Haunted Collection Series: Books 1-3

Ron Ripley - 2018
    Seeking answers, he teams up with paranormal expert Jeremy Rhinehart. They race against time to stop a man who’s spreading chaos and violence by way of deadly, haunted objects… 1 - Collecting Death Victor Daniels and Jeremy Rhinehart discover a myriad of haunted collectibles unleashed upon the world. Together they begin to hunt them down. But it’s not long before they realize the haunted spirits within are more bloodthirsty now than when they were alive… 2 - Walter’s Rifle Stefan Korzh’s plan to spread fear and paranoia is unraveling perfectly, but Victor Daniels and Jeremy Rhinehart won’t let that happen. They race against time to stop the mayhem, but as they get closer, they discover how dangerous Stefan truly is. 3 - Blood in the Mirror As Victor and Jeremy continue their quest against evil, they discover a terrifying force lurking in their midst. Nothing is ever as it seems…


Eddie Generous - 2019
     Hunters come in droves but the beast proves itself too big and too cunning, using its fearsome teeth and claws to destroy the intruders. Many die and blood is spilled by the gallon, but has the beast met its match when a park ranger, an average joe, and a trail expert come together to predict where the beast will attack next?

Alpha Centauri: First Landing (T-Space: Alpha Centauri Book 1)

Alastair Mayer - 2016
    A multinational expedition is launched to land on and explore these worlds, but political intrigue and natural disasters threaten the mission . . . and what they find may threaten Earth itself.

Supposedly Haunted: True Life Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator

E.E. Bensen - 2016
    He discusses what brought him into the paranormal research field, describes real life supernatural events witnessed firsthand during his numerous investigations, and also provides an opinion of what all of it might be. Experiencing paranormal phenomena has a way of changing one's perspective. Locations include Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Preston Castle, The Washoe Club, The Stanley Hotel, Old Tooele Hospital (Asylum 49), Farrar Elementary School, and more!


Hugo Navikov - 2018
     An Above-Top-Secret project brings military brass, elite commandos, ice-drilling experts, and abducted scientists to investigate a 100-mile-long 'gravitational anomaly' half a mile under the West Antarctic Ice Shelf. Their target: a spaceship buried for millions of years, home to a menagerie of alien and prehistoric horrors that could be unleashed on Earth and end every life on it.

Bigfoot: The Dark Side

Rusty Wilson - 2018
    Be sure to go to a friend’s house to read them, because you won’t want to be alone, and whatever you do, don’t walk home by yourself! Come read about a most unusual resort house in Washington’s Palouse country—then read about the strange Yellowstone Fog and the secrets it holds—come along to mysterious Alaska where an archaeologist makes a find he wishes he hadn’t—find out if a human can outwit a bloodthirsty Bigfoot by climbing high in a tree—visit a unique house set in the Utah desert—then climb high on Canada’s highest peak, Mt. Logan, where something malevolent awaits you. Another great book from Rusty Wilson, Bigfoot expert and storyteller—tales for both the Bigfoot believer and those who just enjoy a good story.

ONSLAUGHT: The Zombie War Chronicles - Vol 1

Damon Novak - 2018
    Unfortunately, there was little time to ponder the cause. Most animals died at the onset. Others in the reptilian category merely changed. While some humans were unaffected, others experienced a half-death of sorts, morphing into blood and flesh-crazed creatures with a desire only to hunt the living and consume them. Climbing Fox Wattana of the Henomawi Nation claims responsibility for the black rain and its effects; He says it is his revenge against the United States government for robbing his people of their land, ensuring their ultimate extinction. Cole "CB" Baxter isn't taking this lying down. He, his sister, Lilly, and Dr. Georgina Lake will flee their airboat tour business in the Florida Everglades and attempt to rescue what family they can. If that all works out, they plan to follow the ham radio broadcasts of a classic rock DJ named Micky Rode, as he guides the survivors to a gathering spot somewhere in Kansas. That's the plan, anyway. But you know what they say: We make plans ... God laughs.

The Last Lesson

Jon Athan - 2019
    A gang-infested school. A vengeful teacher. After his star pupil, Rina Ogawa, is sexually assaulted in a school restroom, Edward Clifford sets out on a journey to find the truth and bring her attackers to justice. He finds himself delving head-first into the lives of his other students—lives filled with crime, violence, and hatred. What starts as a desperate attempt to achieve justice quickly sends Edward down the path of vengeance... Who attacked Rina Ogawa? Can Edward bring her attackers to justice? Or will he take matters into his own hands? From the provocative author of The Law of Retaliation and Grandfather’s House, Jon Athan brings you a shocking thriller packed with mystery, suspense, and extreme violence. This is a story of human horror. WARNING: This novel contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

The Haunting of Forsaken Manor (Ghost Hunters Book 1)

Cat Knight - 2020

The Retribution Of An Honest Man

Evelyn Boyett - 2019
    But to have no recollection of who you are or why you’ve been beaten, branded and left for dead, well, that would be the sort of terror there are no words for. With nothing but the memory of a beautiful woman, he doesn’t know and the seed of vengeance slowly growing from his gut for a wrong he feels has been done to him, a man sets out to find who he is and who left him out in the desert to die. But will he discover his identity? And when he does, will he regret knowing the truth of the heinous crime he was accused of committing? Or will he discover his desire for revenge is justified? The town of Hempstead, Texas is an unholy place where honest men stay in the shadows and the corrupt walk bravely in the sunlight. But all of that is about to change when the rumors start to tumble into town with the weeds and wind. The rumors of the ghost searching for his love and… retribution. If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this addictive Novel by Evelyn Boyett. "The Retribution Of An Honest Man" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel of approximately 400 pages.

The End of Everything: Book 10

Christopher Artinian - 2021

The Doctor's Pregnant Bride

Stella Clark - 2019
    With no means to support herself, and having discovered she is pregnant, she answers an ad in the Matrimonial Times, hoping for a fresh start for her and her unborn child. Dr. Karl Madden wants a marriage of convenience, where emotions do not come into play. He's looking for a woman to take care of his house and help him in his clinic. Having his heart broken once, Karl does not intend to open his heart to anyone again. When Becky arrives in Wyoming, Karl is shocked to see that she is pregnant and threatens to send her back to Chicago. While a desperate Becky begs for his forgiveness, Karl refuses, although he feels his heart stir each time he looks at her. When tragedy strikes, can Karl forgive Becky before both of their lives are destroyed forever?

Blinded by the Night (An Excoms Thriller Book 4)

Brett Battles - 2021

The Belvoirbrooke Haunting

Abhirup Dhar - 2020
    Darjeeling. Young married couple, Nihith and Jemisha comes to live in Belvoirbrooke Tea Estate, founded in 1865, amidst the snow-capped mountains, lush greenery and magnificent rolling countryside. Very soon they realize the place is haunted and Jemisha might be on the brink of either losing her sanity or giving in to the rules of the urban legend. Enter Chitin Barman, a paranormal investigator and clairvoyant psychic to their rescue. Is he? Can he? Some genres are best left without spilling the beans. Find out more about the spine-chilling haunting from the author of Amazon bestselling book ‘Hold That Breath’ and master storyteller of ‘Stories Are Magical’ and ‘Once Again… With Love!’Have a sip of piping hot tea and welcome to ‘The Belvoirbrooke Haunting’ - A Ghost Story in Darjeeling.Brr! Is it cold already?

Landon House: A Regency Romance Boxset

Rose Pearson - 2021
    Here we also meet Lady Hayward and the Duke of Landon, both widowed with young adult children. They devise a plan for Lady Hayward to help the duke’s daughters come out in society and for the Duke of Landon to help Lady Hayward’s sons with business matters. A good deal for both…but as they work together, might there be so much more to their relationship? Read through to the last book in the series to find out!