Road To Somewhere: Book Two in the Clearwater Series

Julie Mayerson Brown - 2019
     The day her kitchen ceiling collapses on top of her, Patty’s life unravels. Whether a sign from above or plain bad luck, she has no idea. But her brush with death shakes her to her core. With no boyfriend, no plans, and no where to stay, she leaves her condemned home and heads to California wine country to be near Cece, her best friend, confidant, and quintessential voice of reason. A few days in the quiet small town of Clearwater will give her the comfort she needs to contemplate one of life’s most enduring questions: "What now?” But instead of quiet and comfort, Patty is met with even more troubles—Cece suffers a crisis of her own, a new friend ropes her into a demanding situation, and an enticing yet complicated man has her spinning toward romantic disaster. However, it’s the mysterious arrival of her younger sister that pushes Patty to the brink and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about her siblings and about the family that rejected her. Now, faced with a monumental decision, Patty has no choice but to gamble on the one person she trusts the least —herself.

The Official DLAB Training Manual: Study Guide and Practice Test

Robert J. Cunnings - 2014
    Inside this DLAB study guide, you will find everything you need to increase your overall DLAB Score. Act Now and enjoy this Introductory Price but soon it will double! Easy to read, this Study Guide gives you a comprehensive understanding of the DLAB test and breaks down each section of the Exam. Follow its directions and utilize the example questions to help build the necessary knowledge to increase your DLAB score. Finally, test your DLAB knowledge with this fully comprehensive DLAB Practice Test. Gain experience on what to expect on the official DLAB Test with this complete practice exam. Furthermore, the answer key to this Practice Test gives you a full explanation to each answer. With this Study Guide and Practice Test, you will have everything necessary to pass the DLAB and earn the score you need to advance in the Military's language program.

Jane Austen's Lady Susan

Emily Allen - 2012
    Jane Austen writing an “improper” novel? Find out why her overlooked Lady Susan, which depicts the exploits of England’s worst coquette, is worth experiencing; how its presence fits in the larger context of the 18th-century novel’s development; and why it can be considered Austen’s literary “road not taken.”©2012 The Great Courses (P)2012 The Great Courses

Whispers Beneath the Pines

Carla Kovach - 2014
    The group plan to have one last adventure before they have to finally succumb to adulthood. What they think will be a week of sun, parties and romance soon becomes more sinister when they take a trip to the mountainous province of Mügla for the day. Eve soon realises that things are not what they seem. She sees that something isn’t right but her friends are oblivious. Can she convince them all before it’s too late? Suitable for adults only.

The Doctor's Dilemma

Victoria Johnson - 2011
    Luckily, working in his pediatric clinic in rural Mexico puts romance last on his mind.Nurse Grace Sinclair arrives at La Cli­nica Pediatrica with a broken heart and a vow never to fall in love again. The temporary nursing assignment is exactly what she needs to escape her painful memories and to rejuvenate her spirit. After a rocky introduction, Ryan considers Grace too beautiful to have altruistic motives for joining the remote clinic, and Grace believes he is like the doctors back home, demanding and self-centered. However, when disaster strikes the village, they soon realize they are equally committed to helping the community, and their close working relationship makes it impossible to ignore their attraction to one another.When Ryan offers Grace a permanent assignment, her pain and fear stand in the way, and he wonders if he'll ever be able to convince Grace to risk her heart again.***The author is pleased to announce that, The Doctor's Dilemma, is a finalistin the 2012 Booksellers' Best Award. (A Published Author's Contest forbooks published in 2011 sponsored by the Greater Detroit RWA) It finaled in two categories, Best Traditional Romance and Best First Book!  Winners will be determined in July 2012.  Cross your fingers.***

Tending Critters in the Ridges

Clyde Brooks - 2005
    Clyde Brooks gives us a first hand view of the life and times of a country veterinarian and insight into the miracle of medicine and compassion. the formula for the healing art. Tending Critters in the Ridges carries the reader from muck and manure of the pig pen to the sterility of a surgical room and all the places in between. It is a timeless story that lifts the spirits and let's you know why the people of this rural town consider the veterinarian as their family's other doctor.

Learning to Love Amy: The foster carer who saved a mother and a daughter (HarperTrue Life - A Short Read)

Mia Marconi - 2014
    She came to foster carer Mia Marconi’s house when she was three; she’d already been in care for five months by then. But her mum Amy didn’t get on with her carer and threatened to kill her so India was moved.But no matter how inadequate parents are, children in care love them and want the world to love them too.Amy had had a hard life: she was one of seven siblings, all of who had been abused and ended up in care. She was an alcoholic and she phoned all times of day and night threatening suicide.When India finally settled in Mia’s happy household, Mia embarked on amazing journey to help Amy too.

Wake Up! How starting your day at 5 a.m. will change your life

Eliott Reich - 2013
    This book will show you what successful early risers do once they are up and teach you step-by-step how you can become an early riser.

Silver Lining

Elizabeth Beisel - 2020
    When Elizabeth Beisel watched the Olympics on television for the first time, she was seven years old in her parents’ living room. She decided right then and there she would compete at the Olympic Games one day. Eight years later, she made her first of three Olympic Teams as a fifteen-year-old. Despite her huge success in the sport, Elizabeth struggled with doubts, failures, and injuries throughout her entire swimming career. In Silver Lining, she he gives a compelling look inside the pressures that come with being an Olympian, and how she mentally conquered the stress of competing at the highest level for over a decade. From a small-town girl with a dream, to winning Olympic medals, Elizabeth gives you a glimpse inside her life as you’ve never seen it before. She is relatable, open, and honest, and her storytelling in Silver Lining> will leave you feeling emotional and inspired to pursue your own dreams, no matter who you are.  Reviews “Silver Lining is a story of amazing perseverance of one of the greatest leaders in our sports history.” – Rowdy Gaines “You will be inspired, and also discover why Elizabeth is one of the most respected athletes to grace a pool deck for Team USA.” – Katie Ledecky “Elizabeth wonderfully captures what it means to be an elite athlete. Silver Lining shows how perseverance, dedication, and a support team can help one overcome life’s biggest obstacles.” – Caeleb Dressel About the Author Elizabeth Beisel is a three-time Olympic swimmer and two-time Olympic medalist for the United States of America. Visit her at

Cozy Mystery 15 Book Set

K.M. Morgan - 2016
     The Daisy McDare Series Daisy McDare's vacation plans go awry when a washed up rock star turns up dead and the local detective thinks Daisy's cousin Addison is the killer. Daisy arms herself with cupcakes, one-liners, and plenty of spunk to find the killer before her cousin goes to jail for a crime she didn't commit. 4 books included from this series: The Deadly Rock Star Affair, The Deadly Restaurant Affair, The Deadly Secret Affair, and The Deadly Rival Affair. The Deanna Devlin Series Welcome to Desert Palms, a cozy Arizona tourist town set up against the mountains. Deanna Devlin is a thirty-two year old reporter who dreams of tackling hard-nosed stories, but is stuck writing puff pieces for the local paper. When a murder strikes Desert Palms, Deanna suddenly gets her chance to cover some hard-hitting news. Unfortunately, one of Deanna's good friends is wrongly suspected as the killer by the local police detective. To prove her friend's innocence, Deanna has no choice but to take matters into her own hands and find the real killer herself. 2 books included from this series: A Prescription To Die For and A Novel To Die For. The Witches Of Enchanted Bay Series Welcome to Enchanted Bay, a picture-perfect small town on the coast of Northern California. Meg Walton comes from a long line of witches. It's a secret her family has been keeping for generations. The Waltons have been living a quiet existence, running the local donut shop in town. All that changes when a murder occurs. Enter Connor Smith, Meg's former crush, who left for San Francisco ten years before, and who has now returned to town as the new detective with the Enchanted Bay police department. If Meg's feelings were mixed enough over having Connor back in town, the detective wrongfully suspects one of Meg's good friends for murder. To prove her friend's innocence, Meg has to find the real killer herself--with the help of a few good spells. 6 books included from this series: Witches Of Enchanted Bay, Ax To Grind, Killer Twist, A Bewitching Murder, A Riddle Of A Murder, and The Nuts And Bolts Of Murder. The Chloe Cook Series Thirty-four year old cosmetics saleswoman Chloe Cook is busy searching for a love that lasts in the tourist town of Cape Cod when a murder strikes. The victim is Marty Diamond, a mattress mogul known for his high pressure sales tactics and schlocky TV ads. Unfortunately, the local police detective suspects that Chloe's good friend Kristina Miller is the killer. To prove Kristina's innocence, Chloe has to take matters into her own hands and find the real killer herself. 3 books included from this series: Mattress Mart Murder, Reunions Can Be Deadly, and Killer Finale.

FC Barcelona: More than a Club

Illugi Jökulsson - 2014
    Donations cover the cost of registration and a uniform for a child in need. AYSO Soccer is a family experience and an opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. The positive environment of AYSO is the right place for kids to learn soccer, but it’s also where they learn important life lessons, social skills and get active.

Lead... for God's Sake!: A Parable for Finding the Heart of Leadership

Todd G. Gongwer - 2010
    If you have ever asked yourself why you do what you do, or wondered what your purpose is in leadership or in life, this book is for you. As the lives of a coach, a CEO, and a janitor intersect in this captivating parable you will journey deep into the heart of leadership where the answers to many of life's most important questions can be found.Whether you're leading in business, sports, or in your own family, this inspiring story will show you how to take the first - and most important - step in becoming the leader you were meant to be. Lead for God's Sake truly is much more than a simple statement. It's a calling!"Seldom have I found this kind of practical wisdom presented in such a delightful, engaging and compelling narrative. As a business leader, I found its "takeaways" right on targettouching life where the rubber meets the road. I wasn't able to put it down. It's that good!"John D. Beckett,

Who Ate My Cheese?: A Nauseating Treatise on Cheese and Its Comsumption

John W. Nichols - 2008
    Perhaps it even moved you. Now here's your chance for a fresh perspective, an opportunity to understand cheese from the bottom up.

Too Hot To Handle

Katie Agnew - 2011
    Full description

The Fault in Our Stairs: A Parody of John Green's Fault in Our Stars

Adam Aarons - 2014
    "The group leader was a cancer survivor who milked it for all he could, running support groups as his sole means of support. He was always talking about how we met in the Heart of Jesus--because the Church building is shaped like a cross--he said we're in the Literal Heart of Jesus.Except that we were in the basement. I figured that's probably closer to the gut, and as I sat in the last row that put me in the ass--the Literal Ass of Jesus."