The One Year Praying Through the Bible: Experience the Power of the Bible Through Prayer

Cheri Fuller - 2003
    You love going through the Scriptures. But you want to do more than just turn the page and check "Bible reading" off your daily to-do list. In The One Year Book of Praying through the Bible, respected author Cheri Fuller leads you through the Bible in one year, helping you pray Scripture passages back to God.The One Year Book of Praying through the Bible is the perfect companion to The One Year Bible--and the perfect way to pray through the Bible within a year. Each daily reading is wonderfully fresh, amazingly personal, and consistently tied to the daily Scripture passages from The One Year Bible. Following each devotional you'll find a short prayer designed to launch you into your own prayer time and a thought-provoking quote from a contemporary or historical Christian.I pray with all my heart. --Psalm 119:145

Extreme Makeover: Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture

Teresa Tomeo - 2011
    With its emphasis on youth, physical beauty, and sexuality, the secular media is encouraging women - and girls - to see themselves primarily as sex objects.A former television news reporter, Tomeo pulls together the latest research on social behavior and trends to demonstrate that women are harming themselves and their chances for true happiness by adopting the thoroughly modern, sexually liberated lifestyle portrayed in magazines and movies. Packed with not only persuasive statistics but also powerful personal testimonies, Extreme Makeover shows that it is not the slogans of the sexual revolution and the women's liberation movement that free and dignify women, but the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church.So what are women steeped in the Hollywood and Cosmo girl version of reality to do? Undergo Tomeo's Extreme Makeover. With the help of this book, they can shed the toxic messages that objectify and enslave them and embrace the truth about being a beloved daughter of God.

Smith Wigglesworth on the Holy Spirit

Smith Wigglesworth - 1998
    His love, power, and joy will flow through you to others, bringing salvation, healing, and miracles—just as they did through Smith Wigglesworth. His insightful messages reveal how you can…Manifest the gifts of the SpiritReceive your healingOvercome all the schemes of SatanDo greater works for GodLive in the abundance of GodFind true purpose for your lifeBe used by God to do miraclesIf your heart’s desire is to see great things happen in your life, God will work mightily in you by the power of His Spirit. You can personally experience God’s miracle-working power in your life!

Lifetime Guarantee

Bill Gillham - 1987
    Suddenly the light dawns. It's not your problems that need to be fixed - it's your life! The good news is that God doesn't ask you to live your life for Christ, but to let Him live His life through you. This book offers a new look at the concept of your identify in Christ.

The Pursuit of God and Other Classics

A.W. Tozer - 2013
    W. Tozer books in a single, convenient, high quality, but extremely low priced Kindle volume! TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Pursuit of God Knowledge of The Holy Man - The Dwelling Place of God The Christian Book of Mystical Verses

Exploring Worship: A Practical Guide to Praise & Worship

Bob Sorge - 1987
    We're still making this version available, even though there's now a Third Edition of Exploring Worship, because this Second Version has a Workbook to go with it. The new Third Edition has no accompanying Workbook. Get this brown-covered version only if you want to have a book/workbook combo for your class. If you don't want to use the Workbook, then get the Third Edition of Exploring Worship (white and blue cover). The book/workbook combo is especially useful for college classes.

Untamable God: Encountering the One Who Is Bigger, Better, and More Dangerous Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Stephen Altrogge - 2013
    In his personal, intimate, engaging, humorous style, Altrogge takes us on a journey through God's word, bringing us into close contact with the God of sharp edges and brilliant light. Altrogge introduces afresh to the untamable God of the Bible.

Sipping Saltwater: How to find lasting satisfaction in a world of thirst (Live Different)

Steve Hoppe - 2017
     The uniqueness of this book comes in the metaphor of sipping saltwater. Even as Christians, we 'sip' on idols such as money, relationships, careers, sex, food, human approval…the list is endless. These things promise to satisfy us—to quench our thirst. In the end, however, they fail to do so and leave us thirstier than we were before drinking them. To make matters worse, we are left with devastating hangovers—the negative consequences of our idolatry. This book enables readers to identify their own source(s) of saltwater and explains how to quench their thirst with Jesus’ living water—the only drink that will ever truly satisfy us both now and for eternity. It inspires readers to go on in the Christian life as they started—by making Jesus the centre of our lives and giving our worship to him.

Waiting On God

Francis Chan - 2011
    When God Doesn't Listen by Francis Chan- Prayer should not be taken lightly in connection with individual and communal sin. Submission through Prayer by James MacDonald - Prayerful submission enables us to experience God’s grace and peace. Waiting On God by John Ortberg- Waiting on the Lord is the hardest work of hope.Why We Shouldn't Give Up On Prayer by Bill Hybels- We must persevere through hindrances to prayer.

Growing in Christ: A 13-Week Course for New and Growing Christians

Jeff Schadt - 1985
    Tear-out Scripture memory verse cards are included in KJV, NIV, NASB, and NRSV.• 13 lessons

We Don’t Know What’s Going to Happen and That’s Okay: Living in Holy Uncertainty

John Mark Comer - 2020

Searching for Heaven on Earth: How to Find What Really Matters in Life

David Jeremiah - 2004
    A look at history's most successful man, Solomon, challenges the reader to find what really matters in life.

Praying with the Psalms: A Year of Daily Prayers and Reflections on the Words of David

Eugene H. Peterson - 1993
    A devotional prayer book focusing on one year with the Psalms, the most sensitive and honest words written about daily stress and daily blessings.

I'll Hold You In Heaven: Healing and Hope for the Parent Who has Lost a Child through Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Abortion or Early Infant Death

Jack W. Hayford - 1990
    God showed his tenderness when David lost the child he had with Bathsheba shortly after its birth. In his pain and grief, David spoke the word of revelation—reassuring word of God’s truth—saying, “I will go to (my child) but he will not return to me” (2 Samuel 12:19-23). The freeing truth of the Word of God promises that, like David, you will hold your child again in heaven.

Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring

Andi Ashworth - 2002
    As society grows increasingly technological, isolated, and lonely, those who take their caregiving gifts seriously can fill a tremendous void. In Real Love for Real Life, caregivers of all kinds can find the help and hope they need to fulfill their calling. Through personal illustrations, timely research, and thoughtful quotations, Andi Ashworth addresses the practicalities, philosophies, challenges, and joys of providing care in the relationships of home and communityâ��leading readers to a greater understanding of the value and the validity of their call to be caregivers. With the encouraging hope and creative insights theyâ��ll find in these pages, they can serve others in more effective, more fulfilling waysâ��in the name of God.