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Blind Date by Morgan Kay


Savages and Side bitches: 1-4

Karizma Keys - 2018
    Although they seem to be on different paths, the one thing they have in common is the knack for searching for love in all the wrong places. Melonia has been with the same guy for the past two years, and although they’ve been through trials, she always felt that he truly loved her. But when a crazy stalker comes out of nowhere, it leads to confusion and a ton of unanswered questions. As her life gets turned upside down she is awakened to the fact that the man she’s really been wanting had been right there for the taking all along. Tookie has been the “it” girl since fifteen years old when she linked up with a well-known hustler named Face from the other side of town. Knowing what comes with the life, she accepted a lot of Face’s ways, but when she is hit with the ultimate disrespect back to back, it becomes too much to bear. Join these girls on a wild ride through the streets of Detroit as they make a few stops at Drama Street, Murder Ave, and Infidelity Road. Will Melonia have the guts to go after what she wants no matter what she has to give up in order to get it? Will Tookie find the strength to leave or will she stay and suffocate at the mercy of side chicks?

Chasing Demons

John Hansen - 2016
    Cheap whiskey has been his only escape from the demons that haunt his nights. But that escape has come with a heavy price. He’s lost his sergeant’s stripes and his good name, due mostly to a hard-nosed Lieutenant named Welch. How much should a man be expected to take? It’s tempting to desert and leave it all behind, but would life be any better? He’s about to find out.

32 Minutes

Zach Kraft - 2018
    Fielding an ICBM wasn't one of them... INAUGURATION DAY, IN THE NEAR FUTURE: A young and optimistic president-elect shivers in the cold, waiting for the ordeal to be over. Little does she realize, the ordeal hasn't even begun. Shortly after she takes the oath, the proceedings are interrupted with shocking news: the U.S. military has detected the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The death toll, should the weapon strike the United States: upwards of 10 million people. Her advisers warn her that there are rules to this game, ones that must be followed if there's to be any hope of avoiding global nuclear war. Adding to the problem: buried in a bunker, and surrounded by career professionals with agendas of their own, she has no idea what to believe about the conditions unfolding topside. Soon she learns that the loneliest person on the planet is the one who's trying to save billions from annihilation. An explosive, fast-paced novella from the author of The Counting series.

THE GIRL TAKERS Part 1 Bombshell: A Kat & Robin human trafficking thriller (Kat & Robin Thrillers)

Edwin Tipple - 2016
     A chance meeting, one wet afternoon in Manchester, brings Robin and Kat together. When he falls in love with this rich lady his life slowly takes several turns for the worse and he becomes uncertain about Kat. But after some passionate lovemaking one night, he knew all his fears were unfounded - until she dropped her bombshell. She needs him to do something very unusual, something very important for her, something no other woman would dare ask of her man - unless? But after Kat mysteriously disappears, and despair set in, he was ready to let her go. Yet, as the weeks passed by, he knew he was still madly in love with her, knew he had to find her. His travels take him to the other side of the world where, months later, a second chance meeting brings them together once more. But others are looking for Kat and whoever they are, they’re deadly. Set in Manchester and Hua Hin, this free 33,000 word trafficking, dark romance is part 1 of 3. All three parts are available in one complete volume. Scroll up to start reading straight away.

The Searcher: He's there when the Law can't help

Rand Osborn - 2017
    He was a Searcher of men who possessed a unique skill only a few possess. When not working he was self destructive and a town drunk. Jethro McDougal needed the services of a Searcher of the caliber of Reed Justus' ability. He found him in a saloon and his unkempt appearance made him wonder if this man could do the job. McDougal decided he would take the chance but only time would tell if Justus was really the one known as the Searcher!

Finding Katrina: Mystery and Suspense

James Kipling - 2017
    Will she make the right choice? This novel is a police procedural mystery of crime and suspense - an absolutely gripping thriller with a jaw dropping twist. This is a mystery and suspense story that revolves around the kidnapping of a beautiful young girl named Katrina Radha. She is the daughter of a prominent international diplomat. The story takes place primarily in New York City, where Hassan Radha is conducting peace talks at the United Nations. There is an ironic twist to the story in which the reader is fully aware of who the kidnappers are, but the detectives at the FBI are convinced that terrorists are responsible. The story coincides with New York Fashion Week, which draws fashion and photography icons from all over the world. This is truly an international story at several levels. Katrina Radha wants to immerse herself in the fashion world while her father takes his place on the international diplomatic stage. The two main boroughs involved in the story are Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jimmy Nolan lives in Brooklyn and comes from the rougher side of town. Tango Cash is a criminal overlord who is based out of the notorious Marcy Housing Projects, which have been home to numerous criminal and gang-related incidents in recent years. There’s a dichotomy in play with this story between the international importance of New York City and the everyday criminal underworld that is always looking for opportunistic advantages. Katrina Radha gets caught up at the intersection of these two worlds. Can she be rescued?

The Gypsy Hill Murders

P.J. Thurbin - 2012
    J. Thurbin, a new writer to the fictional crime scene. He has a unique and fast moving style that will appeal to the reader who likes mysteries that are in the genre of those by John Grisham and M.C. Beaton. His book has all the ingredients that one would expect to find in a classic murder mystery. It is centered on an ivy covered Victorian house set within the campus of a modern University just outside London. A group of five academics find themselves embroiled in a series of vicious attacks that are linked to incidents that took place 100 years earlier. The main character, Ralph Chalmers, a Professor of International Business, attempts to unravel the links between a 100 year old skeleton found on the site and a series of recent attacks in the University, while at the same time courting an old flame from his days as a student at Cambridge University. Inspector Linham and his Sergeant Wilson also strive to apprehend the villains and lend an air of authenticity to the investigations. As the plot thickens, various members of the academic staff are seen to have motives that would also implicate them in the events that unfold. The atmosphere of jealousy and mistrust is stimulated by the character of the head caretaker, Jack Welsh, a retired army Master at Arms who has compelling reasons for wanting to unravel the mystery. The book is fast moving in that the plot moves to Australia, France, Monte Carlo, and the world of diamond trading, while delving into the backgrounds and lives of the main characters. A final twist will leave the reader surprised at how greed and desperation can result in tragedy. Thurbin manages to entertain by depicting the frailties of his main characters in all too familiar ways, while at the same time adding just enough intrigue to keep the reader turning the pages. This novel is for anyone who likes the thrill of a good mystery with plenty of action coupled with the element of surprise. -------------------------------

Evil Minds

Tim Kizer - 2017
    The battle of wits begins and only the most devious mind will survive.  HITCHHIKER, a suspense novelette  ------------------AN EVIL MIND, a suspense novel  How do you stop a serial killer who can escape from any prison?On December 11, fifteen-year-old Helen Hinton is brutally murdered in an abandoned house.Her killer, Edward Phillips, is caught and sentenced to death. Helen's blood was on Edward's clothes and shoes, the murder weapon has his fingerprints on it.Edward claims he's innocent. He's telling the truth.Two months after Edward Phillips is transferred to death row, a murder similar to Helen's occurs in another city. The victim is eighteen-year-old Laura Sumner.On an October morning, Mark Hinton, Helen's father, visits Edward in prison to talk about Laura Sumner's case. Edward tells him that he knows who really killed Helen.What he doesn't tell Mark is that the real killer is the most dangerous criminal on the planet.------------------MANIA, a suspense novelRichard Brower has killed a dozen people. Now someone is trying to frame him for the murders committed by another serial killer.Serial killer Richard Brower buried his cheating wife, Mary, in the woods on Saturday.On Monday, Mary calls her brother's girlfriend.A few days later, she calls her mom.Then Mary bumps into her friend at a mall.Are all these people lying or has Mary actually come back from the dead?Richard has no idea, but he will get to the bottom of this. Or at least he'll try.

A Cruise to Die For (A Redmond James Private Detective Thriller, #1)

Beth A. Sager - 2016
    Both need to relax after a car accident and brutal work schedules, but a madman has other ideas. A man who calls himself The Boss has set out to hold all 3,000 passengers and crew hostage to his demands. No one is safe, and it is up to ex-homicide detective Redmond James and FBI Special Agent Daisy Chain to determine who the Boss really is and what he truly wants. The fate of every man, woman, and child on board are in their hands. Will they discover the truth in time? Or will Redmond and Daisy just be two more victims? Find out for free - go ahead and click on the button, right now, and start reading. You'll be glad you did.

Basketball Wives: Part 1

Solae Dehvine - 2012
     In a world where the superficial rules and nothing is what it seems, these trophy wives adapt to a lifestyle that many dream of and few obtain. While the money is rolling in the ball of drama bounces on their hoop dreams. These three friends learn that there is a scoreboard in the game of life, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. And you don’t always live to play another game. (9,000 Words) Part 1 of 3

The Whore Next Door

Hamid - 2014
    She had the perfect life, until she met the whore next door. Tan was never happy with her life, and she lived by the old saying, once a whore always a whore. Her only goal was to destroy all happy relationships she encountered. Join Tan on a journey of jealously, anger and insanity; but at the end of the day, it will lead her straight to hell. The Whore Next Door.

Kidnapping The Devil

Donald Wells - 2013
    When a kidnapper calling himself "Jack" kidnaps seven-year-old Samantha Ryan, Jessica and her husband join forces with the FBI to get her back safely.While Jack is a ruthless killer who has successfully kidnapped children before, he has never abducted anyone like Samantha, who herself is responsible for several murders.Complications arise from the start, and when an overzealous FBI agent forces Jack's hand, the cold-hearted criminal commits a horrific act that enrages Jessica's husband and sends him on a quest to exact a unique style of vengeance.

The Trinket Box

John Kaden - 2014
    His memory has been slipping, and he worries that soon he won’t remember her at all.When he finds a vintage cigar box hidden in June’s old dresser, he begins to obsess over the odd collection of knick-knacks contained inside it — but his journey to remember the past will take a horrifying turn for the worse.

Dangerous Appointment

Dennis Kenyon - 2005
    'What have I done?... What have I bloody well done?' Alistair Craig asks himself, as his dream of a million dollars and a new life is shattered upon the shocking discovery of the identity of his passenger. Thrust at the heart of a terrorist kidnap plot, Craig will need to expertly navigate a heart stopping 1,000-mile flight to the Champagne Princess, a luxury yacht anchored in the Atlantic, as he battles to thwart ISIS & the IRA s plans. Political intrigue, violent action, torture and a fraught romance are masterfully woven together in Dennis Kenyon's first, breath-taking thriller, 'Dangerous Appointment'.

A Trade for Love

Jean L. Kuhnke - 2015
    Tobias and Adelaide gave her a roof over her head and trained her to run the Trading Post, as well as, prepare her to run a household. When they left her with the Post and everything in it to retire to New Mexico, her adventures began. Red's reputation as a young boy with his wolf was wide spread. He was honest in all his dealings and generous to the neighbors. Micah Downs was confused by his attraction to the young boy until he was shocked to find out that Red was not a young lad, but a beautiful woman.