Book picks similar to
Rapture's Fury by Jessica St.Claire


Jane Fairweather: A Madcap Regency Romance (The Fairweather Sisters Book 4)

Anya Wylde - 2021

An Eligible Gentleman (The Eversley Saga Book 4)

Alice Chetwynd Ley - 2021

Highlander's Burned Heart

Alisa Adams - 2020
    But she is the only one who can salvage his soul. Fiona Malloch feels completely lost. Only weeks after her forced marriage, the husband she hated dies of old age, and before she can feel relief, another man tries to prey on her! Fiona decides to risk everything and run away, seeking refuge in the nearby Ormond Castle, home of the infamous Laird Bhaltair Douglas.The young Laird has never been the same after the tragic loss of his brother in a fire. The scars on his body remind him daily of the tragedy and his failure to save his own blood. A failure that has alienated him from his family and spread rumors that the once-powerful clan is now weak.When the young lass arrives and asks for shelter, Bhaltair knows that helping her will mean war with the enemy clan she escaped from. They have been waiting for an opportunity, and Fiona has given them the perfect one.Her untamed character brings them into collision, but in an unexpected turn of events, Bhaltair decides to protect her. While staying in Douglas lands, Fiona seems to be the only one who is not afraid to defy the Laird and finds a way to penetrate his soul’s defenses. Bhaltair’s heart begins to heal, and he rediscovers emotions he thought he would never feel again.But by keeping Fiona, Bhaltair is losing the trust of his clan, and with his enemies at the doorstep, it seems that the girl who can save him is about to destroy his clan…

Mail Order Bride - Aiyana (A Bride for the Lonely Soldier Book 3)

Indiana Wake - 2020

The Stolen Street Girl

Nell Harte - 2021
    Now, she must learn to survive.Forced to be both mother and father to her siblings after Ada’s mother turns to gin, and no longer able to scour the banks of the Thames as mudlarks, Ada turns to picking up cigarette butts from the filthy streets and repurposing the tobacco into a saleable item.Assisted by Elijah the son of a stonemason the Blair family manages to keep a roof over their heads, until their mother’s addiction spirals out of control and they find themselves out on the street.Desperate for safety, Ada takes a risk and is befriended by the well to do Mr Beauregard. But not all things are as they seem and soon Ada is torn from her family and thrown into a world of corruption she could not have imagined.When a chance meeting with Elijah reveals the truth, Ada’s life is at a crossroadsCan Ada leave behind the new life she now finds herself in? Will Elijah ever forgive her for what she has become? Or should Ada let the past remain behind and leave her family in peace.Nell Harte writes sweet and clean Historical Romance.

Lord Cavendish Returns (The Cavendish Mysteries Book 5)

Rebecca King - 2015
    However, doubts soon begin to surface and he is forced to return to the place of his childhood, Hambley Wood, in his quest for the truth.To find the register that proves his birth, he has to enlist the help of the astonishingly beautiful vicar’s daughter, Arrabella. Unfortunately, they are soon drawn into series of frightening adventures which brings them together and ignites a passion that neither of them can ignore. However, while the mishaps draw them closer, the truth about Harper’s ancestry tears them apart. Can a future ever be theirs, or will a cruel twist of fate, and affairs of the past, prevent them ever having a future together?

A Pregnant Christmas Bride for the Bad Mannered Brick Layer: Mail Order Bride Historical Romance (The Twelve Mail Order Brides of Christmas Book 7)

Emma Morgan - 2018
    She is relieved to find a man willing to take on a pregnant wife, and resolves to make the union work. Even is the man is a bit loud, spends too much time at the pub, and speaks to her as if she had no mind of her own. Robert Killiam works as a bricklayer in the city, and living a solitary life has not does much for his manners. He’s used to folks who speak their mind, and mild-mannered Alice seems happy to go along with whatever he suggests. She’s lovely and kind, but—he thinks—also a bit dull. But the Christmas holiday bring back sad memories for Alice, and she finally puts her foot down. Robert sees something new in this timid woman, and he’s more determined than ever to make her happy. And when the baby suddenly arrives early, he realizes how much this budding family has already changed his life.

The Ranchman

Charles Alden Seltzer
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Corruption of the Son (The Alardyce Series Book 2)

Heather Atkinson - 2015
    Her eldest son, Robert, has come of age and with it has come a violent desire to hurt and cause pain. After his attack upon one of the maids, his true character is revealed to her in horrifying clarity, yet a mother's love is a powerful thing. As Robert continues to descend into the darkness that claimed his now-deceased biological father, Matthew, Amy fights to save his very soul. The increasing distance between Robert and his stepfather Henry threatens the peace of her loving marriage and Amy has to face a stark choice - denounce her son as the monster he is or protect him from the consequences of his lethal actions. However Amy too has a secret, one she prays Robert never finds out, fearing it might turn his deadly urges on her. Contains scenes of sex and violence. Please note this book is part of a series and is not a stand-alone novel.

The Courageous Bride of Charleston

Chloe Carley - 2018
    But it seems that Lawrence has his sights set elsewhere and when an act of selflessness opens Clara’s eyes to a world she never knew existed, her love for Lawrence and her faith in God are questioned.The year is 1823 and the privileged heiress to a thriving cotton business, Miss Clara Johnson, is convalescing with close friends after an unfortunate accident has left her bedridden.But Clara soon begins to realize that her health has changed the course of not only her life but the paths of those around her as well. As her life starts to take her away from Lawrence, she can’t ignore the feelings in her heart each time his dashing cousin Alexander looks at her and it soon becomes clear that the good Lord really does work in mysterious ways. "The Courageous Bride of Charleston" is a stand-alone Christian Historical Romance Novel of approximately 85,000 words and around 400 pages. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Thank you!

Jeremiah's Bride (Blake Brothers Book 2)

Jillian Hart - 2017
    But Rosamund Gifford is nothing more than a maid, grateful to have a job. But she's not looking for love and romance! Or is she? It's Jeremiah's job to find out.

A Love Like Ours

Rosie Harris - 2008
    Not only faced with a life of adversity, Ruth and her mother Caitlin also share a secret, one that no one else must ever know. Ruth and Caitlin's wages are barely enough to put food on the table let alone pay the rent. And an increasingly neglected young Glynis runs wild. When Caitlin contracts tuberculosis and dies they have no option but to move into an even more squalid neighbourhood. But Ruth is still determined to keep their secret, at all costs. That is, until their father dies unexpectedly and an ever more desperate Ruth and Glynis find themselves living hand-to-mouth...


Elizabeth Bailey - 2021
    But to her horror, by the end of the night it becomes apparent that her guardian has abandoned her.Destitute and with no memories of any family besides her deceased father, Felicity is forced to turn to Raoul for aid.Concerned for her welfare, Raoul vows to help Felicity out of her predicament and discover what has become of her guardian.But it soon becomes clear that there is more to Felicity’s background than meets the eye. Their curiosity piqued, she and Raoul are drawn into an impromptu quest to uncover the truth about her mysterious origins…HIS AUCTION PRIZE is the eighth book in the Brides By Chance series, an enchanting set of Regency romances set in Georgian England.THE BRIDES BY CHANCE REGENCY ADVENTURE SERIES:BOOK ONE: In Honour BoundBOOK TWO: A Chance Gone ByBOOK THREE: Knight for a LadyBOOK FOUR: A Winter’s Madcap EscapadeBOOK FIVE: Marriage For MusicBOOK SIX: Damsel to the RescueBOOK SEVEN: Widow in MistletoeBOOK EIGHT: His Auction PrizeBOOK NINE: Disaster and the DukeBOOK TEN: Taming of the Vulture

Pregnant Mail Order Bride And Her Troubled Rancher (A Western Historical Romance Book) (Evergreen Frontier)

Florence Linnington - 2020

Boone's Bride

Christy Chapel - 2014
    Life was going Boone’s way almost perfectly lately: he had plenty of healthy cattle, loyal and hardworking ranch hands, and he was able to work day in and day out with his younger brother, Bryce, by his side. His cowboy dream had come true and he wanted nothing, not even a woman, to alter the state of things. So when a terrified and enchantingly beautiful woman stumbles onto his ranch and begs him to bring her to safety, Boone does what is right and bravely defends her from a posse of brutes. Boone assumes he can help the poor woman and be done with the whole inconvenience in the same night, but try as he might, he can’t deny that Ally Winters has already found a way into his heart. Will Boone’s stubbornness and painful past demand that he stick to his simple life and avoid change? Or will Ally Winters spin his world upside down and show Boone what life and love are really about? Please enjoy Boone’s Bride, a sweet, clean, historical western romance.