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The Broken Trilogy: Books 1-3

J.L. Drake - 2017
    Intended for 18+.*** My name is Savannah Miller. My father is the mayor of New York. One day after my twenty-seventh birthday I was grabbed from behind. A cloth sack was quickly pulled over my head, and I was taken from everything I’d ever known. I was beaten, starved, treated like an animal, and forced to live in a room with no windows. With no sense of time and no dignity left I finally gave up hope and made a promise to myself to end it all. Unfortunately, it was going to be a slow process. Then one night an elite group of US Army soldiers came to my rescue. I was brought to a safe house and given two options: One—Stay under their protection and follow their rules or... Two—Leave and be guaranteed to be returned to the savages within a week. I chose option one. As I work with a therapist and begin processing my hellish ordeal things slowly begin to surface. With the help of new friends and a potential new love I fight to get my life back and make choices that will forever alter my future. This is my story… SHATTERED #2 After witnessing the murder of her lover and the heartbreaking loss of their unborn child, Savannah wants to end it all. Then she is given a second chance at love. Sadly, even when life hands you second chances it doesn’t always follow that things will work out the way you want them to. Some lies can just be too painful to move on from. What’s worse than being Broken? Being shattered… MENDED #3 Savannah takes control… Tired of all the lies and deception, Savannah Miller must learn to face life on her own. As she seeks to find out who she really is, she still is still burdened with the fallout from past traumas that left her broken. Her fragile hold on her new life slowly gives her the confidence to move ahead. What she really needs is right in front of her—Cole Logan is patiently waiting for the right moment to prove his love. But her past isn’t finished with her yet…


B.B. Easton - 2017
    . . perhaps on the entire planet. He hated everyone, except for BB Easton—the perky, quirky punk chick he couldn’t avoid.BB, on the other hand, liked everybody . . . except for Knight. She was scared to death of him, actually. All she wanted was to marry Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric-lookalike and king of the local punk scene Lance Hightower.But Knight was patient. Persistent. Unexpected. And once he got under BB’s skin, her life would never be the same.A  forbidden love story overflowing with '90s nostalgia, dark humor, and heart-wrenching angst, and based on a true story.

I Do, Babe

Tillie Cole - 2017
    . .Connected since childhood.Two souls: one dark and one pure.Bracing to take the greatest step of all.River ‘Styx’ Nash loves his woman. Ever since he met Mae at the fence of the cult that had kept her captive as a child, he has never loved anyone else. He loves her black hair, her pale skin and of course, her ice-blue ‘wolf eyes’.Since Mae came crashing back into his life, his only wish has been to marry her; finally to make her his wife. But now the wedding is booked, and only weeks from forever having Mae by his side, a lifelong problem is plaguing him. He wants to marry her; he has never wanted anything more . . .. . . if only he could speak the words and declare it to the world.Salome ‘Mae’ Nash’s life had been filled with heartache and pain . . . until, at age eight, she met a strange dark-haired boy from the outside world. Years later, and reunited with her great love, Mae is ready to solder her heart to his. Finally, Mae is getting ready to marry her man. But her fiancé has become withdrawn. Something is deeply troubling him. But Mae has no idea what. Or what to do to help.Can Styx open up and conquer his deepest pain? Or will the infamous Hangmen Mute allow his fears to overcome his love for Mae and watch their much-anticipated wedding crumble to dust?Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, offensive language and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 and over.***I Do, Babe: A Novella (Hades Hangmen #5.5) is to be read AFTER Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen #5)***


J.L. Drake - 2017
    Intended for 18+. May contain Triggers.*** I was raised by the Devil himself. Formed into a man who was unreachable. I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger. Killing is the only thing that calms the itch. The demons inside were a constant battle… …until she changed everything. Problem is when you spend most of your time in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?

Grudge Match

Jessica Gadziala - 2017
    And for the first time, he couldn’t convince himself to walk away, to mind his own business.Even after she was getting the care she needed, he couldn’t seem to make himself stay away. But keeping her close meant he would eventually have to let her in, would have to offer over the horrors of his past, and hope she could accept them.But even if she would embrace his past, could she accept his plan to exact brutal, bloody vengeance against the man who hurt her?

Please Catch My Soul

Nako - 2017
    Powerful and Passive Malachi Morgan finds his hands full and his heart thumping erraticely for a certain someone but Jade Williams doesn’t feel the same, in fact she refuses to acknowledge his presence in her life, and oh boy is it a powerful presence. Malachi Morgan is that man..the man that everyone has to love because he’s so charming. But not Jade Williams, she could care less what he has and where he comes from. Jade Williams is battling demons that she can’t cast no matter how hard she tries. Sunken in depression and drowned in her own misery, Jade lives a pitiful life and she has grown to accept it. Blaming her past on her future, Jade is stagnant. But, Malachi Morgan is the opposite, in fact his life is just starting. Retiring from The Underworld at the age of twenty-five is considered an accomplishment in the streets and he is prepared to live a new life but not with his baby mama. Aaliyah is considered a mistake but Malachi can never find the words to tell her that, so in attempt to raise his child better then he was he plays house. However, this doesn’t last too long, somehow Malachi unpeels the layers that conceals Jade’s true identity and Malachi is willing to drop it all to be with her, including his family in New York. Whenever they warm up, Jade goes cold again. Malachi can’t seem to keep her feelings consistent for him and what started off as an innocent business dealing turns into a steamy yet drawn out whirlwind of a relationship. Malachi refuses to play hide and seek with Jade’s heart, but she just won’t compromise. In Please Catch my Soul, Jade and Malachi are in constant battle for happiness and love. Jade seeks peace more than anything and on many occasions Malachi comes to her rescue and all she asks him to do is keep her captive and save her soul. The Underworld series includes, Please Catch My Soul, Pointe of No Return, From His Rib, The Christ Family, Stranger In My Eyes, The Arraignment, Resentment, The Arraignment 2 and Redemption thus far...


Cat Porter - 2017
     Prisoners in brutal darkness, Finger and Serena fall in love.  Free in the world, they’re desperate to put their scars behind them. They kill to be together. What could tear them apart? Ever the defiant biker, Finger’s craving for his forbidden woman drives him to build his own outlaw empire. But still, nothing and no one can satisfy his savage hunger for her. “Soul dark, Heart dense, Blood fierce, Purpose raw. Flame burning. Unrelenting. Brewed on vengeance, laced with tenderness, my fury for you.” For Finger and Serena, first love is forever No matter the sacrifice, the blood, or the fury. This romantic suspense novel is a standalone motorcycle club romance / second chance romance / coming of age romance full of anti-hero alpha hotness. This book is a spinoff of the Lock & Key series saga **Warning: This work of fiction contains graphic violence, language, sex, and disturbing material some readers may find objectionable.**


Ellie Messe - 2017
    Daddy liked to hit. Brothers followed suit. So I ran. I ran from that life. I ran from myself. I ran into him. I have no experience with the game board we’re playing on, and that makes this a lethal game. One wrong move and my heart could land in the fire he’s created inside me. Worse, it could lead my past to his doorstep and it won’t just be my blood that taints this floor. I should run. I need to run. My father is the devil in a flesh suit, he won’t be happy until he paints this town red for my betrayal. I should run. I need to run. Because despite my feelings for Parker Hayes, the devil is coming and he wants what’s his. Due to sexual content, this book may not be appropriate for all ages. Side Note: This is all book. Apart from the usual dedication, acknowledgments, and one or two pages of useless information, this is all one story. No page stuffing, no advertisements, 600+ pages of STORY. Enjoy.

Submitting to the Billionaire

Georgia Le Carre - 2017
    NikolaiWhen people look into my eyes they realize instantly that they'll find more pity looking into a cobra's eyes.I'm ruthless and heartless, and I have the Midas touch. Everything I touch turns to gold. There is not one thing I wanted that I have not ultimately conquered and made mine.Now I want her. There's one problem though. She hates my fucking guts.But I'm licking my lips. I know how to fix that. I'll make her submit, then I'll take her, over and over until she's in no doubt who she belongs too. Star It isn't meant to be anything more than a contract I have to fulfill. One month and it will be over. I'll get through this, then I can go back and pick up the pieces of my life.When I meet the Russian, the owner of the contract, any worries that I need to harden my heart and keep my emotions locked up, disappear.This man makes it easy to hate him.He is the most arrogant, cold-hearted brute I've ever met. I hate him...Well I do...until the unthinkable happens.This is a standalone romance with a HOT ALPHA male and guaranteed HEA.

Dead Man's Ink Boxset

Callie Hart - 2017
    Sometimes the choice is made for you, and pretending is the only thing that keeps you going. When Alexis Romera is taken and her kidnappers find her fake ID in her purse, she must become Sophia in order to keep her family safe. Revealing her real identity to the man she's sold to would be easy enough, but can she trust him? Hell bent on revenging the murder of his uncle, Rebel doesn't seem all that interested in playing things safe. In fact, nothing about the secretive, dark and brooding MC president seems safe at all. Rebel What do you do when the man who raised you is murdered, and the only witness is kidnapped girl who's being sold as a sex slave? You buy her, of course. As president to the most powerful motorcycle club in America, Rebel isn't lacking in power. There are strings the man can pull, and entire criminal organisations and corporate businesses alike would fall to their knees. However, along with such power comes intense interest. The DEA have their eye fixed solely on the MC...and they're just waiting for Rebel to trip up. Getting Sophia to testify is the only way to bring the Los Oscuros cartel down. The beautiful, dark haired, dark eyed woman is belligerent and uncooperative and unlikely to bend to his will, but Rebel has a few tricks up his sleeve to make her compliant--he'll charm her until she's bending over backwards to please him. Of course, falling for her might cause a few hiccups along the way... * The Dead Man's Ink series contains strong ties with the Blood & Roses series, but you do not have to have read those works in order to read this one. The Dead Man's Ink series is contemporary romance story with occasional dark themes that some people might find confronting. *

Blame It on the Shame: Complete Series

Ashley Jade - 2017
    No cliffhangers. I never wanted anything of his...until her. Shame. It wounds us. It damages us.Or, for the few poor souls out there like defines us.I'm the son of the devil, himself—the most feared mob boss who ever lived.I was cursed from the moment I took my first breath.I hate him...and I never wanted to become him.And I sure as hell never, ever, wanted anything of his. Until her. My name is Ricardo DeLuca. There are two things you need to know about me. The first? Is that I'm in love with the girl who belongs to my father. The second? Is that it turns out I'm my father's son after all. Only worse. My name is Lou-Lou, and you probably think I'm a bitch.You would be right—because I am.You think you know all there is to know about me because of the man I belong to.What you don't know—is my past, because I'll never tell you. What you don't know is my shame.Because if you did—you'd be worse off than dead.You'd be broken.There are two sides to every story...this is ours. Warning: Due to strong language, some violence, explicit sexual content, and some dark elements, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.Trigger Warning: This series contains elements of emotional, sexual, and physical cruelty. Any readers with sensitivity to the above topics should proceed with caution, and at their own risk.Please Note: This is a spin-off series of the full-length novel 'Blame It on the Pain' (featuring a different couple.)Part 1 of this series is considered the prequel to that novel and the events in Part 1 take place before any of the events in 'Blame It on the Pain' do. Part 2 of this series follows the same timeline of Blame It on the Pain and if you have not read that book, you might miss some little 'Easter eggs' and things might not be as clear to you. Part 3- (the final installment) takes place after 'Blame It on the Pain'. While it is not required that you read Blame It on the Pain before starting this series, it will enhance your experience.

The Iron Tiara

Beth Flynn - 2017
    As a child, he ran away from his family and the Cherokee Indian Reservation to enter a life of crime. As an adult, he leads a multifaceted life managing his two businesses—his legitimate landscaping venture, and his loan shark and underworld dealings. Driven by anger and betrayal, Anthony begins the hunt for Christy’s father, Van Chapman, after he runs out on a loan.Christy’s privileged life is not as it seems. She has kept painful family secrets and hidden some of her own. She’s determined to find out the truth and expose Van, but her search delivers her right into Anthony Bear’s hands, adding kidnapping to his list of crimes.Their worlds are as contrasting as the color of their skin. The only thing they seem to have in common is their mutual disdain for Van Chapman…and each other.They couldn’t be more wrong.The Iron Tiara is a spin-off novel from The Minutes Trilogy. It can be read as a standalone, and does not contain a cliffhanger.

Children of Vice

J.J. McAvoy - 2017
    I shall show no mercy; I shall offer no forgiveness; there will be no peace for those who stand against me.I will live for my family.I will kill for my family.I will marry for my family.I, Ivy O'Davoren, the only daughter of Shay O'Davoren, solemnly swear to ruthlessly and mercilessly exact revenge on the Callahans and all those who betrayed my father and family. I will live for revenge.I will kill for revenge.I will marry for revenge.***You devoured the Ruthless People series. Now it’s time to revel in the reign of the Callahan children…Stand-alone sequel series to Ruthless People series. You do not have to read Ruthless People series beforehand .


Jessica Gadziala - 2017
    But I do them for the right reasons.That’s why I can sleep easy at night even with the smell of fresh blood still in my nostrils. One more scumbag off the streets. One more righting of a wrong.That was all my life was about.Until I came across her…** Triggers for this book can be found on my website under the "triggers" tab on the main navigation bar. Once at the "triggers" page, select "stand alones." **

This is the End, Baby

K. Webster - 2017
    First six books must be read in order to fully understand this story line. THIS STORY IS A NOVELLA AND SHORTER THAN THE REST.*** They say the king is the most powerful piece on the board. However, they haven’t met me. This queen knows all the rules. She plays the game better than him. In my game, the queen can knock the king right off the board. Game over. The END. But, I love him. The darkness threatens to make me lose sight of my strategy from time to time, but in the END, love always prevails. Problem is, my black king is playing by a different set of rules. His END game is one he shields from me. It’s a game he plays closely with the white king, the most brilliant player of all. Together, they want to END my game. They want to END me. This queen doesn’t go down without a fight. This queen makes her own rules. This queen will outsmart those who play against her. This is the END, baby. In the END, I am going to win it all. ***Warning*** This is the End, Baby is a dark romance. Extreme sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for you.

Tormentor Mine

Anna Zaires - 2017
    He tormented me and destroyed me, ripping apart my world in his quest for vengeance. Now he's back, but he’s no longer after my secrets. The man who stars in my nightmares wants me.

The Day She Cried

K. Webster - 2017
    Broken. Lost.And for the first time in a long time, I feel free.Free from our past. Free from my present that suffocates me. Free to destroy her future.Her misery is my music.Thrilling. Invigorating. Intoxicating.For so long, all I’ve done is hate her.So why do I love her?

Damaged Goods

L. Wilder - 2017
    Wilder presents a new organized crime series where the broken find their redemption. Bad boys need love, too. Nitro - With one look, she became my obsession. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have her, even if that meant risking everything I’d worked so hard to build. I put it all on the line and did what had to be done – for her. I’m determined to have her in every way. But it’s not that easy. Like me, she’s damaged through and through, scarred by a past that haunts her very existence. She doesn’t realize she holds the key to my salvation. She’s the only one who can calm the beast that rages within me. Tristen - Nathan James is every girl’s fantasy—rich, powerful, and devilishly handsome. I should be happy that he came to my rescue, saving me from my worst nightmare, but I’ve just exchanged one hell for another. He was the highest bidder, and now he thinks he owns me. He gave me my freedom. He gave me a second chance that I thought was stolen from me. He’s given me everything, except the one thing I truly want—his heart. Will their love heal the wounds of their past, or will they both remain damaged goods? While Damaged Goods is the first book in a new series, the main characters were introduced in the Satan’s Fury MC series. This book is a full-length standalone novel that's intended for mature audiences only due to the explicit language and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

DUI: Drowning Under The Influence Of You

Charae Lewis - 2017
    Tyme was overwhelmed with trouble. Her dilemma was so dark and disheartening that she didn't know if she would be able to persevere. That is until she meets Quillon. His assertiveness and confidence is what attracts her to him. Quillon's way with words and dominating personality draws her under his spell, but she soon realizes that it's not what she expected. Quillon has always been determined to get what he wants. If his mind is fixed on it, then it's practically his. Tyme was no different but his yearning to have her has turned into a jeopardous obsession. On top of his pursuit to have Tyme, Quillon possesses some veiled trappings that may interfere with his tactic to be with her. Tyme is in too deep with nowhere to turn. She figures out that Quillon's quest to get her was all a ploy for his desired fantasy. He's placed her in a position that is too difficult to walk away from. Tyme's terrified that there's no escape plan, no release under his dangerous grip. She desperately wants to walk away but she's unknowingly opened Pandora's Box. Will Tyme be freed from Quillon's deathly hold or will she fall victim to his guileful intentions?

The Company

J.A. Huss - 2017
    Those people are called COMPANY.Twenty-eight-year-old James Fenici has been an assassin since he was sixteen. He's amassed debts and favors from countless Company brothers and participated in hundreds of Company jobs. But there are not enough favors in the world to clear his debt and make him worthy of the only girl he's ever wanted.Eighteen-year-old Harper Tate is the girl who doesn't exist. Born and raised on a megayacht in a tropical paradise, she was destined to be a secret until now. Now she must choose between two Company men; The one she loves or the one chosen to give her the world.Thirteen-year-old Sasha Cherlin is the girl who knows everything and understands nothing at all. Her future is filled with vengeance and death, but her dreams are filled with hope and a promise of love.A high-stakes global game played with sex, secrets, and a savage thirst for power by the New York Times bestselling author, JA Huss.

Ghostface Killer

M. Never - 2017
    Hungry, abandoned, wandering, and alone. An adolescent street rat fighting for crumbs. Then a chance encounter changed my entire world. A man in an expensive suit asked me how much my life was worth. I didn't have an answer, because I didn't know. He asked if I thought it was worth killing for.Impulsively, I said yes... He found me, then fostered me, and in the interim turned me into a killing machine. A modern day La Femme Nikita. Now, I only have one mission. To avenge the death of the man who saved me. There's an invisible war on the streets. Us against them. Family against family. Power against power. They call me Ghostface Killer because they never see me coming.I understand the weight of that danger. The hazard. The jeopardy. Because now here I stand, three months pregnant with the barrel of a gun pressed to my head cause I never saw him coming...

The Confession Duet

K.D. Robichaux - 2017
    Not just for Vivian, but for Corbin as well. Their eyes locked across the room, and that was all she wrote. But they didn’t rush things. They wanted to do it right. After all, they would spend the rest of their lives together. The love of each other’s life. Soul mates. He was the intense and fiercely protective soldier, and she was his doting and faithful lover. They found their happily ever after. This was their story… until it wasn’t. Ten years after Corbin divorced Vivian, after her confession while he was deployed, he still hasn’t spoken to the girl who brought him to life only to stab him in the heart, sending him into an even darker state than where he was before he met her. Ten years, he’s been watching her from afar, keeping tabs. After an honorable discharge from the Army, he’s now part of a group of mercenaries who carry out justice. Criminals who hide behind their fancy lawyers and power—they take care of them and make it all look like karma. And with intel from their founder, Dr. Walker, a therapist with a long list of predators whose victims were too scared to turn them in, work is plenty and fulfilling. Until Vi begins her sessions and Corbin discovers the reality he’s lived the past ten years was nothing but a lie, when the truth is revealed. *Triggers may lie within this book*

Twisted Minds

Keta Kendric - 2017
    I should've known that this was what life inside this dangerous club would be like, right?AaronHow the hell did I end up here? I was face to face and chest to chest with the one woman I was forbidden to touch. Strange, sexy, inexplicitly delicious, and just downright twisted events started to unfold when I meet Megan. I can't figure her out, but there is one thing she can't hide- her attraction to me. When Megan wiggles her way into my life, I discover that her quiet, good-girl persona is a cloak she uses to hide the twisted mind she harbors. A mind just as bent as mine.*** WARNING ***This book contains strong violence and sexual content and is intended for adults. If you are easily offended or squeamish about harsh or demeaning language, murder, and violence, this may not be the book for you.

Soaked in My Tears: An Unforgettable Love (A Standalone)

Tyanna - 2017
    That love that gives you butterflies. In Deja Simmons' case, her first love has turned into a nightmare. Have you ever loved someone wholeheartedly to the point that you were confused, blinded by love and painful abuse! Were the signs there? Did she ignore the signs? Deja thought when she laid eyes on Jace McCray he would be it for her. At eighteen, she met him and he was everything she imagined in a Prince Charming. For years, they were the perfect couple to those who knew them. Now at the age of 23, things had gotten worse, and Deja didn’t know what to do. They always say enough is enough. Can that be the case with Deja? Or will she die at the hands of the man she loves? Jace is your average dope boy trying to get the streets booming with the ring of his name. Being in the game he was destined to be the man. That was, until he had to sit down. With his world crumbling down, he uses and abuses any woman in his corner. Everything he’s going through, from losing friends to losing his credibility in the streets, has him going crazy. When you’re deep in a depression within yourself, your mind tells you to hurt the weakest around you. Will Jace continue to sink in his own depression? Or will he try to change his ways to be a better man to get back on top? No one said love was easy, but in matters of the heart we play the fool all too well. Before it's too late, can Jace be forgiven? Will Deja make it out of this dangerous love affair, after being soaked in her tears for many years. Follow Deja on this ride full of drama and emotions.

Road to Ruin

Callie Hart - 2017
    There’s no arguing the matter; he’s a bad guy, or at least he used to be. For the past five years, Tommy’s been on the straight and narrow, keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. He left the French Quarter behind, along with the New Orleans crime syndicates and underground fights that used to pay his bills. Trading in the high-octane thrill of earning money with his fists to work in an auto mechanic’s was hard, and yet somehow, despite everything, he’s made it work.Until now.Tommy hadn’t planned on seeing his brother again. When David Kendrick turns up on his doorstep with a bag full of money and four broken ribs, Tommy finds himself heading back to the place he swore he’d never return. Back to the fights. Back to the drinking, the drugs, and the women.Back to a life he thought he’d left behind for good.Nikita Moreau has lived in New Orleans all her life. She learned to drive there, lost her virginity there, bought her first house there, and she’s damned if she isn’t going to die there, too. As a prison psychologist at one of the country’s most dangerous facilities, she runs the risk of dying in the state of Louisiana on a daily basis, and yet she wouldn’t give it up for the world. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping those everyone else has given up on. Nothing more rewarding than fixing something everyone said was broken.The day she meets Tommy Kendrick, however, she learns a painful lesson: sometimes a person is too broken to be fixed. Sometimes a person is beyond reach and cannot be saved. The tall, dark and handsome, tattoo-covered devil is danger personified. She knows this. She knows he’s bad news. So then why can’t she stop thinking about him? Why can’t she stay away from him?And, most importantly, why won’t she save herself?

Bleeding Hearts: The Complete Duet

A. Zavarelli - 2017
     He says he owns me. And it’s true. I’ve signed over complete control of my body and life for six months to a man I don’t know. Five years he’s been planning this. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But my blackmailer serves it up white hot. He’s addicted to my innocence, and I’m addicted to him. He likes to hurt me. I love to let him. He brings me to life. He sets me free. He makes my heart feel things it shouldn’t. But he also scares me. He holds the fate of my brother’s life in his hands. A life behind bars for crimes I know he didn’t commit. My blackmailer can’t give up his revenge on my family, and I can’t be with him if he doesn’t. But I’m nothing more than a butterfly caught in his net. Do I really have a choice? *A Dark Romance Duet. Titles available individually as Echo & Stutter*


Sam Mariano - 2017
     For four days, I kept her to myself. For four days, she was mine. Then, at the first opportunity, she left me. To the world it may seem I've let her go, but she'll never be beyond my reach. No matter where she is, no matter how she feels about me, Mia will always be mine. And I will always be hers. **Entrapment is a short Morelli family novel (60k words) from the oft-requested POV of Mateo. It takes place during Accidental Witness, BUT it is intended to be read at the end of the series, after all the puzzle pieces have clicked into place. In addition to the Entrapment story, this collection includes deleted scenes from each of the seven books in the Morelli family series. ** WARNING: trigger warnings apply. This is a dark romance/mafia story with dark themes. Violence and WTF-ery abounds.

When Angels Seek Chaos

Addison Jane - 2017
    He was hard. He was patronizing. And he was the most beautiful man I’d ever met. Every bone in my body told me to hate him, to despise everything he stood for. But I couldn’t. Angelo lit a fire inside me I’d spent my entire life smothering with obedience and fear. He pushed me further than I’d ever been before, and when I was right on the edge, he dared me to jump. He offered me redemption and the chance to hurt those who’d wronged me. In order to get that though, I had to take a leap into his world, the deadly mafia empire the DePalma family had created, one filled with drugs, guns, and blood.I found him in the darkness, but it was there that I may just lose myself.

Dirty Filthy Rich Boys

Laurelin Paige - 2017
    I didn’t know he was filthy. Truth be told, I was only trying to get his best friend to notice me. I knew poor scholarship girls like me didn't stand a chance against guys like Weston King and Donovan Kincaid, but I was in love with his world, their world, of parties and sex and power. I knew what I wanted—I knew who I wanted—until one night, their world tried to bite me back and Donovan saved me. He saved me, and then Weston finally noticed me, and I finally learned what it was to be in their world. Because when dirty, filthy, rich boys play, they play for keeps. From NYT Bestselling author Laurelin Paige, discover a whole new world filled with sex, love, power, romance and dirty, filthy rich men.


Ker Dukey - 2017
    Yes, that’s really my name.The irony is not lost on me.I was created from two evil souls and have the name to prove it. Devil worshipers, perverts, murderer. Is all terms used to describe the parents I refuse to remember. My mind won’t allow me to. And why would I want to? One born of dirty blood running through her veins can never truly be clean from its murky hue. No matter what they try to tell me happened in my past, my mind denies me access, therefore how can I know it’s true? How can I believe that’s what I’m born from?Glimpses of my past haunt me, the screams of terror echo in the silent darkness of my memories, trying to remind me that my Mother went from room to room butchering our family. I’ve learned from scars that I suffered abuse and that my Father and siblings weren’t my Mother’s only victims. Hearing what they tell me.Reading the words printed in the papers. None of it can prepare me for what’s to come. My biggest lesson is learning that some memories we suppress for a reason.

Pitch Dark

A.M. Wilson - 2017
    After fifteen years, her cold lifeless body was found on the damp forest floor. Not an inch of her was unmarked by the horrors she endured. Alone, malnourished, abused in horrific ways; this was how she died.One girl was found walking the streets, covered in dirt and scars. She had no memory of who she was, where she came from, or what happened to her. Even though the marks on her body attested to years of heinous abuse, her strength shone through at every turn.Revenge and justice were sworn.Years of searching brought up nothing but dead ends. Detective Niko James was too late to save his childhood friend, but he vows not to let down another. The clock is ticking and the trail is pitch dark.

The Connect's Wife

Nako - 2017
    She was unaware of his lifestyle. A man of his caliber was way out of her reach, yet he chose her anyway. Christian Knight was a man that people only dreamed about in their sleep. Petty hustlers admired him off the strength of stories they heard in the hood. You could walk past Christian Knight in the mall and not know that he was “The Connect." Real men moved in silence. Wealth is quiet, rich is flashy. Christian Knight was more than a man that supplied the streets with the work. He was a mogul, a self-made billionaire who found comfort, peace and joy in the arms of Farren, a woman almost ten years younger than he was. Many people never expected him to settle down or to be so open with his affection. Despite what he heard about her, he chose her to wear his last name and to become, “The Connect’s Wife."

Play Along

T.L. Swan - 2017
    I realize, to save my life I need to become valuable.My body is my only weapon.Pleasure and pain.28 days is a long time to Play Along with his perverted demands.He thinks I enjoy them.It disgusts me that I secretly do.I hate him.I crave him.When my captor becomes my savior, escape will be my reality.Publishers note....This is a full length, stand alone, romantic suspense. It is not a dark romance.

The Dominator Books

D.D. Prince - 2017
    Three dark mafia romance novels with alpha book boyfriends Tommy Ferrano and Dario Ferrano.This boxed set includes the following novels:-The Dominator-Truth or Dare; The Dominator II-Unbound; The Dominator IIIBook 1:Meet Tommy Ferrano, our anti-hero who got gifted Tia, our heroine. He's dark, dangerous, and absolutely gorgeous. He has three rules.1: Obey me2: Keep your mouth shut about meRule three gives Tia a glimpse into Tommy's dark and depraved side. Will she submit to survive? Will love change them both?Book Two:Tommy's brother, Dario, is gifted a broken slave. He has to rescue her and plans to set her free. But plans go awry, don't they? Besides, she wants Dare to be her Master...Book Three, Unbound:MORE Tommy. MORE Dare. More domination!The Ferrano boys dominate their women, their enemies, and their inner demons. An explosive story that ties up a whole lot of loose ends.1400+ pages.Dark romance. 18+ only. Possible triggers.

There's Something About Blaire

Anita Gray - 2017
    This is a bonus scene from Blaire Dark Romance part 1 in Charlie’s point of View. To truly enjoy this bonus scene, I recommend you read Blaire part 1 first. Excerpt from the bonus scene-- "She’s as ominous as hell. I can feel how much blood she’s got on her hands. Why haven’t I shot her already?"

Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton

L.A. Fiore - 2017
    Pale blue eyes as cold as ice that see right through you. He’s hard. He’s damaged. He’s dangerous. He lives in a castle fit for a fairy tale, but he’s no prince. He’s savage. He’s brutal. He’s a killer. By an act of fate, our worlds collide. They call him a monster, but he is my salvation. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


J.M. Darhower - 2017
    So fucking bored. Most people either annoy him or avoid him, afraid to face him. Figuratively. Literally. With his face partially disfigured, scarred, he looks every bit the monster the stories make him out to be: the notorious menace they call Scar. They say he's a sociopath. Maybe he's a psychopath. Whatever path he's on, people tend to stay far away from it.Until one day, a young woman bumps right into him--a woman just as fed up with life, but for much different reasons. With a Scarlet Letter inked on her wrist and secrets buried deep in her soul, Morgan Myers is running from something... or maybe somebody. Lorenzo isn't quite sure.You can bet your ass he's going to figure it out, though.


E.M. Leya - 2017
    He would do anything to get his daughter back, but first he needs to find her. When the police exhaust all possible leads, Matt does the only thing he can do — he uses his hacking skills to infiltrate the dark web. Torn, he desperately hopes he finds a lead on his daughter among the heartbreaking details he comes across, yet prays she isn’t one of the countless children being victimized for thousands to watch. Xander is a tough, bearded, tattooed pedophile hunter, working for a team who takes down some of the most dangerous people in the country. He doesn't have time for love or relationships, at least until he meets Matt. Xander's never let anyone get close, but there is something about Matt that draws him in, and it's more than just concern for his daughter. Xander and Matt come together explosively, both searching for a distraction from the darkness they face, but what they didn't expect were feelings to form. Matt finds himself leaning on Xander and his team for support, while doing what he can to help them find and protect other children from the darkness creeping into their world, never once giving up hope that they’ll get a lead on his daughter. One phone call threatens to change everything, and when faced with a new reality, the two of them must decide if what they have is worth fighting for. What they need to realize is, sometimes finding the one person who calms you can make it all worthwhile.


Ashton Blackthorne - 2017
    He needed an angel, someone to save him from his worst enemy. Himself. Leda was a beautiful, but broken doll looking for her own dark angel. She longed for the darkness to envelop her. But when the two met starting an explosive, passionate relationship, Leda found herself plunging deep into Colt’s dark abyss forgetting that when you look into the darkness you should expect to find the devil.

Fateful Italian Passion

Olga Goa - 2017
    Follow Milano and Veronica on their journey of love and darkness as they try to fill the hole in their lives. Will they heal each other or will they burn together? *FATEFUL* means having far-reaching and typically disastrous consequences. Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood. She didn’t know anything about her biological parents and now lived just for her Aunt Henrietta. Veronica finished her penultimate fourth year in her university and wanted to escape from her so-called friends who insult her constantly because of her lineage. Henrietta decided to gift Veronica a trip to Italy to give her the best vacation ever and some much-needed space. Veronica arrives in Italy and in Rome she meets a young man, Milano Veneziani, who seems to be a really nice guy. But Veronica doesn’t know his past or his present and what tomorrow holds for her. After getting into a passionate relationship with him, she feels that she is falling in love with Milano. But will their passion kill her? Or will it make Veronica more alive than she has ever been before? Or will she fall into the abyss of his consuming passion, without anyone to help her?


Katy Regnery - 2017
    My name is Cassidy Porter...My father, Paul Isaac Porter, was executed twenty years ago for the brutal murder of twelve innocent girls.Though I was only eight-years-old at the time, I am aware - every day of my life - that I am his child, his only son.To protect the world from the poison in my veins, I live a quiet life, off the grid, away from humanity.I promised myself, and my mother, not to infect innocent lives with the darkness that swirls within me, waiting to make itself known.It's a promise I would have kept...if Brynn Cadogan hadn't stumbled into my life.Now I exist between heaven and hell: falling for a woman who wants to love me, while all along reminding myself that I must remain...Unloved.**NOTE: This book is intended for readers 18+**

Feral King

Sparrow Beckett - 2017
    When she’s hired to take care of a wealthy old man with no social skills, she’s excited to have found work in her field.The new boss isn’t at all what she expected.Severin Leduc is only thirty. He’s also a dominant, tattooed brute who’s needs someone to break through the walls he’s built. The exiled son of a wealthy family, he’s unapologetically rude and eccentric. Raised by servants, he doesn’t want extra people in his life, let alone a pretty girl who refuses to leave him in peace.Minnow’s submissive nature sparks against Severin’s dominance. Torrid sexual attraction flares between them. Sharing her with his best friend, Rodrigo, only strengthens their growing bond, and Severin’s life is scattered into chaos. Will he learn to trust her, or will he live the rest of his life forgotten?Warning: BDSM, dark themes. Character's memories of prior abuse may trigger some readers.


Tijan - 2017
    I didn't know his name. We never made eye contact. There was no connection between us at all.But I could feel him.The tingle down my spine. The command in his presence. The snap of tension in the air around him. That was the first time I saw him, and I was captivated.The second time was different.He was in the mysterious back elevator of my apartment building. Our eyes met for a fleeting second before the doors closed, and I was staggered. My breath was robbed. My senses on high alert. My body hummed.That was just the beginning.He was the leader of the mafia. I was about to fall in love with him, and his name…Cole Mauricio

The Fixer

Jessica Gadziala - 2017
    Like santa. An honest politician. And gut instincts. That was, of course, until I woke up with one.And I knew.This was the day I was going to die. The cops, thus far, have proven useless and uninterested in my issues. When you couldn’t get help from legal channels, what other choice did you have but to look elsewhere?That was how I came across Quinton Baird. A “fixer.” Whatever the hell that was.All I knew was, I had a problem that needed fixing.Hopefully, before it killed me.QUIN-There were a few things I could put my faith to rest in. My team. People f*cking up, and needing my help. And my gut. So when my receptionist informed me that the woman in a case I decided wasn’t my kind of job was having a ‘gut feeling’ about being in desperate need of help, yeah, I dragged my a** across town to check things out.Not only did I not bank on the fact that she was in trouble beyond what I could have anticipated, but she was not what I was expecting either. Beautiful, resilient, and one hell of a distraction I didn’t need.As the pieces of her case start falling together, I was left wondering if maybe this new, unfamiliar sensation in my gut was telling me that Aven was much more than just another name on a case file…

Crooks & Kings

London Miller - 2017
     He was a man with demons. For her, it was supposed to be a way out from beneath the hands of a man who wanted her dead. For him, it was supposed to be a job to make amends for a past wrong. They were never meant to fall in love.

Mr. Big Empty

Gregory Ashe - 2017
    Determined to make a new life for himself after escaping his abusive mother, he finds that living with his estranged father brings its own problems. Then Samantha Oates, the girl with blue hair, goes missing, and Vie might be the only one who can find her. His ability to read emotions and gain insight into other people’s darkest secrets makes him the perfect investigator, with only one small problem: he wants nothing to do with his gift. When the killer begins contacting Vie through a series of strange cards, though, Vie is forced to hone his ability, because Samantha was not the killer’s only target. And, as Vie learns, he is not the only psychic in town.

Beautiful Beast

Aubrey Irons - 2017
    He’s the anti-prince-charming. This is our happy ever disaster. Anastasia Here’s the first thing you should know: this is not a fairytale. Happily-ever-afters are fables, and Prince Charming is a sweet little lie. I know all this because he taught me. Once upon a lifetime ago, the rich, arrogant, sinfully gorgeous, and tragically broken dark prince of the Hamptons was my tormentor. My darkness, my shameful attraction, my all-consuming, forbidden temptation. I hate Sebastian Crown because nine years ago, for one night, I was stupid enough to think I loved him. And I’ve been paying for it ever since. Except now, he needs me to help him save his empire. …And he’s not taking no for answer. Bastian She’s my nemesis. My addiction. My weakness. My obsession. I used to tell myself I hated Anastasia Bell - for being poor, for not worshipping the ground I walked on, for looking at me like she pitied me for being me. When the rest of my world always told me yes, she was the ever-provoking no.
 She thinks I’m a monster - a tragic, f**ed-up, broken beast. She doesn’t know the half of it. Because she can’t begin to know the crimes of my past, or imagine the things I’ve done to her behind the scenes since she left this place. Years ago, I thought breaking her would fix me. I was wrong. Now I’ve got her in my sights again, and this time, I won’t be letting her go. Even if it means we both go down in flames... Authors's note: Beautiful Beast is a full-length, standalone romance (approximately 101,000 words) with a HEA and NO cliffhanger. For a limited time, I've included a copy of my second chance romance, Thief, in this new-release edition! Please note that Beautiful Beast finished at roughly the 2/3rds mark in this book ;).

Ripple Effect

Keri Lake - 2017
     What happens when a ruthless killer with no conscience takes in an irresistible young drug addict on the run from dangerous men? Ripley They call me RIP. I’m a killer. A murderer. A psychopath. In the eyes of the righteous, I’m a monster, born of sin and depravity. I want to protect her, but I’m not a good man. I want to love her, but I no longer feel. She gets under my skin, though, and has awakened something inside of me. Something I’d kill for. I’m not her savior—not even close. In fact, I’m worse than the hell she’s already suffered. I’m her vengeance. Tit for tat, as they say. And if she’s not careful, I’ll be her ruin. Dylan For months, I’ve watched him. I’ve fantasized him as my savior, my lover. My ticket out of the hell I’ve lived in for the last six years. I never dreamed he’d be my nightmare. Had I known what he really is, I’d have never gotten in the car that night, but life is full of cause and effect. And sometimes the choice on offer isn’t a choice at all. It’s the result of something already in motion, and we’re merely left to survive the ripple effect. RIPPLE EFFECT is a full-length, standalone dark hitman romance. Comes with a link and password to steamy bonus scene.

Taking Turns

J.A. Huss - 2017
    And maybe everyone wants what they can’t have, but I should’ve thought it over before I accepted the key and unlocked the door to their forbidden world.Number One is mostly silent. He watches me with them very carefully. His gaze never wanders. His interest never wanes.Number Two is mostly gentle. But it’s the other side of him I like best. The wild side.Number Three is mostly reserved. He refuses to cross the line. Even when I beg.It was carnal, it was sensual, and it was erotic. That’s it. That’s all it was supposed to be. A trip into the dark. A peek into the forbidden.I just didn’t expect to like them.*****I heard the door open and close and said nothing. And the footsteps coming down the hallway towards the bedroom. I even heard him say, “Hey.” So softly. “You awake?” Like he didn’t want to wake me.I listened as he stepped into the closet. There was that slick sound a man makes when he pulls his tie through his shirt collar. I heard the unclasping of his watch. The jingle of his belt buckle and the shuffle of his pants as they dropped to the floor.I even heard his moan as he stood over me. I could feel his shadow from the streetlamp outside like it was heat.Then the bed creaked, the mattress sank. And his warm, hard body straddled me.Still, I said nothing.I just buried my face in the sweet scent of the pillow and closed my eyes, feigning sleep.“Rochelle,” he whispered, leaning over me. His fingertips gently brushed the hair away from my shoulder. His mouth pressed against my skin. “Did you miss me? God, I’ve missed you. Two weeks is too long. We need to renegotiate.”He nipped my neck. Kissed it. Licked my ear as he positioned himself to begin.And I said… nothing.Even though my name is not Rochelle. That’s why I’m here. Tied up and gagged inside the closet. Sitting in the dark as three men on the other side of the door argue about where Rochelle went, why I was in her bed, and what they should do next.I should be scared but I’m not.I should be screaming, but I won’t.Because this just feels very, very right.And the only thing on my mind is… what will happen next?

The Evolution of Ivy: Poison

Lauren Campbell - 2017
    But they know the old me well—the me she harmed, and the me he loved. She thinks she has him. But I'm going to take him back. He thinks she's the one. But I'm going to show him he's wrong. I thought it was over. But now I have a chance.

Ruthless King

Meghan March - 2017
     New Orleans belongs to me. You don’t know my name, but I control everything you see—and all the things you don’t. My reach knows no bounds, and my demands are always met. I didn’t need to loan money to a failing family distillery, but it amuses me to have them in my debt. To have her in my debt. She doesn’t know she caught my attention. She should’ve been more careful. I’m going to own her. Consume her. Maybe even keep her. It’s time to collect what I’m owed. Keira Kilgore, you’re now the property of Lachlan Mount. *Ruthless King is book one of the Mount Trilogy*

Taking Avery

D.H. Sidebottom - 2017
    Avery belongs to Lilith’s Army now, after being taken against her will, but she isn't just anyone, she's a Cutter's MC Princess, and they don't take kindly to people taking what's theirs.As Avery’s life starts to spiral out of control, she finds that her only hope of survival is to put her trust in the man she doesn’t trust at all. The only man that can bring destruction to not only both clubs, but also to her heart.When the fallout reaches beyond just the two clubs, the consequences bring death, devastation, and chaos for everyone. The dynamics of both clubs change forever in the wake that follows. Fate isn’t done teaching Avery that life isn’t always better with the devil you know sometimes it’s with the devil you don’t.

War Poppy

Nicole Lynne - 2017
    Two words that should have little association, but to me the two go hand in hand. Both are a tragedy. They rip you open and spit you out. The war killed my husband, Connor, shattered my will to live, and took my best friend. Brandon may not have physically died in that war, but his soul did. And now we're left to pick up the wreckage. Expected to move on when all that is left is the ruins of a life we once had. Brandon War. It took everything from me, even myself. When you're only able to exist, death seems like a blessing. Pain...a welcome distraction. I ran from everything associated with my past, and then she found me, fighting, drowning myself in whisky, trying to forget. She reminds me of Connor, of what I've lost—what we've lost. In the midst of destruction, she's a salvation I don't deserve. I shouldn't love him. I shouldn't love her. Love is a war we never should have fought.

The Terms: Part One

Ruby Rowe - 2017
    For three years, Camilla withheld the fact that my brother had a son, Liam. Then, Tony died without ever knowing his kid, and I was going to make sure Ms. Rose paid a price for her deceit. I also wanted Liam to be raised as a Burke. Our family’s legacy was one to carry on, so the terms were straightforward. Live in my home. Allow me to help raise Liam. Oh, and agree to be my submissive. In return, I agreed not to rip Camilla’s child away from her. I also offered them both financial security and a life of luxury. It seemed generous to me. It might’ve been simple, too, had she not reminded me of the lady in red. The one who haunted my dreams at night. Camilla’s hazel eyes were a mirror image, her sweetness more than an acquaintance to my subconscious. I was a hacker by trade, and the internet was my best friend, sharing with me every secret I wished to unearth. I believed that until an unfathomable truth revealed itself in a different way. Some secrets are never whispered, only sensed by the heart, and all along, my soul held the truth. It hid even from me the most important secret of them all. The Terms ends in a cliffhanger. It contains explicit language and graphic sex, including aspects of BDSM. The second novel in the duet, The Terms: Part Two, will release June 2017.

Definitely: The Complete Series

Ella Miles - 2017
    Now ten years later Scarlett has everything. A multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty empire. A fabulous New York apartment filled with everything a girl could need. And an awesome best friend. What more could she want? Love, marriage, and a baby. Everything her best friend has.One ex-boyfriend could give her everything she thinks she wants. Even if he is a little too nice...One dark stranger could give her everything she never knew she wanted. But he could destroy her life...Two men. Two choices. One answer to both: Definitely Yes.This collection includes: Definitely Yes, Definitely No, and Definitely Forever.

Black: The complete series

T.L. Smith - 2017
     Black (Book 1) I am loyal, but I will betray you. I am strong, but I have scars. I am an angel, but the devil. I met her when I was sixteen and she was a breath of fresh air. She swooped in, making me smile. But then she left, taking my next breath with her. Her smile could light up a room, making my black heart pitter patter. I found her again ten years later, with a syringe in her arm. Blood coming from between her legs. She was broken and I was glad she was broken. She wouldn't think less of me and my damaged ways. Red (Book 2) A wound to the heart, a hole so deep. Can it be fixed? Or simply replaced? People lie. Those closest to me, tell the most lies. Do they not know who I am? What I’m capable of? Sometimes I wonder if they do. Because when I unravel their lies, they will be delivered to the hell I once visited. And it won’t be pleasant. White (Book 3) Everything changes, in seconds, minutes, hours. I know, it happened to me. It wasn’t for the better, it was for the worst. I am broken, no that doesn’t sound right, I am chipped. Pieces of me have been chipped so bad that it’s impossible to claim them back. Even if I want to, even if its for her.

Art of Seduction

Monique Orgeron - 2017
    Fallon’s life has been a road paved in misery and loneliness.Then one day, she’s propositioned with a way to change it all.From that day forward, Fallon planned on never looking back.Until, she met her target, the man who could destroy everything.Fallon’s a survivor, but can she survive him? Gabriel is independent and brutal.He learned early on about his mother’s games.For years his mother has tried to control every aspect of his life.He was born to be her successor, but he refused to be her chess piece.When a mysterious woman shows up, Gabriel’s life is turned upside down.Is she his mother’s pawn?Soon they will learn that the games Gabriel’s mother, Catherine Stern plays are for keeps.Secrets and deception always find a way of being revealed.

Juniper Unraveling

Keri Lake - 2017
     Papa says everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Most begin years ago, after the second bomb hit, unearthing a deadly contagion that divided the population into the pure, the infected, and the Ragers. Many recount the moment we rose up from the ashes and started anew. Others tell of the day we built a wall to keep them out. For some, they’re nothing more than the vestiges left behind—a simple name carved into the knotty bark of a Juniper tree. My story begins with a boy. A mute, from the other side of the wall, known only as Six, who touched my heart in ways that words never could, and gave me the courage to face my darkest truth. Juniper Unraveling is a full-length standalone romance set in a post-apocalyptic world.

His Devil's Desire

Linzi Basset - 2017
    “Me, indulge you? You should be so lucky. Oh no, this is all self-indulgence.” Rhone has ducked trouble many times. As an undercover agent, you see a lot of shit. But this time trouble came wrapped up in an alluringly seductive package. Samantha Frazer. She's good with her hands . . . er, at carving wood. She's even better with her mouth . . . huh . . . snippy little thing. Also, her aim is dead centre. She's gunning for his heart, in more ways than one. From the moment Samantha lays eyes on . . . um . . . all of him, she's hooked. Rhone Greer is mouth-watering. He's also one of the owners of Club Devil’s Cove and the most compelling Dom she’d ever met. He's hot, controlling and hungry . . . for her. Lust and manipulation make strange bed partners as Rhome and Samantha combust between the sheets. The game is on. Who will bite? Who’ll get devoured? Unbeknownst, a sinister plot is underfoot and everyone is a target. As ghosts from the past resurface, there is only one question to be asked. Who will live . . . who will die? Please note: This book has a cliffhanger ending.

Thirty Days of Pain

Ginger Talbot - 2017
    But maybe she can teach him... If he doesn't break her first. WILLOW My uncle handed me over as collateral for a $5 million debt... And the beast who claimed me knows no mercy. I don't know if he has a soul, or if I can melt his frozen heart. Sergei is a Russian mob boss, a cruel, evil man who draws pleasure from my pain. My time to find the man inside the monster is running out. If I don't save him, I won't be able to save myself. SERGEI Willow is just a pawn in my war against the Toporov family. A delicious, sexy little pawn I can't wait to hurt in all the ways I know by heart. I'm going to make her every nightmare come true. But Willow has a hidden fire. She has a tender heart. Too bad for her... Because I'm about to put her light out. I'm about to make sure she never, ever loves me. This is a dark romance, complete with trigger warnings! Part 1 of a 3 part series. No cheating, HEA guaranteed at the end of the series. If you love heartbreaking cliffhangers, one-click now!

The Bad Guy

Celia Aaron - 2017
    I’ve decided to lay myself bare. To tell the truth for once in my hollow life, no matter how dark it gets. And I can assure you, it will get so dark that you’ll find yourself feeling around the blackened corners of my mind, seeking a door handle that isn’t there. Don’t mistake this for a confession. I neither seek forgiveness nor would I accept it. My sins are my own. They keep me company. Instead, this is the true tale of how I found her, how I stole her, and how I lost her. She was a damsel, one who already had her white knight. But every fairy tale has a villain, someone waiting in the wings to rip it all down. A scoundrel who will set the world on fire if that means he gets what he wants. That’s me. I’m the bad guy. Author's Note: This is a 90,000-word romance with dark themes and a HEA.

Come and Get Me

Nicholas Bella - 2017
    I really appreciated everything he's taught me, what can I say... that big, brutal bastard grew on me. However, before I can embark on my new life as a General, I have to fulfill a debt my Father owes to the dragon king, Evander. This should be interesting. At least I'm not going alone. Dante, newly-mated to Josef, will be going with me. Elijah: Today is the day our plan finally comes to fruition. I'm praying that everything falls into place just as we have designed it to. But you never know with these sort of operations. Humans can be as unpredictable as supes. I do know one thing, Deacon better come and get me. Vex: As a reward for my loyalty and service, my King has given me permission to pick the human I want to have turned into a werewolf. I've had my eye on the perfect guy, too. Whether he wants to be a wolf or not doesn't matter to me. Once it's done and he's mine, he'll learn to heel and obey. Kendrick: It's been a long time coming with years of strategic planning, from the night I killed my Alpha to the day I killed the dragon king, making me a ruler in my own league. I've had my eye on the Odin Colony for over a decade, but I knew I needed to wait until the right moment came to strike. They should fear me, because when the dust settles and the streets are flowing with blood, I will be standing victorious. Warning: This series is highly addictive, and fans have complained that it's all they can think about, oftentimes re-reading each book until their next fix. Be further warned: This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes as each episode will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up. This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings, either. You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here. The vampires are not misunderstood, hopeless romantics looking for love. The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren’t the ones from your childhood. This is NOT a romance.

From the Ashes

Dani René - 2017
    Take a journey with Kael and Skyla, and see how destiny plays a part in their lives.A second chance prequel to the Forbidden Series.Under the spotlight, I can be anyone I want to be.I’ve risen from the ashes of my past, until he walks in.She’s still as alluring as I remember.It takes all my restraint not to steal her away.Dark eyes and a devilish smirk ask me for one night.I shouldn’t, but I find myself relenting to his charm.She is mine, she always has been.And now It’s time to claim my Phoenix.


Molly McAdams - 2017
    I’ve trained for this. I know what to say, what to do, and how to act. I’ve perfected the lethal calm required for this life. Now it’s time to buy my first girl. But all it takes is one look at the brave girl who starts singing mid-auction for that calm to slip.Briar Chapman is going to be the death of me, and I don’t care. I’ll take every day with her until that death comes, and I’ll welcome it when it does.On the outside, Lucas Holt is what nightmares are made of. A man cloaked in darkness, with sin-filled eyes and an enticing grin. A devil so devastatingly beautiful and cruel that his very presence instills fear.But beneath his terrifying, ever-calm exterior is an affectionate man haunted by a past that refuses to stay buried. And Lucas looks at me as though he’s finally found the only person who can make it all go away.We’re a battle of the brightest day and the darkest night—and I want to lie in the wake of our war.

War & Peace Series

K. Webster - 2017
     ***This box set is books 1-3 of the War & Peace Series. This is dark romance and not for the weak of heart.***

Breathe In

Michelle Bellon - 2017
    Breathe out. This mantra gets Tessa Benson through the day. The man she loves walks all over her, and she just wants to get by without her heart shattering to pieces. If she could find her voice, she’d scream. Everything changes in one night, when she’s snatched from the streets and tied to a bed, a camera set up to capture her dying moment. And the person who paid to watch her still out there somewhere. Tessa prowls dark neighborhoods in a quest for justice, but she doesn’t find the killer. Not until they strike again…in the place Tessa is least expecting, and where it hurts worst.


Callie Hart - 2017
    Car thief. Heartbreaker extraordinaire.Rooke Blackheath has spent enough time in juvie to know that he really doesn’t want to go to jail. The food sucks, the clothes itch, and there are absolutely no women in sight. Well…none he wants to fuck, anyway. He should probably stop boosting cars, but the money is stellar and the high is out of this world. And why should he turn his back on something that sets his soul on fire anyway? The answer to that question comes in an unexpected form: a petite five-foot-three firecracker named Sasha who refuses to give him the time of day no matter how thick he lays on the charm. Rooke’s not easily deterred, though. Just like the watches he builds from scratch, Rooke knows all too well how women tick. Women are a game to him. A game he always wins. Sasha doesn’t stand a chance.***Sasha Cross’s life has been permanently derailed since her son died five years ago. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, of course. She has a great job, a beautiful house, and caring friends. Every week, she hosts a book club featuring the sexiest, most romantic stories on the planet, and every week she falls for a new fictional knight in shining armor. Fictional men are perfect, though. They don’t hurt you. They don’t break your heart. They don’t cheat on you after your child dies, and they rarely ever leave the toilet seat up. When Rooke Blackheath shows up at Sasha's workplace, it’s clear he’s nothing like the men who grace the pages of Sasha's favorite books. Dangerous, arrogant, sharp-tongued and sarcastic, Rooke’s not the kind of guy she needs in her life. Not to mention the fact that he’s eleven years her junior. They don’t live in different worlds. As far as Sasha is concerned, Rooke lives in a different galaxy altogether. She’d like to keep it that way, but fate appears to have other plans.When Cinderella lost her shoe, Prince Charming showed up at her door. When Sasha Cross loses her book, an entirely different kind of rogue comes a-knocking.


Ashton Blackthorne - 2017
    I’ve been called a heartbreaker by many women. NI’m a bad boy in a good suit.I’ve lived a sexy and fascinating life. I’ve been called a heartbreaker by many women. Now with my own heart broken, shattered, I have no one to turn to.Or do I?My sexy secretary, Amber has always been at my side. She’s more than just my secretary, she’s my friend, my confidant…Perhaps more….When my dark past begins to stalk me, I find myself even more drawn to her. Behind her blue eyes lurks the same unfulfilled longing that I recognize in my own. The chemistry between us is pulsating with passion and uncontrollable lust.As a mysterious dark haired stranger begins lurking around every corner, events from my past begin to spiral out of control putting us both in the most dangerous situation of our lives.Will I be able to save Amber in time? Will Amber and I finally be together?

The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1

Lylah James - 2017
    Ruthless. Killer. I am respected and feared by all. I wasn’t put on this earth to love or be loved. I was put here to wipe out every last member of the damn Abandonato mafia, to pay them back for my mother’s death. When I find a strange girl hiding, beaten, under my bed, I don’t let her live out of compassion. She’s a trinket, my plaything. Ayla… I thought Alessio was only one more man who wanted to use me, hurt me, and throw me away. I don’t know what it is to trust anymore. I can’t find my heart under the pain. Alessio found it. He touched it, and brought it alive again. But if he discovers just how dangerous I am to him…I’ll lose my life.


Georgia Le Carre - 2017
    I never take a backward glance, and my heart is as cold as ice.That's the way it was and I never questioned any of it...until she appeared.Raven Hill shouldn't have come within a million miles of someone like me. Shitty fate! To send such a bright, beautiful flower into my bleak and barren landscape where nothing can ever grow.She alone tempts me towards the light.Her innocence makes me wonder about the man I am.She's so damn beautiful she heats the blood in my veins. The temptation is pure torture. I give in and take her. Make her mine.Unfortunately the rules of the games I play mean I cannot keep her... This is a STANDALONE romance with no cheating and HEA. Included in this kindle file is a free BONUS book for your enjoyment.

Gun Shy

Lili St. Germain - 2017
    The second girl in nine years. Identical cases. Identical conditions. Only last time, the girl was found. Dead, stuffed in a well beside the creek that feeds the town's water supply. The killer was never found. As the small town mobilizes and searches for newly vanished Jennifer Thomas, one suspect comes to the fore. But did he do it? Or is there something else at play? Something nobody could have anticipated? For Jennifer's friend Cassie Carlino, the worst is yet to come. As she pins MISSING posters to store windows and joins the search, she begins to suspect that Jennifer's disappearance might be much closer to her than she could have ever imagined.

Twisted Fate

Ace Gray - 2017
    Okay, maybe it's not a long time ago, or even very far away, but present day Chicago has it's fair share of heroes and villains. Unlike the tales of old, they don't wear shining armor, golden crowns or even dragon scales - they're human. Gloriously flawed and dangerous humans with an appetite for both blood and lust.A twist of fate brought Cole Ryan and Elle Laroux together in an orgasmic first encounter, but all too fast their futures became deeply entwined. Being forced together wouldn't be such a bad thing if a dark web wasn't being woven around Cole and Elle - simultaneously taut and tenuous - leaving their very lives to hold on by the thinnest of fate's strands. ****This book contains graphic sex, violence, uncomfortable sexual encounters as well as M/M/F, M/M and F/F sexual relationships. It's intended for mature audiences, over 18 only****


D.D. Prince - 2017
    But when she has to jump from a burning building into the arms of the mysterious and handsome master of the house, it's a catalyst for big change. Holly, no longer happy to be blissfully ignorant, starts to play with sexual fire. How badly is she about to get burnt?Him: I saved her from a fate many would believe was worse than death. But, I’m no hero. Far from it. I’m saving her for myself, which might be an even worse fate. Her: He's dark. He’s dangerous. He’s the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about him says villain but I can't help but think that maybe there's a hero deep inside. He's kept me apart from the others for a long time. No one is allowed to touch me. Few are allowed to even set eyes on me. I arrived here just before my sixteenth birthday. But soon, I won’t be a little girl any more. How much longer will I be safe? And is safety all that matters? This is a dark romance. If you like your romance dark, proceed. If you don't, or if you're not sure --- approach with caution. This story is a standalone that is a Dominator series spin-off. Holly and Alessandro's story. You do not need to have read the Dominator books to enjoy this story. (Possible trigger. Dark romance. Sex, Violence, Coarse language. Human Trafficking.) Dedication: This story is for the readers who like to spend time in the dark. With the anti-heroes. The damaged ones who don’t think they can be redeemed. This book is for you. And for them.

The Guardians Series 1: The Hell Book

Wendy Saunders - 2017
    For the descendants of the Salem witch trials, the past appears hard to escape… Book 2: The Ferryman Betrayed by her family and still trying to piece together the broken strands of her life, Olivia and Theo must also figure out how to stop Nathaniel, the demon from seventeenth century Salem, who has been let loose on the unsuspecting town of Mercy. Book 3: Crossroads The doorway to the Otherworld has been closed but at a terrible cost. Theo has been trapped on the other side while the Demon Nathaniel searches for one of the lost crossroads of the Underworld. Book 4: Witchfinder All of a sudden Olivia and Theo find themselves thrown back in time to 17th century Salem. Isabel and Nathaniel are hell bent on finding Olivia’s ancestor, Hester West, who was the last of the West women known to have had possession of Infernum, the most powerful book ever to have existed. Book 5: Infernum When Olivia finally returns to her hometown of Mercy with her husband Theo, the relief is short lived. Her mother and the demon Nathaniel have also returned and they are under the disturbing impression she knows where the Hell book is and they’re not the only ones. Book 6: A Little Town Called Mercy A Collection of short stories, including:6.1 Daughter of Fire6.2 The Salted Bone6.3 Storyteller

Waste of Worth

Bethany-Kris - 2017
    A criminal, the son of a traitor, and a mafia Capo who can’t be trusted. His past has shaped his life, creating demons he can’t escape from that live in his mind day and night. He is all too aware of just how people see him. Closed off. Cold. Different. He doesn’t care—keeping people out means no one can get close enough to hurt him again, and he already has one too many monsters with their claws stuck in his back that he’s still fighting off. His walls are so high, no one is climbing over them. Or so he thinks … Karen came into his life like a spring shower, her light shining through the darkness and making him see something other than the hell that surrounded him for so long. She doesn’t know who he is or what he has done to become the man he is today. If he can help it, she’ll never know, and his monsters will never hurt her. She sees his differences as beauty. She never asks for more. She is perfect. The problem with happiness for Dino DeLuca is that his monsters don’t mind taking away what makes him happy. After all, what isn’t given cannot be kept. These lessons will be the hardest he has ever learned. AUTHOR’S NOTE: The DeLuca Duet is a two book tale following the same couple through their journey. It is a standalone Duet that can be read independently with a HEA ending.

Heartbreak Hotel (Bwwm Romance with steamy illustrations)

Kenya Wright - 2017

Falling For A Monster

Delilah Hunt - 2017
    Chase accepts his lot and path in life by keeping to himself, knowing he can depend on and trust in no one but himself. Until his path crosses with Larke. The one person who has every reason in the world to despise him, but instead treats him like a man who is worthy of her compassion, trust and so much more. Larke Taylor has never forgotten her harrowing encounter with the boy who’d threatened her harm at the tender age of nine. Thirteen years later, she is shocked and heartbroken to see the man Chase has become, after rejecting her innocent offer of friendship. His very presence frightens and intrigues her like nothing else. But beneath the hate-inspired tattoos telling her everything she needs to know about him, Larke finds it hard to deny all the other signs that speak to her heart. The ones telling her that Chase is much more than a monster. He is a man deserving of love and way more than the life he leads, even if he doesn’t realize it. As their relationship deepens, both are defenseless to defy their desire and all-consuming need for the other. Larke knows while Chase is the only man who captivates and holds her heart, he is also the one person who has the power to shatter and burn it to ashes, if he refuses to put her above his legacy of hate. *This book contains racial slurs and graphic sexual language. If the theme of this book and any of these warnings offend you, please ignore and move along.

Jordan's Shadow

T.R. Cupak - 2017
    It's a dark romance that will shatter your heart and leave you with a massive book hangover.JordanThis story isn’t about love, like, lust, or a happily ever after. This story, my story, is about struggle, pain and suffering. Fighting to stay afloat while being pulled under by what feels like the murky and powerful undertow of the ocean. Fighting for strength I so desperately need when all I am feeling is desolate and weak. I’m a girl who exudes hatred when a normal girl of my age and pedigree should be the picture perfect portrait of love. Alcohol consumes me. Drugs numb me. Sex for money feeds the hollow abyss deep within me. How does a soon-to-be twenty-five year old escort turn her life around when the last several years of her life has been spent traveling down a very dark path?The ShadowShe became my obsession, my every thought. She is the reason I wake up in the morning, plotting, scheming, exacting a revenge she so desperately deserves. But will she take my offer once she learns my true identity; sees the darkness within me, or will she hate me for lying to her all of these years, leading her to lose herself to the drugs and alcohol that have kept her ghosts at bay? Will she be my Precious?

Dirty Filthy Rich Men

Laurelin Paige - 2017
    I didn’t know he was filthy. Truth be told, I was only trying to get his best friend to notice me.I knew poor scholarship girls like me didn't stand a chance against guys like Weston King and Donovan Kincaid, but I was in love with his world, their world, of parties and sex and power. I knew what I wanted—I knew who I wanted—until one night, their world tried to bite me back and Donovan saved me. He saved me, and then Weston finally noticed me, and I finally learned what it was to be in their world.And then what it was like to lose it.Ten years later, I’ve found my way back. Back to their world. Back to him.This time, I’m ready. I've been down this road before, and I know all the dirty, filthy ways Donovan will try and wreck me. But it’s hard to resist. Especially when I know how much I’ll like it.From NYT Bestselling author Laurelin Paige, discover a whole new world filled with sex, love, power, romance and dirty, filthy rich men.

Fatal Harmony

Anne Malcom - 2017
    A concept to fight against.Evil doesn’t exist.Neither does ‘good.’Vampires do, though.I just happen to be one.I’ve cruised through the centuries managing to avoid all the wars, supernatural and human, but still going to all the best parties.I would say I avoided bloodshed, but it’s kind of part of the whole ‘vampire’ thing.I’ve lived on the fringes of a society that considered cruelty and sadism favorable character traits for almost five hundred years. Now I'm in the middle of a war that might just put my nonbeating heart in a lot of danger.Battles, I can handle.The impossible attraction between me and the vampire slayer, not to mention the penetrating gaze of the king of our race, on the other hand?I might not get out undead.


Ashton Blackthorne - 2017
    So cliché it was as if the whole thing had been orchestrated. A gorgeous woman came to his door seeking help. A handsome and heavily muscled man answered. After a torrid night of passion, they parted. The man, Jax Paulson was a bestselling author. A romance author. He wasn’t anyone’s idea of a typical romance author not with his bad boy tattoos and hard body. That’s because being a romance author was the last thing Jax Paulson expected he’d become. He was a Marine first and foremost. Until a tragic accident changed everything. Now Jax is at the top of the writing world hovering on the brink of worldwide success. Then she came back. His one night stand. Her name is Sarah. It was just supposed to be one wild night. And that was all. But Sarah is his number one fan. And if she can’t have him. NO ONE CAN. THIS IS A FULL LENGTH NOVEL OF 50K WORDS.

Savage King: The Complete Series Box Set (Books 1 - 3)

Michelle St. James - 2017
     Growing up on the mean streets of London, he clawed his way to the top of a criminal empire with nothing but sheer force of will and the determination to need no one. Ever. Then he met Jenna Carver, and all bets were off — until the day she walked out of his life without a backward glance. Leaving him was the hardest thing she’d ever done. As a kid, Jenna knew how people looked at her. Like she was stupid. Worthless. Poor. So she spent her life working to become someone else. Then she met Farrell Black and their all-consuming passion blew a hole in everything she thought she knew about herself. Until she was forced to make a terrible choice. Now Jenna is back in London for her father's funeral, desperate to avoid the one man who can banish her hard-earned reason in favor of red-hot ecstasy. But when her father’s death is tied to an abuse of power at the highest levels, she has no choice but to ask Farrell for help. As they work together to find answers to a puzzle that could have dangerous implications, desire threatens to undo them both — and forces Jenna to choose between keeping the secret of a lifetime and having the one man who can command her body and soul.

Between Heaven And Hell

Erin Trejo - 2017
    Cordae “Demon” Vitale. People feared me. They respected me.I was the Boss of the Vitale family at twenty-two.One of the youngest in history.I ran my business exceptionally. My emotions were never part of this life.Ava made me realize that there was more to life than what I had.She pushed me to limits I didn’t think I could go to.At the end of the day, I was forced between heaven and hell.Much like the rest of my life, I was teetering on that fine line in between.Losing something that means a lot to you, can change a person. It changed me. I will travel to the ends of the earth to get back that one thing that meant the most to me.I will destroy everyone in my path to make that happen. ˃˃˃ HOT DARK MAFIA! "Death is all I have to look forward to. The devil was once an angel but that can never be reversed. I can't be reversed. How is the devil to love an angel?" Scroll up and grab a copy today.

The Hitchhiker

Charlie Lee - 2017
    I was on top of the world winning one case after the other leaving no survivors in the wake of my devastation. They may see a pair of long legs in Louboutin heels, but remember my name when I'm finished with them.Caitlin Winslow, the best, cut-throat defense lawyer in California. I never play to lose. It's not in my DNA.The actions of ethics don't exist in my domain.Satan, my father, who shaped my life turns up dead. Kill shot to the back of the head in his sleep. The people who murdered him aren't stopping with his death. They're after me.I ran in the dark of night. Karma that evil bitch meets me step by step and forced me to stick out my thumb on the side of the lonely highway. I'm now the HITCHHIKER begging for redemption.Oh, how life has a funny way of smacking you in the face.Katch Sterling storms into my life, and now I'm in his car.Broody.Dark.All-manMy complete opposite.Who would've thought my world would come full circle on that lonely highway with a hired killer...

The Tutor

K. Larsen - 2017
    She accepts a summer long live-in tutoring job for a handsome man and his little sister at a secluded home deep in the mountains.There is no running water.No electricity.No internet or cell service.When her tutoring job ends she's hit with a brutal turn of events ... she's not permitted to leave. After months in captivity, she makes a harrowing escape with her student that ends in a car accident on a desolate road. When Nora comes to, her student is missing. In a desperate attempt to find the girl, Nora will have to recount her time held captive. The good and the bad. Can Nora and the authorities work together to find the man who took her? Will they rescue the girl Nora tried to save?Author’s Note: This is a dark romantic suspense. Trigger warning: all of them. This will not elicit warm fuzzy feelings


Tracie Podger - 2017
    When a client is murdered, Charlotte is thrown into a world she believes should be between the pages of a novel. Beau Mercier is an ass with a dark past. When Charlotte ends up on his doorstep, he knows trouble will follow. Two people, who neither trust nor like each other, are forced together in a town where all is not as it seems. Can Charlotte escape her trouble? Can Beau open up enough to help her? Both want to, but secret pasts, murder, and intrigue, get in the way. Harlot accompanies the thrillers, Gabriel and A Deadly Sin, and can be read as a standalone. For readers over the age of 18.

Doll Face (Doll Face #1)

Sadie Grubor - 2017
     Most kids don't grow up wanting a dead-beat dad. Those kids don't understand how much worse it can truly be. How it feels to grow up wishing your father was a neglectful dead-beat and not a living nightmare. I did. I do. And my safest place is to hide among the monsters. So, that's what I do. I blend into a sea of criminals and the depraved. Any of them are far better company than my father. It's been over two years I've stayed safe, over two years of keeping the balance, over two years of being someone else and living their life. Then he walks through the dark red lacquered doors of my hiding place. His eyes searching, probing, and knowing. Now, this temptation swirls on the tip of my tongue, teasing my taste buds, making me want to confess all my sins to a man who could punish me and free me in the most wonderfully worst ways. This isn't a romance. This isn't a love story. This is primal. This is raw. This is obsession. ~*~ Doll Face is a dark erotic tale suitable for ages 18+. This contains DARK subjects. If you require trigger warnings, guaranteed HEAs, are easily turned off by dark subjects, or just have any hard 'limit/requirement for a story, this isn't the book for you (Check out The Falling Stars Series instead). If you like dark subjects, over the top obsessive controlling alpha males, and aren't afraid of how bloody love can truly get... Then enjoy. ~*~

Losing Lola (Mercy's Angels, #5)

Kirsty Dallas - 2017
    She ran until she reached the small-town comfort of Claymont. She hid within its quaint embrace, and as soon as she let her defenses down, he came for her. “He broke me.” Three words that would haunt Drew King until the day he died. An imposing man of brute strength and frightening scars, Drew preferred to keep to the shadows, watching from afar. Lola had drawn his attention the first time he laid eyes on her. Her aloof nature intrigued him, her beauty struck him right in his dark heart. The night she fell into his arms broken, bleeding, and dying, a fire was lit in his soul. The best revenge is that which is served cold and bloody. SERIES READ ORDER:Saving EllaFighting BackTortured SoulMother's LoveLosing Lola

Redemption Island

L.B. Dunbar - 2017
    “But you make me wild instead.”Juliet took revenge. The result landed her in a social experiment of solitary reflection called The Island. She didn’t mind the solitude in this tropical paradise until she learned she wasn’t alone. One of them was there with her and this changed everything.Tack commited a crime - almost. By association, his bad decision cost him the experimental banishment. He thought he’d treat the time away like a much needed vacation until he noticed he wasn’t by himself. She was here - the woman who derailed his life - and that made all the difference.Can two tortured souls find their way to redemption through the one person they need forgiveness from the most?This bold beginning to the Island duet is L.B. Dunbar’s detour into dark romance. If you like thought-provoking circumstances, intriguing situations, and something stunningly different in romantic suspense, then this redemptive romance of enemies to lovers is for you. Welcome to the Island.

Russian Tattoos #1-3

Kat Shehata - 2017
    Her overprotective father monitors every aspect of her life, so when he becomes employed by Vladimir Ivanov—a sexy Russian with an array of tattoos and an accent that weakens her knees—a bit of danger is within Carter’s grasp. Behind her father's back, she enjoys spending time with Vladimir at his lavish estate. But is he really the upstanding businessman she believes him to be?Vladimir Ivanov reigns as godfather of a Russian mafia crime ring.Vladimir spent five years of his life in a Siberian prison camp and has earned every tattoo inked into his skin. He is a powerful man who gets what he wants, and after stalking the gorgeous tennis player for years—he wants Carter. A little charm melts her heart, and behind the scenes, he orders his henchman to track her every move.He’s a tattooed stick of dynamite ready to blow at the slightest spark.As their romance reaches deadly levels, Carter senses something’s not right. When she’s lured into a compromising position at the hands of a shady European drug dealer, she calls in Boris, Vladimir’s right hand man, to rescue her—without telling Vladimir. With his authority questioned, he sets out to teach Carter a lesson about loyalty she’ll never forget.When Carter realizes she's in too deep, she must fight for her freedom before the attraction turns fatal.But the Russian mafia plays for keeps, and Vladimir’s fierce lust to possess her spirals their romance out of control.RUSSIAN TATTOOS PRISONER - BOOK #2American tennis player Carter Cook is being held prisoner by the Russian mafia...Carter is the obsession of mob boss Vladimir Ivanov, a man she once loved. Now a mafia war has erupted on his home turf, and Vladimir’s enemies have put a bounty on her head to force him to surrender. If she is captured, his rivals will deliver a deadly ultimatum—his life in exchange for hers. The price for Carter’s freedom is Vladimir’s blood.Vladimir holds ultimate power as godfather of the Ivanov Bratva…He spent five years in a Siberian prison camp and has earned every tattoo inked into his skin. He is a powerful man who rules his crew with an iron fist.But his enemies have discovered his only weakness—Carter. Vladimir knows if she stays in his world, he is handing her a death sentence, so he vows to get her home and never interfere in her life again. Giving up the woman he loves is the only way to protect her from the bad guys—including himself.Vladimir’s rivals have a different plan for the ill-fated couple…Some punishments are worse than death, and the head of the Ovechkin Bratva will go to any length to seek vengeance and inflict maximum suffering on Vladimir.Carter may be Vladimir’s weakness, but she is also his only hope for survival. When the boss of the Ovechkin family threatens the man she loves, she must fight for Vladimir’s freedom before their rivals can deliver the fatal blow.Love is blind—but it could also be deadly.RUSSIAN TATTOOS CRIMINAL - BOOK #3Russian mob boss Vladimir Ivanov has many enemies—one of them just kidnapped his wife.A mafia war has erupted in London, and Vladimir’s enemies know his one weakness is his deep passion for his new bride, Carter Ivanov. When rival mob boss Maksim Ovechkin kidnaps her, Vladimir is willing to pay the ransom with his own blood.But Maksim’s plans go deeper than that. Vladimir’s blood may not be enough.Maksim wants Carter for himself.Carter has a secret—she’s pregnant with Vladimir’s heir.If Maksim finds out, the consequences will be disastrous. But Carter isn’t willing to give up on her husband, even if her loyalty to Vladimir puts her life on the line.Some risks are worth taking, however, and Carter has a plan.Unfortunately, Maksim is one step ahead of her.


L.P. Dover - 2017
    . . that’s what I am. It’s what I do. It’s what I live for. I’m no longer the Preston Hale everyone knew. I left that life and the people in it a long time ago the second I made my first kill. I wasn’t going to give in, but when I heard the screams there was no going back. It triggered the pain, the need. I knew what I had to do, and I did it well. But I never expected for Emma Turner – the only link to my past – to come back into my life. She triggers a different emotion inside me, something I hadn’t ever felt. It’s not a want to kill . . . but a need to CLAIM.

Keeping Her

Angela Snyder - 2017
    What I need.And what I need is the perfect woman. Perfect and pure in every way possible. And I'm willing to obtain that matter the cost.So when I make my newest purchase, I expect Adeline's fate to be like all the others before her --- taking what I want and then never seeing her again.But she's different.Her beauty is disarming.And even though I promised to let her go after I took what I wanted...I slowly come to the realization that I can't.I have to break my promise to her, because she's mine now.And I'm keeping her.**Keeping Her is book one of the two-book dark romance Keep Me Series and ends with a cliffhanger. It contains adult content for mature readers.**


LeTeisha Newton - 2017
    He pulls up down, he lifts me up.And then he leaves me in the muck.If I should fall before I fly...Then they know it was the fault of mine. He taught me better, he led the way.I just didn't know how to stay.And if I should not gain his heart...Fuck that, he made me this way. Curled my thoughts and twisted me. He belongs to me, forever.


Jade West - 2017
    Dark hair and even darker eyes that knew my dirty desires before I did. A fantasy that should never be spoken. But he pulled the confession from me. And now he’s coming for me. Rough. Dirty. Dangerous. It’s supposed to be one night to get me off and make me forget. He’ll make me his and I’ll pretend I don’t want him to. I’ll run and he’ll chase. Because I asked him for this. I begged him for this. Tonight, in the darkness, he’s the hunter. And I’m the bait.

Crimson Security

Evie Nichole - 2017
    Things are bound to get hot when the men of Crimson Security are involved. Book 1 My name is Darby Connors and I’m in deep. Maybe too deep for me to make it out alive. It isn’t the first time I’ve been in trouble while doing my job, but this time feels different. Something is coming for me. Someone is coming for me. Hendrix Crimson is assigned to guard my body, and guard it, he does. Caught up in the mess I’ve made, he tries to help me solve the case I’m working on so he only has to worry about one killer coming after me. Book 2 My name is Lacey Holt and I do not need help from Jagger Crimson. Someone is messing with my family, and my ranch, trying to drag up painful family memories. They’ve convinced my dad that my brother’s murderer is back and ready to pick off the rest of our family. I know better. I know that I can take care of it without Jagger, too. He’s a constant distraction and all he’ll do is get in my way. Convincing my dad of that is another story. When it becomes clear that the threat is directed at me, he is ready to ship me off to safety. I’m an adult, though. I’m tough. There’s nothing that this hidden bully can do to run me off my family land. Except for kidnap me and lock me away. So, maybe I do need Jagger after all. Not that I’d ever want to admit that to him. Book 3 Left an orphan after a rough childhood, I was taken in by the president of a rough Motorcycle Club. Given plenty of room to grow, I was treated like a princess. Until I wasn’t. When things in the club change and a new president takes his throne, I’m in more danger than ever. Sold and then saved by Jackson, I owe him my life. It’s not anything he’s interested in, though. Jackson comes with baggage, but I get it. I have my own. Who can help that when we unpack it, things get a little messy? Book 4 I’m not who I used to be. Detective Rain Willows died while being held captive by a very bad man. Now, I don’t know who I am. I’m not a cop. I’m barely a human some days. I’m scared. I lost everything. I gained some scars. The bad man is still after me. Thad Brooks has an ax to grind with me, but he feels like the only thing standing between me and death. I don’t want to admit that I’m afraid, or that I need help, but when things get bad enough, I’m not too stubborn to wave the white flag. Book 5 My only desire in life is to get my daughter back. At any cost, including my life. My name is Clara Crimson and I’m not a good person. I live with a monster and I have killed. I don’t deserve to be happy, but she does. Cash Crimson, my ex-husband, has every reason to hate me and he does. He probably would like to watch me die, but he thinks he needs me to find our daughter. What we find isn’t what we expected, though. I’m not sure either of us will survive it. I’m not sure I want to. We have to keep our daughter safe. We have to get close and remember we’re on the same team. It's time to bring down the man who destroyed us.

Peacock (The Faults Of Our Sins)

Esther E. Schmidt - 2017
    With my years of experience, you would think I should know better by now. I'm always the capable one that can handle anything that's thrown my way, until Karma throws me off my game. My Karma comes in the form of a woman and she has to be payback for all the shitty things I’ve done in my life. Not just any woman but one who is determined to self-destruct. This woman is clearly going to be my downfall. Leaving me to find myself not only losing my heart, but risking my life in the process. There’s no other option than to claw our way through dilemmas that might leave the both of us wondering if our next breath could be our last. We relish in the fact that we’ve got nothing to lose, because let’s face it… The faults of our sins will catch up with us in the end. **This steamy, dark and twisted, standalone romance is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.**

Healing the Broken

K. Street - 2017
    Monsters didn’t just exist in nightmares.They were real; they lived among us.As the sole witness to a brutal murder, Ryann Sinclair knew that better than anyone.He’d been burned once, and Cash Donovan swore it was the last time.That all changed when Ryann stumbled back into his life.She was fiercely protective of her heart, and he was hell-bent on protecting her.Never one to back down from a challenge, Cash was determined to break her.Just so he could be the one to put her back together.

One Fear

Belle Brooks - 2017
    I’m number thirteen. Just a number given to the bitches who wronged him. I was blindsided. Stolen from my life. In his devilled eyes, I have a debt to pay…he wants my final breath to see us even. “I know who you are Morgan Banks, the question is, who am I? Five games will set you free when you can tell me who I’d be.”- The Wolf. Am I strong enough to take on the Wolf?

Lust (The Seven #6)

F.G. Adams - 2017
     *** This is Book #6 in The 7 series *** 7 authors, 7 novellas, 7 deadly sins. 1. PRIDE by Scott Hildreth 2. GREED by Geri Glenn 3. SLOTH by Max Henry 4. WRATH by Gwyn McNamee 5. ENVY by Kerri Ann 6. LUST by FG Adams 7. GLUTTONY - by M.C. Webb


J.A. Low - 2017
    . . except when it comes to his love life - that is firmly in the closet. Tomas shuns the spotlight, the one he was born into, he wants nothing to do with it or his high-flying family who now reject him for his choices in love. But Tomas' and Mateo's carefully constructed lives are turned inside out when they discover a beautiful, battered woman on their doorstep. The woman with the sapphire eyes has no memory of who she is or how she got there. Can they help her remember before the men who are after her find her first?The first standalone book in the BRATVA JEWELS series from the author of the DIRTY TEXAS books, JA Low.