The Lost Lass of Sheffield

Rosie Swan - 2020
    The world outside for an orphan teen on dark Victorian streets is not a kind one.Bradford Pikes has loved Amy since their first childhood games together, but now his sweetheart has disappeared and his love remains unspoken. He knows the dark London streets swallow innocent girls like Amy leaving them bereft of not only family but of hope.Will he find her in time? Save Amy from the forces arrayed against their love? Or will the Sheffield lass be lost forever?The Lost Lass of Sheffield is the debut Victorian romance by Rosie Swan. If you love historical Victorian sagas that celebrate the resilience of the human heart in the face of insurmountable challenges you will love the deep and moving tale of The Lost Lass of Sheffield.

The Retribution Of An Honest Man

Evelyn Boyett - 2019
    But to have no recollection of who you are or why you’ve been beaten, branded and left for dead, well, that would be the sort of terror there are no words for. With nothing but the memory of a beautiful woman, he doesn’t know and the seed of vengeance slowly growing from his gut for a wrong he feels has been done to him, a man sets out to find who he is and who left him out in the desert to die. But will he discover his identity? And when he does, will he regret knowing the truth of the heinous crime he was accused of committing? Or will he discover his desire for revenge is justified? The town of Hempstead, Texas is an unholy place where honest men stay in the shadows and the corrupt walk bravely in the sunlight. But all of that is about to change when the rumors start to tumble into town with the weeds and wind. The rumors of the ghost searching for his love and… retribution. If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this addictive Novel by Evelyn Boyett. "The Retribution Of An Honest Man" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel of approximately 400 pages.

Highland Rogues

Tarah Scott - 2016
    Both need him… neither wants him. Groomed for a life amongst the English aristocracy, Lord Erroll Rushton is unexpectedly thrust back into his father’s Scottish world when the Englishwoman he compromises refuses to marry him. No gentleman breaks into a lady’s bedchamber...but then, no lady sleeps with a pistol under her pillow. Miss Eve Crenshaw will marry for love or won’t marry at all. When London’s most notorious rakehell breaks into Eve’s bedroom in the dead of night and compromises her beyond repair, she plans a daring elopement that shocks even the earl. Blurb, reviews snippets – Claimed Talbot expects to find a hostile woman in the Scottish heiress Edward commands him to marry. Instead, he discovers a Highland beauty worthy of a man’s respect...and love. Talbot will do anything to win her acceptance—except the one thing she demands: betray his king and embrace his Scottish heritage. My Highland Lord London Heiress kidnapped by the Marquess of Ashlund, read the headlines. Yet no one tried to save her. Phoebe Wallington was seven years old when a mass assassination attempt rocked Regency England. Her father was the only accused traitor to elude capture. Now as a grown woman and a British spy, she is no closer to learning what really happened that day. Phoebe's quest for the truth takes a sudden turn when she's kidnapped by suspected traitor Kiernan MacGregor, the Marquess of Ashlund. However, Kiernan may not live long enough to stand trial. Someone wants him dead…and Phoebe stands in the killer's way. The only way to save her reputation and protect Kiernan is to marry him. Lord Grayson's Bride Nicholas Spencer, Earl of Grayson, won’t make the same mistake twice and let Josephine Knightly go. She loves him. He felt it in their one kiss before he left, and in the single kiss she allowed since his return. But she’s doing everything in her power to sabotage the marriage even before it’s begun. Nicholas doesn’t care. If Hell is where he must live to have her, then she must stand by his side in the fire. Lord Ruthven's Bride Love is always sweetest the first time around… A harmless attraction leads to a friendship that forces Lady Annabelle to choose between the two men who love her. One saved her from a killer. The other is her future husband. James Waterson, newly titled Viscount Ruthven, is hunting a killer. When Lady Annabelle steps into the killer’s sights, James will do everything in his power to protect her. Even if that means letting her go.

The Pickpocket's Christmas

Sadie Hope - 2019
    Can she survive the lecherous landlord and will she be able to keep a roof over their head? Emma never understood the realities of poverty until her dear mama became sick. Now she is alone and she never found out the secret of why their papa left them. It doesn’t matter, he is not coming back. That was just a childish hope she needs to let go. What must two children do to survive Victorian London? Emma must take care of her brother and do everything she can to keep her job. Only she hides a terrible secret. One that could lose them everything. Seeing danger in every kindness, they are left without hope. A chance encounter on the market could bring good fortune. Has David found a way to take care of them. Are their fortunes looking up or is this the nightmare their mama always warned them of? Perfect for lovers of Dilly Court, Faye Godwin and Emma Hornby

Her Unintentional Pure Love

Lilah Rivers - 2020
    She lives in a disrepaired ranch in Coleburn with her father and her brother, since a double disaster turned everything upside down: her dearest mother passed away and winter storms wiped out most of their cattle herd. Having to deal with her father's gabling addiction, as well as her brother's irresponsibility, she desperately hopes for things to get better. When a wealthy young rancher offers a helping hand with the critically damaged ranch, she will doubt his true intentions. Will his manipulative behavior become an obstacle to her growing fondness for him?Jarrett Rains is the third son of the wealthiest family in Coleburn County. For many years, he has dreamt of marrying Pauline Dixon and has no plans to escape that fate. When he loses a poker game to one of the most misfortunate farmers in the town, his pride is deeply hurt. Feeling completely humiliated and embarrassed, he decides to do whatever it takes to get sweet revenge on his family. Having the perfect plan in mind, he will start working for the Andersons. But will he succeed in fulfilling his insidious idea or will the Anderson family realize his underlying goal?Life in the ranch brings Jarrett and Laila closer than they would ever expect to be, and undeniable emotions are growing between them. Will Jarrett get the future he has always been planning, and run off with Pauline? Or will he see that real respect, honor and love might be staring him right in the face without him realizing it?"Her Unintentional Pure Love" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

God’s Gift to Love Again

Chloe Carley - 2020
    Will they put their trust in God?Innocent - Romantic - Mighty!Amie Davison is a kind-hearted, beautiful woman that would do anything to protect the children at the church shelter. Even though recently orphaned, Amie chooses to see the best in people, although people with dark secrets surround her. Despite her innocent character, she will face everyone threatening the church and stand by the side of anyone that would help it. Like the new deputy. How will her faith guide her through this new challenge?Josh Morgan is a reserved and repentant deputy. He is grateful for the opportunity he was given to turn his life around, and he would do anything to prevent going back to a life of crime. But now that he is starting to realize that people are not who they claim to be, he will have to make a choice. Will he look after the people that need him the most, even if that means losing everything?When the truth about Amie’s father comes to light, she will need him to fight beside her. How can Amie and Josh save the church and revenge the murder of her father while safeguarding their love?"God’s Gift to Love Again" is a stand-alone Christian Historical Romance Novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Everly / Sarah / Beth / Maggie's Gift

Kay P. Dawson - 2015
    Dawson Inside, you will get the following books: Everly Sarah Beth Maggie's Gift - Short Story EVERLY The terms of her father's will leave Everly with no choice but to marry before her 21st birthday in order to ensure the security of her family. Will she be able to get over her anger towards men in enough time to find someone to marry? Answering an ad for a mail order bride, she finds Ben - a man who needs a woman to help him raise his two nieces left in his care. Can they find love while dealing with both a vindictive stepmother who wants to stop her from marrying, and a meddling woman who is determined to take the children from Ben? They will both have to learn to trust, even as the past threatens to ruin everything. SARAH Always optimistic Sarah believes in happily ever after, even after her own heartbreak. After overhearing a conversation that will affect her future, she decides to take fate into her own hands and answer an ad for a mail order bride. However, imagine her shock when she arrives in Wyoming only to discover the very man who broke her heart is standing there, determined to save her from the man she was coming to marry. Jake swore he would never marry after being left at the alter, but as a favor to his cousin, he meets the train carrying a woman he has vowed to put his distance between. In order to save her from having to follow through with a marriage to the most dangerous man in the state, Jake ends up having to marry her himself. Angry about being forced into a marriage he never wanted, Jake is determined not to make this easy. But, Sarah is also determined, promising to show him that happily ever after isn't just in fairy tales. Sarah and Jake will be put to the test as they struggle to understand their feelings, until something happens that threatens to take away everything they have together. Will Jake be able to realize his love for Sarah before it's too late? BETH Determined not to be a burden on her mother, Beth takes a job working with the local sheriff. Hoping to use her position to help take down the much hated Barlow men, she doesn’t plan on the feelings she will start to have for the man she is working beside. When she is charged with a crime she didn’t commit, can the man she has started to care for help her? Or, will it be even too much for him to save her? Nate Dixon has his own score to settle with the Barlow’s, and doesn’t need interference from a woman getting in his way. As if one woman working with him wasn’t enough to deal with, now he has another woman arriving with the expectation of marriage. Trouble is, she isn’t the woman he is in love with. What will happen when he discovers something from the past that can change everything? And, will this new woman get between what is starting to grow between him and Beth? Together, Nate and Beth will have to find a way to get through the pain of the past and learn to trust each other, while they deal with circumstances that seem determined to keep them apart. MAGGIE'S GIFT - Short Story Fleeing from a man determined to make her his own after the death of her husband, Emma finds herself in Mulder Creek, Wyoming with only her dog for company.

Nightingale (Crimson Romance)

Sharon Ervin - 2013
    Two years younger than Queen Victoria, Jessica is the well-educated daughter of a deceased professor. Sole support of her widowed mother and avoiding an unacceptable marriage prospect, Jessica has secretly collected a flock of cast-off hens, and is supplementing her income hoping to improve her future.Jessica is alarmed when horsemen race headlong through the twilight on the footpath she has inadvertently cut to the henhouse. She stops the charge short of disaster to find the threat is not many horses, but one magnificent, riderless runaway. Ignorant of the dangers in handling an overwrought stallion, Jessica calms the animal. She calls him “Sweetness.”Backtracking, Jessica finds the missing rider, twenty-eight-year-old Devlin Miracle, the arrogant Twelfth Duke of Fornay, badly injured, and waiting for daylight. But, for this aristocrat, there will be no daylight. His injuries have left him blind.Struggling against their disparities, Devlin and Jessica resist, but sometimes love will not be ignored.Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Laced By Love

Linda Carroll-Bradd - 2016
    The day after the troupe arrives in tiny Morgan’s Crossing, the manager takes all the money and leaves town. By opening a dressmaker shop, Cinnia hopes to make the home she’s always wanted, but Nola, the older sister who has made the decisions for the orphaned sisters, disagrees. Leather worker Nicolai Andrusha is living in hiding as Nic Andrews until the patent on his family’s tanning process is approved. Although he’s under a mandate to keep a low profile, he’s intrigued by the red-haired performer. Controversy arises when miners claim they paid the manager for private appointments with the female performers. Will Nicolai defy his family obligation to help the stranded beauty who has caught his eye?

Sally's Christmas (Frontier Christmas Brides and Babies Series Book 1)

Katie Wyatt - 2018
    Grieving the loss of her parents, and on the verge of being homeless as the bank threatens to repossess her home after her father’s loan is forfeited, Sally knows she has to find a way to stay strong for her little brother, Enos. When Enos tells her of a mail-order bride he saw in town, Sally immediately writes to Blue Holloway in Nacogdoches, Texas.Blue responds immediately and soon, Sally and Enos are off to meet Sally’s new fiancée. Only … Blue has a surprise in store for them. Or rather, Blue’s friend Aleta has a surprise for them all! Will Blue and Sally’s fledgling relationship survive the shock of Aleta’s revelation? Will Enos fit in with his three new sisters? Will the bully making little Miriam’s life miserable finally be brought to justice? Tis the season for family, faith, and friends. Join us for the wintry ride!Frontier Christmas Brides and Babies SeriesBook 1: Sally’s ChristmasBook 2: Amelia’s ChristmasBook 3: Jenny’s ChristmasBook 4: Margaret ChristmasBook 5: Jane Brown’s ChristmasBook 6: Bessie’s Christmas ....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”.... Katie Wyatt: #1 Best Seller in New Release Romance #1 Best Seller in 90 Minute Short Reads #1 Best Seller in Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction #1 Best Seller in Western & Frontier Christian Romance #1 Best Seller in Christian Westerns #1 Best Seller in Historical #1 Best Seller in Collections & Anthologies #1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult #1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality #1 Best Seller in Children's Christian Books Katie Wyatt Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride historical Western romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

A Mysterious Lady for the Resolute Sheriff

Carol Colyer - 2019
    He's only got time to make sure everyone in his little town is safe from all danger - especially from the vicious Kinsley gang! After witnessing a fierce shooting, Trent swore to bring every single one of the gang's members to justice. For years they eluded him. They've become his obsession - until one day he meets someone else who captures his attention. Can he afford to succumb to this alluring distraction?Eliza Kinsley is a beautiful, mysterious woman trying to get a job as a new school teacher in town. But she has a well kept secret that revolves around her ties with the Kinsley gang. What is she hiding? She wants to make a new start, but someone is holding her back. Trent's feelings towards Eliza are growing rapidly, but she's keeping him at arm's length in order to protect him from the truth. Can she trust her heart, even if the risk is too high for them both?In this Romeo and Juliet kind of situation, can Eliza follow her heart and be happy, or will her secrets stand in the way of her true love? And will Trent be able to handle the truth about the woman who stole his heart?"A Mysterious Lady for the Resolute Sheriff" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Come-By-Chance Western Romance: Books 1-4 (The Come-By-Chance Box Set Series)

Juliet James - 2017

Orphan Train Romance Series

Zoe Matthews - 2015
    Can she learn to accept Clinton’s love for her? Together, can they form a strong family unit for three siblings? Big Spring Brides: Anna Anna has spent her childhood in an orphanage. She is given a chance for a new life in Texas traveling on an orphan train. She is adopted by a couple who needs her help with their store. When she is an adult, she decides to become a mail-order bride to a man who owns a ranch in Montana. Will she be able to accept the man who is really meant for her? Big Spring Brides: Serena Serena has always wanted a family. When she agrees to go to Texas with a group of orphans, she is adopted by a kind family. Yet, she has a hard time with the idea that anyone could really love her. Nine years later, she is given a chance to go to Montana where Anna lives and marry Paul, a brother of Anna’s husband as a mail-order bride. Will she be able to learn to love Paul and to accept his love for her? Big Spring Brides: Katrina As a 12-year-old, Katrina leaves the orphanage to go to Texas because her best friends, Anna and Serena, want a chance for a family. She is adopted by a well-to-do family who tries to force her to make a decision she doesn’t want to make when she is an adult. She leaves with Serena to join Anna and to teach at a ranch in Montana. While there, she meets Luke, the eldest brother of Paul and Alex, who has made a vow he will never marry again, not even to provide a mother for his daughter. Can Katrina and Luke help each other learn to love?

Loving a Tender Outlaw

Lorelei Brogan - 2019
    When circumstances arise and her kidnapping becomes a permanent situation, Kate finds herself bonding with the very man who took her away from her family and fiance. Will it be possible for her to find what she was looking for where she least expected to? When the time comes, will she choose love over family, or will she find a way to have it all? Jack has led a rough life and he's determined to care for no one but himself. When he is hired by someone to kidnap young Kate and hold her for ransom, he jumps at the chance. But getting the money will not be that easy, as Kate's father is prepared to fight back. Jack is initially challenged by her stubbornness, but in time he discovers that her sweet personality brings out a softer side of him. In this impossible dilemma he is facing, will he choose to save the woman who makes him a better person over money? Nothing is what it appears to be and when all cards are revealed, decisions will need to be made. Who is behind Kate's kidnapping? They say when you find love, hold on to it, but will Kate and Jack dare to let love conquer all?

A Home for Elizabeth

Cheyanne West - 2019
    Debtors come knocking aggressively on her door, making threats, and all she can do is pray that God sends help—fast! Help comes in the guise of a mail-order bride ad and soon Elizabeth is sailing to America, on her way to marry Edmund Williams in San Diego, California. But danger follows her across the ocean and into the arms of Edmund, who has also lost everything and stands to lose even more as he and his friends confront the Clawson Gang that is threatening San Diego. Just when it looks like two shattered lives may finally be mended, Elizabeth’s past reaches out to yank her back. Will Edmund’s steadfast love and Elizabeth’s faith be enough to save both their lives?  There are 6 clean and wholesome Mail Order Bride stories in this series that will touch your heart.  These are tales demonstrating qualities of fortitude, strength, and valor through biblical themes.  Stories you’ll find in this series are: Book 1 – A Home for Elizabeth Book 2 – A Sturdy Hand for Sharron Book 3 – Welsh Beauty for a Fierce FighterBook 4 – Irish Lass for a Wounded WarriorBook 5 – An English Bride for a Lonely CaptainBook 6 - A Highlander Bride for the Dark Rider