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A Match Made by Cupid by Tracy Madison


Not Quite Married

Christine Rimmer - 2015
    But confessing that she was pregnant took real guts! Oh, Clara didn't lack the fortitude to notify Dalton of his impending fatherhood. It was turning down the irresistible banker's proposal—just for their baby's sake—that she found difficult. Dalton pushed Clara away because he couldn't risk his heart again after his recent divorce—not because he didn't feel anything for the brunette beauty! When he discovered her pregnancy, Dalton was determined to create the picture-perfect home with the one woman he could never forget. Now, if only he could convince Clara that their family was forever…

The Greek Boss's Demand

Trish Morey - 2004
    But working with Alexandra reawakens their passion. She knows she can't keep their son hidden for much longer—what will Nick do when he finds out...?

Suite Seduction

Leslie Kelly - 2000
    First she discovers she has to wear the bridesmaid's dress from hell to her cousin's wedding. Then her lackluster boyfriend runs for the hills when she suggests they get a little "closer." Is it any wonder she's having erotic dreams about a sexy stranger? Only, in the morning that stranger is still in her bed....THE RIGHT GUY!Robert Kendall has never slept better in his life -- not that he slept much! Free-spirited, sexy Ruthie is the perfect woman for him and he wants to get to know her a lot better. Only, Ruthie's convinced that the best sex of Robert's life was a mistake. So what else can he do but keep her in his bed until he gets it right?

The Tycoon's Secret Baby

Clare Connelly - 2017
    One Stolen Night. A Secret Baby..! One night with the beautiful American Grace Cox was never going to be enough for Marco Dettori. He'd spent three months watching his intern from afar, wanting her, needing her. But there's more to Grace than meets the eye, and she's determined to keep him at arm's length. Grace wasn't prepared to fall in love with her boss - she sure as heck wasn't planning on warming his bed! Devastated by Marco's offer to become his mistress, she returns to America and vows to put him out of her mind. Only that's not so easy to do when she discovers the consequence of their red-hot passion: a beautiful baby boy! The Italian billionaire isn't a man to be betrayed and Grace has betrayed him. Can he find it in his heart to forgive her, if only for the sake of their child? One thing's for sure: the passion that consumed them in the past is as fiery as ever before, and Marco has no intention of fighting it - especially not if he has his way and makes Grace his wife!

The Spaniard's Surprise Love-Child (Passion in Paradise Book 11)

Kim Lawrence - 2020
    Yet the reality is astounding! Because when the brooding Spaniard sweeps back into her life, he demands their daughter—and her!Rio will not walk away from his daughter. Even if he has to defy his number one rule, honed after years of bitter experience, and let Gwen into his billion-dollar world. Yet a place in his bed is all Rio can offer—no matter how much Gwen tempts him to offer more…

Happy New Year, Baby Fortune!

Leanne Banks - 2013
    She has an adorable baby girl, Piper; supportive parents; good friends. Best of them all is Colton Foster, her longtime neighbor from the ranch next door. He always seems to be around when she needs him. Trouble is, she may be starting to need him a bit too much.She's off-limits, Colton keeps telling himself. The tall, muscular rancher turns to mush every time he sees Stacey. But falling for his little sister's best friend seems wrong on so many levels. She's on the rebound. She's got a baby. She's...complicated. What's a big-hearted cowboy to do?

Baby Makes Three

Molly O'Keefe - 2007
    But that was before the heartbreak of infertility, divorce and losing her trendy New York restaurant.Then, after five long years, her ex-husband reappears in her life. Gabe needs a chef. Alice needs a job. The attraction between them is still undeniable--and just as impossible. Even if sparks fly again, she can't give him what they once wanted more than anything: a baby.Creating a family, however, doesn't always mean creating a child.... Sometimes it just means allowing love to survive. But will they realize that before it's too late--a second time?

A Pretend Engagement (Tender Romance)

Jessica Steele - 2004
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Kostas's Convenient Bride

Lucy Monroe - 2018
    Then Andreas proposes that Kayla wear his ring! Having experienced the incandescent pleasure of his touch, she’s hidden her yearning for him ever since. It’s the proposal Kayla’s always dreamed of, but dare she risk her body and heart to become a convenient wife?

From Ex to Eternity

Kat Cantrell - 2015
    Will Cara use their passion to gain the ultimate revenge? Let the newlywed games begin.

Morgan Wade's Woman

Joan Hohl - 1987
    You use my name. And what wears that brand is mine!" His touch burned. His voice sent shivers down her spine.Beautiful, rich, and disdainful of men, once, Samantha would have cut this arrogant rancher dead. But her father's will had changed all that, forcing her to marry within months or forfeit a sizable fortune.It was his name for her money. It wasn't a marriage; it was a business deal. Once he had seemed the solution to all her problems. But now, Morgan Wade had other ideas!

Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby

Carol Marinelli - 2009
    Karim knows he must find a wife and produce an heir, but this playboy wants one final fling before royal duty beckons.Pretty midwife Felicity Anderson has no idea who Karim really is, but her one night with the sexy surgeon has turned her world upside down - suddenly she's pregnant!With Felicity carrying the kingdom's hopes, Karim must marry her. But Felicity won't say "I do" unless the prince can prove it's for love.

Bought Bride for the Argentinian

Sharon Kendrick - 2019
    Coming soon! Bought Bride for the Argentinian by Sharon Kendrick will be available Jul 01, 2019.

The Italian's Deal for I Do

Jennifer Hayward - 2015
    His secret weapon? Supermodel-in-hiding Olivia Fitzgerald…and the power to ruin her if she refuses to play his loving fiancée! But returning to the world stage revives Olivia's old demons, and instead of walking down the aisle toward her gorgeous groom—she flees! The world holds its breath: Can the indomitable Rocco get his wayward bride to the altar on time? The world's sexiest billionaires finally say "I do"!

Bound to Happen (GIRL GEAR Book 3)

Alison Kent - 2002
     A relaxing vacation with the winner of the GIRL GEAR scavenger hunt becomes more than CEO Sydney Ford bargained for when Ray Coffey—the boy to whom she gave her virginity—claims the prize. Now she and her co-workers are stuck with Ray and his friends in a tropical paradise for a week. For Sydney, the memory of her one steamy night with Ray is distracting her from running her business. He couldn't have been all that, could he? No man is all that. Still, there's only one way to find out for sure. For Ray, being marooned with Sydney is the stuff of his fantasies. He can't understand why he hasn't been able to shake that one incredible night. And he's beginning to worry that once simply won't be enough.