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Isaac's Fall by Philip J. Dennis


Morris Magenta: Creeper Inventor (Book 1): Bolger's Curse (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Mark Mulle - 2017
    My name is Morris Magenta, and I’m the world’s first and only creeper inventor. This, my friend, is my diary. It chronicles the razor-sharp wit, devilish cunning, and breath-taking adventures that are all in a day’s work for a world famous (or almost-world famous) inventor. In this, the first volume of my exhilarating escapades, my loyal zombie butler Fred and I embark on the most thrilling underground quest. When I receive news that a team of miners have been trapped by a cave-in, I naturally jump at the chance to rescue them and show off the genius of my inventions. But of course, as is so often the case with adventures, things soon become more complex. As Fred and I journey deep into the earth, down along the supposedly-cursed Bolger’s Cavern, we face terrible traps, gruesome grislies, peculiar portals and evidence of treachery at the very heart of our expedition. We’ll face dangers around every corner, and peril beyond your wildest and weirdest dreams. But like I said, such things are all in a day’s work for a dashing and heroic inventor like me. This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

Marshal Sam Callapp (Marshal Sam Callapp Series Book 1)

Sherman Buckhorn - 2012
    Sam was an easy going man by nature, but he was a man who knew when to stand his ground. When that time came, it was a serious mistake to be on the wrong end of his gun. He was still having trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that he had killed two men in five days. Books #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8 are now available. Sherman Buckhorn recommends that you read the books in numerical order for best story continuity. (Sherman Buckhorn)Book #1: Marshal Sam CallappBook #2: Trouble at Cougar PassBook #3: Jubilee's RevengeBook #4: Sam and Jubilee Go BountyBook #5: Returning Home Book #6: A Star Again for Marshal SamBook #7: Little Sam ArrivesBook #8: Sam Callapp, Peacekeeper

This Other Eden

Sharon Booth - 2016
    Her consolation prize is that their father is unexpectedly gorgeous. Sadly for Eden, she's not quite herself any longer…Honey wants to spend the summer with her married politician lover. The only problem is, there are quite a few people determined to put obstacles in her path. But what Honey wants, Honey usually gets…Cain wants a knighthood and is willing to sacrifice almost anything for it. If his daughter is putting that goal in jeopardy, it's time to get tough…Lavinia wants to keep her marriage intact, and if that means turning a blind eye to her husband's philandering, she'll do it. But that doesn't mean she can't have someone else spying for her…Eliot wants to care for his children, and to be left in peace to heal. When he gets an unexpected guest, he wonders if it's time to start living again. But is this sheep farmer having the wool pulled over his eyes?

The Sister-in-Law Submissive

Sylvia Redmond - 2015
    She may have been pompous and arrogant, but she had a body that was built for sin. She was sweet and succulent, the textbook definition of a MILF. She also happened to be my brother's wife....... She never liked me, and I have only ever tolerated her. That is, until I found out she has a secret. A deep, dark secret. And she’ll be willing to do almost anything to keep her secret from being discovered. It looks like it's time for us to get to know each other better... *** This is an erotic first in series about a submissive relationship between two consenting adults. Who are married to other people. And one of them is quite twisted. It is lewd, tawdry & over the top, enjoy if you dare! FF, MF, FFM, Bondage, BDSM ***

Minecraft Diary of a Zombie Hunter Player Team 'The Skull Kids' - Book 1: Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds - Adventure Fan Fiction Diary ... Hunter Skull Kids Hunting Herobrine)

Skeleton Steve - 2016
     They're three Minecraft players who hop from world to world, hunting zombies and searching for the elusive Herobrine--the ghost in the machine. Teleporting down into a new world, the group is surprised to find that the game has changed once again, rendering almost ALL of their technology and mods useless. And when two of the Skull Kids are starving and distracted by exploring a desert village on Day 1 of their new adventure, the whole group is in danger when the sun goes down! Will the Skull Kids survive? Love Minecraft adventure?? Read Book 1 of the Zombie Hunter Player Team - The Skull Kids - NOW! Join the Skeleton Steve Club! Check out my main website for details--it's in the book. (Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!) Author's Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book. Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch *** Tags: Minecraft Book, game fiction, Minecraft Books for Kids and Teens, minecraft games, game stories, game books, game story books, minecraft tips, minecraft secrets handbook, Minecraft Stories, kids books, minecraft free, minecraft xbox, minecraft story mode, minecraft handbook free, minecraft creepypasta, minecraft diary of a wimpy, game fanfiction, minecraft game, minecraft story book, Minecraft Steve series, minecraft journal book, minecraft comics, free kids books, Minecraft Kids Book, minecraft books for kids, Minecraft Villagers, Minecraft Creeper, herobrine, Minecraft Skeleton Steve, minecraftales, minecraft fanfiction, minecraft diaries, minecraft tales, minecraft short stories, minecraft gift, minecraft short story.

4 Cool Books for Kids 9-12: Witch School, Body Swap, Where's Scotty, Diary of a 6th Grade Spy

Katrina Kahler - 2017
    You can choose which ones you want to read! Witch School Book 1: Imagine being 11 years old and discovering you are a witch! For Charlotte, this was a huge surprise! She had no idea her mother was a witch and she was about to be enrolled in the most prestigious Witch School in the world. At first she was fearful, but as she met new friends, amazing teachers and had magical experiences...she grew to love the school. Body Swap Book 1 - Catastrophe!:Swapping bodies might be fun for some but when 12 year old Jack Stevenson wakes up from a freak accident one day and finds himself in his dad's body, his life abruptly becomes one huge disaster after another. When he realizes that his dad will have to go to school in his place, things instantly get much, much worse. Will he be able to remain captain of the school football team and what will happen to Holly, the prettiest girl at school who he has a huge crush on and is hoping to be his girlfriend? What will all his friends think of his strange behavior and how will he ever cope with the sudden catastrophe he's been faced with? Where's Scotty? Book 1: Scotty is destined to save the world... but he’s gone missing! Now it’s up to Alex to find him. Teaming up with a wacky old wizard called Abraham and a crew of the laziest sailors around, Alex must brave storms, creepers, zombies and much worse to find out what has happened to her best friend. But will she be able to survive this crazy adventure? When will Abraham stop talking to random objects? What is going on with the mysterious island? And why does Captain Cat Danger like cats so much? Find out the answer to these questions and more as Alex's journey leads her into the adventure of a lifetime! Danger! Excitement! But will she find Scotty? Diary of a 6th Grade Spy Book 1: Samuel Greene and his friend Abigail discover that something is not quite right in their school library...there is something really strange about their new librarian! Sam discovers a book that leads to the adventure of a lifetime...traveling to another land called Gardinia where they find a kingdom surrounded with sadness. The Princess has been kidnapped! Sam and Abs decide to help and start an investigation to discover what has happened to the Princess and her gnome helper. Are they in danger? Will they rescue the Princess and restore happiness to the Kingdom? And why is the new librarian so strange? You'll find the answer to all these questions in this exciting fantasy story.

Fake It Till I Make It

Josie Eccles - 2018
    But when she loses her job, gets dumped and is made homeless within the space of a fortnight, Alex reluctantly returns to her home town – a place she thought she’d left for good 10 years earlier. With barely a penny to her name… Alex is surprised to find there are some advantages to moving back: reconnecting with old friends who had been such a big part of her teenage years. Although being back brings up old feelings Alex thought she had buried for good, feelings that should be well and truly left in the past – especially when it came to her old high school boyfriend, Lewis Ashworth. Desperate to return to her London lifestyle, Alex takes advice from her old school friend Cody McKenzie, who suggests she only has to “fake it till she makes it” How hard can that be? After all, hadn’t she been doing that for years? Whether reluctantly trying to drive her nan’s mobility scooter, putting bullying bosses in their place or looking for creative ways to avoid her mum’s increasingly weird cooking, follow Alex’s laugh-out-loud journey to “making it”

Bittersweet: A short story collection plus extract of new novel Christmas at the Beach Hut

Veronica Henry - 2018
    From forgotten loves to second chances, new happiness and old friends, this is an uplifting and moving collection of short stories about how love changes, and how it changes us - from Sunday Times bestseller Veronica Henry. Your favourite authors love Veronica's gorgeous storytelling: 'Fills your heart with joy and leaves you with a big fat smile on your face' Milly Johnson on Christmas at the Beach Hut 'Truly blissful escapism' Lucy Diamond on A Family Recipe 'A delight from start to finish' Jill Mansell on The Forever House - - - - - ** This is a collection of short stories **

The Road To The King: The Tale of Joseph Asher

Steven Styles - 2012
    From its high rocky peaks to the North to the swamps and cliffs of the South--and all great forests, small villages and bustling towns in between--the citizens of The Kingdom live and work in safety. Beneath the calm surface, however, dwells a vile and secret society... a simmering corruption just waiting to emerge to swallow the entire nation. Stumbled upon by a mere peasant solider--a lieutenant on routine patrol of a rural highway--the hidden evil destroys the entire unit of Kingdom soldiers, leaving its leader wounded, galloping madly for home. As Lieutenant John Asher lies dying on his own table, he recruits his young son, Joseph, to swiftly bear a warning message to the King. Alone and grieving his father, the boy navigates the highways to the Capitol City, by the Great Bay. He finds a way into the Palace citadel and finally finds audience with the mysterious monarch and his elite guard, the Shamar. Impressed by young Joseph's bravery, the king grants him an unusual reward: an aristocrat's education alongside his training, as a blacksmith. Despite ridicule and strife, Joseph grows into a skilled swordsman, practicing his trade of smithing until called upon by the king to service, to stand in the way of the poison now creeping into his land...

Minecraft: Wimpy Villager: Book 12 (An unofficial Minecraft book)

Cube Kid - 2016
    . the longest in the series. Graduation is coming, competition is fierce, and four new tests have Runt shaking in his enchanted little ninja boots. As he struggles to hold onto his student rank, he faces the most difficult challenge yet. Rivalry. Jealousy. Betrayal. Sabotage. For his dream to become a reality, he must overcome all of this . . . and learn that a warrior's true strength lies not in the sword, but the heart. (This ebook is written by me, the actual Cube Kid. Check my Facebook to confirm.) Note: This book has a Kindle page count of 337, making it more than twice as long as any other book in the series. Books 9 through 11 were roughly 130 pages each. This is the reason for the slight price increase. I, Cube Kid, will never scam you. <3 <3 <3

The Haunted Dollhouse (The Ghost Store)

E.R. Rose - 2016
    She can see ghosts and she helps them with any unfinished business. In this first story, Lottie’s dad brings a dollhouse into the family store. A ghost is attached to it. It doesn’t take Lottie long to connect with the ghost, but when she does, her heart fills with sadness. This is going to be a difficult case for Lottie, but she is determined to help the ghost.

Wingling (Ellery Rider)

Megan McCabe - 2012
    Before he did, he carefully eliminated all obstacles in his way—or so he thought. Despite all his efforts, a wide network of spies and soldiers are planning to remove him from power and put his niece, the First Princess, on the throne.Fourteen-year-old Ellery Rider is an orphan living in a frontier village cut off from the terror Jadeth has caused. When a knight arrives to recruit men for the army massing against the king, her only worry is that her cousin and only friend will be dragged into the war.When the knight gives her an emerald necklace, Ellery discovers that she has much bigger things to worry about. The emerald is a dragonstone, and Ellery has become one of the Draikon, the mythical race of dragon shapeshifters who are the shadow king’s only enemies. Despised throughout Prell for abandoning Jadeth’s eldest brother in his hour of need, they are nevertheless the only thing that stands between the shadow king and absolute power.

The Best of Laugh Yourself Silly Jokes for Kids Sampler: Children's Juvenile Humor Ages 6-14 Riddles Knock-Knock Jokes

H.A. Riddle - 2018
    LAUGH YOURSELF SILLY is just what this book will do to readers, with a ton of jokes and hysterical illustrations, there's something for every kid ages 6-14! This 70-page book features samples from some of the best jokes from each book in the series: jokes for kids, knock-knock, spooky, sports, school, holidays, animals, food, funny situations & more, Plus--new, original jokes you won't find in other joke books! Sign up at the author's website,, to get the full book - free! Get info about upcoming titles in the series.

300 Best Jokes: One-Liners and Funny Short Stories Collection (Donald's Humor Factory Book 1)

Donald Shaw - 2017
    Looking for Something New and Really Funny? Imagine you can get it with JUST ONE CLICK! Yes, this is a JOKE BOOK of your dreams. Vol.1 of the Donald's Humor Factory series. This super funny adult joke book is free of swear words. Donald Shaw is a popular comic and an award-winning humor books author (his wife gave him a French kiss award)! His jokes are loved by thousands of people from Alaska to Zimbabwe, and possibly outside of Earth. Joking is always fun! Jokes bring smiles to people’s faces. Jokes make us laugh. People fall in love when they smile at each other. We love joking in the company of our best friends and families. Jokes help us to relax and overcome any difficulties. Joking is an awesome social skill and a great way to make new friends and to communicate nearly in any surrounding. Many people also love just to read some good jokes for amusement. However, it is not that easy to find real good jokes today. Some of them are simply out-of-date. Some of them are not clean enough. You may also find many joke books that are not really funny and contain too much fluff and advertising. This jokes book is different! Buying this humor book you will get: A great collection of 300 FUNNY JOKES One-liners, real-life awkward situations, and hilarious short stories Great book to read on a long trip Clean and dirty jokes WITHOUT nasty words Jokes for adults and teenagers Jokes about relationship, marriage, bar, professions, hobbies, etc. LIMITED TIME BONUS: the link to download my FREE HUMOR LIBRARY that includes hundreds of great jokes for kids, adults, and teenagers. So the whole family may have fun! This is no-brainer, really! This book is free of racism. I support LGBT community, because love is love. I love all people in the world and I want to make you laugh and smile! This is my ultimate goal and I did not mean to insult anyone. So relax, take it easy and enjoy this humor book! Buy this funny book NOW and roll on the floor laughing! Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Your Hand in Mine (Glen Avich to Seal Island)

Daniela Sacerdoti - 2016
     If you love embarking on an emotional journey with Jojo Moyes or Amanda Prowse, you will adore Daniela Sacerdoti. Pamela has devoted her life to providing a safe haven in the village of Glen Avich for her daughter Mairi, a happy little girl with a big heart. Since her daughter's medical results came in and Mairi's father Douglas walked out, Pamela has vowed that no one would hurt Mairi again, least of all Douglas's bully of a father, who forbade his wife Morag to have anything to do with her granddaughter. When Pamela loses her mother, and her brother moves away, she finds herself alone and longing for a family for Mairi. So when a letter arrives from the recently widowed Morag, inviting them to visit her at home on the tiny island of Seal, Pamela agrees to go. Will it be another failed attempt to build bridges with Douglas's family? Or is Seal waiting for them with unexpected gifts?