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On Ice by Red Evans


Big Nate Comics 3-Book Collection: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Here Goes Nothing, Genius Mode

Lincoln Peirce - 2014
    Included are the first three Big Nate comic compendiums: Big Nate: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Big Nate: Here Goes Nothing, and Big Nate: Genius Mode. Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, "Big Nate is funny, big time!"

The Teenage Workbook, or, The Passing of an April Shower

Adrian Tan - 1989
    People like Mills & Boon, Bikini Nikki and a hunky Dream Guy named Daniel. People like our old friends Chung Kai, Mui Ee, Kok Sean and Sissy.Theirs is a story of loony turns and unexpected twists, as crazy and unpredictable as the April weather. It is a story about wild cars and mad wives, hot foods and piercing screams. It's a story that's shamelessly frank.Read it to believe it.

House of Windows

Alexia Casale - 2015
    Sure, he's going to Cambridge University aged 15, but he says that's just because he works hard. And, secretly, he only works hard to get some kind of attention from his workaholic father.Not that his strategy is working.When he arrives at Cambridge, he finds the work hard and socialising even harder. Until, that is, he starts to cox for the college rowing crew and all hell breaks loose...

Maya's Magical Adventures

Malcolm McCoard - 2017
    Like nothing you've read before! A fast moving, laugh-out-loud magical comedy and fantasy adventure that will keep your "heart thumping like a bongo drum strapped to the back of a runaway camel!". Join Maya a young Scottish girl and her know-it-all talking cat Mischief, her living wand Spell and dragon Blink on a series of magical adventures and mishaps as she discovers her magical powers and their hilarious pitfalls. Find out what lies behind the forbidden door. Solve a series of strange riddles and journey across Ayrshire and Arran landmarks in search of clues. How will each of her friends meet with their inevitable sticky end? Can she figure out who the mysterious shadow is and how to defeat it? Is Aunty Dot really that shallow and can Maya really trust her? Or is she destined to be lost in the strange nightmare of the mirror maze? There's only one way to find out, read it! Failure to do so may lead to feelings of disappointment, delusions of sanity and the loss of a potentially right good giggle! This a previously published edition of ASIN B06X9F4GQ7.

Welcome to Wahoo

Dennis Carr - 2006
    But when her parents are hunted down by international assassins, Victoria and her no-fun, no-frills bodyguard, Adam, must flee her fancy European boarding school for…Wahoo, Nebraska? Chased by the mob, hiding out in the middle of nowhere, what's a poor little rich girl to do? In this funny and contemporary riches-to-rags tale, Victoria finds that being at the wrong end of a nasty smear campaign, the wrong end of a nearly-empty bank account, and the wrong end of the world can have rewards all its own.

Magenta Orange: The Trials of a Teenage Temptress

Echo Freer - 2001
    Her neighbor—and nearest thing to a best friend a boy can be—Daniel, tries hard to dissuade her from some of her more impulsive actions, but it's a tough job. Magenta has set her sights on Year 11 heart-throb, Adam Jordan, but all her attempts to impress him are thwarted by a series of mishaps. Adam is convinced she is a jinx and tries to avoid her at all costs—while Daniel spends his time trying to demonstrate his undying affection for Magenta. Will the best man win?


Andrew Simonet - 2018
    in-school suspension. And that's not her real name.She had secrets, I had enemies."People are either useful or dangerous," she said. "One or the other.""Which one am I?" I said."You're both."Meili was right. (That's her real name.)You can solve a lot of problems if you don't mind getting hurt.Jason Wilder is in permanent in-school suspension for fighting. Meili Wen gets there by breaking a girl's finger. Jason and Meili don't just connect; they collide. Two people who would never cross paths--outsiders from radically different backgrounds--they form an exhiliarating, unpredictable bond. When circumstances push, they push back. There's no plan. And there's no stopping.I am so crap. How can you stand being with me? Don't answer that or I will crash this thing with both of us on it, swear to god, are you ready?"Yes. No. Didn't matter.I reached both arms around Meili's waist as we zoomed down the hill.

Carl Hiaasen's South Florida Three-Book Set #2

Carl Hiaasen - 2003
    Carl Hiaasen's South Florida Three-Book Set #2 (Lucky You, Basket Case, Double Whammy) For a limited time get three books in Carl Hiaasen's popular South Florida series together in one easy-to-order package, including the bestseller, Lucky You.

Funny Stories for Kids: Lily White and the Horrible Dwarves

Tyler Shaw - 2015
    (Brought to you by the famed Dweezel and Pallie.)"[A] funny and clever little book... I like this version even better than the original story."Chytach18, Reviewer for"An amazing story, and hilariously funny to boot, perfect for kids and adults alike!"Angela, Amazon UK reader"It made me laugh. Grossed me out. Then makes you laugh some more."Thelma Coots, Amazon reader"One word : FUNNY! A new way of reading Snow White"Isienie V., Amazon reader*****Take your expectations for a fairy tale and throw them out the window! A noble prince? Lame. A humble princess? What a loser! A happy ending? You wish. This eBook is way better than all that. It will make you giggle, laugh, and ask for more. Either that, or it will make you scream for it all to stop. The only way to know is to read it. Download "Lily White and the Horrible Dwarves" now!The Funny Stories for Kids series, written/recorded by Dr. Dexter Dweezel and Professor Parnassus Pallie, is an ongoing effort to make fairy tales less crappy. "Lily White and the Horrible Dwarves" is the first in this series, with more to come.**Note: This story is not for babies. It can be crude, and has jokes about butts, poo, and drunk people. It also has a bit of cartoony violence. There is no swearing or sexual activity. If this story had a MPGG rating it would probably be PG, and would be comparable to a modern episode of the Simpsons.**

The Tracy Beaker Trilogy

Jacqueline Wilson - 2008
    In her own words, THE STORY OF TRACY BEAKER, STARRING TRACY BEAKER and THE DARE GAME are the most incredible, dynamic and heart-rending stories. Honest.And not only are these collected in a beautiful sparkly hardback book, there's also the new TRACY BEAKER FACT FILE - including Tracy's thoughts on family, friends, school, food, her Top 10 Loves, her Top 10 hates - and a special note on Tracy from her creator, Jacqueline Wilson.

My Life as a Dog

Reidar Jönsson - 1983
    Things have never been easy. But, he figures, they could always be worse.With his father usually away at sea, and his mother dying of tuberculosis and often too weak to care for him, Ingemar has spent much of his life in foster homes, or the Children’s Home, or with his grandparents – with whoever would take him. In this wry first-person narrative, Ingemar tells of his life with his aunt and uncle in Småland, where he goes to live off and on for two years, one before and one after his mother’s death.In Småland, Ingemar finds more of a family than he’s ever known, as well as a cast of comic village eccentrics, with whom he decides he fits in perfectly. There’s the tomboy Saga, who teaches him how to box and introduces him to the mysteries of female adolescence; and Manne, who has green hair because his inventor grandfather makes him bathe in a copper tub. Together with the people of Småland, we watch as Ingemar falls into one outrageous situation after another, always displaying irresistible humour and the fortitude of a true hero.In turns tragic and farcical, and imbued with an acute sense of the absurd, Ingemar’s story is one of a valiant, wacky, and often hilarious struggle to make sense of life and of his mother’s illness.


Bob Flaherty - 2005
    Meet his brother Gully, who can't stop laughing at them. Now meet the brothers ten years later, in the middle of the most ferocious blizzard anyone can remember. Set in an Irish working-class suburb of Boston in the 1960s and 1970s, Puff centers on a quest as the soon-to-be-orphaned brothers, posing as rescue personnel, attempt to steer their dilapidated van through insurmountable snow, all to score a bag of pot.Trapped in their own ruse and forced to act the part of the saviors they are pretending to be, the brothers run into an endless stream of foes and obstacles: the cops, their childhood priest, a knife-wielding maniac, and the ill all stand in the way of their elusive high. A raucous caper, Puff is as hilarious as it is heartfelt and will resonate with old and young alike.

Fortune's Bastard

Robert Chalmers - 2004
    He wears his temper like a badge of honor, would rather step over a homeless beggar than walk around him, and engages in petty warfare with his staff over expense receipts. He's also never been much bothered with monogamy, but when one morning he spontaneously seduces his temp in an office storeroom, he's definitely crossed a line in blatancy. Miller has made few friends and many enemies—not to mention the fact that the storeroom is a notorious trysting place and he and the temp both emerge covered in dust and airmail stickers—so the news doesn’t take long to reach his cold, beautiful wife. Conveniently, it just happens to be their anniversary. Imagine the celebratory dinner, capped by her returning her house keys and consummating her desire to sleep with the neighbor.Not a man to suffer rejection well, Miller heads for a London media hangout, where two employees introduce him to cocaine. By morning, his exploits are public (a photographer captured him snorting the cocaine in public), his career is over (thanks to a damning interview he gave a journalist from a rival paper), he's not only painted the word 'WANKER' on the cuckolding neighbor's car, but misspelled it, and his house is on fire (never leave a goodbye bonfire of wedding photos unattended). . . . Clearly, it’s time to leave town. Miller has an engagement to speak to the boys at his old prep school, but he can't seem to stop pouring gasoline on the fire that his life has become, showing up hungover after a night partying with an old school friend and a gaggle of Spanish flight attendants, and calling the headmaster by his behind-the-back nickname of "Stiffo" to the students, for a start. After the speech, he speaks with his doctor and learns that his father-in-law plans to kill him.Leigh, the old school friend, works for an English language school in Barcelona, and Miller wrangles its address out of him, for he clearly can't go home. He gets the job and adapts surprisingly well to a life of an underpaid teacher, despite the fact that some of his students will clearly never learn the language (there are hilarious scenes of their attempts in this section) and even starts up a romance with a tough-talking English girl who's one of his fellow teachers—but he doesn't tell her who he really is when he has the opportunity, and when she figures it out on her own she is livid and that bridge is burnt. To make matters worse, his father-in-law's goons have tracked him down.Miller flees again, winding up in Florida, in a town populated by ex-circus freaks and presided over by the Half Man, a criminal and sadist with no legs who welcomes Miller to town by shoving a gun barrel in his mouth and breaking his teeth. But ironically, it seems that despite the fleas in his trailer, the one-eyed albino hit man who seems to overhear every compromising conversation between Miller and the Half Man’s beautiful wife the Lizard Woman, and the fact that the Half Man’s stranglehold on the local police mean that Miller isn’t actually free to leave, it seems that Miller somehow belongs among the freaks. These misfits—among them a black dwarf, a gay clown with a penchant for altar boys, a heroin addict who is their unlicensed doctor, a biker hit man named Hollis after Grove’s erstwhile publicist, and the Lizard Woman’s wonderful eight-year-old daughter—unwittingly teach Miller what normal life never could—how to love, and how to stand up for something he truly believes in. When Miller's wife tracks him down and has him sign over the spoils of his old life to her, he gets enough money out of her to hire the albino to hit the Half Man. And though all certainly does not go smoothly with the hit—someone as vicious as the Half Man is unlikely to go quietly—Miller and the Lizard Woman are able to close that chapter and start a new life together.

The Enormity of the Tragedy

Quim Monzó - 1989
    trumpet player who wakes up one day with a massive neverending erection. Hailed across Europe as a masterpiece of literary parody, it is bound to be one day seen as the biggest rival yet to Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint.

Harry And The Treasure Of Eddie Carver

Alan Temperley - 1997
    He has his dog, Tangle, to rescue, and he must raise the alarm and make sure his aunts and their gang of criminal mates are safe. It's only after the fire is out that they start to think - who was it who wanted them dead?