You Got A Whole Wife At Home: A Gripping Emotional Standalone

Kevina Hopkins - 2019
    All she's ever wanted was a man to call her own but when she meets and falls deeply in love with Tyriq she realizes it's easier said then done. What she thought was love, was nothing but lies, hurt and betrayal so she picks up the pieces to her heart, leaving Tyriq and taking a secret with her. On her journey to getting herself back together, she meets Jayden. Jayden becomes Caprice's confidant, lover and friend. They have nothing but love for each other but the only problem is Caprice is afraid of history repeating itself so now she has to decide if the fear of getting hurt again will cause her to become a savage and lose out one the love of her life or will she step out on faith and be happy again. Find out if love or fear conquers all in this new tale of love, lies and deceit.

Pretty Beach Blooms: A Gorgeous new cosy sweet romance for 2022!

Polly Babbington - 2022

Player Brothers Box Set

Maddie Bandy - 2020
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Dying To Love Her

Tina Martin - 2014
     CEO of Rockwell Computer Components, his company is on the verge of the biggest merger in its twelve-year history. However, his attention is soon diverted from company matters after a chance meeting with Ava, a young woman he met on vacation two years ago – the one that got away. And he can’t help but notice that the little boy beside her looks just like him. Andre begins to juggle the complexities of work while seeking answers from Ava – wanting to know why she chose to neglect telling him about his son. Angry and confused, he also needs closure regarding her disappearing act two years ago and demands to know the reason why she never called him after the week they spent together in paradise. But he’s not prepared for her answer... Ava knows she shouldn’t have kept Andre’s son a secret from him. But she couldn’t find it in herself to tell Andre the reason she cut off ties with him – that she’s in failing health. When he finds out the truth, Andre must decide what’s important to him – his company or his family. Will he walk away from Ava and his newly discovered son to grow his business? Or will he find forgiveness in his heart for wrongs that had been committed against him. Will love ultimately prevail?

The Keatyn Chronicles Set: Books 8-12

Jillian Dodd - 2019
    Discover a breathless fairy-tale romance with swoon-worthy characters set in a glittering celebrity world. Fans of reality TV will devour this pulse-pounding, sexy Hollywood drama. Follow the lives and loves of those who work at Captive Films: Riley Johnson — Captive Films’ CEO and millionaire playboy is hot, privileged, and seriously single. He’s got it all—a brand new jet, exotic cars, a luxury penthouse, and a different aspiring actress (or two) in his bed every night. His life is perfect until the only girl he ever loved walks back into it, causing him to wonder if he truly has it all. Keatyn Douglas — Hollywood’s sweetheart and owner of Captive Films leads a chaotic, glamorous life. But running a successful film studio, writing scripts, and her own acting career leave little time for the things she dreams of, like marrying the man she loves and having babies. When drama starts at work, she may decide to give it all up for life out of the fast lane. Dawson Johnson — The dark and dreamy marketing consultant joins Captive to escape his past. For the last two years, his sole focus has been on caring for his adorable daughters after tragedy struck their lives. He comes to Captive looking for a fresh start and, if all goes well, he might find a lot more than that in Hollywood. Knox Daniels — Considered the sexiest man alive by a certain magazine, the sentiment is echoed by the actor’s adoring fans. While romance abounds in the roles he plays, he’s convinced he’ll never find his own happily ever after—until he meets a woman who just might change that. Shelby Benson — The beautiful cocktail waitress and wanna-be actress struggles to make ends meet. A chance encounter with Riley Johnson is her lucky break and the golden ticket to everything she’s ever dreamed of—fame, power, money, sex, and love. Written soap-opera style with multiple points of view, you can expect lots of drama, sex, and tabloid-worthy events.


Debbie Viggiano - 2016
    But things aren’t always as they seem, as Janey is about to discover when an unexpected stranger turns up exposing a secret that shatters her world. There’s only one thing for it. She’s going to have to disappear. Garth Davis thought he had it all too, until a secret is revealed that turns his world upside down. He is left with one burning question, but he’s going to have to take a five-thousand-mile journey to find the answer. When Janey’s and Garth’s worlds collide, a thaw takes place in Janey’s heart. But is Garth ‘The One’? Making the right decision isn’t easy, especially when Janey’s own past rushes back to meet her.

Don't Kiss Your Brother's Sworn Enemy (Don't Kiss! Series Book 1)

Elle Gonzales - 2020
    Well, according to her twin brother Cole, that is. Cole's resentment toward him has been there for as long as she can remember.So it goes without saying that she needs to stay away from Jake if she wants to keep the peace. That should be easy, right?Except there's one problem: Jake is assigned as her partner for a school paper. And as if that's not enough, she also needs his help to get back in her best friend's good graces.Callie knows that getting close to him is not a good idea. Too bad she's starting to like him...

Ved Maya

Vineeta Malhotra Taneja - 2019
    A humble, helpful and gentle soul who is loved by all…except by the one woman he loves with all his heart. Maya, a young and vivacious girl, who has been challenged by fate time and again. From being left motherless at the tender age of three, to being shunned by her family at 22, Maya didn’t have it easy. While Ved opens his heart for Maya, she makes it clear to him that the only feeling she will ever have for him is hatred. Come and embark on this journey of emotions, misunderstandings, love...and be a part of their emotional rollercoaster ride.

Her Sister's Wedding (Sister Brides of Pepper Gulch Book 1)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

Amazing Billionaire Christmas

Nella Tyler - 2020

A Love So Blue

Mel Dau - 2021
    After a life altering event in her late teen years that resulting in the loss of her older brother, she sees the world in a different light. She could have taken the loss and let it control her but she Bossed up and allowed it to empower herself to be a force in her community fighting against Police Brutality. She stands for what she believes in and is unapologetic in that stand. Now, she’s ready to stand in love. When Vega steps into her life he turns it on its axis. She hesitant in her interactions with him but he wins her over, it’s a done deal. Will a very important life detail be the unraveling of their newly budding relationship or will it be a game changer for the better? Will Vega Samuels be the man that Onyx Manigault stands within Love or will the shade of Blue be too much to handle?

A Surprising Salvation on his Doorstep: A Christian Historical Romance Book

Chloe Carley - 2022

Baby, I Need Something Different

Prenisha Aja' - 2018
    What started off as roses and butterflies soon became heartbreak, lies, and abuse. With her best friends, Malanie and June praying she finds somebody to love her right. They are left to sit back and be the shoulder she needs to cry on while she loses herself in a toxic relationship. Nevertheless, God has a funny way of placing the right people in your life even if it’s at the wrong time. With Piper steady running into Rex due to unfortunate situations, she finds herself feeling like she found her SuperMan. Even with the attraction and sparks flying between the two of them, fear has a way of holding you back and causing you to miss out on your blessing. Will Piper let the fear of moving on keep her in a dead end relationship or will she get to experience something other than heartbreak?

Montgomery House (The Lighthearted Collection)

Katharine E. Hamilton - 2017
    Unfortunately, rumors spread of mysterious happenings haunting the property, and the only contractor willing to take on the project is Jackson Dean, the long lost nephew of her grandmother’s chief enemy. Jackson Dean moves to Georgia to reignite his family relations, but his work poses a threat to a peaceful transition. He accepts the job on Montgomery House to prove his skills as a contractor, but what he is not expecting are his feelings towards the granddaughter of Sissy Montgomery, and his personal quest to mend more than just the house. Elizabeth and Jackson must learn to work together on more than just construction, and their hearts must face more than just family prejudice. Can years of family rivalry truly be forgiven?

Something About You, Got Me Feenin’ For More

Dymond Taylor - 2019
    At an early age she was apparent to what it was like to not have and want and need things but couldn’t obtain it. When she was at the age where she could make a change, she stopped at nothing to turn around she and her sickly mother’s life. Exceeding her goals; she transitioned them both from a shelter to a home. She got her dream car and her bank account was no longer saying zero. One night out celebrating one of the best accomplishments of her life, takes an abrupt turn she wasn’t quite ready for. Lanka wanting to let her hair down and have a little fun, engages in a spontaneous moment with the very sexy and smooth Rio. It changes her life drastically, resulting in Lanka losing everything that she had worked hard for. But how? How can one night of passion with a stranger destroy everything someone has worked hard to gain, you might ask? We’ve all heard of the saying “When a good girl goes bad”. But what happens when a good guy is wronged? Donterio is a hardworking man who did all he could to provide for his wife and son. He would do any and everything just to see them smile. He soon finds out sometimes your best is just not enough, when he receives a text from his wife, calling it quits; not only leaving him but their son as well. He couldn’t have been more devastated. He was hurt. He couldn’t comprehend how someone he loved, and trust could do him that way. The saying “misery loves company” was indeed true in this twisted tale. Lanka receives a firsthand course when she encounters a man who has it made up in his mind that all women are conniving. Find out how a one-night stand flips Lanka’s life upside down; literally.