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Rules Are Made To Be Broken by Black Butterfly


Running from Love

Natisha Raynor - 2015
    Being a part of a dysfunctional family has left him with deep emotional scars and when it comes to women he loves them and leaves them...until he meets Serenity. Serenity is nursing a broken heart when she meets Intellect and her gut tells her not to get involved but her heart tells her otherwise. From the beginning they have a love hate relationship and have mastered the art of making up to break up. Will Intellect finally let down his guard and be the man that Serenity deserves or will she give up on him and move on with her life?

Kaine and Karma 3: Luvin' A Savage

Sha Jones - 2017
    With her dangerous outbursts and inability to let go of Kaine, she puts a new spin on the phrase "baby mama from hell!" Once she finds out that Karma is now expecting a child with Kaine, she turns up the heat on the beef that she has with Karma and wreaks havoc! Her level of rage is at an all time high, and she's now digging her cat claws deeper into Karma's flesh. In the midst of the drama, Kaine desperately tries to hold on to the undying love that he has for Karma while trying to keep Tameka under control, which seems almost impossible. After many intricate blocks and obstacles in Kaine and Karma's relationship, things start to get better, but their happiness comes to a screeching halt when the events cause abrupt changes in their lives. Secrets and lies pour out, and when an unexpected event bumrushes Karma like a speeding freight train, it hits Kaine where it hurts, sending him into a frenzy. The new beginning that Kaine and Karma planned together becomes a life and death situation, and with the odds stacked against him, Kaine has to make an unfortunate decision that will finally end all of the drama. In this last installment to Kaine and Karma's love story, there will be more scandal and infamy that will leave you gasping for air!

Adored By A New York Drug Lord

Tya Marie - 2018
    An endless bankroll, access to the latest designer clothes, and the envy of every chick on the block are all part of her fantasies when she meets Ward, an up and coming dope boy. When Ward stakes a claim to the beautiful Normani, she accepts without hesitation, a decision she makes without considering the consequences that comes with dating a dope boy. The lifestyle Ward provides is as lavish as Normani expects, but she soon pays the price for being a thug’s solace when she’s the victim of a botched murder-suicide. Unable to return home, Normani is sent to live with her estranged aunt in Brooklyn. It is there that Normani lays eyes on a shiny red Lamborghini with no idea that its owner was going to change her life for better and worse. Uriah “Urban” Mackenzie has always been held in a high esteem throughout the streets, and not because of his charismatic charm, deep chocolate eyes, and politician’s smile. Urban is the head of “The Trust,” a prestigious crime organization known for running guns, human trafficking, and funneling millions of dollars in cocaine throughout the East Coast. Urban leads The Trust with an iron fist, refusing to allow anyone to one up him lest they deal with his wrath. He has New York City in the palm of his hand, with everyone bending to his will, except a bold and brazen Normani. Love has never been on Urban’s radar—even with a longtime girlfriend on his arm—but Normani’s beautiful eyes and damaged smile pulls him in. Soon Urban finds that he's willing to risk the life and legacy he’s built to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side.

It's Either Me Or Her 2: A Side Bitch Story

Tiece - 2016
    With a new hit single out, featuring a sexy rapper by the name of Yung Gunner, she’s certainly making waves of her own. She’s in a good place, and just wants to live drama free while enjoying her life. However, with Brooke using she and Chase’s unborn baby as a ticket back in his life, things can get real ugly at any given time. Chase is feeling good about the decision he’s made. Being with Rayne makes him happy and it keeps him focused. Now all he wants to do is be the hottest producer around, while taking Rayne’s career to the top. And with the signing of Yung Gunner to his record label the only way from here should be up. But dark secrets began to surface that threatens to end his relationship with Rayne and bring his entire empire down. Brooke is quickly learning that she can’t play with fire without getting burned. Skeletons in her closet start falling out all over the place leaving Brooke feeling vulnerable. With her ex-lover, Q popping up in Atlanta things quickly spiral out of control as she attempts to run from her past. There is only one problem with that. Q is not letting her out of his eyesight until he gets what she owes him and some. Will Chase and Rayne hold it together? Or, will Brooke find a way back into his life? Find out what happens when two women are both in a race for one man’s heart in, It’s Either Me Or Her 2.

Mekhi & KoKo 2: A Ghetto Love Story

Sol - 2016
    An unexpected shooting in the club sets off an unfortunate chain of events, leaving you to wonder who will be eliminated and what couples will live to see a happy ending in this epic finale. KoKo is finally ready to give Mekhi her heart but to do that, she has to cut ties with her baby's father for good. Too bad Homicide won't let her go without a fight. Tired of being a victim of sexual and physical abuse, she decides to woman up and fight back so she can be with the man her heart desires. But does she love Mekhi enough to die for him? That's the million-dollar question. Mekhi is no longer willing to play KoKo's game of “Hard To Get.” He's ready to lock the red-headed beauty down and is prepared to pay whatever it costs to be with her. Even if that means he has to come out of retirement and revisit the streets. Is he war ready? Or will he end up losing the woman of his dreams for good in the battle of love vs the streets? In the blink of an eye, both Mesha's lovers, Nas and Dutch, figure out her dirty little secret. She's been sleeping with them both so there's no telling who the father of her unborn baby is. When the DNA results come back, she'll have to say goodbye to one of her side niggas forever. Will that be her play brother or her new love interest? Dutch reigns all the way from New York with a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. His legendary street king of a father taught him all he knows so he brings his talents to the south. Once the CokeBoyz is taken down by the FEDS, he decides to step up and take over. But along with all the money and hood fame that comes from his new position as The Plug, he soon realizes that new snakes are born too.

Her Loyalty to Him: A King's Heart

Deshon Dreamz - 2016
     A handsome successful husband, two beautiful children, a family that she loved and success. Everything Jade ever thought was hers and true... switched in a night. The night her husband got into a near fatal accident that not only erased his memory of the man he was... It also forbids him from explaining to his wife why her sister was in the car at the time of the accident. Apollo King has no recollection of his wife or children. He has no idea what it means to be the King Of The South. Everything that was ever taught to him is long gone, erased with the possibility of returning slim to none. Jade, Apollo’s wife steps up to take over all of Apollo’s operations in order to keep the family business afloat. But with Apollo’s attack comes startling revelations that threaten to ruin everything that they have built. They say if you love something then let it go and if it comes back then it’s meant to be but is unconditional love enough to withstand the damage that Apollo caused? To the left or right of every man…is a strong woman holding him down! But, will him doing what many would consider the unforgiveable, cause him to lose the one thing in his life that he cherished the most; his wife, the woman he has no memory of?

I Can Only Love A Thug 2

Antoinette Sherell - 2019
    With the realization that her child has been in the very place she’s been running from, she now has to decide if she can deal with the potential threat that may arise if she stays. Meanwhile, Kiru is conflicted on whether or not he can deal with all Mischana’s baggage. From a truth that may tear his family apart, to old flames who can’t seem to leave him alone, he feels like he's in way over his head. Indonesia has been stuck in a relationship for years that he despises, all for the sake of his child. However, one unexpected encounter with Shreya has him ready to risk it all. When he finds out that his child’s mother has been living foul, he wastes no time removing her from his life. What he didn’t expect was for her to come back with a vengeance. With snakes in the grass and countless people dying to see them lose, will these two couples make it through the chaos, or will these thugs run out of love to give?

She Got A Thing for a Dope Boy

Tay Mo'Nae - 2018
     Levi, after his mother was sentenced to prison for killing his father, turned his heart cold at a young age. Growing up with the mentality making money and never catching feelings was his moto until Neveah. Trying to fight not only is feeling but The Feds, also when then try to take down all him and his boys built, can he handle the pressure? Rich girl Neveah grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. When she meets bad boy Levi, she starts to realize her life isn’t as perfect as she thinks. Her and Levi grow close and she wants to break the shell around his heart, but will he let her? Neveah learns that being with Levi isn’t an easy task and she can’t have the world as she knows and him at the same time, which will she choose? Isaac (Ice) is with his long-term girlfriend, Desiree, and all she wants is his heart and for him to be faithful. Ice grew up thinking having a group of girls in rotation is the way to move and doesn’t see himself being faithful until he meets Kyleigh. Kyleigh, is loud and says whatever is on her mind. When sharing Ice becomes too much for her she breaks things off and sets her eyes on something new with less baggage. The only problem is Ice isn’t willing to let her go. When this love-triangle becomes overbearing, Kyleigh struggles to stay above water. Will she be able to move on and be happy? Jeramiah (J-Roc) is nothing like his friends. He wants to be in a healthy relationship, being in foster care his whole life, caused him to want love. He finds that when he meets Josie, but there’s one problem J-Roc has a secret he doesn’t want to get out. When Josie gets tired of the sneaking around, and secret text messages, she makes it her mission to find out what J-Roc is hiding, but they say don’t go looking for trouble because you might find it. The Feds are knocking on the boy’s door, but they don’t want to answer. With a snitch in their camp it’s putting the pressure on them to find out who before all they’ve worked is taken and they’re thrown behind bars. Will these three friends be able to overcome the challenges and keep the girls?

The Love of an East Atlanta Boss 3

A'zayler - 2016
    With Jet and Sonic having found love in each other, it's only right that Esso and Ezana have their chance as well. Building a future with the person you love is exciting and can be one of the most exhilarating things in the world, as long as it's done right. As long as there's no demons from the past resurfacing to cause turmoil and resentment in the present. Esso is a strong man, and one of a commendable caliber, but just like everyone else, he has things that he allows to get the best of him. With one of the most important ones being the beautiful free soul that has captured his heart. Ezana Takato. The love of Esso's life, and the happiness that he's always craved. Blending into his world and practically taking it over, Ezana leaves an impression on Esso's heart that not even the deepest addiction can taint. With more love to give than time she has to sacrifice, Ezana stands in Esso's corner, fighting for him when he's unable to fight for himself, loving him when he feels unlovable and guiding him when he's lost his way. Though it takes time for the couple to get on the right path, they finally do, only to be detoured once again by the past. This time, a woman. Will Esso continue being the strong intelligent man that he was, or will he allow his past loves to mess up his future?

Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla

Khadijah J. - 2018
    Finally deciding enough is enough after losing the only person she held near her heart, she decided to leave her old life behind. Heading back to her hometown with her best friend, she finishes her career goals and celebrates a night out with her best friend in hopes to try something spontaneous. Only she got more than she bargained for. Tall, dark, handsome, and paid. Kojo was every woman’s dream and had been since he’d been in the streets. Putting them behind him, he ventures out to do something he’s always wanted to do, produce music. Not only does he start to produce, but he becomes a popular producer in the music industry. With more popularity, more women that flock, and the ones closest betray him, but he handles it accordingly. Thinking all women are the same, until he runs into a striking beauty at the club. Taking each other for a surprise, they both tried something out of their element only to yearn for the feelings they felt that night. Finally acting on what they feel for each other, they decide to take a step further than what was supposed to be a one-time thing. Only problem is, just when Janai thought her life was going great, a blast from the past decide to wreak havoc on her new journey. Kojo is no stranger to drama, so when chaos ignites, he goes back in guns blazing. Bodies will drop, blood will shed, and family will turn to foe and they will be left with one question, will Kojo and Tajanai’s love remain the same after the dust settles?

Promised My Love to a Real One

Dominique Thomas - 2019
     Omni, Gaia, and Egypt’s life changed drastically when their sister was abducted. They went from a happy, church-going family to hurt people. The story flashes forward 15 years, and the same hurt girls are now women. They’ve navigated through life the best way that they could despite their sister, Sadie's, absence. A drastic decision to move to Michigan from Virginia embarks the sisters on a new chapter in life that brings them into the presence of the Lacoste Brothers. Omni is the oldest. She’s also the mother of a handsome little boy. Her son’s father decides to break things off after he’s given a hefty prison sentence, and Omni is left to pick up the pieces. While in Detroit, she focuses on her non-profit and fixing her relationship with God, then Deen enters the picture. He possesses an aura that Omni can’t ignore. Quickly, she finds herself enthralled by the intriguing man with the grey eyes and intense demeanor. When Deen gives off mixed signals to Omni, and she learns that her son's father is trying to reenter the picture, she finds herself at a loss on what to do. Gaia feels like she’s the saddest King sister when it comes to how her heart aches for their sister Sadie. She’s in college to become an anesthesiologist, and her life is going well until her boyfriend’s secret life becomes public. He pops up with a wife, and Gaia is heartbroken by the news. The move to Michigan is welcomed because she needs the break. One sad night, she runs into Omelly, and his presence angers her. Gaia makes it her business to ruin his life, and their problematic journey begins. Omelly has a past similar to Gaia’s, and it meshes the two together. When Gaia is presented with an opportunity to ruin her ex-boyfriend’s life, it's too good for her to turn down. However, in doing so, she changes things with the one man she feels knows her best. Egypt is the baby sister. It shows in everything she does, and moving to Michigan forces Egypt to grow up. She finds a job and begins to move on from her ex-boyfriend Justus, who didn’t believe in marriage. Egypt finds comfort with Sayeed Lacoste. He’s charming, handsome, and like nothing she’s ever seen. He encourages her dreams and waits patiently for her to greenlight them being more than friends. All is well until Egypt finds herself on the receiving end of misplaced hate. Her affiliation with Sayeed will place her in a position where she could possibly lose her life. This book is part of a series…

The Price of Loving A Boss 2

Kia Jones - 2016
    Diamond is engaged to Gee, the man of her dreams. The only problem is he is in love with another woman. To make matters worse, Diamond has managed to fall in love. Her only problem is winning his heart. How will she do it? Red is starting to see that she jumped head first into this situation and moved way too fast. She insists that she doesn’t have feelings for Yazz and is only concerned with her money, but why does an extended visit from Yazz’s girlfriend, Frizzy, make her so angry? It’s only business, or at least that’s what she tried to tell herself.

A Kingpin's Dream 4

Briana Crosby - 2016
     Turk and Miracle can’t wait to get married, but when things go left, their marriage is put on hold and old wounds are opened once again, causing havoc between the two and their relationship. Ramses and Persia love each other unconditionally, but when Ramses starts acting sneaky, she suspects infidelity. Little does she know, Ramses has his own little secret he's keeping from her. Adonis and Briana still have the love everyone craves, but when things are put on the table, and Briana opens her eyes to the problems their relationship is facing, she does the unthinkable to fix them, but will it work in the end? Follow all three couples as they take a trip to paradise to fix their marriages... Will it work, or will they be forced to move on without each other?

My Trap King Promised Me Forever

Ebony Diamonds - 2019
    Then, one night, a knock on the door changed her entire life. In one horrifying evening, she lost her parents, her innocence, and everything she once knew. Before she could even process her trauma, Princess and her brother, Wessie, were shipped off to live with strangers. Alexandros and Heather accepted the orphaned children in their home and raised them as their own. Their love for Princess and Wessie was genuine, but there was an underlying reason for their kind gesture. A few years after Princess and Wessie had settled into their new family, their foundation was rocked yet again when Alex's outside child was unceremoniously left on their doorstep by his mistress. Delasia was close in age to Princess, and they quickly went from enemies to sisters after Delasia stood up for Princess in a difficult situation. As adults, the sisters set out to make their way in the world by settling in the nearby city of Oakland, CA. Princess opened an ice skating rink, and Delasia chose to bartend while deciding what she wanted to do with her life. The ladies soon cross paths with Priest and Vibe, two dangerously sexy local legends who are as successful in the exotic car trade as they are in their drug business. Priest and Vibe are immediately captivated by Princess and Delasia, but they both have quite a few "situations" with other women, so they tread lightly. Princess and Delasia have baggage of their own, and neither are quick to trust. Will they take a chance on love and the promise of forever, or will past loves and secrets end their love stories before they start?

This Could Be Something Special

C. Monet - 2018
    She has faith that her dreams will come true as long as she stays focused. Kampbell is unrivalled, her unique personality is what sets her apart from every other woman. When she meets Kenari Evans, she’s impressed by his efforts to get her attention but once she starts to like him back, he is reminded of one very important thing. He's married. Amina is the black beauty that stole his heart almost fifteen years ago. However, “I Do” wasn't enough to hold her down. She’s desperate to find herself and become a model at the same time. Amina would rather have fame than love and doesn't care if she hurts her husband in the process. After running off to chase her dreams, she soon realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side..but will it be too late? Will Kam and Kenari have something special? Will Amina come back after she realizes her mistake? Find out in the standalone "This Could Be Something Special"...."