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Before the Crow: A Grimdark Epic by Aaron Bunce


Monkey Business

Landon Crutcher - 2016
    Unfortunately they have no real resources, no good plans, and no idea what the hell they're doing. What they do have is an army of foul-mouthed monkeys who want them dead, a beautiful woman who wants some answers, a sex-crazed tribal chief, a caffeine-addicted demigod who wants to be worshipped, and a telepathic skull who just wants a little excitement. Through nonstop comedy and good old-fashioned adventure these guys are facing some long odds but do Ron and Willy give up? No they don't. They get down to business. Monkey Business.

The Girl Who Sees Angels

Jeffrey McClain Jones - 2020
    Even her mother doubted her as a child. Psychiatrists doubted her too. Psychics tried to recruit her to enrich and empower themselves. Now she’s thirty-two, living on her own, and sharing her secret only with her mother and a few friends.A threatening specter begins to visit her at night, and more than her sleep is at stake. She follows a friend’s recommendation to visit Detta Washington, a church lady who believes that Sophie does see angels and demons. Even if Sophie is skeptical about the labels Detta uses for what she sees, she comes to respect Detta and finds ways to use her gift to help others.When she helps free Detta from an incurable disease and releases two of her friends from creepy creatures shadowing them, Sophie starts to embrace her identity. But she still needs help with the ghoul that hovers above her bed at night. And that’s not the last enemy who threatens her in the dark.Anthony, Detta’s handsome son, helps Sophie understand his mother’s religious language, and he becomes convinced that Sophie is for real. After years of doubt and frequent commitments to mental hospitals, Sophie’s mother comes to trust her daughter’s visions as well.Recovering from a life of being condemned as a crazy person, Sophie finds new confidence. She is gifted. She is the girl who sees angels.

The Reform Artists: A Legal Thriller (First Book in The Reform Artists Spy Novel Series)

Jon Reisfeld - 2010
    An enjoyable read!" -- Readers' Favorite"Kramer vs. Kramer" Meets "Mission Impossible" in this Legal Suspense / Spy Thriller about the Perils of Modern-Day Divorce.If You Like Complex, Contemporary Legal Thrillers with Courtroom Drama, Real-World Scenarios, Emotional Insights, and Techno-Thriller Intrigue, You'll Love The Reform Artists.First book in the Reform Artists Legal Thriller / Spy Novel Series.Readers Praise Jon Reisfeld and The Reform Artists:“Grabs you by the collar and sweeps you along on a nightmarish journey through the legal system." -- Jamie Bruno“So well-written, it kept me hooked!” -- Helen Deakin“An exciting and thoroughly suspenseful read! -- Roger Corea“A page turner. Sharply drawn characters. Illuminating, imaginative and enjoyable.” -- Mary (Amazon customer)"A brilliantly-crafted legal thriller full of suspense, wit and a hint of science fiction." -- Amanda HeadleeBook Description:Who are the Reform Artists?That's the question plaguing Martin Silkwood, successful CPA and devoted dad, as his life spirals out of control. Martin has one week in which to prove he's innocent of the domestic violence charges his estranged wife, Katie, has brought against him. If he fails, he could lose everything.Martin can either play by the rules and trust a legal system that presumes he's guilty, or he can accept help from a covert reform group that will go to extremes to achieve its ends. Either way, his life will never be the same.Follow the action as the clock ticks down to the final, courtroom trial -- and stunning conclusion -- to this page-turning, legal thriller / spy novel.

The Archer House

Kimberly Thomas - 2020
    A return to the Florida Keys. Her first love and all the problems she left behind twenty-five years ago — await her. Holly Archer's husband ruined her life. While they made their fortune in Miami real estate, he took a mistress and managed to make enough illegal dealings to absolutely destroy them forever. Now, Holly's lost her real estate license, her house, her husband, her friends, and her life.But Islamorada calls. It's a sunny, white-sand strip of life and love and sun in the Florida Keys, where she grew up with her three siblings, Randy, Rina, and Amy — all of whom she's lost touch with over the past twenty-five years.Now, two years after the death of their father, the Archer House, the Inn where the four of them grew up, is dilapidated and has a financial bleed that she can't put her finger on; their mother has fallen into an intense depression and Holly finds a place where someone in the world actually needs her help. It's also a good place to hide in the wake of what her husband did, a place to pretend her life didn't crumble into nothing.But patching up the Archer family won't be easy. Her brother, Randy, is the only sibling who remains in the Keys, and his love for alcohol keeps him isolated and unwilling to help out. Their other sisters hardly answer the phone. Even as Holly digs in her heels, she creates conflict between herself and her own children, the people she loves the most.All the while, her old high school boyfriend is a mainstay on the island. He's a cop and, as news of Holly's husband's illegal dealings surface in Miami, perhaps he's one of the only people she can trust in the world.Secrets unravel in this first installment in the Archer Family Series.Lose yourself in this new women's fiction series that revolves around friendship, love and loss among the Archer Clan. A heartwarming family saga that has the backdrop of the Florida Keys white sand and crystal blue waters.

Into the Fold (Kan Savasci Cycle, #3)

Chase Blackwood - 2019
    Within its shadowy depths the greatest of the old gods had carved a world unto himself. A place unrivaled in its beauty, obscurity, and danger.Trapped within The Fold, under the tutelage of the last arkeinists, Aeden must overcome his greatest obstacle, or die trying.

The Killer Knight and the Murderous Chairleg

Kelly Ethan - 2020
    Let the mayhem begin… Xandie Meyers thought all her troubles were over when she moved to Point Muse, Maine. Instead, she inherited her great-aunt’s supernatural library and a snarky, talking cat. Not to mention a family of chaos-causing witches, furry law enforcement and a card-carrying demon from hell…and a dead body. Xandie Myers is suspect number one and she has no clue who’s targeting her. Sherlock librarian needs to swing into action and sniff the real killer out before she becomes the next victim—or ends up in jail for murders she didn’t commit. Can Xandie survive long enough to navigate her freaky new world? Or will things that go bump in the night have her for a midnight snack? If you like snarky dialogue, murder and mayhem, then you’ll love book one in Kelly Ethan’s Point Muse Mysteries, a new cozy paranormal mystery series. Unlock the mayhem of The Killer Knight and the Murderous Chairleg today!

Gods and Monsters Books 4 - 6

Quinn Blackbird - 2020
    SyfonerValissa's death toll keeps climbing and her sanity unwinding.After she uncovers the true reason that Prince Poison keeps her like a caged bird, and she uncovers his terrible secret, Valissa faces the her greatest and deadliest challenge yet. Betray her closest friend, Ava, who is lost into the arms of a devil or stay by the Prince's side.Problem is, Valissa doesn't sacrifice herself for anyone, especially when escape comes in the tempting package of Damianos, her mysterious night-time visitor.Valissa is on her own, but that doesn't mean she won't tear everything down on her way to freedom.The Prince made a mistake in training her up to withstand his poison. Now, Valissa is stronger than ever ... as strong as a God.5. GodsStolen away by Phantom, Valissa finds herself tangled in a war older than herself. But with her powers climbing and cruelty rising, she starts to doubt her choice. Phantom offers her greatness but at a price, a price that carves into her a longing for her wretched Prince Poison.What can be worse than running from a malicious God?Running into the arms of another...6. MonstersValissa's power burns like a murderous fire within her, consuming her. Now a God, she must choose whether she will be cruel or fair. But what remains of her humanity is destroyed by a betrayal so cutting that Valissa kills a God close to her.What is worse than killing a God? Perhaps killing the wrong one...

The Keeper of Edelyndia

Benjamin J. Denen - 2014
    He is welcomed in by a simple family after saving their ten-year-old daughter, Lyra. When the Keepers, the enforcing arm of the Church, launch an unprecedented raid on their village in Havanshae Valley, Orron is faced with taking up arms to fight for those he loves. In doing so, he must confront the reality of who he truly is and the purpose for his very existence.Draedon, a Legion Commander of the Keepers, struggles with his duty as an officer and his role as a father. Standing up for what he believes in feels like the right thing to do, but what if it endangers the life of his beloved daughter? He must choose between the life he has always known and the life for which he has bee

The Complete Gideon Trilogy: The Time Travelers; The Time Thief; The Time Quake

Linda Buckley-Archer - 2014
    It turns out that traveling through time has catastrophic consequences, but in 1763 London, Lord Luxon only has eyes for time travel’s awesome possibilities. He has his sights set on capturing the prize of America, and he abducts Peter and Kate from the present day in order to enact to his plan. Suddenly in another century, Peter and Kate begin to understand that history has arrived at its tipping point. And as they pursue their nemesis through the dark streets of eighteenth-century London, they realize that a monster may hold the fate of the world in his hands.Ideal for fans of J.K. Rowling and with the lively thrills of Quantum Leap and Back to the Future, this boxed set includes paperback editions of The Time Travelers, The Time Thief, and The Time Quake.

The Moth Saga: Book 4-6

Daniel Arenson - 2014
    One half lies drenched in eternal daylight, the other cloaked in endless night. All is light or darkness. All is the sun or the moon. All but me..."The Moth Saga, a bestselling fantasy series, tells the story of Moth, a world torn in two--its one half always in sunlight, the other cloaked in endless night. This bundle includes books four, five, and six in the series: Daughter of Moth, Shadows of Moth, and Legacy of Moth.Many eras ago, the world of Moth fell still, leaving one side in perpetual daylight, the other in darkness. Madori might be unique in Moth: her father is a son of sunlight, her mother a daughter of darkness. As war rages between Moth's two halves, Madori must find a way to heal this broken world . . . and to heal her own torn soul.

The Return of the Titans

J.J. Thompson - 2013
    Small for his age and in his first year of high school, Justin's only friend has become a bully and harasses him at every turn. But Justin has a secret. He feels no pain from the punches and shoves that come his way and, at his mother's request, must pretend to be normal even though he wants to fight back.A mysterious message on his computer sends him in search of knowledge about the legendary Titans. While at the local library, he is confronted by a frightening group of men who follow him and attack his home.Justin must escape, but there seems no way out and leaving his ailing mother behind is something Justin does not want to do. But Justin's mother and a family friend urge him to get to a place of safety; a sanctuary where he may, perhaps, learn more about his strange gift and it's connection with the long-dead Titans.

A Dragon's Bond

S.B. Johnson - 2013
    He was born with a very special gift. Davin was a bonder. He like all other bonders would receive an egg and the dragon growing inside would form a bond so strong, it could only be parted by death. Davin was different from the other bonders though. The gift of being bonded normally did not show until a child turns thirteen. Their eyes begin to glow and turn to an illuminating green. Davin was born with the eyes of a bonder. As Davin’s gifts manifest, he finds himself searching for answers and stumbling into trouble along the way. Friends are made and families torn apart. In a struggle to find what he is looking for, constant danger and possibility of death follows.

Our Lady Chaos

Erik Henry Vick - 2019
    Hiding out in Pennsylvania, they believe they are safe, and they may be…for a short while.Just when the demon hunters come to believe they have a viable plan for combating the demonic infestation of Oneka Falls, they learn of a new threat. Brigitta's power seems inconsequential by comparison. Confronted by an ancient demigoddess of pain and death, the demon hunter crew knows an open battle will lead to their destruction. The secret to her defeat lies steeped in Akkadian myth, obscured by time and a dead language. Harried by the archdemoness, her powerful servants, and the remaining demons in Oneka Falls, sifting the truth from the legend may prove an impossible task. Nevertheless, the hunters must find a way to save the world.. How can Toby, Benny, Shannon, Mike, and Scott hope to win a war against the demons entrenched in Oneka Falls? How can they even hope to survive?

Shock And Awe (Matt Brunner, #1)

Hervey Copeland - 2019
    The victim is a high ranking drug cartel member, and the leadership of the organization wants revenge. The mission is given to their most ruthless and effective assassin and the order is clear, track down and eliminate the killer. Matt Brunner, a former US Marine and Gulf War veteran becomes an accidental pawn in the cat and mouse game that follows, and has to use all his expertise and experience to stay alive. But is it enough? The cartel is powerful and has tentacles that reach far and deep, and very few people manage to escape its grip. Shock and Awe is the first installment of the Matt Brunner quadrilogy, which follows the protagonist as his life starts to spiral out of control. A fast paced action thriller that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping!

The Keeper's Quest (The Keeper's Saga, #2)

Kelly Nelson - 2013
    A fatal trap. A daring quest."I woke to the flash of counter coordinates and a rush of adrenalin. Suddenly, it hit me. I was a pawn in someone’s game of chess, and I’d just been moved. Master Archidus required my services. I was a Keeper—the Protector, to be specific. I hadn’t wanted this, but I wouldn’t shun my duties, either. The other Keeper’s life wasn’t the only one at stake." —Chase HarperAfter a turbulent start to his senior year, Chase expects his life to returnto normal now that Ellie Williams is back. But when a Sniffer’s trap leads him on a journey spanning two worlds, he soon realizes things aren’t always what they seem. Will his calling as Keeper require a sacrifice he isn’t willing to make?