Meow, Baby

Rebecca Royce - 2019
     Set in the Wards and Wands Universe, Ripley Proserpina and Rebecca Royce offer up a witchy love story sure to melt your hearts. When a strong willed woman takes in three stray cats she has no idea they are the Addington Brothers, her neighbors who have been torturing her for years and are now cursed to walk on four feet. While she'd never have believed it possible, all the Addingtons want now is to show Michaella they can be trusted with her heart. What happens next will change not only their four lives forever but the witching world everywhere. **Meow, Baby was previously released in the charity anthology Petting Them**

Contemporary Reverse Harem Collection #1-5

Mika Lane - 2018
    I was tending bar, making enough to get by, paying my rent, and enjoying the occasional cocktail with my best gay boyfriend, Matty. And then I got the call.The old coot who used to hang out in my bar? Turned out he was a millionaire, and he just left me all his money.With a catch, of course. I only get his money if I’m 25 years old (check), and married (not checked; not by a landslide). And--I only have 30 days to pull this off.The RenovationWhen Carter, my hunky neighbor spies me wrestling with a chunk of dry rot on the front porch of my piece of sh*t, moneypit, rundown not-so-home-sweet-home, help seems on the way.Especially when Tanner, Wyatt, and Dig join the team just before the scumbag bank closes in.Who knew home repair could get so sexy?And it turned out my house was not the only thing that desperately needed some attention. They get to work fixing me…I mean the house…right up.The PromotionImagine you want a promotion more than anything at the boring-as-sh*t law firm where you’ve slaved for years. You’ve kissed a*s. You’ve smiled when you’ve felt like stabbing someone. You’ve pulled all nighters and saved your boss time and again.And still that’s not enough. There’s one last thing you need to do.Would you do it?The GalleryThey say don’t go into business, or to bed, with friends. But what if those friends are four hardcore rich and handsome alpha players?Did I really think I could keep it clean with guys like that?And when reality set it, I realized dirty is much more fun.That’s my kind of business.The CollectionI know better than to trust a bunch of pretty faces.But when these our gorgeous men walk off the runway and into my life, I find it's not just the hours and lousy pay in fashion that are, um, hard.And what do these guys have in common?ME.These books are interconnected stand-alones, and can be read in any order.Also available in audio. TIME FOR YOUR NEXT BINGE READ!From Mika Lane, a 5-book collection of the dirty, steamy Contemporary Reverse Harem series is here. These hot, over-the-top romances center around bad-boys with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the women who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this boxset is for you.

First and Ten

Erin Hayes - 2018
     I have the worst luck. Failed tech startup? Check. Cheating ex-boyfriend? Check. No idea what to do next? Check. Then my Uncle Dusty passes away and leaves a whole football team to me. Never mind that I’ve never even seen a game. Who has time for that, right? But I can sell the team and turn my life around, so I fly from San Francisco to Birmingham, Alabama, where I find a whole new level of football obsession—and start to develop a fascination of my own. Mostly with the three players who are very, very interested in me. I never expected to find a team of my own. Or that there would be so many obstacles in our way. Luckily, Madison won’t have to choose just one man in this contemporary reverse harem where Friday Night Lights and Bridget Jones collide and where—hallelujah—it’s still raining men. Order now and get First and Ten, book one of A Team of Her Own by a New York Times Bestselling duo, for the special preorder price of $2.99.

The Clawed Squad Box Set

Kim Fox - 2016
    She likes to keep the quiet sleepy mountain town drama free. Which means, shifter free. So when a large squad of ex-con bear shifters show up out of the blue and move onto the Vega Ranch, she has a big problem with it. Especially with the huge sexy one, Stetson Evans, who keeps haunting her dreams with those vexing green eyes.Stetson is not mate material. He's destined to be the grumpy bear of The Clawed Squad. Broken. Tormented. Alone. That's how it has always been and that's how it will always be. Until he meets Kylee, the tough talking Sheriff of his new town. She brings out a new side of him that is both exciting and terrifying. Will the meanest shifter in The Clawed Squad be able to convince the beautiful curvy Sheriff that all shifters aren't bad?But Stetson is not just up against Kylee's long held prejudices. They're both up against a dangerous secret that could destroy the two of them and will have them both asking a very important question: Can you change fate?Book 2: The Clawed Squad: RoyalGrizzly bear shifter, Royal, needs a princess. Unfortunately the tiny mountain town of Colwood, Montana is fresh out of them. Every bear shifter in the Clawed Squad must find a mate, and soon, and the pressure on Royal to drop his dream of marrying a princess is starting to get intense. It's too bad there's no way in hell that he's ever going to drop it.Camilla Hill is a master con artist. She gets in way over her head during a con when she pretends to be a princess in need and catches the eye of a sexy bear shifter. He's hot, dangerous, and has a thing for princesses. Can she tell him the truth before things quickly spin out of control?Love is in the air, but so is deception, lies, and betrayal. Will the prince get his princess or just get royally screwed?Book 3: The Clawed Squad: The TwinsLayla Winters is out of shape, out of breath, and out of luck. After a series of strange circumstances, she finds herself hanging from Montana's highest cliff without a hope to survive. That is until two identical twin bear shifters come racing up the mountain to save her.Slate and Karl Ember are two bear shifter twins looking for a mate. Karl wants to complete the triad which is any twin bear shifter's destiny but his brother Slate has a problem with sharing, and there's no way that Slate is going to share a mate. But when the curvy and quick witted, Layla, literally falls into their muscular arms, all bets are off.Layla is perfect for Slate, but she's also perfect for his brother, Karl. Can the two brothers learn to share a mate or will they both go down fighting?Book 4: The Clawed Squad: TylerSkin shifter, Tyler Jones, hasn't been home in almost a decade. Why would he? His community of skin shifters excommunicated him, Jacob, the ruler who happens to be his older brother, is a psychopath, and the girl who he spent his whole youth loving broke his heart when she turned him away. So yeah, he's just fine staying on Clawed Ranch.Skin shifter, Isabelle Lexington, is desperate. Years ago, out of fear, she chose Jacob to be her husband over the true love of her life, Tyler. It was the biggest mistake of her life and now she’s paying the terrible consequences. If only she could turn back time, but she just may be able to; If she can only make Tyler see… After taking one look at Isabelle, Tyler is doing something that he vowed never to do: return home. But things have changed since he left. His brother Jacob is more powerful than ever; a rare master skin shifter. Tyler is hopelessly outmatched but hopelessly in love. A dangerous combination that will launch both Isabelle and Tyler into the true face of evil.Book 5: The Clawed Squad: ThornThe Clawed Squad's alpha, Thorn Conway, is the last of the squad left to get married. Only problem is, his mate died a decade ago.The hurt is still real, the pain is still raw. Will he be able to move past her looming memory to find the happiness that he doesn't feel like he deserves? Or will he give into the darkness and let down his whole squad?Fate can be cruel, but fate can also hold a few tricks up her sleeve...Join the Clawed Squad for one last adventure with a lot of action, steam, and of course, a lot of laughs.

Auctioned for Her Blood (The Vampires' Illuminant, #1)

Mara Leigh - 2021
    If only she’d listened…When I was fourteen, my mom was killed protecting me from witches wielding powerful dark magic, leaving me alone and hunted for a secret contained in my blood.Ten years later, lonely and desperate to escape my boring safe life, I break Mom’s rule and go out after dark, only to land on an auction block where two wealthy and powerful men bid their fortunes for a night with me.I can’t deny that I’m drawn to both of these smoking hot men—one a cultured intellect and the other a dangerous bad boy—and I’m whisked into a glamorous world of powerful vampires, dark secrets and darker desires.My rule-breaking leads to passion like I’ve never known, but ends in disaster when I’m captured and trapped in a dangerous prison full of vicious creatures all hungry for my blood—and my innocence.As I discover the mysterious power I hold deep inside me, can I survive long enough to escape captivity? And as I develop intense feelings for more than one of my protectors, how can I possible choose just one?Auctioned for Her Blood is Book 1 of The Vampires’ Illuminant series. Expect a steamy, exciting story, where the heroine falls for more than one man and doesn’t have to choose.

The Sharing Spell

Jade Alters - 2019
    Which I knew of course, I’m not that much of an idiot but I did have my mother’s grimoire guiding me, after all. I just didn’t count on things going so disastrously wrong.Who knew one teeny mixup would bring all of the weirdos out of the woodwork? Looking on the bright side however, the police detail they’ve assigned me almost makes up for all the creepy stalkers. Four unbelievably hot officers that are all attracted to me. It has to be the spell at work, right? Unfortunately this isn’t the part where they protect me and we live happily ever after. Magic has its own rules and it seems I’ve broken them. I’ve just been told I’ve got 24 hours left to live. The Sharing Spell is a steamy insta-love reverse harem paranormal romance in the Mates & Magic collection of stand-alone stories. Great for a quick and steamy escape without all the commitment. Meant for adults 18+

The Shadow Shifter

Olivia Ash - 2018
    and it’s dying. Ashlynn is its sole inhabitant and the only one who can restore its power.Raised from birth to fight the supernatural monsters that live in the Void, Ash is the Sentinel: her world’s last defense against the blood-sucking creatures who would devour everything and everyone in their path. But not even the Sentinel can fight alone.Begrudgingly, Ash allows three men chosen by the castle to compete for the right to fight at her side: a shifty demon, a rogue alchemist, and a devastatingly dark shifter prince. These are dangerous men, full of more raw magic and power than Ash has ever seen, and she can’t, for the life of her, understand why the castle allowed any of them inside. The catch? These three men all want one thing. Her.Edmund, Darien, and Taegen all have more at stake than they let on. None of them can lose this contest, and one thing is clear: the only way to win a place in the castle is to also win Ash’s heart. What should have been an easy choice becomes impossible, and as the castle begins to crumble around them, the creatures of the Void smell blood. They’re coming for Ash, for her men, and for her home. <But Ash is a fighter. Come hell or high water, she’ll defend what belongs to her with her life.

Captured by Dragons

Athena Aston - 2019
     A car accident leaves Diana searching for answers. One minute she's in the Arizona desert, the next, she's on a beach in an unknown land. Groggy and scared, she needs help. The first man she sees doesn’t look like help, though. He stalks her like prey, watching and waiting. How in the hell did she get into this mess? Just as he’s about to strike, Diana is rescued by Cetus, a dragon shifter, and a royal one at that. She’s certain this is all a dream, especially when she sees his chiseled features and the way he looks at her. He’s interested. In her. Swoon. He returns to the Emperor, who happens to be his uncle, with Diana in tow. She’s amazed by the beauty of the palace and its inhabitants, but she’s in for more than she bargained for. Cetus has three cousins: Geb, Lux, and Aurus. Each a different type of dragon shifter, they're all kinds of beautiful in their own protective ways...and they all want her. Now Diana is their servant, doing anything the dragons require. But as she stays at the palace things begin to change. She begins to change. Standing beside these four dragons, she's beginning to feel like she belongs. Can their love be split five ways, or will their dragon nature burn everything to the ground?

One Lucky Girl: A Reverse Harem Collection

Natasha L. Black - 2019
     It's my first night in the city and everything goes wrong. I'm left to crash the night in my car. All alone on the side of the road. Then, two gorgeous cops come to my rescue. Book Two : The Cabin I’m trapped in a mountain cabin with a man. Did I say man? I meant men; four of them to be exact. My big brother’s best friends in the world, and my biggest fantasy come true. Book Three : Double Trouble My men have me against the ropes and begging for more. I’m an ER nurse. I play it safe. Until Jake and Owen walk in, all wicked sex appeal and prizefighter swagger. The Powers twins are identical in every way. Jake’s a successful boxer, and Owen is his manager. Both ex-military, both alpha, both hot as hell. Book Four : Training the Rookie I was just a rookie. I never knew how dirty a cop could be. Until I had three of them in my bed at once. When I started on the force, I knew I’d have a partner. I didn’t know Jeremy would be hot as hell. Or that he’d have two brothers that are just as sexy. What I didn’t know turned out to be delicious.

Sight of the Shaman: A Harem of Freaks Short Story

Crystal Ash - 2019
    But I never saw him coming. Years ago I fell in love with two brothers, Colt and Gabe. Two gorgeous, imperfect men who turn into wolves. They're both equally mine and I can never choose. The third brother, Hunter, is marrying the love of his life. A human shaman with powers like mine. News of the wedding traveled fast in the shifter world, and has attracted a variety of esteemed guests. I always thought my two wolf men were more than enough. But a surprise wedding guest has me questioning everything... This reverse harem short story takes place after the events of Curtain Call, the final book in the Harem of Freaks series. A print edition of this story will be featured in MORE, a limited edition anthology for Literary Love Savannah 2019.

Reasons To Breathe

Chloe Morgan - 2019
     A new place to raise my little one as I worked to pull my life back together. It’s never been an easy life, raising my kiddo alone, but I find strength in the little things. The kind woman that I work for has been like a second mother. And I had no clue how hot her marine son was until he comes home for a visit. The guy is 100% alpha male. Everything I find attractive and usually fall hard for. He’s got a decision to make. Leave the service or reenlist? Time is ticking down. But the longer he stays, the more I want him to stay. Where love didn’t seem like a possibility before, I feel like I’ve found a reason to breathe. Him.

Flatmates (Life in the Brohouse #3)

Carmen Black - 2021


Liv Chatham - 2019
    Breene, Shannon Mayer and Bella Forrest. Includes potentially triggering themes of drug and domestic abuse.

Her Hollywood Heroes

Roma James - 2019
     As an actress, I have fans that can get a little…obsessed. So, my producer hires bodyguards. Enter Gray, Jace, and Landon, three ripped Marines. Hiring them was strictly business, but just one night of weakness sets off a powder keg of sexual attraction. Their gruff protectiveness makes me yearn for more. Gray, with his slow, sultry smile, likes to take his time. Jace is the quiet one. His eyes promise wicked nights. Landon is the sweet talker. His mouth sets my body on fire. Three powerful men…one incredible woman. No jealousy and no limits, as they vow to protect and claim her in the midst of a crazed fan hellbent on destroying her. ***Her Hollywood Heroes is a steamy reverse harem contemporary romance for readers who love suspense, protective males ready to do whatever it takes to protect their woman, and a headstrong heroine fighting for her life and the men she loves. This is a full length standalone with a Happy Ever After.***

The Sacrifice

Nhys Glover - 2017
    But for her to have more than one husband, when she would have preferred none at all, felt like just one more way her fate was being taken over by a vengeful goddess. Rescued by four legendary airling trainers when she escapes the harem, Airsha finds herself drawn into an uprising that has rebels planning to replace the Godling with the Goddess' Chosen One: Airsha herself. But having hidden her magic to avoid being castrated, sneaked out of the harem dressed as her twin brother to learn to fight, refused to become her father's human sacrifice, and broken society's rules by falling in love with not just one unsuitable man but four, Airsha was never going to willingly follow the destiny someone else laid out for her. Not even if that someone was the Goddess of all Creation. Some steamy (but wholly romantic) scenes may offend. Recommended for mature readers.