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Dream Big by Joyce Wan


Feminist Baby! He's a Feminist Too!

Loryn Brantz - 2019
    This witty and important board book celebrates the joys of modern childhood while teaching that feminism is for everyone.

Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes

Eva Chen - 2018
    They don't have wheels. They are, to be perfectly honest, the tiniest bit boring. But they're still her favorite muddy-puddle-jumping, everyday-is-an-adventure shoes. One day, when they go missing, Juno discovers something amazing: a magical room filled with every kind of shoe she could possibly imagine!Juno embarks on an epic journey through time and space, stepping into the shoes of female icons from Frida Kahlo and Cleopatra to Lady Gaga and Serena Williams. Each pair of shoes Juno tries brings a brand new adventure--and a step towards understanding that her very own shoes might be the best shoes of all.Parents and children alike will adore Instagram superstar Eva Chen's precocious debut picture book--a story that's equal parts fashion fairy-tale and guide to girl power--and fall in love with the brilliantly spirited Juno Valentine.

Grump Groan Growl

bell hooks - 2008
    GRUMP GROAN GROWLBad mood on the prowlSome days the grumpies just take over. So don't let that anger build up--embrace your feelings, overcome your aggression, and be your best self.In other words:Just let those feelings beJust let them passJust go insideAnd let it slide bell hooks' honest text radiates positivity while Chris Raschka's dynamic art adds humor to a book that is perfect for all ages.

I Am a Warrior Goddess

Jennifer Adams - 2018
    Through the clever play between illustration and text, readers see that each day is full of opportunities for little people to make a big impact with ordinary actions. As our heroine connects with the earth, takes care of her body, and finds strength in kindness, she discovers her inner warrior goddess and inspires young girls everywhere to do the same.


Holly Hobbie - 2008
    A little lopsided and a little unkempt, Annabelle turns out to be the companion Fanny has always wanted. Though at first her friends turn up their noses, in the end everyone learns that using your imagination and working with your own two hands can result in the best toy of all!

Friends from the Other Side/Amigos del otro lado

Gloria E. Anzaldúa - 1993
    Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Clive and His Babies

Jessica Spanyol - 2016
    He enjoys playing with them, and sharing them with his friends. A gentle, affectionate book, celebrating diversity and challenging gender stereotypes.

Whose Tools?

Toni Buzzeo - 2015
    The answer to each inquiring refrain is revealed under a gatefold, seven in all, engaging the reader in an informative guessing game. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the expertly stylized art of illustrator and designer Jim Datz, this sturdily constructed board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers.

Hey Little Baby!

Heather Leigh - 2012
    An adorable baby discovers the world around him.A little baby has found his hands, his tiny toes, his lovely voice, and his sweet nose—what else will he find in his world, his cozy, wonder-filled world? Heather Leigh’s spare, rhythmic text combines with Geneviève Côté’s warm and inviting illustrations for a delightful picture book that explores all of the adorable traits that make a baby special—and how those traits might shape a baby as he grows up to be a unique little person.

I Like to Be Little

Charlotte Zolotow - 1966
    This tale, adapted from Zolotow's I Want to Be Little and newly illustrated with appealing watercolors, will strike a pleasurable chord with adults and children.

Sleepy ABC

Margaret Wise Brown - 1994
    . . here are twenty-six ways to say goodnight.Margaret Wise Brown wrote this book not long after she wrote Goodnight Moon. (She knew a thing or two about putting little ones to bed.)Now Karen Katz has made it shine with bright and cheerful new pictures. Any sleepy toddler will want to read this over and over . . . until it's really time to say go to sleep!

The Queen of Style

Caralyn Buehner - 2008
    Queen Sophie is bored silly and sets out to become her kingdom's Hairdresser Extraordinaire. Full color.

Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue

Phoebe Gilman - 1994
    to catch a monster! Jillian Jiggs wakes up one night to find her little sister Rebecca crying because she is afraid of monsters.With their usual creativity, Jillian and her friends use their problem-solving skills to help Rebecca deal with her fears: they decide to make a monster machine and set off on a monster hunt!

The Little Puddle

Axel Scheffler - 2011
    But Pip is having so much fun that he forgets that he needs to pee.

Steps and Stones: An Anh's Anger Story

Gail Silver - 2011
    Anh the protagonist of Gail Silver’s previous book Anh’s Anger, is a typical and easy-to-relate-to elementary school-age boy. His anger, personified as a red hairy impulsive creature, teaches him some valuable lessons about not getting carried away by his strong emotions. By counting his steps and coordinating them with his breathing Anh is able to slow down and take his anger for a peaceful and magically transformative walk.Reach and called Anh’s Anger, “One of the best books we’ve ever seen on the issue of dealing with anger.” The New Yorker review highlighted how the book uses “deep breathing… to regain control during a tantrum.” And Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh calls the Anh’s Anger series, “a wonderful gift for both children and adults who want to learn how to turn unhappy situations into joyful ones.”Steps and Stones the second of the Anh’s Anger Story trilogy will help children learn to understand the causes of their own strong emotions, and teaches them peaceful ways to resolve difficulties through mindfulness and meditation. An invaluable tool for parents and teachers alike.Steps and Stones is beautifully illustrated by New York artist and children’s book illustrator Christiane Krömer. Using a mix of paper, acrylic, cardboard, and found materials, her vibrant multi-textured collages reflect the connection between the characters and their environment and echo the wide range of emotions that come together in the story.Gail Silver writes: “If, at an early age, children become comfortable with identifying and articulating their anger, then they can feel confident working through anger in healthy ways during their adolescent years. There is a lot of adolescent violence in the news today. I am overwhelmed with pain and sadness every time I hear of an adolescent using a gun. While these teens are deeply troubled and have many problems, unresolved anger plays a part in their difficulty. I hope these books can be used as a preventative resource. We can only practice what we know or what we are willing to learn. My hope is that the Anh’s Anger stories can contribute to a decrease in adolescent aggression and violence by teaching children at an early age how to safely understand and express their anger.”