Joyful Noise: The Hot Mess Choir

She Nell - 2018
    She must pull together four choirs that hate each other for her husband, Pastor Myron Jones’ Pastor’s Anniversary Celebration. The Holy Missionary Mass Choir is filled with characters like Shonda, a single mother of six trying to keep her oldest son alive. Then there’s Donnell, the church playboy who is torn between three women. And no one can forget Mother Willie Mae Odell; whose sole mission in life is to take down Lady Deidra and the choir. First Lady Deidra Jones has a Hot Mess on her hands but will God be able to bring them all together or will they crash and burn like fire and brimstone?

Cynical Heart (Heart Series)

Vivian Rose Lee - 2013
    Yet how could she when just 12 hours ago she was indulging in the same thing with the CFO of the Howard Bros Consultants. Later to discover that she had been taking care of her fiancé and his outside family for the past three years. So any guilt she felt for sleeping with Cabel Howard went out the window leaving her with a lifetime memory of her one night stand with Cab Howard. Cab Howard CFO of the Howard Bros. Consultants is not an easy man to get along with and had serious trust issues with women due to a heartbreak he suffer years ago rendering him the hard cynical man he is today. That is until Dana Whalen CFO of Whalen Consultants, the company HBC was negotiating a merger with walked in to his life. From the moment he saw her he knew he had to have her. She could possibly be the one woman to heal his heart. After they indulge in a one night stand Cab knew he wanted to explore the possibility of a relationship. She brought out feeling in him he thought were dormant. In that brief connection he felt a happiness he thought he would never feel again just from one night of wild, passionate indulging, only to wake and find Dana Whalen had skipped out on him. Later he discovered she was engaged to another enhancing his negative view on women and was relieved he had not opened his cynical heart to her. The problem with that is he couldn’t completely forget her and with the successful merger of the two firms, he was not sure if he is capable of working with the woman that forever lingered in his mind.

Sibling Rivalry

Vanessa M. Kirby - 2013
    Both sisters are teen parents with half-ass baby fathers, and both with the urge to provide the best life for their daughters. When jealousy comes poking around, some lines are crossed, rumors are spread and all bets are off. London is faced with the betrayal of her older sister, India, and stirs up the perfect formula for revenge. Blood isn't always as thick as you think!

Only Way Out

Fire & Ice - 2012
    Or could it?After some unexpected bloodshed, Lateasha must be quick on her feet. Even though her plan didn't go accordingly, she is not going to stop until she ruins Trey.

Dysfunctional Family Values

Raegan Dennis - 2018
    The only issue was, somewhere along the line, life caused her to forget how to pray. Raised by a mother that despised her after the death of her grandmother, Mia lost all faith in the God that her grandmother taught her so much about. Kain came along at the right time and saved Mia from her mother's wrath. But when her woman's intuition starts sounding alarms she begins to see Kain for who he really is. Mia knew she could never trust her mother, but when she has to pull her trust away from Kain the heartbreak is unbearable. Secrets are revealed, the drama unfolds, and the only way Mia will get through this is to remember what her grandmother taught her.

Ganesha's Secret: Different People See God Differently

Devdutt Pattanaik - 2018
    He is worshipped before one starts any project. He is supposed to remove all obstacles, all unforeseen hurdles. His elephant head, viewed symbolically, makes a lot of sense. The elephant head indicates power.’ For a peaceful and prosperous 2018, this chapter titled, Ganesha’s Secret: Different people see God differently, is mandatory.

Dear God: Hear My Prayer

Lakisha Johnson - 2018
     He stood in the pulpit on Sundays waving the same hands that abused her at night. He glorified God with the same mouth he used to chip away her self-esteem, daily. He was a man of God who had turned her away from the same God he told people they needed to serve. He was the man who was supposed to pray for, take care of and eventually love her. Instead he preyed on, took advantage of and shattered her heart before it had a chance to truly love someone else. Now, 14 years and a son later, she finds herself needing God yet she doesn’t know how to reach Him. She longs for God but isn’t sure He can hear a sinner’s prayer until she starts to say, Dear God ...

All God Worshippers Are Mad: a little book of sanity

J.P. Tate - 2013
    The method employed is to take the obscurantist vocabulary of monotheism and translate it into plain language. In doing so, the book attempts to show that god worshippers themselves do not understand the things they claim to believe, and by which they live their lives. For the reader who believes in god, this polemical little volume may help them to understand why secularists get so frustrated and infuriated when in debate with god worshippers. For the secularist, this book is a reminder that not everyone is susceptible to reasoned argument. The reminder is a timely one for those who live in an era of the resurgence of Islamic Jihad. A clear understanding of the irrationality of monotheism is something which matters urgently when confronted by the global rise of religious fascism. What is said in this little book will no doubt be found impolite and overly-provocative by those authoritarian people within the politically correct establishment who conflate morality with niceness. They will probably utter the familiar refrain that we ought not to denigrate other people’s deeply and sincerely held beliefs. Instead we should live in a permanent state of apology for the crime of having minds of our own. But religions are no more above criticism than any other ideologies. They have no entitlement to a privileged status. Besides which, large numbers of god worshippers feel free to denigrate and insult everyone else’s deeply and sincerely held beliefs, so why should they have special permission to be hypocrites? Topics covered: 01. God 02. Prayer 03. Worship 04. God the Infinite 05. Immortality and Heaven 06. Soul / Spirit 07. Salvation 08. Faith 09. Spreading The Word 10. Theocracy 11. Theocracy and Nuclear Armageddon 12. God, Guilty of Genocide 13. Religion and Morality are Mutually Exclusive 14. God worship is Immoral 15. God worship is Obscene 16. Everything is God’s Fault 17. If it’s in The Book, then it Must be True 18. Claiming Incomprehensible Beliefs 19. Is Islamism the New Fascism? 20. The Moderates

When Henry Met Millie

D. Camille - 2016
     When Henry Met Millie is a conscious romantic tale of a love that withstands the tests of time. You met this couple in first book of The Black Land Series - The Lion. Now here is their story as a tribute to the sweet, uncomplicated, beautiful black love that once was... Henry Patterson left Mississippi in 1967 to find his life, his wife and his freedom in Detroit. Henry is a handsome, six-foot three inch, gentleman on a mission until he is detoured by a pretty woman with a wicked smile. Millie Gaines is a Nursing student with her future all mapped out. The only distraction she allowed was baseball until a tall, aloof country boy steals her heart without effort. Their lives together span decades of love, tragedy, life and hope.

Eagle to the Son: The story of Isaiah (Heroes and Heroines of the Old Testament Book 1)

Nina Gould - 2015
    The novel gives an insight into the life and times of Isaiah and his wife Bethulah, a prophetess. Their courtship and marriage is depicted sensitively and with humor. Gifted with eagle-like vision Isaiah is able to see the glory who is Jesus. Seer, statesman, evangelist, teacher and preacher, he is called by God to give a message which is often rejected. He lives during the reign of five kings, serving those kings who are men of faith loyally, but scorned by those who have fallen into idolatry. These are turbulent times with wars and rumors of wars and peoples being carried off into exile by the cruel Assyrians. To ensure Jerusalem's water supply in times of siege, wise King Hezekiah has a 1/3 mile tunnel built under Jerusalem, an amazing feat for that era. There are times of joy, with the Passover Feast being re-introduced with great celebrationsSurrounded by a group of disciples in his latter years, Isaiah pens his great work to the glory of God.His words resonate down the centuries: 'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given' and 'He was pierced for our transgressions.'Also in the series: Abigail: a Home for God. The story of David's 3rd Wife.

Arab Spring, Christian Winter: Islam Unleashed on the Church and the World (Free eBook Sampler)

Ralph Stice - 2014
    This book will help ensure that your faith is built on Christ alone and the assurance of spending eternity with Him, not the sometimes-scary flow of history. You will also get a complete education on Islam and its possible role in the End Times.”Joel RichardsonNew York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized teacherArab Spring, Christian Winter will help you tie newspaper headlines to your scriptural knowledge of the Last Days. Ralph Stice draws a clear link between the Arab Spring and the rise of a worldwide power that appears to be ushering in the coming Antichrist. This book will also show you what you need to watch for in tomorrow’s news and guide you on how to fortify your faith for stormy days ahead. The Western Church has much to learn from Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Familiar Scripture passages are unfolding with new clarity to believers everywhere.Learn:•Why the Arab Spring had to happen to fulfill scriptural prophecy•How the Arab Spring led to the unleashing of pure Islam •Which nation could be the crucial link between East and West and produce an Antichrist figure•The responses of Middle Eastern Christians to intense persecution and what we Western believers can learn from themFear not! He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). We will discover Jesus in a fresh way when we face true persecution. How will your faith withstand the great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again (Matthew 24:21)? Brothers and sisters in Christ are facing this reality every day, right now. About the Author Ralph Stice has lived in Islamic communities on three continents over 11 years’ time as a witness for Christ. During that time, he has interacted with a wide variety of Muslims at many levels of society. He also has read widely on the subject of Islam and has spoken in nearly 100 churches about the world’s second-largest religion. He has recently founded RWS Ministries, a non-profit organization determined to inform Christians about Islam and inform Muslims about Jesus’s true identity and lordship. He blogs frequently on developments in the Islamic world and is a keen observer of political and spiritual developments in the Middle East.

Welcome to Islam: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Muslims

Mustafa Umar - 2012
    'Welcome to Islam' is a step-by-step guide to help people who have just accepted Islam. It teaches them the absolute basics of Islam that they should learn within their first month of being a Muslim. This work is not another introductory book on Islam but rather a step-by-step instruction manual that allows you to start practicing what you learn immediately. It also contains valuable advice on some common challenges that new Muslims often face.

A Rich Man's Wife

Jessica N. Watkins - 2022

Alcoholics Anonymous

AAWS - 2018
    The author is a founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Bill W. & Dr. Bob. It is the originator of the seminal "twelve-step method" widely used to attempt to treat many addictions, from alcoholism and heroin addiction to marijuana addiction, as well as overeating, sex addiction, gambling addiction, and family members of alcoholics, with a strong spiritual and social emphasis.

Days of the Living Christ (Volume 1)

W. Cleon Skousen - 1992
    Over Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Skousen had concluded that just about everything connected with the life and mission of Jesus Christ had been written. Then he began to find some scriptural treasures that had been missed. Before long he was deep into a comprehensive study of the life and mission of the Savior that finally culminated in these two volumes. Volume 1 covers the birth of Christ, His early years, the Sermon on the Mount and much of His ministry here on earth. The reader will grasp a new concept of the love Jesus had for the Jewish people and also discover a whole new scriptural basis for Peter's denial of the Christ. It is believed these two volumes will provide a new, dynamic, three-dimensional appreciation of the Savior and those who labored with Him.