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Paradise Rocked (Rocked #3) by Kacey Hamford


Her King's Secret Baby: A Royal Baby Romance

Sophia Lynn - 2019
    When birthed into imperialism,A future king’s life is fixed.One’s disposition revolves around tradition.Duty.Honor.Conviction.And providing an heir.Everything else is trivial.But I am not the man my kingdom expects me to be.I indulge in the fine things –The finest being beautiful women.But my pedigree selections bore me.If I am to marry,My queen will meet a much higher expectation.Not that I have any intention of giving up my bachelorhood... That was until a pretty little journalist showed up at my castle. Sarah Jones.The American blonde bombshell was a temptation too enticing to disregard.Passionate.Independent.Driven –She met my “kingly approval”…Multiple times. It seemed this king had found his queen,But like all fairy tales,Nothing comes without adversity… Note: Her King's Secret Baby is a steamy romance between a sexy King and his American blonde bombshell

Summary -- Whiskey Beach -- Nora Roberts

Save Time Summaries - 2013

The Doctor’s Promise

Michelle Love - 2018
    After I lost my fiancée, my entire focus has been on my son. Except… Castor is haunting my dreams. Her sweet face, her soft hair… Her curvy lush body… I get hard just thinking about her in my arms, in my bed, my co*k buried deep inside her, the way her face glows when she cums… I need her so badly it hurts. But she won’t stop blaming herself for this tragedy in our past. I’m falling in love with her—this beautiful, funny, sexy girl. I just have to convince her that I’m crazy about her… This is a full-length romance novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, no cheating and plenty of steamy scenes.

Kept by the Woodsman: An ex-MMA Fighter Mountain Man Romance

Ambrielle Kirk - 2018
    She didn’t listen. She belongs to me now. My name is Saul. Also known as The Silencer. I’ve beaten men bloody with my f*#king fists to make a living. That’s all behind me now. Or at least that’s what I thought. Who would’ve guessed that the woman who came to my mountains and disrupted my life would be my salvation? She says she wants my story but I’m going to give her so much more. I’m going to give her a night she’ll never forget. I never believed in fairy tales, and I damn sure have never let my guard down for anyone. But this curvy little vixen has tested my limits. My past was paved with my bare hands—my fists. My future is on this mountain—with her. Author's Note: Kept by the Woodsman is a mountain man contemporary romance novel of 41,000 words. Expect off-the-charts steam and over-the-top insta-lust that leads into an intense love story. No cliffhangers with a sweet HEA. Read instantly in KU!

Protection, Inc.: Defenders Collection One

Zoe Chant - 2021
    But when they're up against deadly magic, the couples just might need a little help from their mischievous pets. Flying kittens to the rescue!Author Zoe Chant returns us to the thrilling and heartwarming world of Protection, Inc. with a new team of misfit shifters!This sizzling hot collection includes:Book #1: Defender Cave BearTwo damaged people. One deadly enemy. And a pair of hell-raising flying kittens.Book #2: Defender RaptorPigeons stole her heirloom necklace, a bright blue bugbear is bumbling around his living room, and that's not even getting into the shifter circus he inherited. They do say the course of true love never runs smooth...Book #3: Defender HellhoundShe has one year to live, unless he can figure out how to save her. But only she can save him from himself.And a special bonus short story, a prelude to the bestselling series:Book #0.5: Hamster DanceNo problem is too big or too small for the Defenders. But they had no idea just how small their first case would be . . .Love romance with action, passion, comedy, and heart? Get ready to fall in love with the Defenders - and enjoy this addictive collection today! Enjoy these four hilarious, sizzling hot, standalone, shifter romance books. These stories are all romance, with no cheating, absolutely no cliff-hangers, and guaranteed, heartwarming HEA's!

Knocking Up the Intern

Ava Storm - 2020
    I mean... Internship of my dreams.They all said Beck Fuller was mean, rude, and demanding.They didn't mention how gorgeous and ravishing he could be.I'm just the new employee, but to him, I might be something more.I don't make the rules. He does.And if he wants to break them, who can stop him?

Black Swan 7-9

Victoria Danann - 2016
    To Jefferson Unit. Winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES four years in a row!Book 7 Solomon's Sieve WINNER Vampire Romance Novel of the Year!"...exciting, suspenseful, passionate, and sexy."- Vampire Romance Books.comBook 8 Vampire Hunter"...a surefire hit!" - Night Owl Reviews TOP PICKBook 9 Journey Man"...action, love, dimensional travel, vampires, and five happy hearts (stars)."-Romance Authors That Rock 270,000 JUICY WORDS DRIPPING WITH ADVENTURE, ROMANCE AND SEX COMPILED AND BUNDLED FOR YOU!

Falling For Him

P.G. Van - 2018
    She takes up an assignment as a Celebrity Photographer when her best friend asks her as a favor. She wasn't thrilled to work with celebrities who were typically arrogant, but she was up for a challenge. She has been in the broadcast industry long enough to know what to do and who to avoid. Veer Thakur is the celebrity animal doctor also known as 'The Hot Beast Lover' with a huge fan following and the looks to make a living as a model. His love for the animal kingdom and the passion for what he does made him famous, but he has less than two years before he has to drop everything to take over his father's multi-million-dollar businesses. Falling in love is inevitable when you meet the right person. Follow Ariya and Veer's story to find out how their lives meld together in this sweet and touching story of a complete stranger becoming a vital part of one's life.

Falcon’s Heart

C.D. Gorri - 2021
    But tell that to his Aunt Gerri!Gerri Wilder, prolific matchmaker extraordinaire in the Shifter world, has had it up to here with her honorary nephew’s refusals to use her services. She knows theFalcon Shifter will never find true happiness unless he learns to embrace one truth.He needs his mate, and luckily, Gerri knows exactly who the lucky female is!Annabeth Golden of the Blue Valley Pride is one frustrated Lioness. So, what if her sister almost castrated her high school boyfriend for being unfaithful? Was that really cause to make her persona non grata with the entire Pride?When she runs into Gerri Wilder, the famous owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency, Annabeth has hit the jackpot. Or so she thinks.But what happens when the cranky Falcon claims he doesn’t want a mate? Can this cat bag her bird?Find out in book one of the Tower Heart Tales.*Fast-paced, insta-love Shifter romance for lovers of paranormal romance

Forbidden Baby

Candy Stone - 2018
    That's why I want her so badly.Construction work is just the start. I've got big dreams.All I've gotta do is keep my head down and stay out of trouble.Just hammer away...Until Cassie shows up on site and all I wanna do is hammer her - hard.She's interning for the summer.The boss's little girl.Off limits and taboo.So I'd better keep my tool in my pants. Because there's one thing that would screw everything up more than screwing her...... A forbidden baby. Forbidden Baby is a full novel with no cheating, a sassy heroine, one hell of an alpha hero, and a delicious HEA. It also contains bonus novels for your enjoyment. Candy Stone. Naughty romance for good girls.

Meeting His Match

Tia Souders - 2019
    Can their fake relationship turn into the real thing?  As the notorious author of Single In the City, Marti McBride's entire identity is wrapped up in her solo status. But when her ratings plummet, she is forced to make a change. And her boss just so happens to think a boyfriend is the way to do it.Enter Doctor Logan Love. He's the founder of the charity Hidden Heartbeat and desperately needs the funds to take it nationwide. So after two chance run-ins with the wildly popular and nationally syndicated columnist, Marti McBride, he proposes a fake relationship. Okay, more like he blackmails her into one. Same difference. There's only one little problem. Both of them start to fall, and Marti has her own agenda he knows nothing about.Can they turn a fake relationship into love?

Billion Dollar Stranger

Stephanie Brother - 2020
    He gives me what I think I want; passion, release, and a chance to wipe away past hurt. He takes what he needs, controlling me in a way I've never experienced before.I think it will be enough, but it isn't. Even before he's left my hotel room, I'm craving more. I don't even know his name.But sometimes people are not who they seem, and when my stranger reveals his true identity, things get complicated. Rich and powerful, Aaron is a man who could destroy everything I've worked for, but underneath his dominance there's something about him that draws me.Is it possible to trust a man who concealed his identity in order to possess you? Aaron has secrets that are wrapped around his heart and finding love was never part of the plan. But as I learn more about my stranger, resisting him might just become impossible.This is a standalone romance, but characters from Billion Dollar Daddy do make an appearance!

The SEAL’s Surprise Twin

Rachel McNeely - 2018
    Anais Kenly and her twin sister Anya are on the run, forced to flee their comfortable lives in North Carolina and go to ground all the way to across the country in California. So why, when it’s so important to stay under the radar, do they keep jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Chief Petty Officer Kijika “Shadow” Gibson can’t believe his eyes when he sees the news footage of the two pretty women freed from a bank hostage situation. Despite his best efforts, the determined bachelor hasn’t stopped thinking about gentle Anais since meeting the twins during a top secret mission with his SEAL team. And now, here she is again. Of all the luck. Anais and Anya are used to looking out for each other, but they’re no match for the killer on their trail. When the bullets start flying, Anais knows Shadow is exactly the warrior they need to keep them safe. Even if it means opening her fragile heart to a man determined to keep his safely locked away.

The Baby Promise

Tia Wylder - 2018
     I grew up rich – I had the life of a fairy-tale princess. But when my father revealed that it had all been a lie – and that he was in debt for nearly seven billion dollars – my world came crashing down around me. I knew I had to do something desperate. Something drastic. I just never expected that I would fall in love. Peter My Father’s never trusted me to take over his company. I’ve been trying to prove myself since I was a kid, but that doesn’t matter. He made a deal. I must be married – and a father – by the age of thirty-five. I never thought I’d set out to buy a wife. And then I found her. Curvy, sexy, brilliantly smart. Oh, and willing to marry me, bear my child, then divorce gracefully…all to the nice little tune of seven billion dollars. What could possibly go wrong? WARNING: This Book contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

The One That Matters

Elle Linder - 2018
    Falling in love isn’t high on her priority list as she deals with a deteriorating relationship with her son, Jackson, and her controlling ex. On a reluctant girls' night out, her dance partner turns out to be Parker Nichols, the sexy, charismatic star of her son’s favorite TV show. Parker is intrigued with her, but Marie isn’t interested. Everything changes when Jackson finds Parker’s business card in his mom’s purse and contacts him. Marie's once-angry son begins to soften, sparking hope for her and possibilities for love in unexpected places. But what will it take for Marie to trust again?The One That Matters is an emotional, realistic fiction story with steamy scenes.