Book picks similar to
Masquerade of Love by Alice Morgan


Passionate Enemy

Patricia Wilson - 1991
    "You'd be well advised to remember that if you want what you came for." Once they'd been as close as lovers, but until recently more than an ocean had separated them. And only family duty had induced Rebecca to travel to Martinique to meet the man she'd once hurt so deeply. Then, she'd had no chance to make amends. Now, the tables were turned and Rebecca was in Paul's power....

Dark Star

Nerina Hilliard - 1968
    The intention was that after a short time at Carastrano, a quiet annulment would arranged.But now Leigh was not at all sure that she wanted their marriage to end.

The Spaniard's Surprise Love-Child (Passion in Paradise Book 11)

Kim Lawrence - 2020
    Yet the reality is astounding! Because when the brooding Spaniard sweeps back into her life, he demands their daughter—and her!Rio will not walk away from his daughter. Even if he has to defy his number one rule, honed after years of bitter experience, and let Gwen into his billion-dollar world. Yet a place in his bed is all Rio can offer—no matter how much Gwen tempts him to offer more…

A Pretend Engagement (Tender Romance)

Jessica Steele - 2004
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Innocent in the Billionaire's Bed

Clare Connelly - 2017
    So when he unexpectedly inherits an island paradise, he’s determined to sell it as fast as he can! But the potential purchaser who lands on his shores is not the spoiled heiress he’s been expecting—and her luscious body fills him with a rush of hot, undeniable desire.Cash-strapped Tilly Morgan accepted a payment to impersonate her best friend, but she hadn’t bargained on sexy Rio. When a storm hits, trapping them together, there’s nowhere to run from their raging hunger—and passion threatens to uncover Tilly’s every vulnerability…“I absolutely loved where INNOCENT IN THE BILLIONAIRE’S BED just swept me off to… This book will capture you heart, body, and soul and will leave you breathless.”—NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Vanessa Fewings

Baby Makes Three

Molly O'Keefe - 2007
    But that was before the heartbreak of infertility, divorce and losing her trendy New York restaurant.Then, after five long years, her ex-husband reappears in her life. Gabe needs a chef. Alice needs a job. The attraction between them is still undeniable--and just as impossible. Even if sparks fly again, she can't give him what they once wanted more than anything: a baby.Creating a family, however, doesn't always mean creating a child.... Sometimes it just means allowing love to survive. But will they realize that before it's too late--a second time?

The Italian's Deal for I Do

Jennifer Hayward - 2015
    His secret weapon? Supermodel-in-hiding Olivia Fitzgerald…and the power to ruin her if she refuses to play his loving fiancée! But returning to the world stage revives Olivia's old demons, and instead of walking down the aisle toward her gorgeous groom—she flees! The world holds its breath: Can the indomitable Rocco get his wayward bride to the altar on time? The world's sexiest billionaires finally say "I do"!

The Baby Scandal

Cathy Williams - 2000
    A shy reverend's daughter, Ruth was stunned when such a dynamic, handsome man took an interest in her. She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't help falling in love with her boss!Franco didn't want a secret affair, but Ruth was afraid of scandal. She tried to disguise her feelings and conceal their passion. Only, there was one thing she couldn't hide: she was expecting his baby!

From Ex to Eternity

Kat Cantrell - 2015
    Will Cara use their passion to gain the ultimate revenge? Let the newlywed games begin.

Capable of Feeling

Penny Jordan - 1978
    Jonathan Phillips, her kind and understanding boss, was offering Sophy a marriage of convenience.He needed someone to help care for his niece and nephew, and Sophy already loved the children as if they were her own. Her feelings for Jon, however, were less clear.In sharing a roof together, Sophy became increasingly aware of her husband and of her growing desire to make their marriage a real one in every sense.

Marriage on the Edge

Sandra Marton - 1997
    He's wealthy, and his marriage seems successful, too--until Natalie leaves him.Then Gage receives an invitation to his father's Texas estate; Jonas obviously has more on his mind than just his eighty-fifth birthday celebration. But the possibility he might inherit Espada is less important to Gage than the opportunity to win back Natalie. Jonas will expect to see her, so Gage must ensure that his wife is back by his side, still married to him--for convenience's sake....THE BARONSFour brothers: bonded by inheritance, battling for love!

His Two Royal Secrets

Caitlin Crews - 2019
    Then Pia learns she’s carrying the Crown Prince of Atilia’s twins! Ruthless Ares is determined to claim his secret heirs, but he won’t—can’t—promise Pia more. And Pia’s true royal secret? She’s falling inescapably in love with her dark-hearted prince…Discover this seductive royal romance—with a pregnancy twist!

Shadowed Stranger

Carole Mortimer - 1982
    Not that she knew he was married. That was one little detail Rick hadn't mentioned.When Robyn found out, she soon realized that she could never be the "other woman" in Rick's life, so she firmly resolved to give up the only man she would ever love....

From Friend to Father

Tracy Wolff - 2009
    It's a dream family. Too bad it doesn't belong to Reece Sandler. Correction. Part of it does belong to him. But he's not ready to be a single father and he needs Sarah Martin more than ever. Funny thing, when he and his late wife asked Sarah to be their surrogate, he never imagined he'd raise that child with her.And the situation is complicated by his growing attraction to her. She's vivacious, captivating and the kind of parent he only hopes to be. How can he resist her? Now to convince her to think of him as more than a friend.

Bought Bride for the Argentinian

Sharon Kendrick - 2019
    Coming soon! Bought Bride for the Argentinian by Sharon Kendrick will be available Jul 01, 2019.