Operational Excellence Pillar: AWS Well-Architected Framework (AWS Whitepaper)

AWS Whitepapers - 2017
    It provides guidance to help you apply best practices in the design, delivery, and maintenance of AWS environments. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it in PDF format at https://aws.amazon.com/whitepapers/.

Kindle Fire HDX Guidebook: Getting Started, Tips & Tricks, and Finding Free Apps & Books

Jennifer Mason - 2012
    We give you step-by-step instructions on how to do things that you won’t find anywhere else.In over 30 articles and over 18,000 words, this guidebook covers...Maximizing Battery LifeUsing the Camera for Taking Pictures and VideoReplacing the CarouselUsing Text-to-Speech for BooksParental Controls and Preventing Unintentional PurchasesSending free text messagesSetting up and using 4G LTE Wireless InternetSideloading apps and booksOrganizing your books into foldersSetting up EmailSending Documents to the Fire HDX...and much more! Don't miss out on your best chance to master your new Kindle Fire HDX!

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library: Kindle Unlimited: Get Your Money's Worth from Amazon Prime (Free books, Free Movie, Prime Music, Free audio, Beginners ... Library, Free books, Free Movie Book 1)

Andrew Jones - 2015
    You will save 33% with this offer. Please hurry up!Have you ever considered signing up to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited? Are you already a member of one of these schemes but want to learn how to make the most of your membership? If so then look no further than this book, which offers readers first-hand advice on the benefits and pitfalls of Amazon Prime, as well as a comprehensive guide to how to make the most of your membership.In today's age it can be a daunting prospect when faced with various different offers, subscriptions and devices to know which will provide the best value for money as well as deliver the most high quality service. As our lives becoming increasingly technological, and we move towards using electronic devices, we face even more choice. These choices can have a significant impact on our finances, and choosing the best option will avoid the risk of signing up to expensive or hard to break contracts.This book includes: Introduction The History of Amazon An Overview of Amazon Prime Amazon Instant Video Prime Music Kindle Unlimited Conclusion Download your copy of "Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button. Tags: Amazon Prime, amazon prime lending library, amazon prime membership, lending library for prime members, lending library, prime lending library, free books, Prime Subscription, Kindle Owners With Amazon Prime, Kindle Owners, Free Ebooks, free TV Series, free Movie, ULTIMATE Guide for Beginners, ULTIMATE Guide, Beginners Guide, Prime Music, Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library

The Deputy's Christmas Bride (The Brides of Wicklow Book 2)

Maddie Walker - 2019
    Suggesting that Sandy seek adventure as a mail order bride, neither of the sisters imagined that Sandy would soon find herself heading west and into the arms of a handsome deputy. In the small town of Wicklow, Montana, Deputy Jim Miller has just mended his own broken heart after his wife, Ella, abandoned him and his twin daughters three years ago. Knowing that the twins need a mother, and missing the company of a woman, he takes the advice of his housekeeper and places an advert in The Matrimonial Times. But as Jim and Sandy grow ever closer, a knock on the door brings a surprise and unwanted guest from the past. With their happiness threatened, can Jim and Sandy overcome the odds to find their happy ever after, just in time for Christmas? The Deputy's Christmas Bride is book 2 in the Brides of Wicklow Series. All Maddie Walker Mail Order Bride books are stand-alone stories and can be read independently of one another.

Anxiety Girl Breaks Free: The gripping finale in the enthralling Anxiety Girl series (Anxiety Girl - Book 3)

Lacey London - 2018
    He is standing right here in front of me. This could be the start of something special. It should be the start of something special. Only life isn’t always that simple, is it? With Aidan back in Cheshire and work on Blossom View well under way, it would appear that things are finally falling into place for Sadie Valentine. Her career with the charity is keeping her busy, Aldo is enjoying being off the market and her relationship with her mother is starting to heal, but it’s not long before the cracks start to show. Not wanting to succumb to the anxiety that is slowly casting a shadow over her newly-found happiness, Sadie attempts to press on with her life regardless. As Sadie tries to paper over the cracks, blasts from the past return to tip her world upside down in ways she could never have imagined. With her limits being tested once again, can Sadie use her experience and strength to break free from her anxiety once and for all? They say that the past should stay buried, but what if some ghosts simply refuse to lie low? Slip into Sadie’s world as she tries to adjust to a potentially life-changing discovery and change the perception of mental health forever. The other books in the ANXIETY GIRL series are available worldwide from Amazon. Praise for the ANXIETY GIRL series – “An excellent book combining a very meaningful story with a significant, yet sympathetic, account of mental health challenges faced by many in the modern world.” “This book allowed the reader to understand how much mental health can affect anyone at any time, no matter who you are or where you come from.” “Just reading this book has helped immensely with my anxiety and given me ideas on coping strategies.” “I am a sufferer of anxiety and depression and could relate throughout the whole book.” “This is a powerful story that anyone who has suffered from anxiety can relate to.” “Anxiety Girl has inspired me to learn more about anxiety. Brilliant book that everyone with or without the condition should read.”

Dirty Queen (Covington High #3)

Amelia Winters - 2021

Hell is Empty

Charles Tabb - 2019
    Her mother tries to hold the family together, but her father buries himself in his work while her older brother and sister deal with the loss in their own self-destructive ways.Meanwhile, Pantera, whose last kidnapping case ended with a dead girl and no suspect, does everything possible to find Samantha before her case becomes just another cold case—or worse. “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” Shakespeare, The Tempest


Lurea C. McFadden - 2005
    Estranged from her husband because of her infidelities she is losing her husband Edwin to another woman, who happens to be his best friend. Grace Trufant learns she is pregnant and not sure of the paternity of the child. The threat of single motherhood is not a situation she will entertain. Grace plots and schemes to keep ties with her former lover Brian and her estranged husband intact until the arrival of her baby. Once again she is back to her old tricks but fate plays a greater part in the plan. Tragedy, death and unexpected meetings throw salt in the game as Grace maneuvers to take advantage of all situations. Grace is not the only woman with FeMALE TRAITS in this one. Felicia Hubert, wife of successful accountant Stacey Hubert, has plans of her own. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side as she goes through a mid-life crisis proves to be too much for her to bear. Check out the moves in FeMALE TRAITS II.

Somewhere in Seattle: A Romance

Brooke St. James - 2022
    He played a sold-out show, and I had front row tickets. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.Micah said some things to the audience near the end of the performance—some personal things about his own life. I wasn't normally the type of person to follow clues, but Micah's songs and his life before stardom seemed interesting.I was curious about the mysteries of his past. I thought I might try to find out more. I had no idea that the search and events that followed would change my life forever.

The Complete Free Kindle Fire Apps (Free Kindle Fire Apps That Don't Suck Book 1)

The App Bible - 2012
    This is the one you want… Personally, I will check out any book this author writes about apps because, for some reason, maybe a bad case of OCD, he is obviously compelled to do the most thorough investigation into each and every aspect, good and bad of apps in a particular genre. My hat's off to him, and he has my thanks for saving me a ton of time and grief.” - Linda Abbott (Reviewer) Nearly 800 Pages of In-Depth Reviews, and Tips and Tricks to Help You Get The Most Out of Your Free Kindle Fire Apps Question: Why Do You Need This Book? Answer: Because you have better things to do with your time than to trudge through the Amazon App Store and test tons of apps until you find the best ones Question: OK. But Why Do You Need To Buy THIS Book? Answer: Because you need more than some random list of “Top Kindle Fire Apps.” You also need: To know which apps to download first Tips and tricks for how to get the most out of the apps How to find help if you’re having a problem with an app An in-depth review describing what is good and what is bad about each app Problem: Even if you have a list of the top free apps, how do you know which ones to install first? Solution: At the end of this book, all the apps are ranked from best to worst according to a UNIQUE RANKING SYSTEM FOUND ONLY IN MY BOOKS Question: How Else Is This Book Unique? Answer: In addition to its unique ranking system, it also offers in-depth reviews that provide the following: A summary of what the app does A summary of what is good and what is bad about each app When available: The app developer’s contact information, website information, as well as links to pertinent articles about the app Tips and tricks for many of the apps (how to get the most from the app) A brief summary of the positive and negative reviews of the app on Amazon PLUS: A list of 5 must-have free productivity apps that every Kindle Fire owner should install to have greater control over their Kindle Fire A list of 15 free productivity apps that most Kindle Fire owners will find useful since they provide a great deal of functionality Question: OK…But What Types Of Apps, Exactly, Does The Book Include? Answer: A dizzying variety… Game Apps Arcade and Board game apps Mind game apps: Card, logic, and word game apps Kids Apps Educational apps and Game apps for kids: Apps for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary schoolers, and high schoolers in the following categories: Art apps, Book apps, English apps, and Math apps Productivity Apps Art

Out of the Storm: Book 2 of Search the North Country

Sherri Gallagher - 2018
     All of Sloane Westin's training has drummed the risks of mountain terrain into her head, but she's promised God she'll take the risk if she can prevent a combat veteran from suicide. Since her husband took his own life three years earlier, it has been just Sloane and her search dog Orex. Now Incident Command has teamed her with Conor McCollum, an annoying, overbearing man who wants to run the show. Conor McCollum owes his old Army commander Bill Frasier his life. Payback is due. Conor may hold the key to bringing Bill back out of the storm of hallucinations filling his mind, if he can get close enough. Why Incident Command has teamed him with pretty girlie-girl, Sloane Westin, is beyond him. He doesn't need a human anchor slowing him down. A dangerous ice storm is bearing down on the Adirondacks. Can Sloane and Conor work together to rescue Bill out of the storm? Or will Mother Nature claim three more lives in the vast wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains?

Casket Chronicles: Living and Working in a Funeral Home is not What You Might Think

T.A. Walters - 2020
    Some of the stories are hilarious. Some of the stories are heartbreaking. All of the stories are true.Most people think of the funeral business as being very subdued where words are spoken in hushed tones and those who work in it are best described as “somber.” Like almost everything else in life, you never really know what goes on behind closed doors.How could the station wagon used to pick up bodies just vanish? What did the waitress at the drive-in really think was in the back of the car? Why did the woman driving a Cadillac stop in the middle of the busy street in front of the funeral home and start screaming obscenities? How did a woman’s panties end up inside a casket?The answers to these questions and other interesting tales are found on the pages of Casket Chronicles.

App Storm: Best Kindle Fire Apps, a Torrent of Games, Tools, and Learning Applications, Free and Paid, for Young and Old

Steve Weber - 2012

Amazon Echo: The 2016 User Guide And Manual: Get The Best Out Of Amazon Echo

Martin Butler - 2015
    Updated just in time for 2016, this guide is the freshest on the market. Amazon Echo is not just a piece of hardware, it is not just the cylindrical product it appears to be. It is a revolutionary facilitator of your dream lifestyle, and the great news is that it just keeps on improving with every update! Amazon Echo takes the Intelligent Personal Assistant market from binary to human. The times of receiving unconvincing, often unhelpful and completely robotic responses from our devices is over and Echo is here to lead the way. Aside from covering the basics in detail, from unpacking to set-up to synchronization with your home devices, this user guide will cover the full range of features on offer with your Amazon Echo. Changing your wake word Understanding and using your Dialog History Controlling parts of your home with your voice How to use the Amazon Echo app How to get Echo to give you information, from live sports scores to the weather in Dubai! How to stream music through Echo's impressive speakers How to shop with your voice Why you will never need an alarm clock again How to handle the Kitchen with Echo's help Travel and traffic information specific to your journey or commute How to manage your shopping and to-do list How to enjoy Audibles wide range of audio books with your Amazon Echo Getting the latest news Some funny little Easter eggs that are built into the device! And plenty more! Amazon Echo is changing people's lives all over the world and this guide will help you change your own. If you are deciding whether to purchase the device, have a read through my guide and I'm certain by the time you are finished, there will be only one option in your mind! This book is available through Kindle Unlimited.

Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App

Cindi Howson - 2007
    Learn about the components of a BI architecture, how to choose the appropriate tools and technologies, and how to roll out a BI strategy throughout the organisation.