Christmas Ever After

Elyse Douglas - 2012
    Willowbury is a quiet New England town, especially festive and picturesque during the Christmas season. Jennifer Taylor owns and operates a shop called Cards N’ Stuff. The death of her fiancé, on Christmas Eve the year before, has left her bitter and angry. A few days before Christmas, a mysterious woman named Mrs. Wintergreen stops by Jennifer’s shop and offers Jennifer the gift of an adventure. At first, Jennifer refuses. After a violent snow storm destroys her shop, Jennifer finds Mrs. Wintergreen and, out of desperation, agrees to the adventure. In New York City on Christmas Eve, Jennifer confronts her past, present and future. She falls in love and her life changes forever.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Rebel Wild - 2018
    She didn’t plan to walk up the steps of one of the most prestigious high-rises in Downtown. She didn’t plan to make a wish on the star that was shining so brightly atop the Christmas tree in the front lobby. She never planned to fall asleep right next to the front door and she certainly never meant to get caught by the sexy, brooding billionaire that owns it. Will the jaded CEO make the one wish she has for Christmas come true?Skipping Christmas is Heath’s only goal this winter. If it wasn’t for the whispered complaints and depressing glares from his employees, he would have banned the holiday altogether. Christmas is for fools and Heath is no fool. He’s a self-made billionaire who doesn’t have time to deck the halls. What he wouldn’t give to make Christmas disappear. That is, until he meets her: a sleeping girl with a pair of hauntingly familiar eyes that invades more than his personal space.Can a Scrooge lose himself and find the missing piece to a soul he thought didn’t exist?Baby, it’s Cold Outside is a feel-good, faith restoring read that will have you laughing while reaching for your box of tissues.

Weight Till Christmas

Ruth Saberton - 2013
    At least she will if she can squeeze into her party dress...Without a fairy godmother to wave a magic wand, Ellie Summers needs more than a pumpkin to impress her gorgeous boss. She works hard, not as a scullery maid but as a super sassy saleswoman, but he doesn't notice her. Their company's lavish Christmas party is the opportunity Ellie's been waiting for to make a big impression. And she doesn't intend it to be winning the mince pie eating competition.With the help of fellow dieter Sam, a sleigh load of will power and a sprinkling of Christmas magic, Ellie knows finding her Prince Charming is just a mistletoe kiss away.But is her prince really so charming? Or is Christmas romance closer than she thinks?

Holly Bough Cottage (Holiday Cottage #2)

Cindy Gunderson - 2021
    Facing the possibility of spending Christmas alone—or even worse, at her over-eager parent’s—she booked a two-week stay at the first affordable, well-rated winter retreat she could find: Holly Bough Cottage in the Colorado Rockies. With her interior design business slowing down over the holidays, Liv can practically smell the pine trees and warm apple cider, but most importantly? She won’t have to face anyone for at least fourteen days. Jonah wasn’t planning on being anywhere but home for Christmas, but when the owners of the Cottages posted on a community board that their handyman injured himself, he decided to pull them a solid. It didn’t hurt that they were offering a free stay and double the daily rate he usually made as a middle-school science teacher. When Liv discovers that the man who came to replace her thermostat is staying in the next cottage over, she finds herself looking for opportunities to sit on the porch while answering emails. Even if it is thirty below. Jonah, battling ghosts of his own, can’t help but walk the long way to the office in the hopes of catching a moment with her. With Liv's heart still raw from past wounds and Jonah hiding a past life that could ruin any budding relationship, their initial attraction doesn't seem to stand a chance. Will their unexpected meeting during the most magical of times be enough to open their hearts to loving and trusting again? If you adore cozy Christmas memories, down-to-earth characters, and sweet romance, you'll love Gunderson's heartwarming holiday tale.

Six Geese A-Laying

Sophie Kinsella - 2011
    It's a pity her partner Dan is so useless, and she has to keep reminding him where he's going wrong. Luckily she's enrolled into the most exclusive antenatal class going - all the highest achieving, smartest mothers-to-be aspire to be taught by the legendary Petal Harmon. Like the other five women in the class, Ginny already knows exactly what she wants, and how she's going to handle motherhood.But when they turn up for the final class it isn't quite what they expect. As Ginny discovers what parenthood is really going to be like, she begins to realize the things that really matter...

Lipstick and Lies

Debbie Viggiano - 2012
    Together they have a ready-made family and a six month old baby boy. Juggling her own children with step-children and an infant is both hectic and stressful, especially with a mother-in-law who seems to have taken up permanent residence.Cass has a strong support system in friend and new mum Morag – who is the fourth Mrs Harding with more step-children she can keep up with – and also old neighbour and great pal Nell who has a baby girl.Rising to the challenge of a second marriage and the emotional baggage that comes with it is tough. The last thing Cass needs is the reappearance of husband Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Selina. Gorgeous and glamorous but utterly unstable, Selina once stalked Cass and contrived to split her and Jamie up. And now Selina is engaged to Jamie’s business partner, Ethan Fareham. Seemingly it is appalling coincidence.Cass can’t shake the feeling that Selina is up to her old tricks. Except this time, if Selina has her way, she’ll split Cass and Jamie up permanently. Because this time it’s murder...

Shanghai Girl

Vivian Yang - 2001
    Shan Hai Gaaru". This 2011 U.S. edition features an excerpt of the author’s WNYC Leonard Lopate Essay Contest-winning new novel "Memoirs of a Eurasian". In the post-Cultural Revolution Shanghai of 1984, university senior Sha-fei Hong longs to study in the U.S. for graduate school, ostensibly to pursue the American Dream, but partly to escape her sexually-harassing Communist cadre stepfather. She meets the visiting Chinese-American businessman Gordon Lou, who has political ambitions and ties to the Chinatown underworld in the U.S. He takes Sha-fei to the American Consulate in Shanghai to look into studying in America. There, Sha-fei meets the intern Edward Cook, a young, Caucasian American lawyer who has a strong preference for all things Asian. Within a year, these three people of entirely different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds cross paths in New York. Value systems and self-interests clash. The curtain falls on a dramatic stage of ambition, sex, intrigue, and murder.

Bells in Boston: An Insta Love Holiday Romance

Ava Pearl - 2021

12 Dog Days of Christmas

Paula Munier - 2020
    With Zach's mom in Bali and the woman of his dreams gone AWOL, he's facing a Christmas alone with Ringo—until Tessa the cute veterinarian appears at his door with an offer he and Ringo can't refuse.It's a Christmas he'll never forget....

Out of the Friend Zone

Stephanie Nicole - 2012
    Brynn left her cheating husband, and moved next door to Chandler with her son. Chandler helps Brynn realize not all men are like her ex, and she helps him by showing it's okay to move on after his wife's death. Starting out as friends, neither one realizes that they need each other, or what is in store for their future together.*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 17+*

The Christmas Contest

Theresa Sederholt - 2021
    Hopefully, the enticement of winning his house and the magic of the holidays will lure in just the right person! Holly Kirby was a bit shocked when she read the ad. The winner of the Christmas contest would receive a house! Knowing this might be some sort of scam, she still can’t help but imagine all the wonderful things she could do with a beautiful house on Nantucket. Holly decides to go ahead and enter, hoping that the Christmas angels will bring her a miracle. Jack Anderson immediately knew something was wrong with his grandfather after reading the ad for the Christmas contest. Maybe it was time to take a break from work and pay him a visit. Somebody has to talk some sense into him! Only, when he gets there, he realizes Grandpa’s plan is already in full swing. The clock is ticking but can Jack stop it in time, or will his family home be lost to him forever?

The Christmas Note

Trenton Hughes - 2012
    We hope it adds to your holiday spirit. Claire and Ayden are a young married couple in the start of the Christmas season and the traditions that ensue. From Thanksgiving to decorating to shopping to playing in the snow to caroling to giving, we follow the great traditions of the season. Their love is unmatched and their tale of falling in love is truly unique. This tale is about a question we have all thought about: what would you do if you only had a certain amount of time left to live? Making matters worse, is that in this particular story, the question comes at a time of great tragedy. This means that in that certain amount of time, a choice needs to be made: will they sulk about their situation, or will they try to make something of their last days? The Christmas season can be magical, but for some it can be very difficult. This is a story about choices, love, love lost, lasting relationships, goodwill, and lastly Christmas. Embark on this journey to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Second Chance Christmas: A January Cove Novella

Rachel Hanna - 2018
    The books in this series can be read in any order!

Merry Christ-Mess: Friends to Lover Romance (12 Days of Kissmas)

Dee Ellis - 2021
    Writing splashy stories by day while she writes dirty ditties at night, she knows better to want for more. Unless it’s the love and adoration it seems everyone else is finding. Sweet, forever after love is for romance books, not real life.Or maybe she has had the best book boyfriend right in front of her.Micah Townes busted his ass to get his life right. A troubled youth means he takes nothing for granted. Especially the most important person in his life, Mila. Even if he wants more from her, he knows not to ask at the risk of losing her.A double date raises the stakes of their friendship---which maybe is not just a friendship after all.

Measure of Love

Melissa Ford - 2013
    Plus she’s in a tug of war with the editor of her upcoming book on divorce who is begging her to keep her happy new relationship with her ex, Adam, on the down low. How can Rachel do that when her society-obsessed mother-in-law is eager to get a featured story in the wedding section of The New York Times? Throw in a sister-in-law-to-be who’s navigating her own upcoming nuptials as well as a friend who not only doesn’t want to get married, but is possibly having an affair. Rachel finds herself with too many pots simmering on a very familiar stove.