Wild Passions of a Mischievous Duchess

Violet Hamers - 2019
    Not knowing how to deal with the unfamiliar and intense emotions he ignites within her, she lets herself burn in his fire. Still haunted by his fiancé's unsolved murder, Gerard Watton, the Duke of Hadminster, has thrown himself into his business. However, that changes when his sister's captivating governess brings forth feelings he thought himself unable to experience ever again. But as tension and feelings run wild, someone threatens to snatch his happiness away from him a second time. When someone tries to poison Elizabeth, the crippling fear of the past repeating itself resurfaces, and Gerard is hard-pressed to act fast. For one is an accident, two is a tragedy, but three is murder...

The Chance Reilly Series

Patrick Lindsay - 2019
    In his quest to establish a new life for himself, he will encounter challenges at every turn. Natural disasters, a lost gold shipment, old enemies and outlaws will all stand in his way as he tries to build a future with next-door neighbor Kate. When he's fighting for family and friends, Chance is a force to be reckoned with.

A Love Sealed at Sunrise

Carol Colyer - 2020
    Being rather desperate, when her mother comes to her with a mail-order-bride ad and a set of heart-warming letters from the author, she jumps at her only chance and goes west. Upon her arrival, instead of the eloquent and thoughtful man portrayed in the letters, she finds a hard-working rancher and father, rather short on words and emotionally distant. Although shocked at first, Catherine can’t help but feel charmed by his looks and his kind soul. Will she ever have the chance to break through the walls around his heart before it’s too late?Elias is a widower set on trying to create a better life for his children, but running his ranch on the outskirts of town with two kids is far too demanding. Under these complicated circumstances, looking for a mail-order bride to help him shoulder the responsibilities of the ranch and childrearing, seems to be the simplest solution. However, when Catherine arrives looking breathtaking, he realizes that his life will never be the same again. Expressing his emotions has always been quite a challenge for him, but Catherine makes him want to try. How will he finally trust his heart and let go of his trauma in order to fully devote himself to her?Right when the two of them start to feel closer to each other, a shadow from Catherine’s past appears, threatening to destroy everything they hold dear. Will they let the past ruin their newly created dreams, or will the sunlight of their love destroy any darkness heading towards them menacingly?

Her Port in the Storm

Grace Clemens - 2020
    Focused on her work as a schoolteacher assistant, it seems that nothing could disturb her peaceful existence. Little did she know that her world would be turned upside down the moment her mother starts receiving mysteriously threatening letters. Wasting no time, Loren turns to the charming sheriff, who will do whatever it takes to help her and the only person she has by her side. However, she has no time for romance, as she needs to find the evil mastermind behind her family's ruin. Will she manage to escape from a painful dilemma of choosing between love and devotion to the only person that was always there for her?Edison Haynes is a determined man who has devoted his life in serving justice after his brother's tragic passing. Upon completing his training under one of the best sheriffs in Tombstone, he moves to Bridgestone at the age of twenty-six to become the local sheriff. Soon, fate brings him in front of an unprotected woman who is desperately asking for help. When he realizes that his mission is not a child's play, it will require all of his skills to rescue the helpless lady. What he could never expect though, is that he would find himself hopelessly in love with her along the way. Will Edison manage to save the helpless woman that could be the missing piece to the puzzle of his lonely life?The clock is ticking for Edison and Loren, who have to quickly discover what lies behind the blackmailing letters that are haunting their dreams. Will they manage to solve the baffling mystery and find their other half against all odds?"Her Port in the Storm" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Secret Plan of Dazzling Ladies

Aria Norton - 2020
    Juliana is stubborn, adventurous and deeply in love with a Lord who has a questionable reputation. Emmeline is quiet in nature and shier than her fun-loving sister. When they discover that their parents are planning to marry Juliana to an eligible and affable son of a Duke she has no interest in, they concoct a plan to secretly take each other's place. With Emmeline having misgivings about the subterfuge, and navigating her unexpected feelings for this kind hearted newcomer, will the sisters manage to find love and avoid the trouble they've caused?Lord Cale has recently returned to his stepfather's estate to acquire more responsibilities after completing his education. He has known the twin daughters of the Earl of Baxter his entire life and has fallen deeply in love with Lady Juliana. However, due to his family's troubling reputation preventing him from being able to court her, he leaves determined to clear the family name. When he eventually returns vindicated and seeks out Juliana, how will he handle his dismay at thinking Juliana is already happy with another Lord? Will the two Lords come to an understanding about each other's place in the twins' lives or will the strong feelings involved render this impossible?With every passing day Emmeline's and Juliana's lives become increasingly complicated and intertwined and the pretense more difficult to keep up. However, the foggier the truth becomes, the clearer their growing feelings emerge. After all this time and the endless lies, will they manage to untangle this mess without hurting the men they care for, or have they taken this ruse too far? Will both sisters finally get the happily ever after that they long for?"The Secret Plan of Dazzling Ladies" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

His Heart's Whisperer

Aurora Hanson - 2020
    Luckily for her, her best friend steps in with the perfect solution that will guarantee her financial security. Before even Lizzie realizes it, she becomes a mail-order bride, traveling off to Texas to meet her husband-to-be. Just when she thinks she's finally found some hope, Lizzie discovers that her fiancé is expecting a well-accomplished lady, which she is certainly not. Torn between lies, she finds herself trapped in a painful dilemma...Will she go against her own values for a chance at love?Upon his father's death, Charles Johnson inherited a small ranch and made it the largest in all of Spring Branch. When his brother announces he is expecting his first child, it is a wake up call for Charles that it's high time he found a wife too. Charles is no ignorant to women trying to trap him because of his money and status and he has no choice but to employ a marriage agency. While he never expected to actually fall for his bride-to-be, the minute he meets Lizzie, he is captivated. When secrets come to light, will he manage to trust her and succumb to this unprecedented feeling?Moving to Spring Branch was supposed to solve all of Lizzie's problems instead of creating new ones. In the middle of a web of lies and confusion, she and Charles will have to learn to accept their untameable feelings. Together they must decide if love is worth the trouble... Can the two of them overcome their differences and let their romance flourish, no matter what the cost?"His Heart's Whisperer" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Stubborn Bride For The Stoic Rancher

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    A stoic rancher. And a heartbreaking history that just won’t stay in the past.Jasper is a rancher through and through, a bachelor who is tough as nails, loyal, and hardworking. But when his brother and sister-in-law are killed after being ambushed by a gang, Jasper has to take in his niece, Daisy, while also coping with his own grief—or, rather, ignoring it.Realizing he needs help balancing his life and raising Daisy, he decides to take on a mail-order bride. When Georgia arrives, he’s overwhelmed by his intelligent and beautiful new wife. At the same time, he’s terrified of losing her or having her see him as weak, so he keeps his distance.Georgia is frustrated by Jasper’s lack of emotion and inability to open up. She wonders if she’ll ever feel like she’s in a real marriage. Maybe it was a terrible mistake for her to leave her family and come out west to get married.But when the gang behind the ambush comes back to town, both Georgia and Jasper will be forced to confront their pasts. Will facing their trauma bring them closer together or ruin their marriage forever?If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this addictive Novel by Evelyn Boyett."A Stubborn Bride For The Stoic Rancher" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel of approximately 500 pages.

A Mail Order Answer to the Sheriff’s Prayer

Rita Wethers - 2021
    Struggling to make ends meet, she decides to alleviate some of the burden of her father’s shoulders and reply to a mail order bride from out of state. While corresponding with this man, she decides to take the leap of fate and change her life.Joel Slayton is the celebrated sheriff of Keysville, Utah. A widower living with his sister, Joel can almost boast to have completely rid his town of crime, since he has focused all his life and energy on that. At the encouragement of his sister, he will start corresponding with a woman named Elisa and patiently awaits her to arrive and become his future wife.When an accident changes the course of his life, Elisa will meet a man she did not expect to find. Can they work through the hardships and the unprecedented horrors this newfound fate has brought them? And how can they reconstruct the past if the promise of their future together is in danger?Find out in this gripping tale of Western Romance, where love will have to dig deep to unearth the power of faith.

Trusting Her Righteous Heart

Lorelei Brogan - 2020
    However, her plans go askew when she finds out that her husband-to-be lied about who he really is. Determined to leave him and in a moment of desperation, she meets Julian, a wealthy man who promises to help her escape her misery, and offers her a job as a chef on his father's ranch. Even though Savannah is suspicious at first, she trusts her instinct and quickly finds a place to call home and someone to count on. Will she finally take the leap to real love or will the social differences be too much to handle?Julian is a successful rancher who grew up in high society but truly believes in social equality of all classes. When he meets Savannah, he feels an inevitable need to protect her. Hiring her at his ranch seems like the perfect way to keep her safe. Unavoidable feelings will grow as they get to know each other, and Julian will quickly find himself surprisingly stricken with her wit and unique beauty. If their incompatible worlds unite, a chance at love may be finally within reach...Will obstacles such as status clash, spiteful schemes, and past trauma keep him from following his heart?Julian and Savannah are about to find themselves in a whirlwind of powerful emotions. She has to accept his aristocratic upbringing and he has to be willing to see her for who she really is. Serious decisions must be made if they want to find a way to make their two worlds one...With such a difficult beginning, can they ever hope to understand one another, let alone find love?"Trusting Her Righteous Heart" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Town of Lawlessness

Ethan Westfield - 2020
    When he is finally ready to turn a new page in life, he shoots for the moon and moves to the town of Moville to work in mining. Feeling like he is one step closer to his dream, little did he know that the life of a miner is more fraught with peril and disappointment than he'd imagined. The moment he discovers that a vicious killer is out there, taking the lives of innocent miners for no apparent reason, he is willing to risk it all to track him down. Will Jack manage to find the answer behind the enigma of the horrible murders? Or will the truth behind them remain forever hidden, haunting the small town?While trying to connect all dots and solve the intriguing mystery, Jack meets Charlotte Campbell, the town's head schoolteacher. Although they get off to a rocky start, he will soon realize that he's not alone in the battle against the town's enemies. Together they will fight the forces that wreak havoc in Moville, a lifetime adventure that will bring them closer. Even though their attraction is impossible to deny, their affection cannot be expressed as long as a criminal is out there. Will they finally have a chance at love, or will their romance be doomed to be lost forever?As the days go by and the murderers continue to bring chaos to what was once a thriving town, Jack feels like his dream is being shattered into a million pieces. Will his valor and wit win out in the end, leading him to the life he has been eagerly waiting for? Or will the cruel felon stop him from riding down the trail to happiness?"A Town of Lawlessness" is a historical adventure novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

The Welsh Guardsman

Ann Brough - 2018
    The women on the station turned away with tears, images of their husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and boyfriends disappearing through the smoke. Dorothy stood there alone, until every trace of smoke from the train engine had dissipated. She suddenly felt cold and alone. She finally turned and followed the other women down the metal steps, off the station and back to Edward Street. 1927. The poverty-stricken streets of Neck End in England’s industrial midlands, were a lonely and miserable place for a little girl. Abandoned by her mother, Dorothy clings to the memory of her father, who lives in the capital city. London seems an entire world away, as she hopes for the day when he might send for her and she can finally get out. Twelve years later, the country is plunged into war with Germany and Dorothy’s world is thrown into chaos. Can she have a life in London with her father despite the dangers of war or will a chance encounter with a dashing soldier change her path for good?  Torn between loyalty to her father and the possibility of love, Dorothy struggles with the greatest decision of her young life. A decision influenced by war and the love of two strong, yet vastly different, men.

When the Heart Takes Over

Melynda Carlyle - 2020
    He thought he had left love behind. Fate is about to prove them wrong… There’s only one thing in Charlotte Martin’s mind regarding love: it destroys people in its passing and it will never be an option for her ever again...With the war-torn remnants of her hometown far behind her, Charlotte has found a new life for herself working as a cook at a boarding house and keeping to herself.Thomas Parchant, a retired Union soldier, wants nothing more than to get away from the memories of the past. Building a new life in his uncle’s ranch in Montana seems like the only way out for him and his mother. Until he sets his eyes on Charlotte...Caught in a game of hide and seek against all odds, sparkles of love start appearing between them even though none of them is ready to admit it.But the past cannot stay hidden for long and when Charlotte’s catches up with her own,there will be no one to save her but Thomas. Yet before he does, he will have to come face to face with his greatest of fears…and manage to survive it.

A Land of Peril and Deceit

Austin Grayson - 2020
    Thanks to his diligence and determination, the Flying G ranch has rapidly flourished, and he finally lives the life he has always dreamt of. Little does he know that everything will be turned upside down when his devious competitor sets his sight on his ranch. From that moment on, Bronco will do whatever it takes to stand up for his land and escape an evil scheme against him. Will he manage to save his ranch from the greedy cattle baron? How far will he go to prove his worth to the man who has stood by him like a real father?While Bronco is starting a wild range war to capture a bloodthirsty rival, a brilliant woman comes into his life and sweeps him off his feet. The moment Bronco lays eyes on Carrie Thompson, he realizes she is everything he has always been looking for. However, the clock is ticking, and Bronco cannot dive into a romance until he brings down the person who is determined to completely ruin his life. To make matters worse, danger spirals out of control when his new love is caught into a devilish trap. Bronco knows that there is no room for mistakes and that he has to play all his cards right, otherwise he might lose her forever. Will he manage to rescue the only woman who has managed to touch his heart, before it's too late? Will he be courageous enough to put evil behind bars once and for all?The bullets are already flying, and only one man will be left standing when the smoke clears. Will Bronco survive the greatest challenge of his life and protect the people he loves? Will he ride out the storm and make a new beginning by Carrie's side, οr will overpowering forces wipe the smile off his face once and for all?A pulse-pounding drama, which will make you turn the pages with bated breath until the very last word. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance."A Land of Peril and Deceit" is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

How to Train a Duke in the Ways of Love

Abby Ayles - 2020
    She has always breezed through social circles without breaking a sweat.Benjamin Abberton may be a Duke, but his conduct was always lacking. He can never seem to say the right thing or act his station, leaving his peers in a bewildered, stunned state.When Annette returns home to find her friend has not changed at all, she is ready to help Benjamin refine his terrible manners, just like she always did when they were children. But this time things get a tad more complicated…An unexpected love will confuse them and turn their lives upside down, and their only hope to get out unscathed is to find the courage to admit their feelings to each other, but foremost to themselves…

This Heart Plays No Games

Tay Mo'Nae - 2019
    Now the couple must see if they can overcome one big obstacle in their way. Savanna thinks they’re able to make it down the aisle until she finds out that Ray has been keeping some secrets from her, now she isn’t sure if marrying him is what’s best for her. Makai walks back into Savanna’s life after three years. What she thought was just a childhood crush quickly turns into more then she bargained for. Not only does Makai come back with a girlfriend but he also comes back with an eye-opener that Savanna wasn’t prepared for. Now she must battle her feelings and decide if she can forgive Ray and get married or if she should act on her feelings for Makai. Jazlynn was content in her life the only problem she had was her deadbeat baby daddy that was until Kordell, her previous boyfriend, comes back to shake up her life. Still dealing with the heartbreak he caused her, she fights her feelings not truly ready to open up to him again. Kordell knows he messed up and will do anything to have Jazlynn back. Will, she finally forgive his past mistakes, or will she fully close their chapter all together? Ma’Loni just wants to strip and stack her money, falling for the boss was never a part of the equation. Kolby sees something in Ma’Loni that he refuses to let go. What started off as just a physical relationship quickly turns into more. When Ma’Loni learns Kolby has been holding something back from her she quickly leaves their situation where it’s at. Now Kolby must show Ma’Loni he’s ready to give up the games and focus on her, the only issue is will Ma’Loni believe him? Join the crew in the crazy journey of heartbreaks, love, drama, and secrets and find out what it really means when they say, This Heart Plays No Games.