Road To Love

Leah Atwood - 2017
     Sing Me Home by Belle Calhoune: Rain Santos and her best friends are embarking on a ten-week road trip. The first destination is Nashville, where Rain hopes to explore her lifelong singing aspirations. When she comes face to face with her country singer ex-boyfriend, Luke Avery, Rain has to deal with their painful past. Luke Avery is seeking redemption for the pain he caused Rain in their relationship. As the two reconnect and Luke helps Rain with her singing aspirations, they find themselves falling into familiar rhythms. Can true love conquer all? Hitched In Hot Springs by Kristen Ethridge: Bridget Vaughan left a childhood of abuse behind and used the adversity to make her stronger, becoming a multi-millionaire small business coach in the years since she left Treasure Harbor. James Cromberg would do just about anything to help his mom, including leaving the military career he loved in order to come home and help her run her family's historic business and take care of his ailing father. When a woman running away from her past connects with a man who fears his own future, is there a way for them to find their way to a present happily-ever-after? Romancing the Storm by Patrica Pacjac Carroll: Lark Morgan is drifting through life. Even though her father’s advice of trust the Lord and enjoy the journey sounds fun, she’s lost the joy not to mention her job. Cody Merrill has amends to make, but he’s a new man and determined to set things right. As the owner of Storm Rangers, he takes people on adventures to see tornadoes. He loves the storms, but something is missing. Or maybe it’s someone. Journey to Her Past by Angel Moore: Jessica Stinson wants to find the man who left her eight years ago with no explanation. Griffin Renfroe’s world turned upside down when he learned he’d been stolen from the hospital on the day he was born. He made decisions he’s come to regret. When Jessica shows up in Amarillo, he knows convincing her of his love will be almost impossible in the face of his new name – and identity. Can Jessica trust the love she still holds for a man who no longer exists? Restore My Heart: Cassidy Frey’s life falls to pieces in the aftermath of her father’s political scandal. Out of a job and ostracized from her current friends, she jumps at the chance for a road trip with her childhood friends. Joel Kingston’s dream of owning a motel along Route 66 is threatened by a shortage of money, but his discouragement doesn’t stop him from helping a group of stranded motorists. Could a broken-down SUV lead to restoration—of hearts and motels?

Christmas Heartwarmers & Holiday Smiles

Kathi DaleyLori Leger - 2018
    Jude Research HospitalSnuggle by the fire this season to warm your heart with stories of love and hope by ten award-winning, bestselling authors. This wonderful variety includes small town mysteries, heart-tugging romance and enough Christmas to get everyone in the mood. All of our books have happy endings with lots of friendship, family and fluffy white snow! The authors want to thank you for supporting their Christmas cause, St. Jude’s Hospital, where no child is turned away for treatment. ROAD TO CHRISTMAS PAST - Kathi Daley Holly Thompson’s life changes forever when she receives an early Christmas present from her dead Aunt Meg—a gorgeous Private Investigator. When Ben Holiday claims to have a clue about Holly’s unknown parentage, Holly sets out on a Christmas road trip in the hope of finding the family she never knew she had. CHRISTMAS DEADLINE - Pam Binder Bestselling thriller writer, Noel Atteberry never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome until his editor paired him with stubborn romance author, Holly Lane. Living on his estate in England, Noel has managed to avoid love. But with their Christmas deadline looming, all he can think about is Holly. COWABUNGA CHRISTMAS (Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery) - Anna Celeste Burke It's a Cowabunga Christmas in Corsario Cove for newlyweds, Kim and Brien, until an unexpected visit from Santa changes everything. Murder, mayhem, and shady secrets in the cove make this a honeymoon to remember. CHRISTMAS IN CRYSTAL CREEK - Kim Hornsby A road closure and snowstorm traps country music star, Luanne Billings in a small town at Christmas and she finds herself at Crystal Creek Inn’s Holiday Extravaganza. When a brief opportunity to escape presents itself, she must decide between a career-changing performance and helping a child in need. A SEASON FOR HOPE - Tammy L. Grace From the award-winning author of the Hometown Harbor Series, comes a new heartwarming and inspirational story for the holidays, filled with the magic of the season-- a charming story about the kindness of strangers and finding hope where you never expected it. Cozy up with a holiday read sure to warm your heart. A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW - Heidi Hostetter On the eve of the tree lighting in the Inlet Beach town square, police find a runaway in trouble. Residents gather to help, but complications arise and unraveling the boy's past is harder than they imagine. As a blustery Pacific Northwest Christmas draws near, can they find a way to give a boy with a shattered life another chance at happiness? TWO HEARTS’ CHRISTMAS PROMISE – Tamara Ferguson Engaged, news correspondent Alexandra Evans and Sean Reynolds, an Air Force pilot, are planning a holiday wedding. But when Alexandra’s overseas assignment turns deadly, she returns scarred, and breaks their engagement. Can Sean convince her that beauty is only skin deep so two hearts can keep their Christmas promise? BELLS ARE STILL RINGING – Lori Leger No stranger to loss, Bill Broussard keeps his heart in protective mode, avoiding complicated relationships. Having raised his brother's only son, his nephew now faces bitter challenges of his own. Are the two fated to spend their lives without love, or will they finally get the chance for happiness they deserve? A MARINE’S CHRISTMAS WEDDING – Jacki Delecki Maddy and Hunter’s plans for a courthouse wedding unravel when a friend decides the Marines deserve a real wedding.

The Prickly Porcupine

Melinda Smart - 2014
    Children's Book: The Prickly PorcupineThis picture book is with illustrations and is intended for little ones from 2-5 as well as independent reading for children 6-8 years.

What Am I? Animal Book #1

Selena Dale - 2014
    All the animal books focus on 21 different animals from all over the world. The world is filled with an endless variety of creatures. Some are amazing, some are unusual, some are terrifying, while some are all of these combined. All animals, no matter what they are, have something interesting to learn about them. This Book Has Fun Facts & Photos of 21 Animals. Book Section Numbers Each section starts off with a number at the top of the page. The number is written in letter form and in number form. This will help your child understand how to recognize numbers in both forms. Fun Cartoon Images Below the section numbers are the fun cartoon images. Each section has its own animal cartoon image to grab your child’s attention. A speech bubble appears above each animal describing a fun fact about that particular animal. Click the book image at the top of this page to see what I mean. What Am I? Below the image is the question, What Am I? Underneath that are three answers. You can now read through the answers with your child to decide which of the three is the correct answer. As you go further through the book some of those animal names re-appear again….just to test your child’s memory. Real animal photos Once your child has chosen their answer you flick over to the next page to see if it is the correct answer. The image on this page is now a REAL photo of the animal. Now your child can see what that particular animal looks like in real life. Below that is the correct answer. This book is fully illustrated and has simple blocks of text that will make learning fun for your child Your child will be learning in a relaxed and fun way. Some children don’t mind learning but others just don’t enjoy it. This series of books will suit ALL children! The following animals featured are: Camel Cow Crab Crocodile Donkey Duck Goat Horse Hyena Jellyfish Mouse Panda Peacock Raccoon Seahorse Skunk Sloth Spider Tiger Vulture Zebra Fun while learning! This book is part of a series called, "What Am I?" all of which are great for bedtime reading. Collect the series! Don’t forget your free gifts!

The Beauvisage Novels: Caroline, Touch the Sun, Spring Fires, Natalya

Cynthia Wright - 2011
    READERS SAY: ""For historical romance at its best--you must read Cynthia Wright!!"" ""This author knows how to write stories that leave the reader wanting more."" ""Cynthia Wright's books just keep getting better and better; never want to put them down once you get started."" NOVELS Included: CAROLINE: Cynthia Wright's unforgettable debut novel is on keeper shelves worldwide! The story of a confirmed rake and an innocent, spirited young woman, it is filled with sensual romance, evocative history, memorable characters, and the joy of true love. TOUCH THE SUN - (a Hampshire/Beauvisage Novel): In 1789 Philadelphia, a rogue's plans for a politically advantageous marriage unravel when the bride-to-be's enchanting friend masquerades as her lady's maid! SPRING FIRES: At the dawn of a new nation - the captivating tale of an independent woman and an irresistible man for whom love is the ultimate challenge! Beloved characters from CAROLINE, TOUCH THE SUN, and SILVER STORM return as supporting characters in this sensuous, enchanting story. NATALYA: Dark, dangerous Grey St. James and literary Natalya Beauvisage embark on a reckless adventure to escape from war-torn France and return to Regency London and America, where secrets await... Join CAROLINE's daughter and reunite with the couples from CAROLINE, TOUCH THE SUN, and SPRING FIRES. TWO SERIES intertwined: The Beauvisage Novels* and The Raveneau Novels intertwine, with some characters crossing over. Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence: 1781 - SILVER STORM 1783 - CAROLINE* 1789 - TOUCH THE SUN* 1793 - SPRING FIRES* 1814 - SURRENDER THE STARS 1814 - NATALYA* 1818 - SILVER SEA (A Raveneau/Beauvisage Novel)

I Hate to Wait

Sigal Adler - 2018
    Young Harry Monster has waited all year And now Halloween is almost here He knows just what he wants to be A pirate – the terror of the high sea!

The Boy Who Cried Over Everything

Betsy Childs - 2011
    An experience with a slingshot and a sparrow helps him realize that it's okay to cry when you are sad, but it's best not to cry when you're mad.

The Nightmare Collective

PlayWithDeath.comJenny Ashford - 2015
    With 12 terrifically spine chilling short stories, this anthology contains contributions from some of the best young horror writing talent out there, and was curated by the editors of the, the premier destination for online horror entertainment. If you're searching for stories that will frighten you to your very core, look no further. List of Short Story Authors Tom Wortman M. B. Vujačić Manen Lyset Jenny Ashford Kyle Yadlosky G. T. Montgomery Ari Drew Patrick Winters Trevor James Zaple John Teel Dexter Findley Kyle Rader

Disney Princess: A Story of Love

Amy Adair - 2002
    A Story of Disney Princess Ariel's Love

Complete Lyrics of Bob Marley: Songs of Freedom.

Bob Marley - 2001
    From his earliest songs of the 1960s to his years with Island Records, these are the potent lyrics to the international reggae sound that was to make Bob Marley an unforgettable music legend.

The Pranksters Club: The Wimpy Kid Takeover

J.C. Foster - 2014
    And how can that get any worse for this Wimpy Kid? By finding out that you’re getting the meanest teacher in the school this year AND she just moved down the street.Leave it up to Connor, Max and Milo to turn the miserable first week of school into the biggest and most exciting party ever. All while avoiding the bully squad, outsmarting Molly, the teacher’s pet and staying one step ahead of Mr. Mooger, the principal.But everything is not as it seems and the three soon find out that they haven’t been the only one’s pulling pranks.Join Connor, Max and Milo on their new adventures in middle school, watch them out smart the bullies and stay one step ahead of the teachers. This illustrated book is a humorous and fun ride through middle school, never knowing what's just around the corner or under your seat. Connor's Diary of the Wimpy Kids in his prankster's club will keep you guessing and laughing out loud.Also Available: The Pranksters' Club: Ripped - Book 2 of the Series

Meow Said the Cow

Sarah Mazor - 2018

The Princess Diaries Signed Edition Set

Meg Cabot

Unofficial Random Facts about Harry Potter

Jane Snow - 2019
    It’s hard to understand how all of it had happened and why people all around the world fell in love with the boy wizard. From the legendary book series written by the British author J.K. Rowling to the award-winning films that were loved by fans worldwide, Harry Potter’s legacy lives on. And now get ready to be knocked off your brooms! I really hope you’ll enjoy my ultimate collection of 501 Potter-related facts! ORDER NOW!

Middle School Millionaires

Roderick J. Robison - 2013
    But when the other schools and town facil-ities ask for recycling barrels too, their businesstakes off. They earn much more than pocket change.And the funny thing is, nobody but the janitors knowthe recycling barrels are owned by the two young en-trepreneurs. The money rolls in…but trouble follows.The principal suspects they’re up to something. Theeighth grade bully tries to capitalize on their new-found wealth. And the competition, the town’s largestrecycling contractor—tries to put them out of business.Their real trouble begins though, when the principal,superintendent of schools, and mayor learn the recyclingbarrels are owned by two middle school students. Theythink they’ve been misled; a suspension hearing ensues.Everything Kirk and Tommy have worked so hard for isin jeopardy. They’re on the brink of loosing it all—but ifthey can survive the ordeal, they just might become…Middle School Millionaires.