Transformers: Meet the Autobots

Jennifer Frantz - 2007
    Learn all about your favorite Autobots

Disney Bedtime Favorites

Walt Disney Company - 2012
    Updated story selections will feature characters from Finding Nemo, Cars 2, Toy Story 3, The Lion King, and more. Gilded pages and over 250 illustrations make this an ideal gift.

The Painted Pony

Angharad Thompson Rees
    He enjoys his life in the carnival, thank you very much – until he meets a young boy called Sebastian, who has a rather peculiar gift. Sebastian can read Stargazer’s mind, and what starts as a fairground fun, turns into a great adventure. Their lives collide, and nothing will ever be quite the same again… Wild Horses will not Tear you Away! About Magical Adventures & Pony Tales Magical Adventures & Pony Tales is a collection of six enchanting pony inspired children’s short stories, drawing readers into magical lands with unforgettable characters and ponies. Fantastic friendships, battles between good and bad and magical mysteries all come together in this unforgettable world. About the Author Angharad Thompson Rees is a rather strange individual. She believes in the magical, revels in the whimsical and owns a pet unicorn. Angharad has spent a lifetime working with horses and ponies of all sorts, from Olympic show jumpers and world class racehorses to taming wild ponies using the art of Horse Whispering. She has always been horse mad and her love for these magnificent beasts can be seen on every page of the new children's book series, Magical Adventures & Pony Tales.

A Day at the Beach

Lauryn Silverhardt - 2003
    Come play at the beach with Dora and Boots!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Starring in Holiday in the Sun

Eliza Willard - 2001
    Their parents have a different idea-another family vacation. But this family vacation turns out to be anything but dull when Alex and Madison meet two cute boys and stumble onto one hot secret!

George and Martha Back in Town

James Marshall - 1984
    Five additional stories about the friendship between two hippos: "The Box," "The High Board," "The Trick," "The Job," "The Book."

Queen of Teen

Meg Cabot - 2010
    An irresistible chance to read something new by your all-time favorite author - or to discover an amazing writer you've been missing up to now!There are nine short stories in this amazing, shiny pink book; in order they are Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, Louise Rennison, Cathy Hopkins, Meg Cabot, Karen McCombie, Lisa Clark, Joanna Nadin and Sarra Manning.

The Enchanted Table And Other Stories

Enid Blyton - 1998

Arthur Lost in the Museum (Step into Reading)

Marc Brown - 2005
    But a wrong turn leads him into a diorama of life-size models of Pilgrims celebrating the first Thanksgiving . . . just as Mr. Ratburn and his class are about to study it. Will Arthur be in big trouble?

Annie and Snowball and the Teacup Club

Cynthia Rylant - 2007
    She loves their pretty shapes. She loves their painted flowers. She loves their dainty little saucers. Her cousinand best friend, Henry, doesn't love teacups. Henry isn't interested in dainty things. Henry's dog, Mudge, weighs almost two hundred pounds, which is definitely not dainty! Can Henry help Annie find friends who love teacups as much as she does?

Uncollected Volume One: Unreal, Unbelievable & Quirky Tales

Paul Jennings - 1998
    Here is a collection of twenty-six unreal, unbelievable and quirky tales that are wildly funny, outrageously strange, and shockingly scary by Australia's most popular author for children.

Big Day Out

Jacqueline Wilson - 2012
    From a trip to the country to a seaside outing and a funfair adventure, Big Day Out is a wonderful treat for dedicated fans of Jacqueline Wilson, and for readers who are discovering her for the very first time.

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles

Jane O'Connor - 2010
    After all, they are lavender. They are glittery. And best of all, they come in a silver case. So when Bree tells Nancy all about her trip to the eye doctor, Nancy can't help but wonder if her own eyesight is perhaps getting a little blurry too. . . .Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spetacles is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. The back matter features a list of the rich vocabulary words that are used throughout the story along with their definition.

Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend

Herman Parish - 2011
    But she isn’t anything at all like Jen. Or is she?Amelia Bedelia discovers that friends come in all shapes and sizes, in this easy-to-read book about friendship that is just right for beginning readers.

I Love the Rain

Margaret Park Bridges - 2005
    The gray sky, the soggy wait for the school bus, they seem to make everyone grumpy. Everyone except her friend Sophie, who shows Molly the magic she has been missing.The simple, poetic language in this lovely book takes readers on a journeyfrom the girls' first tentative steps into the drizzle to a rain-drenched romp in a puddle. The lyrical text is perfectly matched by the joyful watercolor paintings, which capture not only the color and beauty of a rainy day, but the warm interactions of the girls' blossoming friendship. An exuberant homage to finding pleasure where it's unexpected, the power of imagination, and the joys of friendship, I Love the Rain will have readers singing, "Sun, sun, go away!"