Meowy Christmas

Sylvia Selfman - 2015
    When Izzy goes to a posh Christmas party at her friend's fabulous home, she winds up doing a favor for the hostess that leads to mayhem, mistletoe and maybe even murder. Plus a dash of romance! & NOTHING BUNDT MURDER: While trying to heal her broken heart, journalist Rosie Kale moves into her Grandma's beach-side guest house and takes a job at the hot new Bundt Baby Bakery. But when she and her boss cater a ritzy bridal shower, murder is on the dessert menu and the Bundt cake is blamed. Rosie tries to find the real killer before she becomes the next victim. But her senior sleuth 'helpers,' Nana and Birdie, are more interested in getting her married off than in the murder case. Unfortunately their prime romantic prospect--handsome real estate mogul Casey Baron--is also her prime murder suspect. "Nothing Bundt Murder" is a fun, clean, cozy mystery with cats, cupcakes and a dash of romance.

Small, Medium & Large

Jane Monroe Donovan - 2010
    While other children may be dreaming of new toys under the tree or stockings filled with treats, one little girl simply asks Santa for a friend to share her holiday. But this is a pretty tall order for the jolly old man. Can Santa make her Christmas wish come true? Readers of all ages will be cheered to see that Santa manages to find not just the perfect present, but three special gifts. Charming artwork brings to life the joy felt in making snow angels, the satisfaction of a rousing snowball fight, the pleasure of baking holiday cookies, and finally, the inner peace one feels sitting quietly in front of a warm fire - all the more special when done with a new friend. Jane Monroe Donovan has illustrated numerous titles for Sleeping Bear Press, including Black Beauty's Early Days in the Meadow; the bestselling Winter's Gift; and all of the "Likes to Say" books. Jane makes her home in Pinckney, Michigan.

What Dogs Want for Christmas

Kandy Radzinski - 2008
    And what does Man's Best Friend have on his holiday list?


Alison Jay - 2010
    On each page, a deceptively simple item--stocking, snowman, reindeer--pulls readers into a nostalgic, exquisitely detailed moment of the yuletide journey: a trip in Santa's sleigh, supper with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, watching the elves hard at work, and finally arriving home in time for Christmas morning.Secret clues, plus hidden allusions to classic Christmas carols, elevate this from a gorgeous book to an interactive holiday treasure hunt--a natural fit for the whole family at Christmastime.

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Ree Drummond - 2012
    Even though Charlie may not have put a kitty on his Christmas list, he learns that if you keep an open heart, new friends can come in unexpected packages.Why is there a great big tree in the house?!?And why are all these boxes underneath it?Hey—what is that?!? Where did it come from?Uh-oh. This isn't good. . . . This isn't good at all!

Not Just for Christmas

Annabelle Jacobs - 2017
    Jason doesn’t stand a chance For Ben Slater, moving back to Bristol means being closer to his family, living with his best mate, and volunteering at the local animal shelter. But there’s also Jason, his best mate’s eldest brother. Ben’s had a crush on Jason for as long as he can remember, but the eleven-year age gap has always seemed insurmountable. Jason Armitage works as a vet at his uncle’s practice. He owns a cute cottage on the outskirts of the city, and a loving dog. The one thing missing is someone to share it all with. His brother’s best friend seems a bad choice, but Jason can’t help taking a second look. Ben’s changed a lot since Jason last saw him; both in appearance and attitude. Gone is the shy young boy, replaced with a confident, twenty-four-year-old man. In the run up to Christmas, the festive period gives Ben the ideal opportunity to show Jason what he has to offer. But concerns for his brother’s feelings hold Jason back. If they have any chance of making this work, Ben must convince Jason that he’s old enough to know what he wants, and Jason needs to believe that a relationship with his brother’s best friend won’t ruin their friendship. Approx 48000 words

Stowaway in a Sleigh

C. Roger Mader - 2016
    Furry Boots in her house, she does what any cat would do and investigates. But curiosity gets the best of her when she finds herself on a trip she hadn’t planned on taking . . .        Join Slipper as she discovers that there’s no place like home—especially for Christmas.

A Cookie for Santa

Stephanie Shaw - 2014
    He was made special to serve as Santa's nighttime snack, a homemade thank-you for all the presents he will deliver. The cookie wonders if he is brave enough to face up to his holiday duty. But instead of spending the evening contemplating his fate, the gingerbread boy finds himself facing two rambunctious puppies experiencing their very first Christmas. Their mischief includes a tug-of-war with presents, leaving a big mess. And it's up to the gingerbread boy to save the day...and Christmas!

Christmas in the Park

Laura Lockington - 2015
     After years of 5 a.m starts, running around a busy television studio, she has decided to hand in her resignation, and begin her dream of running her own cake making business. Swapping her stylish clothes for tracksuits and an apron she gets to work, and is thrilled when the local café agrees to start selling her treats. And – even better – she starts to get to know the handsome and single owner, David. Working from home also means she can finally do one other thing she couldn’t do with her hectic job – get a puppy. Deciding she wants a rescue dog, Sarah heads off to the local dog’s centre, and tries not to say yes to adopting the whole lot. One beautiful little Dachshund with adorable amber eyes immediately takes a liking to her. And Sarah knows there is no turning back. She bundles Malteaser up and takes him home, and before long he is helping her to meet new people in her local park. But Malteaser can be more than a bit of a handful. And Sarah knows she is no good at disciplining him... So when fellow dog-walker Nick steps in to give her hand she knows she should take his advice. But does he just want to help her out, or is he interested in something else? With an excitable puppy, and lots of orders to bake for the café, could Sarah be taking on too much? And could there be something there with David – or Nick? With Christmas on the way, and the café suddenly coming under threat, things get even crazier. And Sarah has to find a way to create a magical Christmas in the Park... ‘Christmas in the Park’ is a warming festive novella, full of sweat treats, doggy disasters and snippets of romance. Praise for Laura Lockington: `Like going to the most outrageous party and somehow avoiding the hangover. Pure pleasure.” Katie Fforde “A laugh-out-loud foodie romance. Throw in the magic of Cornwall, beach picnics, a handsome TV chef and the eccentric inhabitants of Port Charles and I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down!” - Sarah Rayner, best-selling author of 'One Moment, One Morning'. When she's not in the kitchen or mentally cataloguing the contents of her cupboards, Laura Lockington is a writer and playwright. She has co-written several plays for BBC Radio 4, including a comedy set in a beach hut. Her novels include ‘Just For You’, ‘The Cornish Affair’, ‘Cupboard Love’, ‘Before and After’ and ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner?’. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks. Follow us on Twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Endeavour Press believes that the future is now.

White Cat Black Cat: New Dog

Sigal Adler - 2017
    White Cat, Black Cat: NEW DOG * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It was a terrible day for the perky black cat His owner adopted a dog – just like that! A poodle too small to even harm a mouse Who acted as if he could rule the whole house.

Four Killing Birds

Leslie Langtry - 2013
    It’s the granddaddy of all hits—to be carried out on Christmas Eve, no less. Missi knows she has only one chance at success, so she enlists the help of her cousins Gin, Dakota, and Coney. Together the Bombay cousins come out of retirement to stamp out the world’s most evil cabal. Armed with four enormous, prehistoric-looking birds and Missi’s quirky inventions, will these Bombays succeed before their window of opportunity closes for good?

The Haunted Groom

Karly Stratford - 2018
    His Christmas plans include starting a foundation to help kids get out of his old neighborhood. However, quarterback Will Kent throws a wrench in Evan's plans with a bet. A bet for Evan to contact his first love, Anna Jordan, and try to win her back. To his surprise, Anna—now the hottest actress in Hollywood—agrees to help him with his foundation. Anna brings her feisty, ninja-like bodyguard along, and suddenly Evan has a problem. The beautiful and tough, Henley Keaton only wants a drama-free Christmas. When Evan Cook calls Henley's employer, to Milwaukee to help with some foundation, she's overjoyed. She can avoid the yearly family fight and eat deep-fried-cheese-curds and relax for Christmas. But when Anna gets sick and forces Henley to go on a date with Evan Cook in her place, Henley’s plan begins to crumble. When Henley and Evan engage in a spirited duel of Shakespeare quotes, things get...complicated. After tragedy strikes, and it looks like Evan's haunted past is going to catch up with him, he must decide if he's willing to walk away or let Christmas miracles come true.

Gift Me You: A Holiday Short Story

B.M. Hardin - 2019
    Not only does she find herself swept off her feet by the handsome and successful, Andre, but there’s another man after her heart. Her Ex. The only problem is, she doesn’t know which ex it is. For 12 days, December receives gifts that remind her of what love is supposed to be, but the sender of the gifts remain a mystery. Who are they from? Who wants her back? And which man will she choose? True Love sometimes comes by surprise. And sometimes it’s the person right in front of your eyes. But on rare occasions, true love could be your ex. Take this holiday journey with December to see what happens next!

A Carol Christmas

Sheila Roberts - 2015
    She’s going to stay in New York City and have a sane Christmas instead of enduring life at home which is bound to consist of chimney fires, questionable treats, and dysfunctional family drama. But when her family chips in for a plane ticket she finds herself back in her hometown, trying to referee between her divorced parents and avoid getting sucked into helping with Mom’s new business, Man Haters, Inc., while keeping the sibling rivalry to a minimum. Hardest of all is trying to ignore the fact that she’s still drawn to Gabe Knightly, the man who was the love of her life... until he dated both her best friend and her sister. This is going to be the worst Christmas of her life. Or is it? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sheila Roberts is a best-selling women’s fiction writer. Her books have been printed in a dozen different languages and been made into movies both for the Lifetime and Hallmark channels.

McDuff's New Friend

Rosemary Wells - 1997
    These endearing tales, illustrated by Jeffers and written by Rosemary Wells, follow the life and adventures of McDuff, a spunky West Highland terrier. With her realistic imagery and richly hued palette, Jeffers serves up a storybook version of 1930s England, the perfect playground for McDuff and his memorable cast of characters.In addition to the McDuff series, Susan has also illustrated this spring's Love Songs of the Little Bear, written by Margaret Wise Brown, an endearing picture book that celebrates the profundity in everyday moments and simple things. Jeffers has also adapted and illustrated the New York Times' best-seller Brother Eagle, Sister Sky and The Three Jovial Huntsmen, for which she received a Caldecott Honor Award and illustrated Lassie Come-Home, written by Rosemary Wells.Westie lovers will be thrilled to learn that McDuff's adventures continue this fall with Jeffers and Wells's latest collaboration, McDuff Goes to School, introducing a lovable new friend -- a black Scottie named Marie Antoinette.