True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 12

Russell Lee
    Russell Lee writes about the world of DEMONS and what happens when someone is POSSESSED! Read about EXORCISMS and the titanic battles with the devil.

Getting the Little Blighters to Eat

Claire Potter - 2013
    Does your child decide they don't like a food before they've even tried it? Do they say 'Yuk' to foods they used to eat happily? Would they live off chips and ice-cream and never touch a vegetable again if given the chance? This little book provides easy-to-follow, easy-to-remember rules to help re-programme your child into a happy, healthy, adventurous eater.

Scary Stories for Kids - Short Horror Stories for Children: (Children's Books and Books for Kids)

Kara Aitken - 2014
    It's the perfect book to read around Halloween! If your kid loves scary stories, they're sure to love this children's book. The five spooky stories are perfect for telling scary stories in the dark, around a campfire, or for scaring friends at a sleep over. These are not your typical scary stories for kids, there stories are actually scary! Proceed with caution... Scary Stories for Kids Includes These Five Spooky Tales: 1) The Roller Coaster Curse 2) The Zoo Keeper 3) The Toy Maker 4) The Cafeteria Lady 5) The Wishing Well Disclaimer: These horror stories were written for children, however they include blood, zombies, and other scary elements which may not be suitable for some readers.

The Complete Survive the Fall Series (A Post Apocalyptic Survival Thriller, Books 1-5)

Derek Shupert - 2021

Voodoo Island

Michael Duckworth - 2000
    Accessible language and carefully controlled vocabulary build students' reading confidence. Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension. Before, during, and after reading activities included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension. Audio versions of selected titles provide great models of intonation and pronunciation of difficult words.

कबंध [Kabandh]

Ratnakar Matkari - 1970
    Death is a mystery. What really happens at the time of death? No one could ever answer this question so far. Science has so far succeeded in putting forth a theory for the destruction of the human body. But human is not only the body, it is the mind within, the soul within, it has feelings, lust… Do they extinct with death? Or do they linger in the universe? No one has been successful in answering these questions. The common people are always attracted towards the dark secret of life. Yet, how far true it is from the scientific point of view? It is again beyond arguments. In general, the stories based on facts are considered to be artistic while those based on mystery are supposed to be without any artistic value.

Hunky Dory

Jean Ure - 2007
    They just won't leave him alone.Girls at school and his annoying younger sisters' friends have massive crushes on him, but Dory's passion is for dinosaurs and he is happiest excavating his back garden. His best friend at school is Aaron and his best friend out of school is a girl called the Herb. How will Dory stop girls throwing themselves at him? Why is Aaron holding hands with Sophy Timms? And why is the Herb acting so strange around Dory all of a sudden…

Invisible Girlfriend- love, life and beyond

    You cannot believe your luck that the new girl in school who is as beautiful as the sunrise, is willing to date you! You fall deeply in love with her. On a fine day while having a romantic candle-light dinner with your gorgeous girlfriend under the star-lit sky, with a cold wind blowing, she just . . . disappears, into thin air. Baffling, isn’t it? That’s exactly what happened to Siddharth a.k.a. Sid. Where did she go? What happened? How can this happen? Read the novella to find out the mystery of the invisible girlfriend! Invisible Girlfriend is a unique tale of love that you have never encountered before!

The Bobbsey Twins Series

Laura Lee Hope - 2009

The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan

Alison Scott-Wright - 2010
    Now baby care consultant Alison Scott-Wright, known by her clients as "the magicthis is a step-by-step, must-have manual for stress-free parenting.

The Deadly Guest: A Horror Novel

Matt Shaw - 2020
    Good food, plentiful drink and - straight from Michael's "bucket-list" - a surprise visit from his free-spirited friend Vasia, for a dream threesome. At least that was what Luca had initially planned. Unbeknownst to him, Vasia and Michael aren't quite the friends Michael had insinuated and sharing Michael is the furthest thing from her mind. What should have been a night of pure lust-filled enjoyment soon goes to Hell, for all those in the hotel, soon after Vasia shows her true colours... Hells Flames A bonus novella following on from the catastrophic events of "The Deadly Guest".

Inn at Raven's Crest

Salem Marlowe - 2017
    When the opportunity arises, the two jump at the chance to make this dream a reality. They find an old Victorian home that has been vacant for many years and believe this is their chance to fix up and open the Inn at Raven’s Crest. Maggie quickly learns of the ghosts still living in the house. She befriends them; talks to them; helps them find peace, and offers a way to get to the other side. As the first guests arrives, so does an awful storm which puts out the roads, the power and the internet, thus leaving all of the guests captive at the Inn. When one person is found murdered, and then another, everyone is frightened and not sure who to trust and who the murderer is. There are many signs that point to one and then another suspect before the final chapter is revealed. Inn at Raven’s Crest by Salem Marlowe has a plot we may have read before, but the characters and the events are brand new and kept me glued to my Kindle. Each time I thought I had solved the mystery, another twist changed my mind. I couldn’t help but root for Maggie and Lee and for the future success of the Inn. Each character was well portrayed and had all the human characteristics of good and evil in them. I would love to see what happens when the next set of guests arrive at the Inn. It would be an awesome TV series with new guests arriving weekly. I highly recommend reading Inn at Raven’s Crest; mystery fans will not be disappointed. Two friends buy an abandoned Victorian house and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Before renovations are completed they discover their home has come complete with ghosts, and an old, unsolved murder. Can they solve the mystery and get the ghosts to leave? Or will they get caught up in a new set of murders, ones that are decimating their guests?

In The Fifth At Malory Towers & Last Term At Malory Towers

Enid Blyton - 2006
    Two hours of exciting, dramatised adventure from one of Enid Blyton's bestselling school series - now available on CD!

Mokee Joe Is Coming

Peter J. Murray - 2003
    Who is Mokee Joe? And what has Hudson done to make him so mad? There's only one course of action—Hudson must destroy this monster before it destroys him!

The Jewel Fairies: #1-5

Daisy Meadows - 2007
    The Jewel Fairies Boxed Set, Books 1-5:- India The Moonstone Fairy- Scarlett The Garnet Fairy- Emily The Emerald Fairy- Chole The Topaz Fairy- Amy The Amethyst Fairy Flying Fairy Pen Included!