Book picks similar to
Moonbathing by Liz Rosenberg


Noddy Lends A Hand (Noddy Toyland Adventures S.)

Enid Blyton - 2006
    When Noddy decides to lend a hand it isn't long before things are going a little bit wrong! Luckily, Big-Ears is there to make sure everything is all right.

Grandfather Twilight

Barbara Helen Berger - 1984
    Little birds hush as he walks by, and the rabbits and other small woodland creatures watch in silence as he performs his very special evening task and returns to his house among the trees. Small readers and listeners, too, will sense the serenity of this poetic story, and will be comforted to learn that the twilight is a gentle, friendly time.Exquisite pictures extend and illuminate the text, to reveal the nightly miracle so faithfully performed by Grandfather Twilight. Perfect for reading aloud and for sharing at bedtime, this beautiful and reassuring book will be cherished by old and young alike.

The Midnight Farm

Reeve Lindbergh - 1987
    Secrets of the dark are revealed in this poem describing a farm at midnight.

Boat Ride with Lillian Two Blossom

Patricia Polacco - 1989
    Mixing vibrant color with black-and-white pencil drawings, the author/illustrator explore the magic of myth in a fantastical boat ride that sweeps Will and Mabel into the sky.

Darkness Slipped In

Ella Burfoot - 2008
    Together, Daisy and Darkness dance and play until bedtime. This enchanting story personifies Darkness as a friendly and welcome visitor. The bold design includes a wonderfully tactile varnish to highlight Darkness's looming shape as he fills the room. The book's striking use of black and white is enlivened by vibrant accents of hot pinks and warm yellows. The rhyming text is a delight to read aloud and will help allay a childhood fear of the dark. Darkness Slipped In has all the makings of a modern classic!

Jules vs. the Ocean

Jessie Sima - 2020
    Her sister will be so impressed. But the ocean has other plans. Jules keeps building bigger, fancier, and more excellent castles, and waves keep smashing them. And when the ocean takes her bucket, that is the final straw. Jules is going to take a stand! From beloved storyteller Jessie Sima comes the tongue-in-cheek story of the sand, the sea, and sisterhood—told with her signature warmth, timeless humor, and delightfully playful illustrations.

Snug as a Bug (I Can Read!)

Amy Imbody - 2004
    They'll learn that God has given animals places they can sleep. And while God loves animals, he has a special love for children. Humorous and colorful illustrations make this a fun book to read over and over again.

The Berenstain Bears Get the Screamies

Stan Berenstain - 1998
    But Mama has the cure: she throws her own 100% genuine screaming fit, Mama-style, and that teaches 'em!

Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea

Michaela Muntean - 1983
    Wishing to change his morning routine, Theodore Mouse uses his bed for a boat and sails off on a trip around the world.

Red Knit Cap Girl

Naoko Stoop - 2012
    Red Knit Cap Girl lives with her animal friends in an enchanted forest. There is so much to see and do, but more than anything Red Knit Cap Girl wishes she could talk to the Moon. Join Red Knit Cap Girl and her forest friends on a journey of curiosity, imagination, and joy as they search for a way to meet the Moon. Gorgeously illustrated on wood grain, Red Knit Cap Girl's curiosity, imagination, and joy will captivate the hearts of readers young and old as her journey offers a gentle reminder to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!

Lucille Colandro - 2006
    And, there's a surprise ending!

Island Boy

Barbara Cooney - 1988
    And though in later years he sailed to faraway places, he always returned to the island he loved.Island Boy is certain to be a favorite for family sharing, as well as a must for school and public libraries. Teachers will love it; buy extra copies.--School Library JournalAs encompassing as the portrait of a life depicted in the award-winning Miss Rumphius, Cooney's latest work is an ode to simple acts of daily living.--Publishers Weekly

Bats at the Beach

Brian Lies - 2006
    The first of many nighttime adventures with the award-winning Bat Book series. Quick, call out! Tell all you can reach: the night is just perfect for bats at the beach! So pack your buckets, banjos, and blankets—don’t forget the moon-tan lotion—and wing with this bunch of fuzzy bats to where foamy sea and soft sand meet. Brian Lies’s enchanting art and cheery beachside verse will inspire bedtime imaginations again and again. Come visit a bedazzling world of moonlight, firelight, and . . . bats! Check out for more escapades with these zany bats.

Annie Bananie

Leah Komaiko - 1987
    So when she has to move away, her playmate cannot believe it -- until she realizes that even far apart, they can still be best friends.

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles

Michelle Cuevas - 2016
    It is his task to open any bottles found at sea and make sure that the messages are delivered. He loves his job, though he has always wished that, someday, one of the letters would be addressed to him. One day he opens a party invitation—but there’s no name attached. As he devotes himself to the mystery of the intended recipient, he ends up finding something even more special: the possibility of new friends.