A Hood Boy’s Love is Forever 2

Taniece - 2019
    After Bambi finds out that she’s pregnant, she’s stuck weighing her options on what to do next. When Ari XL finally finds out that he has a seed on the way, he’s thrilled, but Bambi quickly crushes his dreams. Bambi crosses paths with someone from her past and rage consumes her. They say when you’re going through a hard time, never give up because there’s a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. Hershey is struck with a tragedy that leaves her questioning her purpose. She finds herself jumping over obstacles just to be happy. After falling into a depressive state, Nick and Bambi try their hardest to pull her out. Will they be able to save her or will she just fall deeper?

Baby, I Need Something Different

Prenisha Aja' - 2018
    What started off as roses and butterflies soon became heartbreak, lies, and abuse. With her best friends, Malanie and June praying she finds somebody to love her right. They are left to sit back and be the shoulder she needs to cry on while she loses herself in a toxic relationship. Nevertheless, God has a funny way of placing the right people in your life even if it’s at the wrong time. With Piper steady running into Rex due to unfortunate situations, she finds herself feeling like she found her SuperMan. Even with the attraction and sparks flying between the two of them, fear has a way of holding you back and causing you to miss out on your blessing. Will Piper let the fear of moving on keep her in a dead end relationship or will she get to experience something other than heartbreak?

The Sheriff's Headstrong Bride: Historical Western Romance (Wedding Bells for the Widows Book 1)

Rosalee Adams - 2021

Montgomery House (The Lighthearted Collection)

Katharine E. Hamilton - 2017
    Unfortunately, rumors spread of mysterious happenings haunting the property, and the only contractor willing to take on the project is Jackson Dean, the long lost nephew of her grandmother’s chief enemy. Jackson Dean moves to Georgia to reignite his family relations, but his work poses a threat to a peaceful transition. He accepts the job on Montgomery House to prove his skills as a contractor, but what he is not expecting are his feelings towards the granddaughter of Sissy Montgomery, and his personal quest to mend more than just the house. Elizabeth and Jackson must learn to work together on more than just construction, and their hearts must face more than just family prejudice. Can years of family rivalry truly be forgiven?

Chase Family Collection: Limited Christmas Edition (Chase Family Series)

Lauren Royal - 2020

IF WE LAST: After Crossing a Light-year

Ishita Banik - 2018
    Reyansh is an engineer staying in Mumbai, whose life is drowned in the darkness. Their paths are just about to cross. A new journey is waiting for him. Avipsa's life is going to take some drastic turn. Some discrete incidents...Condensing Fear....Chasing Dreams...Footsteps of The Bygone... What's waiting for them? Or for everyone? Love? Hope? Or, SOMETHING ELSE?? Read this page turner to explore more...

A Surprising Salvation on his Doorstep: A Christian Historical Romance Book

Chloe Carley - 2022

The Beach House

Megan Jacobs - 2021
    A high-flying criminal defense attorney, she's smart, independent, and living in the fastest lane of all - New York City.The more she drives herself in her career, the more she can forget her tragic past... until a manila envelope arrives one day with strange and unexpected news. Alyssa is forced to leave the city behind for a small seaside town called Clearwater Bay, where she'll find a deepening well of mystery. And a handyman whose gentle eyes seem to be calling her home...But why is he facing a court case? Who is behind the events forcing him to prove his innocence? Will Alyssa be able to help him?In this collection of all 5 books in “The Beach House” series, Alyssa has to keep reminding herself that she doesn't need anyone. Not a mysterious late relative, not her peppy assistant, and definitely not alluring Liam Carter...”

The Flygirl's Cowboy: A Single Dad Romance (Pinewood Valley Series Book 1)

G.C. Riley - 2020

The Perfect Bride

Rowan Gracemill - 2021

Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend 4

Lady Lissa - 2019
    This drama filled saga continues with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride. Just when you thought this circle of friends and foes were getting their happily ever after, chaos strikes once again. It threatens to break some of the strongest bonds, leaving some in deep confusion. Skeletons begin to fly from the closets, exposing some of the deepest secrets and dishing out some of the heaviest heartbreaks but there are consequences to every action. Tangi is the first one to find that out. Just when she begins to live that ‘perfect’ life, reality kicks in. The Karma that didn’t catch her before is surely on her tail now and she has only herself to blame. Will Smooth stand by her during her roughest moments? Or will the secrets that are exposed prove to be too much for him to bear? How far will she go to push a good man away? Thaddeus is next in line. Although he quickly wins over Tierra’s heart, he proves to have his own share of secrets. When someone from his past threatens to break up his happy home, how will he handle it? With all the trust issues that Tierra now has, she refuses to accept another betrayal by a person she loves, especially once she learns what he’s been hiding! Through it all, Tierra is fortunate enough to have a lifelong friend to lean on. Someone she never thought would accept her in his life this way. If you don’t know who it is, you can surely find out in this final installment of ‘Obsessed with my Wife’s Best Friend’!

You Got A Whole Wife At Home: A Gripping Emotional Standalone

Kevina Hopkins - 2019
    All she's ever wanted was a man to call her own but when she meets and falls deeply in love with Tyriq she realizes it's easier said then done. What she thought was love, was nothing but lies, hurt and betrayal so she picks up the pieces to her heart, leaving Tyriq and taking a secret with her. On her journey to getting herself back together, she meets Jayden. Jayden becomes Caprice's confidant, lover and friend. They have nothing but love for each other but the only problem is Caprice is afraid of history repeating itself so now she has to decide if the fear of getting hurt again will cause her to become a savage and lose out one the love of her life or will she step out on faith and be happy again. Find out if love or fear conquers all in this new tale of love, lies and deceit.

The One That Got Away 2: A Miami Love Affair (The One Who Got Away)

Tisha Andrews - 2016
    Keyz and Chico are now at war and this time more than their street credibility is on the line. Iyana and Myriah are in a new place trying to mend their fences as they charter into new territory. Little do they know that not only are they involved with the same man, but are up against a dark family secret that could change the course of their lives. Will sisterhood ban them together or will family secrets and lies pull them even further apart. Then there is Sky, a DEA agent working undercover and rolling under the covers with her love interest, Shyne. Shyne, the older brother of Rickey, no longer has love on his mind, but revenge once Sky’s cover is blown. Will Shyne see beyond Sky’s betrayal or will he love go against his own beliefs and take a chance on love? Let’s not forget Rickey, the beautiful, sassy and loyal best friend who is there for everyone else but feels abandoned by the one he wants there for him. Will Rickey’s secret lover choose him back or will he let Rickey be the one who gets away? If you thought you knew who were lovers, friends or enemies, then jump on this rollercoaster ride where lives are at stake and love may get you killed.

Amish Christmas Surprise

Brenda Maxfield - 2020
    Her parents refuse to talk about where she is, but Elizabeth is certain they know. When Elizabeth accidentally overhears a clue, she investigates and finds Kathryn. Elizabeth can help her sister, but only with the cooperation of Elizabeth's long-time beau Stephen. But Stephen refuses to help. Why? The answer only leads to heartache.Now reeling with uncertainty, Elizabeth seeks advice from her friend, Caleb Kurtz. But Caleb offers much more than just advice. Stunned by his generous heart, Elizabeth doesn't know what to do. Her response could lead her to a completely different life than what she'd always planned. Dare she take Caleb up on his offer?

A Tailor Made Love: A Love That's All Mine

Tyrecka Liggons - 2016
    Their lives in New York came to an end when they moved to Louisville to live with their Daddy, step mother, and sister. Seven tried to piece her life back together the best way she could by leaning on her family and best friend Riley.Dealing with a broken heart is never easy and accepting the loss of her mother was a hard pill for Seven to swallow. Since moving to Louisville, she turned angry and coldhearted. She blamed all the problems she had on her brother’s best friend Shy’Donis. She felt he was the cause of her brother being incarcerated and hated the sight of him. But while Seven openly hated Shy, he secretly loved her. He knew with the hate she held for him, he could never have her.Life for Riley has always been difficult. Having a mother who put everything before her kids, Riley had no choice but to raise herself and grow up quick. Graduating from high school, Riley was ready to live her life worry free, partying, and hang with her girls, but a day after her graduation she was quickly pushed into the real world.Falling in love was never Riley’s intentions and who she fell in love with was even more of a shocker. Being no stranger to difficulties, Riley solved most of her problems by telling lies and keeping secrets from the ones she loved.They were two different chicks, with two different life stories, but with all life's crazy obstacles Riley and Seven lean on each other for support.