kalikinkar Datta - Former Vice-Chancellor Patna University.Table of Contents Part I: Ancient India Part II: Medieval India. Book I: The Muslim Conquest and the Delhi Sultanate. Book II: The Mughul Empire Part III: Modern India. Book I: The Rise and Growth of the British Power. Book II: Modern India Appendices Genealogical Tables to Part III Bibliography to Part III List of Governors-Generals, List of Prime Ministers and Presidents Chronology Index

Healing the Highlander (Tales of the Maxwell Lasses, #2)

Fiona Faris - 2020
    Through her research, she dreamed of revolutionizing medicinal practices. With her step-mother’s guidance, Ava worked tirelessly to achieve her goal.But everything changed when her father announced that it was her duty to wed. In fact, there were two potential matches for her coming to meet her.Betrayal never tasted so bitter…Niall MacNeill and Ian MacThomas are the two men fighting for Ava’s hand. While both of them are heirs of lairds, they couldn’t be more different. Niall is ambitious, with an eagerness for leadership and a wish to start his own family. Iain, on the other hand, values the simpler things in life. Riches and political conspiracies weren’t his cup of tea.Ava is called to choose but before she does, a family secret surfaces.Heartbroken, she feels lost and alone.Only one man can truly help her heal, but even he is not to be trusted…What family secret has been buried over the years? And who is the one who’s holding Ava’s fate?Only she can heal him, only he can set her free…

Daniels and Worthingham's Muscle Testing: Techniques of Manual Examination [With DVD]

Helen J. Hislop - 1995
    In addition to offering traditional methods for assessing and grading skeletal muscle function, the book provides a comprehensive section on muscle anatomy and innervations that rounds out the testing chapters by linking muscle topography and function. This edition includes a new DVD of tests and procedures video clips that supplement the tests explained in the book.

On Speed: The Many Lives of Amphetamine

Nicolas Rasmussen - 2008
    Crank. Bennies. Dexies. Greenies. Black Beauties. Purple Hearts. Crystal. Ice. And, of course, Speed. Whatever their street names at the moment, amphetamines have been an insistent force in American life since they were marketed as the original antidepressants in the 1930s. On Speed tells the remarkable story of their rise, their fall, and their surprising resurgence. Along the way, it discusses the influence of pharmaceutical marketing on medicine, the evolving scientific understanding of how the human brain works, the role of drugs in maintaining the social order, and the centrality of pills in American life. Above all, however, this is a highly readable biography of a very popular drug. And it is a riveting story.Incorporating extensive new research, On Speed describes the ups and downs (fittingly, there are mostly ups) in the history of amphetamines, and their remarkable pervasiveness. For example, at the same time that amphetamines were becoming part of the diet of many GIs in World War II, an amphetamine-abusing counterculture began to flourish among civilians. In the 1950s, psychiatrists and family doctors alike prescribed amphetamines for a wide variety of ailments, from mental disorders to obesity to emotional distress. By the late 1960s, speed had become a fixture in everyday life: up to ten percent of Americans were thought to be using amphetamines at least occasionally.Although their use was regulated in the 1970s, it didn't take long for amphetamines to make a major comeback, with the discovery of Attention Deficit Disorder and the role that one drug in the amphetamine family--Ritalin--could play in treating it. Today's most popular diet-assistance drugs differ little from the diet pills of years gone by, still speed at their core. And some of our most popular recreational drugs--including the -mellow- drug, Ecstasy--are also amphetamines. Whether we want to admit it or not, writes Rasmussen, we're still a nation on speed.

The Black Death

Rosemary Horrox - 1994
    This source book traces, through contemporary writings, the calamitous impact of the Black Death in Europe, with a particular emphasis on its spread across England from 1348 to 1349. Rosemary Horrox surveys contemporary attempts to explain the plague, which was universally regarded as an expression of divine vengeance for the sins of humankind. Moralists all had their particular targets for criticism. However, this emphasis on divine chastisement did not preclude attempts to explain the plague in medical or scientific terms. Also, there was a widespread belief that human agencies had been involved, and such scapegoats as foreigners, the poor and Jews were all accused of poisoning wells. The final section of the book charts the social and psychological impact of the plague, and its effect on the late-medieval economy.

Dark Remedy: The Impact of Thalidomide and Its Revival as a Vital Medicine

Trent D. Stephens - 2001
    A parable about compassion-and the absence of it-Dark Remedy is a gripping account of thalidomide's extraordinary impact on the lives of individuals and nations over half a century.

Medieval Intrigue: Decoding Royal Conspiracies

Ian Mortimer - 2010
    Central to this book is his ground-breaking approach to medieval evidence. He explains how an information-based method allows a more certain reading of a series of texts. He criticises existing modes of arriving at consensus and outlines a process of historical analysis that ultimately leads to questioning historical doubts as well as historical facts, with profound implications for what we can say about the past with certainty. This is an important work from one of the most original and popular medieval historians writing today.

A Highlander Forged in Fire

Kenna Kendrick - 2019
    But fate was kind to the little girl. The childless Laird of the Elliot clan adopted her and raised her as his daughter. Growing up, Isla desired above all else to avenge the blood of her family and make her adopted father proud. One day, she meets a handsome blacksmith who will wake her passions and compromise everything she worked hard for. Fraser McGinn was not an ordinary blacksmith. Blessed with impeccable craftsmanship but also with a mysterious birthmark at his hands, he was inspiring admiration and fear amongst his kinsmen. When he meets the daughter of the Laird, Fraser finds it impossible to resist the desire he feels for her. Unbeknownst to him, his efforts to approach her will bring to light secrets that would be best to stay hidden. Will Fraser find the strength to fight for her? And what is the secret that threatens to tear their lives apart? They thought they were strangers… their lives were connected by a secret… "A Highlander Forged in Fire" is a Historical Scottish romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 440 pages). STANDALONE, No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

I, Richard Plantagenet, an Epic Novel of Richard III: The Complete Edition

J.P. Reedman - 2016
    Richard III's story, told in first person from his point of view, using, where possible, Richard's actual words (in modern English.) From the battle of Barnet when Richard is only 18 through his marriage to Anne Neville, to unexpected kingship, betrayal by his 'friend' Buckingham...and the mystery of the vanished princes. Then it is on through the pain of the loss of his only legitimate son Edward, to the final deadly conflict on Bosworth Field against Henry Tudor. A different fictional look at England's most loved--and most hated--King.. Not a wooden saint, nor yet Shakespeare's hunchbacked fiend, a flesh and blood, fallible man: King's brother, royal duke, scoliosis sufferer, warrior, husband, father. Called 'a new Ricardian classic.' Approximately 250,000 words. Contains what is probably the most up to date fictional account of Richard's last moments at Bosworth, based on the archaeology and forensics.

A Brief History of the Tudor Age

Jasper Ridley - 1988
    Its presentation of the life both in the burgeoning capital of London and in the countryside includes 16 pages of full-color and black-and-white photographs, as well as discussion of the costumes of the period, modes of travel, food and medicine, sports and pastimes, and the amazing explosion of English drama that would make the name of William Shakespeare a household word for all time. Nor does this volume overlook the stultifying narrowness of peasant life, the harsh treatment of heretics and traitors, the intrigues and machinations at the court, and the miseries of the plague. In all, A Brief History of the Tudor Age paints an astonishing panorama of an England of great beauty and violence, of splendor and squalor, of achievement and despair. Bursting with factual evidence ... a bright and lively compendium.The Observer Jasper Ridley is one of the most accomplished and successful historical biographers.Times Literary Supplement


J.K. Swift - 2016
    The Kingdom of Jerusalem hanging by a thread. One Knight Justice must face his greatest fears or die trying… Brother Foulques de Villaret just wants to stay in Acre and perform his sworn duties. Instead, the young Hospitaller Knight of Saint John must undertake a dangerous journey from the Holy Land to a remote village nestled in the Alps, the ‘Spine of the World’. His mission: buy 500 peasant boys and return them to Acre to be trained as Soldiers of Christ. Pursued across the Mid-Earth Sea by slavers, Brother Foulques and his Army of Children are about to be thrust into a confrontation with the greatest warriors the East has ever known: the Mamluks. To survive, Brother Foulques must turn to risky alliances… and pray that his choices do not lead them all to destruction. Acre is the first book in the Hospitaller Saga, a series of breathtaking historical novels set in the late 13th century. If you like action-packed adventure and authentically rich fiction, then you’ll love J. K. Swift’s historically epic masterpiece.

The Highlander's Secret Maiden

Lydia Kendall - 2018
     The scandal is too big and the mission only one: bring the girl back and get revenge from the untamed Highlanders. The leader of the expedition is none other than the sworn enemy of clan MacGowan...and Georgina’s betrothed. Marcas, torn between his fascination for Georgina and his vengeful brother, quickly realizes that when the choice between freedom and love becomes crucial, a single moment is all that it takes to change one’s destiny. *The Highlander's Secret Maiden is a Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief History

Janina Ramírez - 2016
    Based on a sequence of mystical visions she received in 1373, her book is called Revelations of Divine Love.Julian lived through an age of political and religious turmoil, as well as through the misery of the Black Death, and her writing engages with timeless questions about life, love and the meaning of suffering. But who was Julian of Norwich? And what can she teach us today?Medievalist and TV historian Janina Ramirez invites you to join her in exploring Julian's remarkable life and times, offering insights into how and why her writing has survived, and what we can learn from this fourteenth-century mystic whose work lay hidden in the shadows of her male contemporaries for far too long.

The Medieval Imagination

Jacques Le Goff - 1985
    "Le Goff is one of the most distinguished of the French medieval historians of his generation . . . he has exercised immense influence."—Maurice Keen, New York Review of Books"The whole book turns on a fascinating blend of the brutally materialistic and the generously imaginative."—Tom Shippey, London Review of Books"The richness, imaginativeness and sheer learning of Le Goff's work . . . demand to be experienced."—M. T. Clanchy, Times Literary Supplement

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry

David A. Mitchell - 1991
    It has been completely revised with a wealth of new information including web-based learning and useful websites, more diagrams and colour clinical pictures.