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Tiffany Roberts - 2017
    Scavenge. Destroy. Trade. A simple cycle that’s suited Ronin for one hundred and eighty-five years. With no clear grasp of his programming, the barren wasteland known as The Dust offers him purpose, a place where his armored undercasing, amped-up processors, and advanced optics can be put to use. The ramshackle towns on the edges of the waste serve merely as resupply stations between increasingly long treks. But one night — one human woman — makes him question everything.A WOMAN WHO BRINGS HIM TO LIFE…Lara Brooks struggles to survive under the strict rules imposed by the bots in Cheyenne. With her sister missing, she’s been on her own for weeks, and fears the worst. Her only hope comes from Ronin, a bot she catches spying on her. He promises to provide for Lara and search for her sister. All she has to do is dance. It should be easy; she’s done it before. But the longer she spends with Ronin, the harder it is to see him as just another bot.A SANCTUARY HIDING DARK SECRETS…In a city where humans are relegated to live in squalor, Ronin discovers a threat greater than any in the Dust — Warlord, Cheyenne’s tyrannical leader. When Ronin ignores the rules, he unwittingly puts Lara in danger. Warlord is as intolerant of disrespect as he is of mankind.---------------------------------------------------Warning: This book contains foul language, explicit sexual content, and violence and is intended for mature readers only.


Myra Danvers - 2020
    A female boasting ancient bloodlines and a body which cries out to be mastered.A rare prize many would kill to claim.Defiant to the whims of fate, she dares resist, believing the wilds of the forest could hide and protect her.But nothing will protect her from him.She will bow at his feet and birth him an army.From her lips, he tastes vengeance… and soon, the Alpha will rise again to reclaim his throne.But he is not the only contender…And the hunt has begun.Publisher’s Note: Each pulse-pounding, tension filled page of this Paranormal Romance features a gritty heroine desperate to remain free of the criminals who seek to claim her for their own. If being helpless to the whims of monsters offends you, please do not purchase.Renegade is the first book Myra Danvers' The Feral Hunt series. Giaus is coming soon—PREORDER NOW!

It Began: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival

Max Lockwood - 2017
    She always had plans to settle down some day and become a writer. Sometimes, plans are just dreams left unfulfilled. They thought that the widespread outage was just within their vicinity. They were wrong. Without any electricity and power, Clara needs to help her family survive. The people in society have become restless, and will do anything for food. With the fall of power, law and order have become nonexistent, letting people get away with crimes. Will Clara be able to be strong for her family and those around her to get them through this crisis? Will she be able to get herself through it?

Omega of Sathion

Ana B. Starr - 2018
    A new home, where humanity can start over. The planet was gifted to us by a benevolent race of aliens. They intend for us to colonize. I am one of the rare humans who has been chosen to go there. But en route our transport ship was attacked by pirates, and my friend and I have been kidnapped. These new aliens tell us we are 'Omegas'. They tell us we are meant to pair and breed with 'Alphas' of any race, be they human or alien. I don't know what it means to be Omega. But what I do know is that I was just given a second chance at life, an opportunity to live it on my own terms. No matter what my captors say, I will find a way to get to Sathion. No one is taking this away from me. ************ The Omega of Sathion is a Sci-Fi Omegaverse Romance, which may include themes of power exchange, dubcon, noncon, violence, alien interactions, and more. If you enjoy these tropes please continue, if you don't, this book may not be for you.


D.T. Dyllin - 2014
    They used to dress up as zombies; pretend to kill zombies… Basically, zombies had become a part of popular culture in a very unexpected way. The highly anticipated zombie apocalypse never came. What did come was much worse than any city over run with shambling corpses after brains and flesh. A virus… a virus that only affected men. Nobody knew what caused it, or where it had come from, not that it really mattered. It's here and there’s no going back. Maxine was one of the lucky ones--she got out alive. She and her friends banded together to survive the new desolate conditions left behind by the virus. When a supply gathering mission goes awry, Max and company are left with no better choice than to trust a group of uninfected military men. No longer on the run from her infected husband, Max discovers there could be worse dangers for her on the horizon… Like losing her heart to her mysterious savior everyone calls Zee.


Lydia Hope - 2020
    And aliens. Gemma McKinley works at a prison cleaning goop off the floors and serving food to inmates. When she is reassigned to the alien ward, Gemma is nervous. Aliens are dangerous and ruthless. They bite. But there is one that isn’t like them. Simon is damaged, starved, and wasting away in complete isolation. Touched by his loneliness, Gemma starts nursing him back to health, dismissing rumors that he’s high-risk, ignoring the advice to let him croak. Simon despises humans. His only goal is to get off this miserable planet fast, for he is hunted by a scientist obsessed with perfecting the human race. Simon’s rare alien genes are just the ingredient that’s missing for breakthrough research. Thanks to Gemma, for the first time in years he can escape. And he will. He will… As the hunt for Simon heats up, Gemma becomes an unintended target. Is she a fool to help him get away? And will he risk another captivity to protect her?

Andorra Sector

Lexi C. Foss - 2020
    But inside, I'm all female alpha. And I will not heel. Not even to the Alpha of Andorra Sector.Ander Cain promises me protection.A new world of pleasure and pain.But he wants all of me in return.Even if it means taking me by force.I'll be damned if I give up my inner fight. I spent the last twenty years battling the walking dead. These wolves won't know what hit them when I'm through.Ander CainMy life began the moment I found her, my darling little mate. She's the force of nature Andorra Sector needs to give us hope for a future. A reason to keep going and to protect our lands from the zombie infestation beyond.Yet she refuses to play by our rules.Born in a time where humans will do anything to survive, she's not used to the pack hierarchy or the laws our kind abides by. Oh, but she'll learn. And I'll thoroughly enjoy being the one to train her.Katriana Cardona can fight me all she wants, but in the end, she will be mine. Whether she submits or not.Note: This is a standalone shifter romance with omegaverse and dystopian elements. Certain content may be too dark for some readers, so please review the warning note inside if you have concerns.


Bisi Leyton - 2012
    But even with well-armed trackers, things go wrong and Wisteria ends up alone facing certain death, until she is rescued by the mysterious Bach. Uninfected, Bach is able to survive among the hordes of living dead.Eighteen year old Bach, from a race known as The Family, has no interest in human affairs. He was sent here to complete his Great Walk and return home as a man—as a Sen Son. The Family regard humans as Dirt People, but Bach is drawn to this Terran girl, whom he has never seen before, but somehow knows. Hunted by flesh eaters, cannibals, and the mysterious blood thirsty group called Red Phoenix, Wisteria and Bach make their way back to the Isle of Smythe, a community built on secrets and lies.

Odium 0.5: Nina's Story

Claire C. Riley - 2015
    But surviving an apocalypse has made her that way.It’s the end of the world, and the dead have risen. Devastation reins and destruction lives. Mankind is holding on by bloody and desperate fingers. Death comes when you least expect it; in the quiet of the night or in the harsh light of day. It sneaks in and takes everyone and everything you ever loved, until you’re left with nothing at all. And the person standing in the aftermath is forever changed.Even after finding a protective haven amongst the chaos, Nina learns that the worst monster is mankind itself. Hope is gone. A heart is broken and humanity is slipping away.But for Nina, catastrophe has made her stronger. If she wants to keep breathing, she has to be. After all, being hard is the only way to survive.

Judgement 8

D.H. Sidebottom - 2014
    When she runs straight into the hands of Reid McCallum things start spiralling out of control and everything she believed is turned upside down. Elina soon finds out that Judgment isn't all she thought it was and people she thought enemies and friends are total opposites.Reid McCallum –Subject Delta, has been searching for ‘The Eight’ for eighteen months, hoping to build himself an army to take down the establishment that took so much from him.When Elina storms into his life, he and his friends find out just how devious and greedy Judgement have become. What seemed like a ‘freak mistake’ in one of Elina’s trials wasn't exactly what they thought and her break out wasn't as simple as it seemed. However, what Reid comes to find out is that he no longer needs an army…. Because Elina IS an army!This book contains strong language, violence and explicit sexual scenes.

The Wasteland

K.A. Knight - 2018
     I was stolen from my family and raised in the Wastelands to the North. I did what I had to ensure my survival. I became The Champion, with my history carved into my skin for all to see. Now I spend my days drinking and hiding from my past until four newcomers offer me a job I can’t refuse. When my past and future mix I must once again rise and fight. This time it’s not for my freedom, it's for my happiness. *Contains triggers and a cliffhanger ending. This is a dark Dystopian RH.


Peter Stenson - 2013
    As a longtime meth addict, he’s no stranger to horrifying, drug-fueled hallucinations.     But as he and his fellow junkies soon discover, the little girl is no illusion. The end of the world really has arrived.    The funny thing is, Chase’s life was over long before the apocalypse got here, his existence already reduced to a stinking basement apartment and a filthy mattress and an endless grind of buying and selling and using. He’s lied and cheated and stolen and broken his parents’ hearts a thousand times. And he threw away his only shot at sobriety a long time ago, when he chose the embrace of the drug over the woman he still loves.    And if your life’s already shattered beyond any normal hopes of redemption…well, maybe the end of the world is an opportunity. Maybe it’s a last chance for Chase to hit restart and become the man he once dreamed of being. Soon he’s fighting to reconnect with his lost love and dreaming of becoming her hero among civilization’s ruins.    But is salvation just another pipe dream?    Propelled by a blistering first-person voice and featuring a powerfully compelling antihero, Fiend is at once a riveting portrait of addiction, a pitch-black love story, and a meditation on hope, redemption, and delusion—not to mention one hell of a zombie novel.

When Nothing Is All You've Got

Kirsty Dallas
    In these depths, the worst of the worst thrived, as the pure and misjudged struggled to survive. Nada is the daughter to the king, born in this prison, unwanted and unloved. That kind of neglect can either make or break a person, and Nada was far from broken. A savage beauty, Nada is intent on righting the wrongs of her world and taking down her father, even if it’s the last thing she does. Shadow was dropped into the Underworld fighting, and he hasn’t stopped in all the years of his infinite sentence. From a nobody with nothing, he fought his way up the chain and is now second in command to Kingsley Duke, the most dangerous man in this world. He doesn’t at all understand the king’s daughter, her stubbornness frustrates him, and her arrogance rubs him up the wrong way. At the same time though, her will to fight impresses him. It is said that love and hate are fickle emotions fired by the same passion. Nada and Shadows tempestuous feelings for each other blaze too hot to be ignored. With Nada’s secrets, and Shadow’s loyalty to her father, can they survive the Underworld?EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZONAmazon:

Sanctuary's Warlord

Nikita Slater - 2019
     Only the strongest can survive in a hostile world ravaged by a disease that turns humans into primitives. She is the Desert Wren, a rebel bent on providing safe passage to illegal refugees entering into her Sanctuary city. If she’s caught she’ll be executed, but the price is worth the privilege of doing what she knows is right. Except when she’s finally caught, the sentence isn’t death, it’s her freedom. It’s the Warlord’s job to weed out the weak and sacrifice them for the good of the Sanctuary. Brutal and autocratic, he is the highest authority. The only threat to his dictatorship is a rebel faction rising up from the slums of his city. When he arrests a rebel leader, the Desert Wren, he sees his redemption. She will help him guide Sanctuary into the future. He just needs to convince his little captive that she’s better off with him than flying free. What is the price of Sanctuary in a dying world and is it worth the sacrifice? Sanctuary’s Warlord is the first book in a trilogy. Please watch for the second book in summer 2019. This book is a dark dystopian romance with sensitive subject matter that may offend some readers, please read at your own risk.


K.S. Merbeth - 2016
     Hungry, thirsty and alone in a desert wasteland, she's picked up on the side of the road by Wolf, Dolly, Tank and Pretty Boy - outlaws with big reputations and even bigger guns. But as they journey across the wild together, Kid learns that her newfound crew may not be the heroes she was hoping for. And in a world that's lost its humanity, everyone has a bit of monster within them...For more from K. S. Merbeth, check out:Raid The Wastelanders (Omnibus edition)