Literal Leigh Romance Diaries: The Complete Collection Boxed Set

Melanie James - 2015
    Leigh Epstein and friends are single, twenty-something-year-old school teachers, living relatively normal lives until Leigh stumbles upon a magic writing desk. What will happen with Leigh and her band of magical misfits as they bounce from disaster to catastrophe when she discovers the extent of her powers? Will anyone be safe from the calamity when Leigh is magically compelled to write hot, steamy romance titles like Four-bitten Fangtasy, Bangin’ the Billion-Were, Sleighing the Elfa, and Regurgitant…or anything else for that matter? Chaos is sure to ensue when you add in three sexy hot roofers, magical brownies, a paranormal pet shop, a hot SEAL with amnesia, zompires, Fur-Con, and Leigh’s psychotic familiar, Luna. Follow along as Leigh takes on The Witches Union Local 1313, galloping golems, and pesky ghosts just to name a few.

Chosen Bundle: Books 1-3

J.D. Light - 2018
    Ridley just doesn't have the confidence to approach a man so gorgeous and Flynn is worried about introducing his mate to the shifter world. But Ridley knows about shifters, and when Ridley's car breaks down close to the leap house, he get's pulled into leap life in a way none of them expected. Grumpy Old Bear: Chosen Book 2 Thompsyn Lane is a grumpy, old, reclusive bear shifter that has no intention of changing anything about his life for anyone. So Imagine how shocked he is to find out his mate is a twenty-year-old leopard shifter who's barely even lived his life. What is he supposed to do with such a young mate? When he botches their first meeting and the Bennett thinks he's been rejected, he's going to have to work extra hard to win his mate over. Sweet Sutton: Chosen Book 3 Sutton Hilliard has been sneaking around at night watching his sexy neighbor run around his backyard naked for months. And he's spent the same amount of time hiding from the man during the day. When he tries to save the man from being mauled by a bear and an leopard at the same time, he gets a crash course in shifters and a lot more... Warning: Mpreg elements! Also, my books have little to no angst, and lots and lots of fluff! They are better read in order, because I kind of write them like a continuation of a story, and I don't like to repeat explanations over and over if I can help it. No cheating, because that makes my heart hurt, and I try to avoid things that make me sad like I SHOULD be avoiding carbs. Sorry, I just don't want anyone being disappointed if they like the angst filled heart-rippers. These read more like a romantic comedy than a romantic drama. Enjoy!! ::blowing you kisses::

Blue Moon Saloon: Three-Book Collection Volume One

Anna Lowe - 2017
    Three gripping paranormal romances in one red-hot volume, including the award-winning series starter! These highly acclaimed, emotional tales feature wounded heroes, powerful alphas, kickass heroines, and the spellbinding scenery of the desert Southwest. Everything you need for an unforgettable bear/wolf shifter romance! DAMNATION, Book 1, is a passionate second-chance romance that was awarded a RONE for BEST NOVELLA of 2017 and voted BEST SHIFTER BOOK of 2016 by Reality Bites Magazine. In TEMPTATION, Book 2, spunky she-wolf Janna fights to win the cowboy of her dreams. In REDEMPTION, Book 3, bear shifter Soren Voss faces his inner demons and the harsh realities of his new relationship with Sarah, his first and only love. She’s a human who doesn’t know his deepest secrets — yet!So settle in, take a deep breath, and step through the swinging doors of the Blue Moon Saloon…

Finding Mr. Right

Emily Carmichael - 1999
    Barred from the afterlife until she makes amends, Lydia has been ordered back to Earth for one final mission: to find Amy a new husband. But there is just one small catch: Lydia must rely on her smarts rather than her centerfold body--because she has been reincarnated as a mangy stray dog!Although Lydia was always an expert matchmaker, she never had to play Cupid while trapped in the body of a furry mutt. But if she wants a chance to rest in peace, Lydia must figure out a way to find Amy the most handsome bachelor in town--and pray that woman's best friend can spot true love.

The Gypsy Blessing: An Austen-Inspired Romance

Wendi Sotis - 2013
    For her exceptional kindness, Elizabeth is awarded a blessing, bestowed through gypsy magic. Forgetting the incident, Elizabeth thinks it merely odd when she begins to receive drawings in the mail with no return address—until she recognizes these same scenes as they become true events in her life. Through the blessing, circumstances bring Elizabeth and Jane Bennet to Ramsgate, where they meet Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcy, along with a charming young man named George Wickham. Will Elizabeth’s efforts to reshape future events alter her destiny?

Bite Club!

Hal Bodner - 2005
    The Creative City. Liberal and welcoming. Free from discrimination and hatred. A safe place to live if you're gay. But West Hollywood isn't safe anymore...Someone in town has a macabre passion for beautiful young men. Healthy, gym-toned male bodies keep turning up--tortured, drained of blood, mnissing parts and quite, quite dead.WeHo's compulsively over-eating City Coroner Becky O'Brien is helpless to stop the accumulation of corpses. At the end of her investigative rope, she calls upon an old college friend, Christopher Driscoll, who is something of an expert on serial killers. Ruishing to her aid, Chris arrives in town with his quirky over-the-top boyfriend Troy in tow. Prowling the dark alleys and cruisy bars of WeHo in search of the psychotic fiend, the trio soon realizes that something possibly not human has taken up residence in Boys' Town--something with an insatiable hunger for the flesh and blood of hot young men. Sexy, scary and very, very funny, BITE CLUB is a macabre black comedy that's have you screaming bloody murder.

The Dragon Realm Complete Series

Selena Scott - 2017
    Desperate for an heir who will be able to protect the throne, Lucy looks to be the perfect candidate to provide the King's offspring. The Chosen One, lost in a realm of lust, evil, and a power-hungry King - she needs to escape. Torn between a loyalty to all he has ever known and a growing desire for Lucy; can Amos find a way through this? Will the consequence for them be too much to risk, and what would it mean for the entire Dragon Realm? The Dragon's Touch - Book 2 It is the time that dragon females come of age to mate. Zara irrationally fears that King Dalyer will find her and recapture her as his bride; she was his favorite –though untouched- wife. Solar dreads it because he grapples with a forbidden attraction to Zara and he is certain that the men around their camp will try to claim her once she is of eligible age. Torn between the Oracle's prophecy and his burning desire, can Solar stay loyal to the cause? To what end will he use Zara to achieve the revolution's ultimate aim? Dragon's Desire - Book 3 Following the clues from a dream to the human realm, the Oracle is searching for the lost man that he’s had visions about. The man whom he thinks is the only one who can destroy King Daylor. But his encounter with the beautiful single mom, Melanie, unnerves him. He is unsettled by the intensity of the protective instinct that is rising up in him. It’s unlike him to be serious about anything. But this is so different. Where will this burning desire lead and what does it mean for the Oracles quest? Dragon's Passion - Book 4 In the exciting conclusion to the dragon shifter series, Idris and other series favorites must rise to the occasion to battle the evil King Dalyer once and for all. For freedom. For the dragon realm. For love. For their true mate. This series contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The Alpha's Lust

Preston Walker - 2019
     Ray is a strong, smart alpha who could be the rallying point for change within his pack. Sensing this, his pack alpha sends him off to be married under numerous threats. The kicker? His pack alpha has found someone perfect for him: an omega artist with a secret. Sil has no concept of sight or the colors he whisks across his easel. He just knows that his parents are aging and, without their protection, any alpha will be able to claim him. The idea terrifies him, until the blind omega is introduced to a wolf with a dark past. When a secret from Ray’s pack threatens his family, will he crumble when duty calls? Or will Sil’s love keep their future safe? This standalone mpreg gay wolf shifter romance is intended for adults only and guarantees a happily ever after ending.

Captive of the Bear Clan

Aria Hunt - 2019
    Unable to hide the extent of her power, dangerous enemies attempt to steal her soul. She tries to fight them, but she can’t do it alone. Three bear shifters vow to defend her, but in exchange for their protection, they want something she’s not ready to give—her love.Kaval, Draven, and Stone will do whatever it takes to claim the only woman they could ever love. Fighting is in their blood, but they’ve never battled dark magic. It’s unlike anything they’ve ever faced, but they’re determined to protect Minerva, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.Captive of the Bear Clan is a complete book with a HEA, no cliffhangers, and no cheating. It’s the first book in the Bonfire Falls Paranormal Romance series.

Big Bad Shifters: A Ten-Book Paranormal Romance Box Set

Summer Cooper - 2018
    A 10 Book Box Set of Amazon Best Selling Novels! Filled with bears, wolves, dragons, psychics and more, this collection of steamy monogamous and menage paranormal romance stories will make you blush and have you begging for more. Book 1 - Elokon (Bride Of The Dragons) I’m yet to find a mate. A true mate that I can share with my Omega, Siron. When I saw Adelina, I knew she was the one and only. But she’s a mere human. Can she take the both of us? Can our clan accept her as their queen? Book 2 - Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 1) I hate rules, and I’m not afraid to break them. I wanted Damesha from the first time we met. I know what the clan is like when it comes to outsiders. They simply won’t accept her. But I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll do whatever it takes to be with her. Even if that means turning against all my brothers, my family, my clan. Book 3 - Cane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 2) I only care about one thing… carrying out my duties as leader. For the first time, I’m losing control of my people. First, they throw women at me that I don’t have time for. Then rumors start that I don’t even like women. So, I do what I do best. I handle the situation. I order myself a bride. Book 4 - Jacob (Alexander Shifter Brothers 3) I’ve always done what my brothers told me. But war is coming. A war that we can’t afford to lose. Deep down, I know there’s only one way we can win this. By working with the seductress, Sabrina the Vampire queen. But my lust for her is beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life. Book 5 - Winslow & Hollis (Ivy’s Bears) We both want her to ourselves. Even though she’s an outsider, a human. But she won’t choose. We’re best friends, but there are some things we just don’t share. But for Ivy, it just might be worth it. Book 6 - Jack & Damien (Bearly Wolf) We’ve led our pack well. But factions are rising. Without a mate to cement our position, all could be lost. Then we find her - Imogen. But she isn’t a bear shifter, she’s a half-breed with no abilities. Is this forbidden love worth losing everything we’ve ever known? Book 7 - Hale, Rhys, Knox, Zed (Bearly Friends) They entered our world by mistake. They thought they were just taking a trip to the mountains. But somehow, three beautiful women ended up with us. Did they expect to see bears? Maybe. But not like us! And while they’re here, we’re going to have some fun. Book 8 - Zare (Sold To The Werewolf) It’s always been easy for me to get girls. It’s just part of the fun of being a werewolf. Good looks and strong, muscular bodies seem to be in our DNA. But finding a true mate is another story! I’ve been looking for what seems like forever and nothing. And then I met Jane. Getting this girl, it seems, is not so easy. So I made her an offer she can’t refuse...

Dragon Passion

Amelia Jade - 2018
    But who would respect a dragon farmer? When her family farm falls into Sandy Talbert’s lap, it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Her life in the city was over. She needed a change, and more importantly, she needed the solitude. Running a farm by herself is harder than it seems, and three years later she’s on the verge of being forced to sell to her jerk of a neighbor. The only thing standing between her and defeat is the odd offer made to her by a gorgeous stranger she barely knows. Palin never expected to find his mate. He was on a mission, assigned to figure out if this war the humans were talking about was truly as serious as they claimed. Knowing how pathetic humans were, he highly doubted it. But an emergency stop for food at a local farmers market has thrown all his plans into disarray. Leaving his comrades behind, he ventures into the world of farms, famine, and intrigue beyond anything he could imagine. She needs his help, but Palin doesn’t know one end of a hoe from the other! Determined to help her out, Palin agrees to plow her fields. It’s not what Sandy signed up for, but she can’t deny that he’s helpful—and hunky. If she can convince him to stay, she could finally turn a profit and stick it to her nasty neighbor. Can she do that while still maintaining her policy of not letting anyone into her life? And what about her neighbor? How will he react when he finds out his designs on her farm won’t ever come to fruition? Please note Amazon has incorrectly set the start position for this book. Dragon Passion IS in your copy, you simply need to use the table of contents to navigate to the beginning, as when you first open it, you are taken right to the bonus content that has been included for a limited time.

A Fashionably Dead Diary

Robyn Peterman - 2017
    Getting blackmailed by Satan into ghost writing his autobiography/romance really sucks—hard. But I’m not a weenie or a welsher. I’m a semi-materialistic, Prada lovin’ Vampyre-Demon with a bad attitude and a serious lack of cheating skills. If I were a good cheater, I wouldn’t be in this heinous position. I lost and now I have to pay. However, the price might deplete the wavering amount of sanity I have left… So I’m turning to you, Dear Diary, to pour out my inappropriate feelings and murderous inclinations toward a family member who shall remain nameless. Who in the Hell am I kidding? I’m gonna name that butthole over and over on these secret pages. It’s Satan or Lucifer or the Lord of Darkness or the Dark Angel—or, as I like to call him, Uncle F%#ker. That’s why I have chosen you, Dear Diary. You don’t have a mouth as far as I know and if you do, I’ll remove it—violently. Please keep that in mind as I tell you all my secrets. I’ve dealt with talking books and walls and they’re a real pain in the ass. So if you turn out to be one of those, we’ll have a problem. Sit back. Relax and get ready for a Hellish ride.

Vesik: Box Set I

Eric R. Asher - 2016
    I am a necromancer, an ability feared and hated as much as the powers my master and I set ourselves against. We've vanquished many evils, but now something is releasing an old darkness, forcing us to hunt an enemy beyond anything I’ve faced before. I was already busy enough with vampires, fairies, witches, Watchers, weddings, and … damn, I need a vacation.Wolves and the River of Stone (Book 2) Philip, Zola’s boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he’s raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?Winter's Demon (Book 3) Some things can never be undone. The horrors I've defeated—or even caused—with my own hands … they are nothing compared to what’s coming. Philip Pinkerton has brought his madness upon my family, my own blood. His army of necromancers is on the move, harbingers of a great darkness. I fear the war has begun... and damn, I don't get paid enough for this.

Called by the Bear, Part 7

V. Vaughn - 2015
    Did they really think I’d fall for their attempt at discrediting Victor with vicious lies? And the fact Sierra might be harboring the Veilleux heir has only made me more determined to stand by my man. Taylor - Being called to Maine was just the beginning of major life changes for me. The need to have children was never a driving force in my life, until now. I’m being pulled by forces I can’t control to start a family, and there’s nothing I want more.

Life Blood

Raylin Marks - 2018
    Life gets flipped upside down and turned inside out when the secret of who she is and what she can do is revealed.Braden, Logan, Cole, and Zac develop an unbreakable bond with Elle. They won't let go. They can't. She is a Life Blood.These four cousins will do anything to protect her from the danger of a psychopathic vampire who will stop at nothing to get to her. Elle will never be the same again. But does she even want to be?Because love bites. In a good way.The Banner cousins and their appetite for more than just Elle's blood will have you flipping pages to experience their story of unyielding love and devotion. Disclaimer: This book is suitable for readers 18 + due to these vampires and their sensual appetite for Elle. Graphic sexual scenes and these vampires love to cuss. Happy Reading and I hope you enjoy reading about Cole, Logan, Braden and Zac Banner.