Conflict: Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Joshua Jared Scott - 2014
    Civilization is in ruins. Cities have fallen. Shambling corpses wander the back roads and highways of America. Places of safety grow ever more rare as bands of survivors find themselves under siege. Even so, a handful have managed to hang on. Among these is Jacob Thornton who, along with a small group of friends, has built a home in the wilderness. Isolated and protected by thick walls, they made it through the early, dreadful months and the harsh winter that followed. Wanting more, the group decides to seek out others in the hope of bolstering their numbers and creating a true community. Not all who have survived the change seek a return to normalcy. There are those who embrace the collapse and chaos. Most such men have since perished, but there exists a single unified force, an army crisscrossing the land attacking all they encounter, leaving nothing but battered, violated bodies in their wake. Guided by a shadowy prophet, these raiders have targeted those few settlements and outposts still standing.

Zed's World Book Two: Roads Less Traveled

Rich Baker - 2016
    In the course of one night, mankind teeters on the brink of extinction. Fighting through gathering hordes of undead, a group of friends brave military checkpoints, armed civilians, and forced allegiances in an attempt to reach loved ones. Thwarted at every turn, they press forward. But taking roads less traveled, could cost them everything.

The Apocalypse of Enoch: Scourge (Volume 2)

Shane Moore - 2013
    The plague on humanity continues. 1.3 million American adults are now ravenous killers. 35 million infected children now hunger for flesh. Shane Nettleton and his band of survivors must continue their struggle trapped on a tug boat adrift in the Gulf of Mexico. "But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved..." - Mathew 13: 20-22

Undead L.A. 1

Devan Sagliani - 2013
    It spread like unstoppable wildfire in all directions, decimating everything in its path for six full weeks before outside measures were taken to cleanse the scourge. These stories take place in those final times. They are told through the eyes of several different Angelinos, each offering a unique perspective to the events as they unfolded and to the aftermath of the virus. When it comes to safely navigating 747's from London to Los Angeles, Edgar Reynolds is a consummate professional. It's his personal life that's in shambles, or more specifically his marriage, after a string of affairs he couldn't be bothered to hide. None of that matters to him the morning he wakes up to discover he's smack dead in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Now what's important is that he survives long enough to hijack a plane from LAX and flee the end of the world.Detective Gary Wendell isn't having the best day. A murder case in West Hollywood takes him from the Hollywood Hills to the Twin Towers in downtown Los Angeles. The hunt for his killer stirs fresh life into Gary's secret obsession. If it's the end of the world, Gary’s going to exact his own justice on the monster who got away, the one who told him that murder isn't art if NO ONE IS WATCHING.When Donny's dad took off he left him and his mom in a run down apartment in Hollywood scrambling to make ends meet. Still, Donny managed to form a begrudging bond with his mom's new boyfriend, Bram, who took him under his wing. Just when things were starting to look up for them as a family, a virus hit Los Angeles taking away any last shred of hope or safety they had. Soon it's up to Donny and his pack of teenage friends, not just to defend their gated apartment complex, but also to scavenge for food and supplies. Working together, they do their part to protect and provide for the remaining survivors at CAMP ZOMBIE.Being invited to the Emmys as the date of her favorite television actor is a dream Kathleen could never imagine. She also never expected to return to the city of her college years one last time before dying of terminal cancer. When the doors burst open in the middle of the ceremony and infected homeless people begin eating her favorite celebrities, everything changes. Now she's caught between spending her final moments in mind-numbing terror fleeing for her life, or letting the filthy undead strip the last good memories away in TO LIVE & DIE IN L.A.Pilar Garcia grew up working in her father's fish taco truck in Boyle Heights, but dreamed of becoming a world-class chef one day. After overcoming the cultural stereotypes and working her way through Culinary Arts school she is able to harness the power of her dreams by returning to her roots and creating a food truck empire in Los Angeles. She's so successful, in fact, that three of her best trucks snatch a spot at the coveted Los Angeles City Fall Street Food Fair in downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately, that's the same day the virus is released into Skid Row, mere blocks away in LA CUCARACHA. Guillermo and his half brother, Caesar, have always been survivors. Growing up in the gang neighborhoods of Venice Beach they've learned to take care of each other first and ask questions later. Yermo, as his real friends call him, is starting to get a reputation as a serious surfer by the local guys he reveres, including the new legend of Dogtown and former professional surfer, Brody. He's not about to let like the end of the world keep him out of the water or off his streets. Together they form a group capable of not only dealing with the zombie menace but also fighting off the new arrivals intent on taking over Venice Beach – a vicious new supergang: One Blood. They're not heroes though, they're just the DOGTOWN LOCALS UNION.

Chronicler of the Undead

Mainak Dhar - 2012
    When there were still people around to talk to, I would introduce myself as a drinker with a writing problem. It sounded witty at the time, and certainly got a smile once in a while from the ladies. None of that matters now. There are no people left to read my books, and nobody left to listen to my attempts at wit. Now it's just me, sitting in my house on the hill, watching the undead rampage through what we humans once called our world. I sometimes wonder why I still live when those much younger, stronger, smarter and fitter than me perished. Maybe it's just dumb luck. But maybe I am being left alive for a purpose. Nobody may have cared much for my novel, but maybe this is what I was meant to write. Maybe this is what I was meant to be. The chronicler of the undead. This is my story.

Parasite; The True Story of the Zombie Apocalypse

Doug Ward - 2012
    It has appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, and the UK. The zombies are rising in the sleepy town of Slippery Rock and it's up to Henry Cooper to figure out why. But first he needs to save his wife, Melissa. With the help of his neighbor Dean and some super hero clad, comic book fanboys, he's off to the rescue. Join them as they race across Northwestern Pennsylvania on a quest which involves everything from undead to fire trucks. Along the way you will discover the hard science behind how the dead truly rose from the grave. The second book in the series is called "Symbiote; The True Story of the Zombie Apocalypse." It is also available for purchase. Currently the author is working hard on the 3rd installment of this series. Check for updates on his Facebook page.

Outbreak Zom-813

Marie Lanza - 2014
    Then it begins. When the fabric of society is torn apart by a deadly viral outbreak, Harmony and Dan find themselves in a terrifying race to find their loved ones and stay one step ahead of the infected. They're quickly absorbed in a world that has collapsed and surrounded by a deadly pathogen that doesn't discriminate. The only question that remains -- did the outbreak already seal their doom?

Surviving the Fall

Stephen Cross - 2016
    Mac, an old landlord who locks down his pub with his wife and a few boozy locals to ride the coming zombie storm. Sergeant Allen finds himself fighting not only the undead, but also his conscience as the army goes rogue. Harriet becomes lost in the suburbs, now a dark, empty and sinister land. Sarah must escape from the channel tunnel when her train stops midway, a zombie on-board. Chris, a small town drug dealer and big time loser who takes on the council estate's undead once the apocalypse threatens his beloved Gran. Captain Andy Bracknell, whose holiday flight from Spain becomes death at 30,000 feet when a passenger goes full zombie. Dr Grace, a virologist in a secret underground research Facility that threatens to become her underground tomb when one of the research samples gets flesh fever.Would you Survive the Fall?

The Last Man Standing Complete Series Box Set (Books 1-3): A Zombie Apocalypse Thriller

Keith Taylor - 2019
    "Exceptional" ... "Surprised and delighted"BANGKOK, MARCH 2018. The world looked on in horror as millions of innocent lives were snuffed out in a matter of hours. Countless men, women and children slaughtered without mercy, torn apart by a violent mob that attacked without reason, motive or warning.Tom Freeman witnessed the aftermath. He reported on the tragedy and looked into the eyes of the sole survivor, an old friend, and what he saw looking back sent him running home to the United States. Back to safety. Back to a place where the world made sense, and the putrid stink of the dead didn't haunt his nightmares...Turns out he didn't run quickly enough. They're coming.Remain indoors...Gather supplies...Find a weapon...The zombies are here, and they're hungry.This is the Last Man Standing zombie apocalypse trilogy, complete, unabridged and collected for the first time in a single volume. From the author of the internationally bestselling This Is the Way the World Ends: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

The Desert

Bryon Morrigan - 2007
    During the opening engagements of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a platoon of U.S. soldiers disappears. The Army attributes this disappearance to the "fog of war," and the subsequent investigation into the disappearance fails to locate even a single body or destroyed vehicle. Six years later, two soldiers on a routine search for "weapons of mass destruction" locate a cave with the remains of one of the missing soldiers and his journal. Unfortunately, Captain Henderson and Specialist Densler find out all too soon that what happened to the "Lost Platoon" is also happening to them. Trapped, they must confront this unspeakable menace, or risk suffering the same fate as that of the soldier in the cave. "Bryon Morrigan's first novel, THE DESERT, is everything you hope to find in a first novel and then some. An original plot, solid characterization and a refreshing change of pace from the standard chains rattling in the attic. A fine mesh of horror and military drama that I can't recommend enough." -James A. Moore, author of BLOOD RED & HARVEST MOON "The Desert by Bryon Morrigan is a weird and wild novel of men againt monsters. In the grand tradition of James Cameron's Aliens, Bryon Morrigan gives a whipcrack tale of U.S. soldiers pitted against the very forces of Hell. It's fun, fast-paced, and deliciously creepy." -Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of GHOST ROAD BLUES & BAD MOON RISING

Deadlocked: Broken Pieces (Volume 1)

A.R. Wise - 2012
    It also contains one story from the Vampire's Prey series and one unique story called The Body Farm.Deadlocked : Broken Pieces Vol 1 contains the following short stories.Dial Tone: This story picks up from the beginning of the outbreak and tells Laura's story. In this short story, you'll learn about what she and the girls went through that forced them onto the roof of their house, waiting for David to come home.Just a Secretary: This story is about Gloria and Jerry from David's office building. They try to escape the building, but get caught by a character that plays a big part in Deadlocked 3.The Getaway: When David leapt from the billboard into the Everland River, he emerged only to be smacked on the head by a boat that was being chased by the police in the pontoon. This story explains who that was, and why he was running.Batting Average: William and his son, Billy, have been protecting their salvage yard ever since the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. Moments before they discover David on their beach, William sits back and enjoys a soda with his son who he is afraid he'll lose soon.Love Letter: A note that Laura wrote to David after the events at the end of Deadlocked. This letter technically should be part of Deadlocked Broken Pieces Volume 2, but I thought it fit better here.Also included in Broken Pieces are a couple of short stories that are not from the Deadlocked Universe. The first, The Summoner and the Prey, is from the Vampire's Prey series and is a unique story to this book. Also in this volume is The Body Farm. This is a wholly original story about… well, you'll just have to wait and see! Let me just say that it has a couple of my own personal favorite horror scenes that I've ever written.


Christian Fletcher - 2012
    The mutating flu virus took hold of the world so quickly that not even the best medical people could predict the scale of the deadly epidemic. I was stuck in the middle of the chaos, trying to reach the relative safe haven of a yacht in Battery Park Harbor, New York, with a former hit man, a junior doctor, two Goth girls and a minor criminal for company. Thousands of vicious, animated corpses stood between us and our route to safety.”Brett Wilde is a small town pessimist, wishing his life away in a dead end job in Pennsylvania, USA. He awakes one morning late for work and receives a phone call from a friend informing him the world has been gripped by an unknown, deadly virus. Wilde embarks on a journey with the help of a former hit man, two Goth girls and a minor criminal, trying to reach a yacht, occupied by his father in New York Harbor. The journey takes them on the hazardous route from Brynston, Pennsylvania, along the Interstate - 78 through New Jersey onto New York City.Will Wilde and his party reach their destination unscathed?

The Pulse of Allah

James Knight - 2012
    In this book the end comes through the use of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon over the United States and Europe by a Muslim coalition. It follows the lives of its characters through the pulse and its aftermath - their struggle for survival through the chaos - and the eventual triumph of the US against the coalition in spite of huge population losses at home.

Meat Camp

Scott Nicholson - 2013
    Adapted from Scott Nicholson’s original horror screenplay.MEAT CAMPIn a desperate attempt to save their land from tax foreclosure, Delphus Fraley and his daughter open a camp for at-risk kids, with the goal of building character through experience in the Appalachian Mountain outdoors.But a strange infection contaminating the camp’s mess hall soon triggers a violent rampage. As the isolated camp turns into a bloodbath, camp counselor Jenny Usher first fights to save the children, and then finds she must fight to save herself.Because this infection doesn’t just kill, it brings the dead back to life…----------Scott Nicholson is the international bestselling author of more than 30 books, including The Home, After: The Shock, Liquid Fear, The red Church, and more.J.T. Warren is the author of Hudson House, Rampage, Blood Mountain, and the series Jeremiah Rivers: Demon Hunter.


Ricky Fleet - 2015
    Portsmouth, England. A global particle physics experiment releases a pulse of unknown energy with catastrophic results. Scientists in their laboratories search desperately for a solution to the broken fabric of existence, but they are already too late, the sanctity of the grave has been sundered. There is no virus or bacteria to combat, just chaos and horror as a million graveyards expel their tenants from eternal slumber. The world is unaware of the impending apocalypse, realisation only dawns with the appearance of the mouldering corpses who devour everything they encounter. Governments crumble and armies are scattered to the wind. Kurt Taylor, a self-employed plumber, witnesses the start of the horrifying outbreak. Desperate to reach his family before they fall victim to the ever growing horde of shambling corruption, he flees the scene, watching the unfolding cannibalism and destruction in his rear view mirror. In a society with few guns, how can people hope to survive the endless waves of zombies that seek to consume every living thing? With ingenuity, planning and everyday materials, the group forge their way and strike back at the Hellspawn legions. Rescues are mounted, but not all survivors are benevolent. The evil that is in all men has been given free rein in this new, dead world. With both the living and dead to contend with, is there any hope for the Taylor family?