The Boy Who Cried Over Everything

Betsy Childs - 2011
    An experience with a slingshot and a sparrow helps him realize that it's okay to cry when you are sad, but it's best not to cry when you're mad.


Pran Kumar Sharma - 2015
    Thus CHACHA CHAUDHARY was born in 1971.Tall and robust SABU, who is an inhabitant of planet Jupiter, gave Chaudhary an ideal company. A combination of wisdom and strength was formed to tackle any difficult task. It is said that " Chacha Chaudhary's brain works faster than a computer". Though both fight the criminals and tricksters, each episode ends with a touch of humour. The duo perform in lighter vein. The CHAUDHARY family consists of his wife Bini, a fat sharp tongue woman, Sabu, Rocket - the dog and Dag- Dag, an old truck who is half human- half machine. Chacha Chaudhary is the most popular Indian comics. More than 10 million readers enjoy this series regularly in newspapers and comic books in ten languages. A T.V. serial based on the comics has crossed 500 episodes and still continue to be telecast on premier channel "Sahara ONE".

The Angry T. Rex!

Amma Lee - 2015
    But T-Rex could help himself to be everyone’s best friend. How could T-Rex do a thing like that? Let's find the answers together. The Angry T-Rex is a story book that promotes quality learning activities. Emotional and EQ of children aged 3-8 years. Your child would learn how to control their emotions. This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and is enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is a fun and beautifully illustrated book with a happy ending that all readers will enjoy. This is a charming children's story that is sure to become a favorite.

So Big the Land

Sue Grocke - 2019
    With little prelude she is thrown into the deep end of a gritty farming life in a man's world. A life of hard work on untamed lands, a two year odyssey through the outback, and months spent in a remote Aboriginal community, reveal to Sue the very character of the Australian landscape. This is the story of one woman's metamorphosis, from timid, imaginative child to resilient, worldly woman - a profound journey of self discovery through tragedy, unfettered and often life-threatening adventure, and overwhelming joy.

49 Ways to Steal the Cookie Jar (The 49... Series Book 2)

James Warwood - 2013
    Got a sweet tooth?... Can't wait till dinner time?... Here's 49 (extremely silly) ways to reach the Cookie Jar! Join the hilarious adventure of these cheeky kids who will try absolutely anything to get their hands on the Cookie Jar. With an illustration for each haphazard attempt, you're guaranteed to laugh, smirk, and chuckle for hours. Disclaimer: reading this eBook will probably make you giggle, but won't help you get a cookie. Recommended Age: 10+

Amanda Gets Bullied! (Diary of an Awkward Kid #1)

Bolaji O. - 2014
     It's a new school year, and Amanda AMAZon (please say it right) finds herself thrust into middle school, where lifelong friendships are formed, lifelong bullies are the norm! Amanda's got her best friend Kanti along for the ride, it's all Amanda can do to keep from ripping the annoying neighbor BUG to shreds! But when the 3 mean girls on the soccer team zero in on Amanda, she finds some interesting allies on the way to surviving the school's most feared trio! Here's what to do next: 1. Scroll up, 2. Click the buy button, and 3. Watch as you and your kids giggle and cheer through this hilariously wacky adventure! --- Paul Coleman said: "In the world today I think we need all the positive stuff we can get. I love the "can-do" attitude of this book. We can make our lives and the lives of others better. We simply need to decide to do it, be brave, and take action." --- Here's what to do next, Moms: 1. Scroll up, 2. Click the buy button, and 3. Watch as you and your kids giggle and cheer through this hilariously wacky adventure! Thank you for the privilege of being a small part of your child's favorite memories with you. We cherish that role, here at Brave Little Heroes. And we won't let either of you down. Bolaji O. Chief Storyteller at Brave Little Heroes

Children's books: The Magic of words! By Joshua McManus: (Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book About the magic of words!, for Beginner Readers, Ages 3-5) (giggletastic stories 5)

Joshua McManus - 2018
     Think of every single word, Every word you’ve heard. Every single word you say, Has a secret magic way! Like words can be kind, With love and some care. Or truly amaze, And capture your stare! So why not dive into this funny rhyming picture book to uncover everything words can do! This is a lovely fully illustrated picture book for children with heaps of humour that guides your through with exciting rhyme! And discover the true magic a word can do to others!

Coyote Breed

Alan David - 2016
    Praise for Alan David 'A classic of the genre.' – Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off.Alan David is a prolific writer of over 500 novels in a wide range of genres, from classic westerns, to historical thrillers. His other western novels include Fight or Die, Gun Hell, Gun Wages, Wildmen and Draw or Die. Pioneering Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We publish new and classic westerns by authors from the US and the UK. Sign up to our newsletterFollow us on Twitter: @PioneeringPress

Comic Book for Kids: Beany and Cecil Sampler (Comic Strip 6)

J.R. Finkle - 2015
     Follow them on their nautical adventures aboard the versatile sailboat, Leakin' Lena. The story titles include: - North by What? - Man Overboard! - Lights Out! Great for kids in preschool to 4th grade. Download it now!

The Little Cockroach

Susie Violet - 2020
    He loves Mexico but wants to explore the world. Amazing things happen to Pedro and his friend Enrico when they decide to leave their home in search of adventure. The Little Cockroach is a delightful bedtime story about determination, travel and adventure.

Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and The Dreamy Berry Cookie Contest (the hilarious adventure for children ages 7-12

Starrie Sky - 2013
    Zonk is at it again, with his taking-over-the-world schemes, and this time he’s really outdone himself, or so he thinks! Mr. Zonk creates an army of Crumb Crunching Cookie Monsters to eat not only Olga’s Dreamy Berry Cookies, but ALL of the cookies in all of Cutie Patootie Land! OH NO!! How will the girls stop them before it’s too late!? Will Olga and her friends find a way to stop the Crumb Crunching Cookie Monsters from ruining the fair, and still enter the contest? Will the Crumb Crunching Cookie Monsters eat ALL the Dreamy Berry Cookies? Will the little Crumb Crunchers eat ALL the cookies in Cutie Patootie Land? Will Mr. Zonk actually take over the world? ˃˃˃ Find out when Heidi, Arika, and Olga set out on another wild and crazy adventure as they team up once again to rescue Cutie Patootie Land from the sinister plots of Mr. Zonk. A new wild and wacky adventure - The Dreamy Berry Cookie Contest ˃˃˃ What Others Are Saying: 5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, radically cool, cute book July 15, 2013 By Soleil "This book was lively and fun. It was full of vibrant colors in the pictures, and cool characters. I AM TELLING YOU NOW GET THIS BOOK!!!!!" 5.0 out of 5 stars The Cutest Book Ever May 30, 2013 By Trina Nguyen -"I'm an adult who finds this book an absolute delight to read. The story and illustrations are exciting, fun and so entertaining. A must read for all girls! I can't wait to read another book by this creative and unknown writer."5.0 out of 5 stars FUN STORY! July 30, 2013 By Joyce L. Mitchell - "FUN story on a super cute planet called Cutie Patootie Face. Very creative and the illustrations are adorable. Kids at my house loved it, especially the ten-year old." Scroll Up, Look Inside, and GRAB A CUTIE COPY TODAY!

Wishing for a Princess (Illustrated childrens books & bedtime stories)

Alessio Sgrò - 2015
    She transforms herself into the longed-for princess, but the spell is broken and… read the story to find out what happens.Illustration from one of the thirty-one stories present in the first collection of “Fairytales and Fables Never Told”.

Superbunny and the Peas of Doom

Neil McFarlane - 2014
     It was dark down there, but someone placed a carrot in your hand and said, "Eat it." You took a bite and said, "Ow!" "Eat the carrot, not your hand," said the voice. You ate the carrot, the lights came on, and that's when all the trouble started... *********************************************************** A "read aloud" bedtime story for parents to read to/with kids aged 5 to 11. The star of the story is "you" (i.e. your child) and the story contains lots of humour to appeal to both children and adults alike. Scroll up and grab a copy - it's FREE!

The Secret Life of a Ninja: First Day of School (Ninja Kid #1)

Arnie Lightning - 2014
    It's his first day and one of the school bullies already found him as an easy target. Jason quickly sees how the bullies (a small gang called the Terror Squad) just do whatever they want to whomever they want. Can Anyone Stop Them? Most of the kids in school just accept things the way they are. They don't think anyone can stand up to the bullies. Jason confidently tells his new friend Amy that he believes things will change soon. Amy thinks he's crazy. Kick! Punch! POW! Ninja Kid to the Rescue! Read along and find out what happens when a secret ninja shows up to challenge the bullies! He has two Chinese throwing stars and nunchucks. He's fast as lightning. No one knows where he came from.. Will they back down or just smash Ninja Kid? Action, Adventure, and Ninja Stealth! 12+ Full Color Illustrations Free Membership to the Arnie Lightning Newsletter Scroll up and buy a copy today to find out what Ninja Boy is all about..

Benny's Boogers: A Silly Rhyming Children's Picture Book

Xavier Finkley - 2011
    This is a fun rhyming picture book that is great to read with your child if he or she has a cold or the flu. Even if they are not under the weather, any 1 to 5 year old will thoroughly enjoy reading along with Benny's Boogers.