The Monster Who Ate Darkness

Joyce Dunbar - 2008
    Why can't Jo-Jo go to sleep? He doesn''t like the darkness under the bed -- a monster might be hiding there. And one is! It's a tiny speck of a monster with a huge appetite for darkness, gobbling it up under the bed, in every nook and cranny, and in the wide world outside, growing bigger with every bite. Soon there is no darkness left anywhere, from the earth to the stars. All the world is light, but the monster still has an empty feeling inside. Only a sleepless boy will help him be fulfilled at last.

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

Julia Donaldson - 2013
    but he can’t even wake her up. Maybe his noisy animal friends can help?

Llamas in Pajamas

Russell Punter - 2014
    It can also be enjoyed by children who are beginning to read for themselves. The simple rhyming text helps to develop essential language and early reading skills, and there are guidance notes for parents at the back of the book.

I Know It's Autumn

Eileen Spinelli - 2004
    That can mean only one thing: It's autumn!Eileen Spinelli and Nancy Hayashi invite you to enjoy autumn's many delights -- from warm socks worn on chilly mornings to tempting piles of crackly leaves on the lawn -- in this sweet, funny look at fall.

Clifford and the Halloween Parade

Norman Bridwell - 2000
    Children will delight when Clifford marches into the Halloween parade as a big, red firetruck in this story they can read themselves!

The Teeny Tiny Woman

Jane O'Connor - 1986
    in full color. In an adaptation for beginning readers, a teeny tiny woman finds a teeny tiny bone on a teeny tiny grave and takes it home, only to be hounded by a teeny tiny ghost who wants his bone back!

Over and Over

Charlotte Zolotow - 1957
    A little girl remembers a snowman, a pumpkin, and birthday cake. But she doesn’t understand time. Summer, winter, autumn, and spring are all mixed up in her mind. What comes next?Garth William’s classic illustrations beautifully complement this sweet tale as a little girl begins to understand the circular passing of seasons and her excitement when it begins all over again.

The Witch Who Was Afraid to Fly

Yonit Werber - 2013
    No matter how hard her mother tried to convince her that she wouldn’t fall, the young witch refused. This was until one day the fairy queen visited her in a dream. Realizing that the young witch had never faced the reasons for her fear, the fairy queen asked her one simple question; one simple question that changed the young witch’s destiny, forever. A wonderfully-illustrated story in rhyme, for children aged 3 to 7 years old, about coming to terms with fear and realizing that often our fears are only thoughts. Most of the time one simple question can motivate us so much that we find the courage inside ourselves to do the things that we were, at first, afraid of.

Bobby and the Monsters

Marie Blair - 2018
    It is a quite often situation for little kids. Their vivid imagination creates a genuine fear about what is waiting in the darkness of the room. Bobby's Mom treats with understanding to his feelings and peculiarly calms him. She makes up a story that makes son smile and ready to sleep.What is this story about? Just start to read, and you know it.It is a cute little story will entertain children and make a good time with parents before sleep.

Nighty Night, Little Green Monster

Ed Emberley - 2013
    With each turn of the page, readers reveal Little Green Monster's little yellow eyes, his little red mouth, and even a cute, tiny white monster tooth. Then, when the stars begin to appear, it's time for bed... so, nighty night, little yellow eyes. Nighty night, little red mouth. Nighty night, cute little white tooth. Sweet dreams!

Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Missing Books

Doug Cushman - 2009
    As Dirk tracks down information about the only clue—a weird spotted leaf—the mystery gets even more bizarre. What is happening in Ghostly?Expect the unexpected in this second Dirk Bones mystery about a fearless reporter in a town full of silly, creepy creatures.


Alice Low - 1963
    Seuss celebrates all the wonderful things that come with summer! From trips to the beach and eating watermelon to fireworks and fishing, Alice Low and Roy McKie’s Summer will have young readers eager for the kind of fun only warm breezes and sunny weather can bring. Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning.

Babar and the Ghost

Laurent de Brunhoff - 1980
    Cornelius warns that the castle looks haunted, but the children fearlessly go exploring.

Angelina At The Palace

Katharine Holabird - 2005
    Things don't seem to be going her way until the dancing begins. She proves to be the perfect teacher for the princesses, and together they perform a magical fairy ballet. Full color.

The Pop-Up Mice of Mr. Brice

Theo LeSieg - 1989
    The talents and traits of 26 amazing mice are revealed in a Seussian cornucopia of flaps, pop-ups, add-ons, pull-tabs, and acetate on-lays that explore the concepts of letters, size, color, time, and word recognition.