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Lady Sorceress by Patricia Rice


An Old Love's Shadow

Abby Gray - 1999
    She’s on a charitable mission, by damn, and that rowdy cantina next door is drowning out her gospel singing. The clash with the sexy-as-hell man who runs the cantina hits with enough force to burn down the small Mexican town. What happens in Mexico… Is supposed to stay in Mexico but Hunter can’t get that blonde with the ice blue eyes out of his mind when he goes home to Texas. Finding her isn’t the problem. Convincing her that he’s interested—well, that’s another story. Mercy tried to get over Hunter, especially when she found out about his past. She had two choices: move on or give him one more chance because no other man should have to live in an old love’s shadow. If you liked Carolyn Brown’s books, Love Is, Trouble in Paradise, The Wager or The Yard Rose, you will love An Old Love’s Shadow.

The Rogues Club Boxed Set

Annette Blair - 2012
    Laughter, romance, calamity and tears.“Annette Blair is a master artist in the world of romantic fiction. A strong plot provides the canvas for her compelling characters. Vivid settings and engaging minor characters beautifully augment the portrait. Fascinating subplots add depth. Spicy sexual encounters supply bold strokes . . .” MyShelf.comBio: A New York Times Bestselling author, Annette Blair left her job as a Development Director and Journalism Advisor at a private New England prep school to become a full time writer. At forty books and counting, she’s added cozy mysteries and bewitching romantic comedies to her award-winning Historical Romances.The Rogues Club Awards at First Printing:UNDENIABLE ROGUE2003 Laurel Wreath Award Winner, VCRW 2002 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee2003 Holt Medallion Award Finalist, VRW 2003 Barclay Gold Top Ten Favorite, LCRW 2003 Aspen Gold Finalist, HODRW 2003 Winter Rose Winner, Yellow Rose RW 2003 A Lories Best Overall Award of Excellence Winner UNFORGETTABLE ROGUE2003 Booksellers Best Award, GDRW 2003 Laurel Wreath Award Winner, VCRW 2003 Orange Rose Finalist, Orange County RWA 2003 Aspen Gold Finalist, HODRW 2003 Blue Boa Award of Excellence Winner, Peninsular Chapter RWA 2002 Romantic Times K.I.S.S., Knight In Shining Silver AwardUNMISTAKABLE ROGUE2003 Booksellers Best Award, GDRW 2005 Gallant Rogue of the Year Nominee, Reed Gilbride, HRC2004 Readers' Poll Favorite, Best Regency [Historical], AdC2003 Most Exciting Start to a Story, Romance Reviews 1996 Hook, Line & Sinker Winner, Hudson Valley RWA1996 RWA Golden Heart Finalist as Act of CharityUNTAMABLE ROGUE, Formerly A Christmas Baby2005 Aspen Gold Winner, HODRW 2004 A Reviewers' International Organization Winner 2005 Regency Romance of the Year Nominee, HRC 2005 Bravest Heroine of the Year Award Winner, Larkin McAdams 2005 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist, S Magic RWA 2005 Top Ten Reads for 2004, Lynda Lukow, MyShelf 2004 #1 Top Pick, October, ARR 2004 Top Pick Award, RRAH

The Marchioness Who Tempted Fate

Hanna Hamilton - 2020
    The day she finds herself at the mercy of a peculiar Marquess, she realizes that trying to steal from a nobleman, was a very bad idea.When Percival Dandridge, Marquess of Northbury, apprehends a suspiciously feminine thief in his house, he decides to offer her a position in his kitchen. He never intended to fall in love with her.But when an attempt against his life is made, all clues point to her.Realizing she is being framed, she becomes a ghost, working to prove her innocence. A dagger, an old gold pouch, and a diligent constable are all she has to solve this mystery and uncover a string of old ones…

Through Castle Windows (Horstberg Saga #5)

Elizabeth D. Michaels - 2015
    Following her mother’s death she is guided to Horstberg in search of answers and contentment. When her path repeatedly crosses with the brooding Stefan Heinrich, she is drawn to him by feelings too profound to ignore. The love they share is intense and undeniable, but Ericha’s ignorance of Stefan’s circumstances puts her on a scale in his life opposite to the country he rules, and the wife he loathes.While Stefan questions daily what kind of madness drove him to marry the deceptive and tawdry Johanna Von Bindorf, a princess from the neighboring country of Kohenswald, he is torn between his commitment to do what is right, and his love for a woman that he cannot have; a woman who fills his aching soul. Years of spiraling downward in hopelessness finally drive him to make Ericha a part of his life as far as it is possible, while deep inside he knows that eventually a price for his happiness will have to be paid.As Ericha develops a deep bond with the legendary Abbi du Woernig, she unknowingly breathes life back into the heart and soul of Horstberg. But happiness and peace for the entire family are fleeting and fragile. Both Stefan and Ericha quickly realize the price for their choices is higher than either of them ever could have imagined. When Horstberg’s freedom is bargained for with the life of its ruler, Stefan knows that he must sacrifice everything to once again prove himself worthy to serve the people of his country with dignity and to live his life with the woman he loves.


Fran McNabb - 2012
    Her rescuer, the dashing Captain Slader, is a wrecker who specializes in salvaging cargo from sunken vessels. As a native New Englander, Virginia grew up in wealth but felt most comfortable on the docks, among the ships. This special connection to the sea is one of the few things the privileged heiress and the rugged captain share. But mixed with the captain’s handsome looks, could this passion be enough to drive Virginia’s marriage plans off course?Captain John Slader is no stranger to the winds of change himself. He’d once lost the thing he held most dear: his family. But now that those same winds have sent him the lovely Virginia, will he risk his heart yet again? Virginia’s fiancé, an up-and-coming politician, may be able to offer her a world of wealth and comfort—but could he cherish her as John would, with a love as boundless as the ocean itself?

Daring the Highlander's Beast: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel

Eloise Madigan - 2021

The Rancher And The Shepherdess

Caroline Clemmons - 2016
    What is she to do now that she is in a strange place with almost no money, no prospect of a job, and no idea how she’ll survive? Plus, her late husband’s family wants her hung for his death, though his fall wasn’t her fault. Garrett McDonald hadn’t planned on marrying for several months. When urged by the sheriff to consider a young widow, he agreed to meet with her. One look was all he needed to convince him to wed the beautiful woman. She said she’d had experience with farming and animals and was willing to work hard. But life on a tiny Irish farm hadn’t prepared her for Montana. Gormlaith’s hard work and spirit convince Garrett she is the one for him, but life has surprises in store.

A Most Eligible Rake of a Duke

Harriet Caves - 2021
    Even if that means literally throwing herself at the Duke and risking her own ruination.No man is arguably more broken and debauched than Timothy Burton, the Duke of Marfront. But, according to his father’s will, he needs to wed and produce an heir. Only, he never sleeps with the same woman twice.When Diana finds herself bound to the same man she wanted to frame, she starts discovering not only his tender, guarded heart, but the big secret surrounding his mother’s death. For, she is about to follow her cold trail...

Kiss the Wallflower: Books 4-6

Tamara Gill - 2020

Ladies and their Secrets: Regency Romance Collection

Joyce Alec - 2019
     Diamonds of the Marquess Lady Emily Dove doesn’t know whom to trust. Her true identity must never be known. The Viscount’s Promise A mystery that surrounds Julianna’s family could lead her to the man that steals her heart. If you love clean and wholesome, Regency romances with strong heroines, mystery, and love, then the Ladies and their Secrets Regency Romance Collection will warm your heart.

Song of Alaska Pack

Tracie Peterson - 2010
    A collection of three dramatic stories of love and difficult choices set in the Alaskan frontier from bestselling author Tracie Peterson.

United Under the Western Sky

Grace Clemens - 2020
    Just a week after her meeting with the local matchmaker, Annie is on a train riding across the country to meet her future husband, sight unseen. Unfortunately, when she arrives, Annie isn't met by the kind farmer she'd been expecting but by the brooding and rough former bounty hunter, Josiah. Although a bit overwhelmed at first, Annie feels the spark between them and decides to embrace the unknown. But is she truly ready to let go of the life she knew for a love she never thought she'd find?Bounty hunter Josiah Bright has been on the road for as long as he can remember. When he stumbles upon a young, orphaned girl, though, his life will change forever. Determined to find out what happened to the girl's mother, Josiah decides to stay in town for a while, helping the local sheriff get to the bottom of the case. As the days turn to weeks, it seems like he's going to be spending more time in Jackson than he'd originally intended. With a new house, a new job, and a daughter, there's only one thing he is missing; a wife. The empty place in his heart will be filled by the kind and sweet Annie, who will instantly diminish all of his concerns and brighten his days. Can he soften his sharp edges, giving love a chance before it is lost once and for all?Neither Josiah nor Annie are sure that they will warm up to each other at first. However, with a young girl to care for and a house to run, the ice is quickly broken. Both are thrown into a way of life they had never dreamed of, but without even realizing it, they will soon get lost in unique, unexpected emotions. When a new threat appears, will the couple be strong enough to stay true to their new feelings?"United Under the Western Sky" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Last Vow of the Unyielding Duke

Hazel Linwood - 2021
    Ever. So when her father announces that she must wed a Duke she has never met before, she is more than a little furious. And while she might be forced to marry him, no one can force her to love him.Thomas Mccarthy, the Duke of Egerton’s dreams of marrying for love are crushed when his late father’s debts force him into an arranged marriage. And his new bride’s cold demeanor does not foreshadow a happy union .Just as Olivia’s walls start to melt like ice, her worst fears come alive before her own eyes. A note written in secret fills her heart with doubt. And when she goes missing, Thomas realises that no one can be trusted. For in the heart of their own home, enemies are disguised as friends, and revenge is disguised as justice…

Rustlers and Ribbons

Kirsten Osbourne - 2018
    When her friend Doris proposed sending for a mail order husband for Gretchen, who was seven months pregnant and unwed, she hoped for the best for her friend, but still felt badly for herself. Darryl Miller has always been known as one of the demon horde. If he stays in Beckham, Massachusetts, he will never rise above the reputation, but he has nowhere to go! When he receives a letter from his sister asking him to marry her pregnant friend, he only hesitates for a moment. Two weeks later, he arrives in Salmon to marry a stranger. The only trouble is the stranger refuses to marry him. Within an hour, he finds himself married to another friend of his sister’s. Will he be able to make a go of life with the beautiful straight-laced schoolteacher? Or has he made a huge mistake leaving everything to travel across country? A Distant Shore: a Kansas Crossroads novelette by Amelia C. Adams Collette Barnard has traveled from England to America to work as a ladies’ maid for a spoiled socialite who doesn’t want the California life her husband is seeking. When her employer leaves her husband in the middle of the night, Collette is discharged and abandoned in the town of Creede, Colorado, with little money and no idea what to do next. When the kind hand of fate lands her at the Brody Hotel in Topeka, Kansas, she meets a handsome young man named Gabriel Brody, who is also struggling to choose the right path for his life. Perhaps together, they can piece together a future from the bits that have been left them. Mail Order M’Lady by Carra Copelin Lady Anne Medvale, the daughter of the Marquess of Thamesford, has created a scandal by running away with a prominent politician. In America, alone and penniless, she answers an ad in the Grooms’ Gazette and travels to Beaumont, Texas as a mail order bride. Morgan Grant, a dedicated cattleman/lawman isn’t looking for a wife, but circumstances present themselves and he marries an unlikely mail order bride. Can the two of them overcome their differences to live happily ever after? Mail Order Millennium by Peggy L Henderson Growing up in a privileged society may seem glamorous, but having every material possession has left Sherri Stucki feeling empty, exploited by her friends, and abandoned. A world where people see past her money seems like a far off dream, until a mysterious stranger offers her a second chance at the life she seeks. Alexander Walker learned the hard way that city life – and its women – were not meant for him. He must complete one final job before returning to a life of solitude in his beloved mountains. The last thing he needs is a distraction from a spunky socialite who seems like a fish out of water. As they travel together toward new destinies, Alexander and Sherri discover that the life they desire can only be found in each other. Mail-Order Brides of Coldwater Creek Josie by Margery Scott Josephine (Josie) Parker’s birthday is coming up, which means she’ll have to leave the Chicago orphanage where she’s lived her entire life. With nowhere to go and no future to look forward to, she agrees to become a mail-order bride to Cooper Thompson, a rancher in Coldwater Creek, Montana. Cooper Thompson is happy with his life. He has his work, his family, and enough money to get by. He doesn’t need – or want – anything more, especially a wife. When Josie arrives in Montana, she’s shocked to learn that Cooper’s sister actually wrote the letter, and that he knows nothing about it.

Forging the Shilling Girl (The Hudson Sagas Book 1)

Emma Hardwick - 2020
    Young, widowed Clare Byrne, is escaping the famine in Ireland. On the coffin ship from Dublin, in the final hours of the journey to England, Clare goes into labour. Weakened and alone, the young, beleaguered mother gives birth near the quayside. Unable to look after the newborn, the child is bought for a single shilling by a curious gentleman, the industrialist Samuel Hudson. What will happen to the young girl? What plans does Mr Hudson have for her? Will the child thrive, or merely survive? Also by Emma Hardwick ----------------------------------- The Urchin of Walton Hall