Boat to Baguette: A humorous memoir of a sea change to a French adventure

Hettie Ashwin - 2017
     Napoleon Bonaparte These prophetic words are the beginning of an adventure. When two intrepid Aussies decide to buy a house in France after living on a boat for 11 years, they get more than baguettes and stinky cheese. Wonderful neighbours, horrible drains, fabulous wine, French taxes. Boat to Baguette is a humorous rollercoaster ride as Hettie and Boomie make France their new home.


R.R. Haywood - 2014
    A chance to set things right. Mike Humber, an ex-detective sacked for beating a child molester is offered an opportunity to make amends for the failures of his past but once that path is chosen it leads to an event that changes everything he has ever known.From the mind of the best-selling author RR Haywood comes a violent gut-wrenching tale of revenge.RECRUITED was first published in RR Haywood's The Book of Shorts Volume One to great critical acclaim

English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language Culture in the U.S. w/Audio CD MP3

Sheila MacKechnie Murtha - 2011
    with Audio CD + MP3A fun guide to everything American for the English language learner!The warm and witty authors of Celebrate the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language and Culture in the U.S. get you started on your ESL journey with English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U.S.English the American Way is your companion to everyday life in the United States. Engaging, easy-to-follow chapters highlight important topics in American culture, such as: making friends, getting around, dining out, dealing with money, buying a home, what to do in an emergency, visiting the doctor, handling a job interview, and more. Our ESL author experts (Sheila MacKechnie Murtha and Jane Airey O'Connor) give English language learners must-know vocabulary, commonly used phrases, wacky idioms, and sample dialogues that illustrate everyday American life. You'll have fun along the way as you improve your English language and grammar skills with sentence completions, quizzes, and helpful tips. Practice speaking English like an American until you're perfect! Improve your listening and speaking skills with the dialogues included on our audio CD and MP3 download.English the American Way is an excellent resource for ESL students and teachers, English language learners, and professionals of all ages and all nationalities.If you're looking for a fun and easy way to improve your English language skills, this is the book for you!Don't miss the second book in the series… Celebrate the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to English Language and Culture in the U.S.

Compassion Amidst the Chaos: Tales told by an ER Doc

Christopher Davis, MD - 2020
    You meet one when life doesn't go as planned. Survival requires immediate dependence and trust in a stranger in a white coat. As soon as the imminent danger has passed— they are off to the next case. Many patients don't realize that their stories stay with those that served them. Patients have the most to teach about humility and humanity."Compassion Amidst the Chaos" is brimming with the tension, anguish, exhaustion, relief, gratitude, and compassion that are all part of a typical day at work in the ER. Travel with Dr. Chris Davis through the cases he remembers most from his 35-year career as an emergency medicine doctor.

Salvation: Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Joshua Jared Scott - 2014
    When the change struck, a quarter of the world’s population simultaneously, and without warning, perished. Seven minutes later the corpses reanimated and promptly began to attack the living. At zero hour well over one billion zombies walked the Earth. A day later, more than half the world’s population had turned. Escaping the city, Jacob Thornton and a group of survivors began work on a settlement deep in the wilderness where they hoped to rebuild their shattered lives. Isolated and far from the chaos, it seemed they were indeed safe, that is, until the raiders appeared. Forced to flee, Jacob led his people north to the Black Hills. They built fortifications, gathered supplies, and waited for the inevitable. It did not come. Time passed. Homes were constructed, crops planted, and contact made with others around the globe. So few remained, but efforts were underway to rid the world of zombies. There was a very real chance civilization would bloom once more. Then the enemy returned, determined to complete the genocide they began two years earlier.

Eagle and Wyvern

R.W. Peake - 2020
    King Alfred has been forced to flee from his winter court in Cippinhamm by Guthrum, self-styled King of the Danelaw and East Anglia, part of the great invasion force by the horde that will become known as the Vikings. Driven into the swamps of Somersetshire, Alfred spends a miserable winter at Athelney before finally feeling that the time is right to call the fyrd, the Saxon call to arms summoning the men of Westseaxe to rally to their King to drive the Danish invaders from their lands. Answering that call is young Titus of Cissanbyrig, a youth with an unusual name to go along with his unusual size and strength. Despite only being fourteen and that his village is under the control of Wulfhere, Ealdorman of Wiltshire who has sided with Guthrum, Titus decides to leave the only home he’s ever known, joining the call issued by the Lord of Wilton more than a dozen miles away, one of the nobles of Wiltshire who has remained faithful to the King. What drives Titus from his home is the enmity of his father, who blames him for Titus’ mother’s death in childbirth because of his size, but while he will never know it, the truth is more complex. Ultimately what sends young Titus on his first steps towards his destiny is his deep-seated, insistent belief that he’s not meant for a life behind the plow but for the sword, a conviction that has been passed to him across almost a millennium of time and distance, to a dusty Roman province in Spain, passed down by the man who was the first of his line, Titus Pomponius Pullus, Centurion of Rome. The Titus Chronicles-Eagle and Wyvern is the first of a new series by the author of the international bestselling Marching With Caesar series.

Her Thickness Was His Weakness 2

Nichole DeCari - 2016
    As soon as I reached the doors for the west wing ICU, I looked around for the family visitation room. I entered the doors with my adrenaline on overload. The first face I spotted was Ma Lique. She stood over Rah as he sat in a chair with his arms draped over his knees and his head lowered slightly above them. Ma Lique was stroking his back and I feared the worst. My steps seemed to fail me as it felt like forever to make it next to where they sat. Feeling my presence, Ma Lique looked my way with a tear-stained face. “What the fuck is going on?” I asked worry etched in every word I spoke. Ma Lique spoke first. “Calm down, baby. Deena was in an accident. She’s in surgery. We’re waiting to hear from the doctor,” she uttered through muffled tears. “It wasn’t no fucking accident!” Rah shrieked rising to his feet and moving toward the window. “The bitch ran her off the road and tried to kill her and my unborn seed.” “Man, what the fuck happened?” I asked as I followed him. “Man, I don’t know all the details. All I know is the highway patrolman said witness statements indicate her truck was clipped and rammed by another vehicle. By the time both cars came to a standstill, a tractor trailer slammed the other vehicle pushing it into her car before both cars went spiraling down an embankment.” “Do they have any idea who did this shit?” I asked Rah as I huffed and puffed. “Yeah, man. It was that bitch, Cashmere. She’s in this mothafucka somewhere. When I get my hands on her she’s a dead bitch,” Rah seethed, teeth clenched and his right fist hitting the palm of his left hand. “Nah, my nigga. I got that bitch. I’ll tell you about the bullshit as soon as Pimp is out of the woods,” I sneered attempting to rein in my anger towards Cashmere. I patted Rah on the back. “Pimp is going to be alright, man. She’s strong and a damn fighter. There’s no way in hell she’ll let a bitch like Cashmere take her out. Plus, she’s going to fight tooth and nail to hang on for CaLi and RJ. Trust me, man. She’s gonna make it.” “I keep telling myself that, man. I love her so much. Man, if I lose her I don’t know what I’ll do.” A few minutes later, we heard a little commotion and turned to see CaLi and her grandparents coming through the doors. Rah turned and CaLi ran straight into his arms. He hugged her tightly. “She’s going to be alright, CaLi. Your momma isn’t going to leave you.” CaLi cried uncontrollably. “I can’t lose her, Rah. I just can’t. What about my baby brother? I can’t lose him either. Who would be so mean to do this to my mother?” Ma Lique walked over and pulled CaLi into her arms. “Baby, your momma is a fighter. She’ll fight for you and your brother. Come with me and your grandparents to the chapel to pray.” She gave CaLi a few tissues to wipe her face and the four of them walked away. A few minutes later, CoCo appeared carrying a take-out tray with four cups with lids on it. “Hey Monty,” she spoke, as she handed Rah a cup first and then passed one to me. I gave her the “What’s up,” head nod and then lifted the cup to my lips. When the liquid slid down my throat and the taste of Cognac hit my taste buds, a smile formed on my face.

Bump to Birthday, Pregnancy & First Year Journal

Helen Stephens - 2012
    Bump to Birthday - a beautifully designed, colour illustrated, combined pregnancy and first year baby journal - will inspire any parent-to-be to capture the unique story of the journey of pregnancy and baby's precious first year.

Falling For The Plug

Keena - 2016
    Without help from her daughters dad she picks up a fast and easy job which turns out to be stripping at Hot Lips Night Club. Luckily while working at the club she meets a smooth, good looking, stand up guy by the name of Midnight. Midnight is a businessman and all he wants is a real woman by his side through it all. He admires An'yah and is willing to give her the good life she's been looking for and wanting, but by then An'yah only wanted to focus on what was important in her life. An'yah figured it was absolutely nothing wrong with having Midnight as a friend, especially if he was willing to break her off and help her when she needed it the most. But after a while she couldn't hide the feelings she had for him. He made it very hard to not want him as a soulmate, but after finding out that he's the plug, she questions if a relationship with him is a risk she was willing to take.

A New Beginning (Small Town Romance Book 1)

Faith Blakely - 2021

The Grinding Mill

William J. Coughlin - 2016
     But the danger of the job is forcibly thrust home when James Robinson is killed on their watch. Thinking he is protecting his partner, Maguire fires the fatal shot…only to make the horrifying realisation that Robinson is an old, deaf, mute, black man who neither posed a threat nor carried a weapon. Desperate to hide the deadly mistake, Kirk and Maguire claim they were attacked. But the longer the charade goes on, the more panicked Maguire becomes — until, burdened by guilt, he confesses all. Charged with second degree murder, the two men must face the courts. Already sensationalized due to the victim’s disability, the trial takes on added significance due to the city’s fraught race relations. Brother Bondo, the head of the local black power group, seizes on Robinson’s death as an excuse to not only rile up fellow black men and women, but also to act decisively and violent. As one war wages within the courtroom, another wages out on the streets. As a symbol, James Robinson’s death works as a catalyst, fanning the flames of resentment in this Midwestern town and setting alight a desire for justice across the city. The Grinding Mill is an enlightening thriller that explores cultural divides and contemporary issues in society and will keep you gripped until the very last page. Praise for William J. Coughlin “In Charley Sloan … the author has given us a character we can care about. The verdict here is that Coughlin wins decisively in his final case.” – USA Today “A superb book, rich in the elements that make for a wonderful read. Death Penalty is the best of [Coughlin’s] novels … the most enjoyable book I’ve read all year.” – The Detroit News “Bravo! Coughlin brilliantly captures the corruption of the legal system by human error and greed. Thought-provoking and timely.” – Library Journal “Will not fail to please connoisseurs of legal fiction” – American Bar Association Journal William J. Coughlin has combined a career as a United States administrative judge in Detroit with that of a best-selling novelist. His previous, highly acclaimed and successful novels are His Father’s Daughter, Her Honor, In the Presence of Enemies and Shadow of a Doubt .

Falling For The Plug 2

Keena Walker - 2016
    When Midnight became involved with Yah and the girls everyone saw it coming but they didn’t know that he would change so drastically. Midnight is madly in love with Yah and he’s also dying to know if Yah would become his wife someday. With Yah finally being able to break free from her baby’s father Jaheim everyone is dying to know if she’ll go back to him or if she truly have her mind set on working things out with Midnight. In Falling For The Plug Two, the crew is back and the drama continues.

The Great English-Polish Dictionary (2 million words): interactive - replaces the standard Kindle e-reader dictionary

Dariusz Jemielniak - 2014
    Marcin Milkowski, Ph.D. and Prof. Dariusz Jemielniak, Ph.D. It is the largest English-Polish dictionary ever published. It contains over 1.8 million words, covering hundreds of thousands of meanings in over two hundred thousand definitions, includign abbreviations, synonyms, antonyms, et al. Its range is over 20% wider than in the case of any dictionary published before.It is also the first English-Polish dictionary developed in the 21st century, basing on actual English language usage and frequencies (based on corpora of American, British, and Canadian English), covering not only general vocabulary, but also terminology and idioms typical for business, finance, law, medicine, the sciences and technology, including over 150 disciplines! It is the first English-Polish dictionary including words such as QWERTY, screenager, smartphone, tablet or boccia, with their proper pronunciation. The dictionary can replace the standard Kindle e-reader dictionary, to allow one-click lookups (please, note that this functionality is typical for all Kindle e-readers, but not necessarily a tablet).

Cambridge IELTS 5 Academic

University of Cambridge - 2006
    An introduction to the different modules is included in each book, together with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge ESOL. The comprehensive section of answers and tapescripts means that the material is ideal for students working partly or entirely on their own. A self-study pack (Student's Book with answers and Audio CD) is also available.

Check Your English Vocabulary for IELTS

Rawdon Wyatt - 2001
    Fully updated for this third edition, the book provides exercises to help teach and build vocabulary related to the IELTS test and also covers grammar, use of English, comprehension and spelling. Suitable for both self-study and the classroom, it includes a range of activities to help students build and improve their English vocabulary and language skills.