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The Simpler Life by Deborah H. Deford


Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down

Sonia Ricotti - 2011
    They can leave us feeling drained and drowning in depression. Author Sonia Ricotti draws upon her own experiences, as well as those of other high-profile self-help leaders, to help you overcome these difficult situations with ease, and bounce back quicker and higher than you thought possible.Unsinkable is not only inspiring, but it offers clearly written, step-by-step tools, strategies, stories, and exercises that will teach you how to: Powerfully move forward, take action, and create the life you deserve.Transform your way of thinking--and feel better now.Experience inner peace and happiness--no matter what your circumstances.Release your negative past experiences and create a new and exciting present and future.Ricotti gives you direct access to her unique gifts as a world-renowned transformational teacher, including the 20 Lessons to Live By When Life Knocks You Down. Lessons such as: Say Yes! to Change.Let Go of What Was.Within Every Crisis Lies a Golden Opportunity.Have Faith in What Will Be.Recreate Your Reality.

Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES

Steve Chandler - 2015
    And then there's CRAZY GOOD. Steve Chandler's latest delivers a series of enlightening CHOICES we can make to have our lives soar FAR BEYOND anything we thought possible. The hypnotized "I'm fine" life of "barely good enough" is revealed here to be thoroughly unnecessary - and easy to break free from. The CHOICES Chandler gives us are clean, clear, simple to execute, and based on more than twenty years of training over thirty Fortune 500 companies and coaching hundreds of high-achieving individuals. This is Chandler at his best. Choose NOW to create a life that's CRAZY GOOD.

Live and Learn and Pass It on: People Ages 5 to 95 Share What They've Discovered about Life, Love, and Other Good Stuff

H. Jackson Brown Jr. - 1991
    In this New York Times bestseller, people ages 5 to 95 share what they've learned about successful living.

Most and More

T.T. Rangarajan - 2011

Inspiring Thoughts

Swami Vivekananda - 2013
    All the quotations compiled in this book are truly inspirational and give an insight into the saint's psyche, his vast knowledge on Dharma and spirituality. This Inspiring Thoughts book will serve as a motivational guide in your day-today life and bring change with positivity and wisdom. As the Swami travelled extensively within India and around the world, he had gained immense knowledge across diverse social patterns and religions. Thus, his message about spirituality was not to convert but to develop a world view and serve mankind and God. His thoughts can inspire anyone to overcome emotional shortcomings and help in awakening the subconscious mind.The Hindu monk who created ripples in the western world by introducing Vedanta and Yoga, Vivekananda established an interfaith awareness which is why he gained eminence in various intellectual societies. His inspiring speeches and intellectual lectures on the tenets of Hinduism attracted people across the globe to walk on the path to selfless service to man and God, attain spirituality and the Ultimate Truth. As you read his thoughts from the Inspiring Thoughts English version you will be opened to new perspectives on people, life and yourself as the complete existence. Immerse in a trance of philosophical upliftment, live the truth and unfurl the light within you with this Inspiring Thoughts hardcover book. It will guide you towards your professional success and spiritual achievement.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People: 101 Stories about Overcoming the Economic Crisis and Other Challenges

Jack Canfield - 2009
    Many people have lost money and many are losing their jobs, homes, or at least making cutbacks. Many others have faced life-changing natural disasters, such as hurricanes and fires, as well as health and family difficulties Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People is all about overcoming adversity, pulling together, making do with less, facing challenges, and finding new joys in a simpler life.

Easy Minimalist Living: 30 Days to Declutter, Simplify and Organize Your Home Without Driving Everyone Crazy

Jennifer Nicole - 2015
    One small step at a time. Stop feeling overwhelmed. This working mother thought she had it all - a full career, a full closet and a big family. But for some reason she always felt stressed. She didn't own her stuff anymore. It owned her! She realized that trying to change everything at once was a monster task! Organize your house one room at a time By breaking down your house into rooms, you start to focus on daily manageable tasks so that you never feel overwhelmed again. Trying to organize everything is a daunting project, but breaking it down into manageable tasks takes away the stress and allows you to have daily victories! Clutter free in 30 days With our easy step-by-step calendar and organization journal to follow, you never have to worry about getting lost in the clutter. Your home will start to transform one section at a time. You can easily stay on track and get excited about your house again. Turn your house back into a home Remember how you felt the first time you walked into your house? That sense of excitement and wonder? Well, it's time to take that back and turn your house into a place that makes you feel warm and safe. Your home will be the place where you feel secure and comforted again. The ancient Japanese art of organization Having spent extensive time traveling the world, there is no country more organized than Japan. Take the ancient art of flower arranging and apply it to your home so that your home is not only clutter free, it is also beautiful in it's simplicity. Just follow this simple guide and watch your problems disappear Once you start organizing your house you will discover a new inner strength. Your confidence will go through the roof and you will want to invite guests over again You will find that you have more free time to spend on your hobbies and passions. It's actually easier to maintain a well organized house! Easy Minimalist Living is the easiest way to quickly remove the clutter and disorganization from your life and home forever.

TIME Mindfulness: The New Science of Health and Happiness

The Editors of TIME - 2016
    The practice of meditation—which includes living in the moment and being in touch with your emotions—can change your body and brain, keeping them fit, flexible and resilient as you age. TIME’s special edition offers: Mindfulness tips for everyone, from the novice to the lifetime meditator The latest research on mindfulness, heart health and sleep How to bring mindfulness into your day without having to sit still on a cushion

This Will Never Happen Again

David Cain - 2013
    This Will Never Happen Again is a collection of David Cain's essays and reflections on what each of us can do in our own private, first-person experience to create personal stability and meaning in a world for which we are now poorly adapted. About the Author David Cain is a Winnipeg-based blogger, and the author of Raptitude, a street-level look at the human experience. Primarily, he writes about the one thing we all value but which schools never teach -- how to create quality of life in real-time. Raptitude attracts nearly a quarter million views monthly.

The Mindful Woman: Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Balance, and Opening Your Heart

Sue Patton Thoele - 2008
    Even the busiest of women among us has the ability to embrace mindfulness and will reap the benefits of doing so!In this book, Sue Patton Thoele shows you how to incorporate mindfulness into your busy and dynamic life. The book's gentle and humorous approach makes it a practical and easily understood guide for those who are new to the practice of mindfulness as well as those who are already familiar with its gifts.The book offers over sixty-five simple and effective practices to help you embrace mindfulness one moment at a time. Filled with both the author's and other women's personal stories about the joys and hurdles that come with embracing mindful living, The Mindful Woman is a friend whose hand you can hold on the path toward being present in the moment. Finding your way will lead naturally to a more open heart, inner peace, and greater zest for life-a path well worth pursuing.I have been a fan of Sue Patton Thoele's gentle wisdom since her very first book. Here she takes on mindfulness in her typical wise and caring way. The Mindful Woman is a retreat in a book!-M.J. Ryan, author of This Year I Will…, Giving Thanks, and many other titlesThe Mindful Woman is a warm-hearted tour of many effective ways for a woman to feel more peaceful, focused, and happy in the middle of her busy life. Based on scientific research and its author's deep insights, it is comprehensive and caring…a wonderful book.-Rick Hanson, Ph.D., psychologist, board member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and author of Mother Nurture Sue Patton Thoele is a heart-filled and gifted wordsmith who draws you into an enchanted journey of personal growth in each of her books. The Mindful Woman may well be her crowning glory… and yours… so get ready for a big treat!-Bobbie Sandoz Merrill, MSW, author of Settle for More, Parachutes for Parents, and In the Presence of High BeingsSue Patton Thoele is the master of explicating real life and real people. In The Mindful Woman, she adds a new dimension: real thinking. Many books preach mindfulness, but this is the only one that makes it so simple that you fall into practicing it as you turn the pages. Thoele has surpassed even her early groundbreaking books tailored to women's needs. Here is the hallmark of a deeply intuitive writer who presents her message in gentle, non-judgmental, and attractively intimate prose.-Hugh Prather, author of Morning Notes, Notes to Myself, and Spiritual Notes to Myself Sue Patton Thoele's books have long been a guiding light for me. The Mindful Woman is warm, wise, and wonderful and has become a touchstone to which I turn for advice and clarity. Reading Sue Thoele has truly made a difference in my life and has made me more mindful of the happy, healthy woman I am becoming.-Brenda Knight, author of Wild Woman and Rituals for Life wise, witty, and wonderful guide to what eludes us most: peace of mind and heart in a turbulent world.-Janice Lynne Lundy, author of Your Truest Self This book now has a permanent place on my nightstand. The Mindful Woman does much more than inform the reader about mindfulness. Through tiny, sweet bites of easy practice, it transforms a thoughtful woman into a mindful woman. Sue Patton Thoele's tenderness toward her reader warms each page as she reveals her own slips and slides in finding the positive and pleasant view of every circumstance. -Cynthia Wall, LCSW, author of The Courage to Trust

Three Truths of Well-Being

Sadhguru - 2013

The Greatest Secret of All: Moving Beyond Abundance to a Life of True Fulfillment

Marc Allen - 2007
    The Greatest Secret of All clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing what is truly important in life. We have what we need within us to do what we love, to be the people we dream of being, and to become completely fulfilled along the way — to become, as Abraham Maslow put it, self-actualized. We also have the capability, here and now, to create a world that works for everyone. In these pages, you will find the secret to a life of happiness, inner peace, ease, and fulfillment, and the secret that lets each of us contribute to making the world a better place for all.

Magic of Faith

Joseph Murphy - 2008
    Here is the law: "I am that which I feel myself to be." Practice changing the feeling of "I" every day by affirming: "I am Spirit; I think, see, feel, and live as Spirit, the Presence of God.

Everyday Enlightenment: The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth

Dan Millman - 1998
    Dan Millman makes your ascent accessible by bringing enlightenment down to earth-applying spiritual wisdom to the practical realities of everyday life. Explore the challenges and mysteries of body, mind, and emotions. Discover a new approach to success. Change confusion into clarity and knowledge into action. It begins as you turn the first page and enter... 1. Discover Your Worth 2. Reclaim Your Will 3. Energize Your Body 4. Manage Your Money 5. Tame Your Mind 6. Trust Your Intuition 7. Accept Your Emotions 8. Face Your Fears 9. Illuminate Your Shadow 10. Embrace Your Sexuality 11. Awaken Your Heart 12. Serve Your World The Time is Now. The Road is Open. Your Destiny Awaits.

Kabbalah: The Power to Change Everything

Yehuda Berg - 2009
    Positing that our collective abdication of responsibility — in every facet of our lives, including business and the economy, the environment, government and politics, healthcare, education, and religion — has contributed to the problems and challenges we face, Berg asserts that taking responsibility for our actions (or lack thereof) and their consequences is the key to achieving change for the better. Berg urges readers to access the power within each of us, using the principles of Kabbalah, in order to create the consciousness shift required for lasting positive change.