Daddy Sir!: A true story about surviving childhood incest and physical abuse

Christine McAteer - 2019
    It is the story of a young girl who was raised in a 1960’s rural Texas town where she was physically and sexually abused by her oldest brother, uncle, father and grandfather. As a result of the trauma, she developed DID. Creating several alter personalities to survive the abuse, she was forced to watch the battering and neglect of her siblings. A child already trying to nurture those siblings, she cared for an invalid and ineffectual mother. From child to adolescent to adult, she courageously lived, surviving the most traumatic abuse. Daddy Sir! is a story of healing, recovery and hope. Christine Anderson’s story is not fiction. . .

Raising A Thief

Paul Podolsky - 2020

Droplets of God: The Life and Philosophy of Mavis Pittilla

Suzanne Giesemann - 2019
    One of these "spirit people" delivered a message that would ultimately save her life. Still, she wanted nothing to do with these visitors and sought help from her local Spiritualist church. There she learned to embrace these new experiences, opening her to a lifetime of service that has spanned continents. World-renowned and universally respected and beloved as a medium and teacher for over fifty years, Mavis Pittilla remains modest and humble. The story of her life reveals a multi-faceted, endearing woman who has overcome tremendous adversity, much of it caused by her own human frailties. Droplets of God is far more than Mavis's fascinating biography. It is a primer of the foundations of mediumship, the key philosophical teachings of Spiritualism, and of the soul's journey of self-realization.

Michelle's Story: One Woman's Escape from a Lifetime of Abuse

Shelley Chase - 2012
    Her first husband, and then her second husband end up abusing her also. Later on, both her surviving children were abused, one by her ex husband, another by a trusted boyfriend. Michelle finally manages to free herself from this cycle of abuse. This is her true story of her escape. It is Michelle's hope that her story will encourage others who are trapped in abuse to seek freedom.

Shine On You Crazy Junkie (Sweet Melissa, #6)

Susan Segovia-Munoz - 2017
    I searched for many years only to find that what I had been searching for, had been right in front of me all along.

Silent Child

Toni Maguire - 2020
    There are some memories labelled 'Look at', and others 'Leave well alone'...Emily Smith was held in a prison of fear for ten years. When she was four, her father left and a new man was brought into her life. He loved her, he kept telling her so, but the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at his hands were a daily nightmare. Until one day, after he crept into her bedroom, her life became unbearable.Emily found she was different in another way as her autism became more noticeable and punishments for her 'abnormal' behaviour more severe. Astonishingly, she managed to escape her home of hell, where she was abused right in front of her mother. Emily determinedly gained a university place and emerged triumphant with a new life and family in Ireland, desperate to treat her daughter, so similar to her, to a different life.Heartbreakingly true, Silent Child is a testament to Emily's strength as she sheds light on rampant abuse still happening today. Powerful and shocking, sharing her story means she finally has a voice to say: enough.


Jennifer Place - 2011
    My withdrawal/delirium tremens (DTs) were terrifying and excruciating.My story takes the reader through my experiences of late stage alcoholism, two arrests by my new husband of three months and my subsequent adventures through and between five inpatient treatment centers for alcohol abuse.

Bonus Time: A true story of surviving the worst and discovering the magic of every day

Brian Pennie - 2020

Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin

Stephen E. Crockett - 2012
    Please understand one critical feature of this book. It is a biography, hand written by the junkie in question about his life and his alone. As such it is not a piece of literary perfection. It has not been polished to perfection by a team of editors, nor was it published by a major publishing company. Black Tar: For The Love of Heroin was originally written on a legal pad as part of a twelve step program. It made its way to me, its ultimate editor, and I was amazed by the details Stephen was able to remember and capture on paper. Once I got to know him I asked him if he would work with me on his life story and he reluctantly agreed. Sensing his hesitancy I told him we would not use his name and focus on the day to day existence of a junkie as he experienced it living from fix to fix. But Stephen could be a hard person to track down and his never ending thirst for the needle made his story a hard one to tell. I spent days upon weeks crawling the downtown streets looking for him and a lot of times when I did find him I would have to buy him heroin just to get him to work with me. So, I made a deal with him, like making a deal with the devil, that if he would help me drag his biography into existence, I would buy him enough heroin to get through each and every day we worked together.One day's worth of heroin for one day's worth of storytelling. This made it easy for him to make himself available for the writing of his biography. By the time I met Stephen he was almost fifty years old and in full blown heroin psychosis. How he managed to live as long as he had was always a miracle to me. Over the course of a year and several months I pulled every story Stephen could remember from his heroin-addled brain and preserved them on paper. But I never wanted this story to be an autobiography. I wanted it to be Stephen telling his story, in his words, no matter how it might look like in the end.With these rules in place I gave him his first computer and at first he slaved over his 'hunt and peak' computer skills. But the more he wrote the more he remembered and slowly, after three long years of exchanging one day of heroin to entice him to work one day of writing, Stephen declared himself finished with the project. I read what he had written and quickly realized that active heroin junkies make terrible writers. What he had produced was basically unusable. To make a three-year writing stint something of literary value I set myself to editing what he had written. I didn't want to strip it of the style of writing that made it junkie. More than anything else I wanted to preserve his perspective, sense of pain, his defeat, his single-minded approach to heroin and to the fact he knew it was going to kill him. I think that fatalistic view of life is what hit me the hardest.To make the book easy to digest I divided it into five segments and then spread his life between the points. And that is what we ended up with. The biography of a drug addict; barely touched by an editor's pen, and filled with the dirt, muck and blood that is a junkies life.

Tired of Thinking About Drinking: Take My 100-Day Sober Challenge

Belle Robertson - 2019
    If you wake in the morning, plan to quit, and by 6 p.m. you're drinking again, then this book is for you. I'm not only saying that because I wrote the book :) I also knew I was drinking more than I wanted to, and so I did a sober 'trial' to see how things would be different. In this book I walk you through all the things: what to expect, what to do instead, WHY be sober, who to tell and what to say, and I answer a lot of common questions like "how long until the voice in my head stops yelling at me?" Sign up for free daily emails > http://www.tiredofthinkingaboutdrinki... Anonymous support to quit drinking. See you soon :) hugs, Belle xo The e-book extra content that I couldn’t fit into the print edition because of length: Recipe for Banana Bread, recipe for Tiramisu (made without alcohol). And the divine recipe for Fuck You Wolfie Lemonade.

Life Is Tough (But So Are You): How to rise to the challenge when things go pear-shaped

Briony Benjamin - 2022
    "This is the book everyone needs to read when life takes an unexpected turn." - Mia Freedman, MamaMia Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path. Viral video producer Briony Benjamin was a few months into a new job when she started feeling crappy... All. The. Time. Doctors told her she was just stressed and should rest more and learn to meditate. But it turns out she had cancer all through her body. Turning the camera on herself, Briony started documenting her journey in the short video You Only Get One Life. Its raw portrayal of her experience went viral, touching millions. Here Briony shares some of the important lessons learnt through her illness and recovery - everything from how to assemble your A Team in times of crisis and learning to make friends with the pain, to happy hacks for cutting yourself some slack and some great tips on being a kick-arse support human when a friend is going through the rough stuff. If you want to live the richest version of your life, bring some more joy into your day-to-day existence and have some tools up your sleeve for when things get tricksy, this book is for you. Because - spoiler alert - we all have to deal with our fair share of tough times sooner or later. It's how we handle them and bounce back afterwards that really matters.

Help! I'm in Love with a Narcissist

Steven Carter - 2005
    Bestselling relationship gurus Carter and Sokol ("Men Who Can't Love" and "What Smart Women Know") enlighten readers about trying to love someone who can only love himself.

Not To Blame - Maggie Hartley ebook short

Maggie Hartley - 2020
    Social Services are at a loss as to what to do with the troubled teenager. Prone to violent outbursts and sudden, uncontrollable tantrums, Rebecca has never spent more than a few months in any one placement. When she comes to live with foster carer Maggie Hartley, it seems like there is little hope of Rebecca ever finding a long-term home. Her strange behaviour and sudden flashes of anger present challenges unlike any Maggie has ever seen before.But when a secret from Rebecca's past finally comes to light, it seems that Maggie has finally found the root of this vulnerable girl's out-of-control behaviour. Can Maggie help Rebecca come to terms with her past and realise she's not to blame?

Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl

Mai Donohue - 2016
    Her battle is not against soldiers but against her neighbors and a thousand years of tradition. Born during Ho Chi Minh’s revolution against the French, she was just a baby when his followers in the village, out of spite, came to her home one night and murdered the men in the family, driving her mother mad with fear and rage. She was fourteen when her mother forced her to marry and have a child with a brutal man who beat and tortured her, finally leaving her for dead beside the road. Recovered, she ran away with her infant son, only to discover there was no place for them. To save her baby’s life, she returned home in disgrace, only to face the Viet Cong. In desperation she escaped again, leaving her child in safety, she thought. On Saigon’s deadly streets, with no identity papers, she became an outlaw, hiding from her ex-husband, grieving for her lost child. Homeless, penniless and pursued, only her dream of freedom kept her alive. Then one day she would meet a saintly woman, who gave her hope, and an Irish-American naval officer, who gave her love. Crossing the Bamboo Bridge is a tale of mothers and daughters, and of their children. It is a tale of war, and grief, and a young girl’s dreams. It is a stunning epiphany of hope where there is none, of courage in the face of despair, of love, respect and freedom.

The Power in You: How to Accept Your Past, Live in the Present and Shape a Positive Future

Henry Fraser - 2020
    Combining his wisdom and insight, Henry shows you that the key to keeping a positive attitude—in the face of difficult and unexpected challenges—is to accept that seemingly negative experiences, such as failures, disappointments, mistakes and misfortunes, are actually the ultimate markers of human success. Sharing the lessons he learned after a freak accident left him paralysed from the neck down, Henry shows us that setbacks are inevitable in life but defeat is optional. He will encourage you to always search for a new perspective if what you see, at first, seems only dark, limiting or frightening. He believes there is always a reason to be grateful. The Power of Acceptance inspires you to accept yourself and to release negative feelings towards things, situations or people that you have no control over and cannot change. Henry reveals the simple words you can say to yourself and the practical changes you can make to become someone who adapts to unpredictable events and obstacles, and who accepts whatever hand they are dealt in this crazy game called life.