Nemesis (Universe in Flames - Dark Legacy Book 1)

Christian Kallias - 2019
     The Earth Alliance isn’t ready. And war demands sacrifice… Chase Athanatos is deep in uncharted space, on a quest to save his wife. His old nemesis, Tanak’Vor, infected her with Spectre blood, forcing Chase to put her in suspended animation until a cure could be found. Chase killed him for it, but his wife is still in danger. Now, Tanak’vor’s brother wants revenge for his death: in command of a stealth fleet, Asrak’Vor plans to make Chase pay the ultimate price – along with the entire Earth Alliance. To defeat the Spectres, Chase must harden himself or the galaxy will burn again. And this time, there will be no rising from the ashes.

A Forest with No Trees

Peter Hey - 2015
    It’s a lie, of course. What I mean is, I remember so very little.’ Tom Haworth is struggling against the fragility of his own mind as it surrenders to what seems an increasingly hostile world. He begins to be haunted by vivid dreams that transport him into a different life and to a treeless forest, high in the stark moorland of industrial England around the time of the First World War. There he meets family he never knew existed and a girl called Clara, whom he recognises as the blueprint for every woman he has ever loved. Back in the present, he discovers he is losing days: vaguely remembered yesterdays in which he has acted out of character, as if someone were taking his place. Tom traces back through his family tree and discovers the characters in his dreams to be real and not just products of his unstable subconscious. Where are the ‘memories’ coming from? Has madness finally taken hold? And is Clara lost to him forever, or will she be his salvation? A story of redemption and rebirth that weaves compellingly between different times and different lives. Inspired by a gravestone in a remote Pennine cemetery, this story had been nagging at the author for over a decade. Eventually he gave in.

Family Secrets

Janet Hayward - 2018
    But instead of finding answers she starts finding more questions. Who is trying to stop her from finding answers? What has become of the lost family fortune that she didn't know existed until she got here? And are they willing to kill to prevent her from finding her answers? My mother, Janet, was a wonderful storyteller. As children, we spend days in the car driving to vacation destinations listening to her tell us stories of her own making. For years she contemplated trying to publish her writing but never followed through. Later in life, she wrote this and shopped it to an agent that took her on for a short period. They did some editing and formatting, but never got the book ready to publish. And so it ended up just sitting there. I told her over and over that if she didn't get it published that I would do it after she died. She passed away in 2011. So the time has come. I've done a bunch of editing, formatting, and some fixing of word choices and smoothing out a scene or two. But the story is hers.

Piece By Piece a Genealogical Jigsaw

Irene Lewis Ward - 2015
     Piece by piece, like a giant Victorian jigsaw, the evidence forms a fascinating picture, but one with a hole at its heart – a hole that will not be filled until the baffling mystery is solved.. Do they ever solve it and complete the picture? After ten years research in North Wales, a new piece of evidence and a distant memory cause a sudden change in venue which reveals the reason for the conspiracy of silence and the staggering truth about his mother.

The Scottish Clans - Over 300 Clans Featured

Donald Cuthill - 2011
    Discover the events that have shaped your Clan and hear about the people who form part of your Scottish ancestry.

A Wander Through the Village: The Greek Village Handbook / The Eastern Fly and Other Stories

Sara Alexi - 2016
    It’s a bold lie, but it might just work…’------------X------------A Wander Through the Village is the perfect companion to the Greek Village Series and is a must read for any enthusiasts of author Sara Alexi’s collection. In this guide to the Greek Village there is a selection of short stories in which we catch up with old friends from previous books, and are given the chance to meet some new ones. And just so we can keep on top of all the comings and goings of our favourite characters, there is a who’s who of all who have appeared in the books so far, along with a glossary of Greek phrases which are used to so vividly describe the culture.A Wander Through the Village is also packed full of Sara’s personal anecdotes from life in Greece, providing insight into the inspiration behind each novel. Stunning images of Greece chosen by Sara run throughout, and you will find maps of both the village and Orino Island, helping to transport you to your best-loved Greek destinations. There are even questions that can be used in book clubs - this guide has it all for book lovers everywhere.But newcomers to the series, please note, if you haven’t read all the books in the series then handle with care, as the handbook section includes spoilers!If you enjoyed A Wander Through the Village, you’ll love book nineteen in the series, A Stranger in the Village. Find it on Amazon now!

Finding Oprah's Roots: Finding Your Own

Henry Louis Gates Jr. - 2007
    A roadmap through the intricacies of public documents and online databases, the book also highlights genetic testing resources that can make it possible to know one's distant tribal roots in Africa.For Oprah, the path back to the past was emotion-filled and profoundly illuminating, connecting the narrative of her family to the larger American narrative and "anchoring" her in a way not previously possible. For the reader, Finding Oprah's Roots offers the possibility of an equally rewarding experience.

The Fear of Ravens (Esme Quentin Mystery Book 4)

Wendy Percival - 2020
    Can a 19th century curse still wield its formidable power? What connects Anna with the 24 year-old mystery concerning the whereabouts of the charismatic Ellen Tucker?​Esme must uncover the truth to save Anna from becoming a 21st century victim, in a cruel repetition of her ancestor’s merciless fate.

Reputations: A Madeleine Porter mystery

John Nixon - 2019
    Inevitably, the conversation turns to family history and Margaret says that she knows very little about her late husband's background. Madeleine offers to help but Margaret is determined to do it for herself, but says she will keep Madeleine informed. A few weeks after they return from the holiday, Madeleine and Ian are shocked to hear of the murder of their new friend in her own home. Struggling to come to terms with this, the following day they receive a package from Margaret, which includes an old newspaper cutting giving details of the murder of an elderly couple in 1966. Margaret has scrawled on the cutting 'Peter didn't do this'. What is the connection between the two events, or isn't there one? Why was Margaret so sure about her husband and was she right? Madeleine and Ian are asked by Bernard Livesey, a friend of Margaret's, to continue her work into Margaret's husband's background, but in doing so, will her own reputation be compromised? Her friend, Peter Duffy, now promoted to Chief Inspector, is striving unsuccessfully to solve his first case since his promotion, but he realises he needs Madeleine's skills to untangle the web of complex family relationships, which is the key to the case.

Putting on the Style

Freda Lightfoot - 2006
    So the vibrant market of Champion Street is a source of many a tempting bargain – as well as all the local gossip.Dena loves her Saturday job at Belle Garside’s market café, and her ready smile makes her a universal favourite. She is soon in thrall to Belle’s two good-looking and dangerous sons. But fate has other plans in store when her younger brother is killed by a gang of thugs.Only when it is far too late does Dena begin to ask herself one terrifying question: has she fallen in love with her brother’s killer? A moving saga of second chances and forbidden love set around a bustling café in 1950s Manchester, perfect for fans of Kitty Neale and Ellie Dean. Praise for Putting on the Style 'You can’t put a price on Freda Lightfoot’s stories from Manchester’s 1950s Champion Street Market. They bubble with enough life and colour to brighten up the dreariest day and they have characters you can easily take to your heart’ Northern Echo‘A rattling good read to touch the heart of anyone who has loved someone they shouldn’t have’ Dorset Evening Echo‘Deftly chronicled’ Telegraph & Argus‘Freda Lightfoot’s talent for creating believable characters makes this a page-turning read’ Newcastle Evening Chronicle

File Under Fidelity

Geraldine wall - 2015
    Distraction comes in the form a wealthy young American who wants to trace his Shropshire family. One question leads to another and the final revelations shock and almost overwhelm him. Meanwhile, Anna faces tragedy in her own family and struggles to come to terms with the chaos of her emotions, plunging deeper and deeper into flight and denial. In the process she almost loses the people she loves most. This is a tale of the deep story of the heart told with humour and compassion and relentless honesty. This is the last novel in the trilogy of Anna Ames books.

The Forensic Genealogist Series: Hiding The Past / The Lost Ancestor / The Orange Lilies

Nathan Dylan Goodwin - 2017
    You’ll love Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s acclaimed bestselling series. Buy the box set to get the first three books of the series that you won’t want to put down! BOOK 1: Hiding The Past Peter Coldrick had no past; that was the conclusion drawn by years of personal and professional research. Then he employed the services of one Morton Farrier, Forensic Genealogist – a stubborn, determined man who uses whatever means necessary to uncover the past. With the Coldrick Case, Morton faces his toughest and most dangerous assignment yet, where all of his investigative and genealogical skills are put to the test. However, others are also interested in the Coldrick family, people who will stop at nothing, including murder, to hide the past. As Morton begins to unearth his client’s mysterious past, he is forced to confront his own family’s dark history, a history which he knows little about. BOOK 2: The Lost Ancestor When Morton is called upon by Ray Mercer to investigate the 1911 disappearance of his great aunt, a housemaid working in a large Edwardian country house, he has no idea of the perilous journey into the past that he is about to make. Morton must use his not inconsiderable genealogical skills to solve the mystery of Mary Mercer’s disappearance, in the face of the dangers posed by those others who are determined to end his investigation at any cost. BOOK 3: The Orange Lilies Morton Farrier has spent his entire career as a forensic genealogist solving other people’s family history secrets, all the while knowing so little of his very own family’s mysterious past. However, this poignant Christmastime novella sees Morton’s skills put to use much closer to home, as he must confront his own past, present and future through events both present-day and one hundred years ago. It seems that not every soldier saw a truce on the Western Front that 1914 Christmas…

My 15 Grandmothers

Genie Milgrom - 2012
    Having been brought up in a Roman Catholic family in Havana, Cuba and descending from Spanish ancestry did not ensure that her life would be lived within that realm. In response to strong feelings and an affinity towards Judaism, her search for her family's past, took on a deeper significance as she researched her maternal lineage and not only discovered but documented and verified her Pre-Inquisition Spanish Roots to Fifteenth Century Spain and Portugal where they lived first as Jews, then as Crypto Jews and finally as Roman Catholics. She was able to unravel the web of lies and deceit that her family had spun around themselves in order to survive the Spanish Inquisition .They lived with one foot in each world as they converted to Catholicism openly while secretly practicing their own religion underground. Genie was fortunate enough to grab the brass ring that was thrown in the air over 500 years ago.

Bushwhacker: Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand

Samuel S. Hildebrand - 1871
    Like William Clarke Quantrill and "Bloody Bill" Anderson, Samuel Hildebrand was a proud Missouri bushwhacker. In this long out of print book, Hildebrand describes raids and executions his band of men carried out. He remained at the end of the war and unreconstructed rebel and fervent racist. Like many of his southern brethren who fought, he never owned slaves but kept a captured black man with him after the war. This self-serving but fascinating account is a valuable addition to the canon of Civil War literature. In it, Hildebrand claims that others have tried to tell his story but have gotten it wrong, so he has a notarized statement by prominent men included as verification of authenticity. Every memoir of the American Civil War provides us with another view of the catastrophe that changed the country forever. For the first time ever, this long-out-of-print book is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers and smartphones. Be sure to LOOK INSIDE or download a sample.

The Soldier

M.K. Jones - 2021
    Maggie returns to Catalonia, to a story heard on her first trip three years before which now has a significance she didn’t understand or appreciate at the time and further revelations lead back to Glasgow and a long hidden crime. Back in Wales, the final confrontation with the Quinn and McCarthy Miller families is looming. There has to be a winner. Can anyone emerge unscathed?