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The Teacher (I Grandi dell'Educazione) by Thomas Aquinas


The Eleventh Hour: Resurrection Book III (The Eleventh Hour Trilogy)

Kathryn Dionne - 2012

Chair Time

Dan Southerland - 2013
    Most of us have the talking part down. The listening part – not so much! Chairtime is the story of learning to listen to God. It is a simple story of a simple man learning a life changing truth. God wants to speak to us! He will if we get in the chair!

Honor's Wedding

Brenda Maxfield - 2019
    It would give her and her parents a roof over their heads. It would allow them to stay put in Hollybrook. But there is one glaring problem. She doesn’t love Gabe. Oh, he’s a nice enough guy, but there are no sparks. No passion. Gabe Chupp can’t believe his good fortune—God is certainly smiling down on him. He’s secretly loved Honor for years, so when she begins seeking him out, he is over the moon. But after their wedding, something is wrong. What happened to his bright, happy, vivacious bride? On the heels of a devastating family crisis, Gabe discovers the truth, and his world comes crashing down. Now what is he supposed to do? Now that he knows… “In the tradition of the works of Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, and Wanda Brunstetter, Brenda Maxfield continues to bring you gripping Amish romances of love, hope, and God’s miracles.” Enjoy this inspirational Christian romance today! FREE Download on Kindle Unlimited!

The Village Guard Diaries (Book 1): The Search for John (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Mark Mulle - 2016
    The village master has given her his blessing, but on the condition that she return—no matter what— by her 15th birthday. Join Cassie on her adventure, as she battles spiders, creepers and other enemies to find a Prismarine Shard, the one thing that can help her find John. Other books in this exciting Minecraft series Book 1: The Search for John, Book 3: Going Home, Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

Praying the Promises of God for Daily Blessings and Breakthrough

Daniel C. Okpara - 2017
    It doesn't matter how fierce the battle we find ourselves are, the WORD of God will always work. Jesus gave us a template for dealing with the devil from His encounter with satan on the mount. Three times he said, "It is written." "It is written," that is, declaring the word of God in the face of the situation and circumstance remain the smartest thing for us to do to win the battles we face every day. As you learn to stand on what God has said about your life, marriage, career, family and continue to pray and declare the scriptures, at first, it might look like you're deceiving yourself. But in reality, you are winning the battle. This book will guide you to simple and easy steps to pray the scriptures and manifest the victory and blessings and God for your life.

The Books of Heaven : A Feature Message from Operating in the Courts of Heaven

Robert Henderson - 2017
    Robert Henderson provides a glimpse into these heavenly books—explaining their link to God's kingdom purposes and your personal destiny!

God Send Me My Husband!

Sherylynne L. Rochester - 2017
    Rochester, Comes A Cautionary Christian Tale That Will Sweep You Away!Are you a devout young Christian single that feels the right person might never come for you?Are you thinking of just letting go and settling with someone that doesn’t feel right for your life?Do you fear that maybe God has forgotten you and left you alone with no hope?Get this amazing, enticing book by Sherylynne L. Rochester and let it remind you of what you may be forgetting; that He always has the best in store for us and all He asks for is simply our patience and faith – otherwise we may have to face the repercussions of dangerous and destructive relationships that lurk just around the corner!Follow A Christian Woman’s Story As She Learns The Dangers of Desperation!Meet Laila, a woman of true values and Christian ethics that struggles between her fear that she may never find the right man to share her life with and her prayer to God to bring him in her path. What can happen if she lets herself stray from His loving embrace? What can happen if she allows desperation to overtake her?Let her guide you through her inner thoughts, doubts, and fears as she finally meets her one and only – or is she letting herself believe that she does? In the end, is he her way to pure romantic bliss or a really great disguise for a pathway leading somewhere else? Share the message she tries to convey. Strengthen your faith in the One who knows who the right one is for you and when it is the right time for you to meet the love of your life – even though it may feel like it takes a long time for marriage to come. By Best-Selling Author of “Altered Destiny; A Hustler’s Choice”, Sherylynne L. Rochester!With amazing details, beautiful descriptions and exquisite emotional sharing, Sherylynne Rochester guides you through a brilliant story, answers your questions, shares testimonies, addresses your fears and soothes your soul by reminding you the simplest of truths; God who loves you is writing your love story – just have faith and don’t risk your soul’s integrity due to some moments of weakness; because some choices have irreversible results.Don’t Wait Any Longer!Place Your Order Now For This Exquisite Story Of God’s Love, Protection, & Redemption!FREE GIFT INSIDE BOOK!

Faith & Family Christmas Collection (20 Book Box Set)

Emma Ashwood - 2021

Rescued Love (Love on the Western Trail Book 2)

Linda Ford - 2021

Mail Order Husband: Brothers of Buckaroo 2-in-1 Special Edition: Lead Us West & Land of the Free

Terri Grace - 2017
    A Special Double Helping of Mail Order adventure and romance. Mark and Elias Hammond are brothers in bustling Boston. The two brothers have been very close from childhood, and especially since they made a promise to their dying mother years before that they would never be separated. Both work in a Boston factory, but Elias finds the work dreary and degrading, and the unfaithful and insistent wife of his boss harasses Mark. Elias has heard of Mail Order Brides, but never of a woman seeking for a spouse in the east. When he reads in a newspaper of a Western woman seeking a husband, his curiosity as to what kind of lady would be bold and daring enough to advertise for a husband prompts him write to her. Brenda Lincoln and her sister, Kaitlin, sound like a very interesting females indeed! Finally, when the slighted bosses’ wife falsely accuses Mark of robbery from the company coffers, the brothers are forced to flee. Their journey takes them to the doorstep of Brenda and Kaitlin, and then the adventure really begins!

A Groom Worth the Risk (Mail Order Brides of Nebraska)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

An Unwanted Bride and Baby Saved by the Bachelor Logger

Emma Morgan - 2021

The Hershberger Sisters at Christmas

Hannah Schrock - 2020

The Indian Bride and the One-Legged Hero (Love Against the Odds Book 3)

Indiana Wake - 2020

When God’s Light Inspires the Lost Bride: A Christian Historical Romance Book

Chloe Carley - 2021